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Havok and Mirage

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07/06/12 20:34

Harry's Hideaway

Havok queries Mirage on their current status and had Kurt discussions

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-----==[ Harry's Hideaway - Salem Center ]==----------------------------------

Harry's Bar can best be described as comfortable. The furnishings, mostly darkly stained wood, are old and scratched. The leather seats are worn and cracking in places. Despite the worn appearance, the proprietor keeps the place relatively clean. The back corner is devoted to a dart board and pool table, while booths spread along the other walls. Tables take up the middle of the room, while a long bar stretches along the left wall. Bar stools cozy up next to it, while the traditional array of bottles and mirrors take up the wall behind the bar. An old jukebox is squeezed in between two booths by the bar.


Ever since the blowup in the medbay Dani hasn't been seen much around the mansion. Truthfully the last time she was seen she was heading into the woods with her bow and arrow and hasn't been seen since, rumour has it though that she has been holding up the bar at Harry's and at this moment rumour is fact, because that is exactly what she is doing. She sits at the bar, nursing a beer as well as finishing up a late lunch..or early dinner...can't drink on an empty stomach ya know.

Stepping into the bar/grill, Alex is dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt. He pauses to look around. When greeted by Suzie and noted that he can sit anywhere he likes, he smiles and thanks her while then walking toward the bar. He'll take a seat next to Dani (on her left). He'll start with a simple question, "We cool?" and leave it at that.

Wiping her hands on her napkin she over at her sudden companion "Well I can't speak for you but I'm awesome." which is pretty much an answer in itself, since if things weren't okay she would hardly be making jokes. "Something up? We have an assignment?" assuming that is the reason that Alex has come to look for her, since she does't have her comm on her either.

"We've got a few. But I wanted to make sure you and I were good. And that if we needed to talk about things, that we should just get it out in the open before it builds up inside and turns into soemthing unmanageable."

The bartender comes, Alex orders a bottled water (not sparkling) and then his attention is back on Dani.

Dani relaxes onto her bar stool with a brief nod "Well then, while I agree with your point of view on the situation, I think the way you handled it was, well.." she pauses a second to come with the proper wording, "untimely and non-constructive. But I'm sure you have already figured that part out.

There's a pause as he tries to wrap his head around her statement, "I'm not sure what you mean. How could the conversation been timely or constructive? It's either he is on our side, or their side."

"It must be nice living in your simple world Alex." Dani sighs, "You've been at this game way to long to still be seeing things in black and white. And if you think this is about sides, Alex, you have totally missed the point. It's not about us versus them, though you seem quite intent on making it so." she gives a shake of her head "I did that once, when I led the New Mutants, and look how that turned out."

"You did a great job with the New Mutants. I've worked with Karma, Magik, Magma and even Sam. You kept them on their toes, in the right direction, and so what if they have different priorities now, they're still make good team members. But tell me, do you think that Selene can be trusted, do you think that she's a shade of gray, not pure evil and black?"

Dani nods "Thankfully, yes, I got lucky in that I didn't screw them up to much." she takes a drink of her beer before continuing "And yes, I think Selene could give satan a run for his money in the evil department and I agree that Kurt has been compromised and you did right by benching him. I never implied that I thought otherwise. My problem is that you are starting a war that no one is going to win.

"A war? Honestly, I want people to be informed of what's going on inside their very homes. The X-Men and X-Factor need to know how easily we can be overrun or manipulated and should steer clear of that type of attack. Shoot them from a distance."

"I'm pretty sure most of us realize how easily that is done." Dani explains "Most of us have been at this gig at least as long as you have. Kurt though I think is being a bit naive to think that he would know if he is being manipulated in some way. I'm sure Selene and Emma both have honed their abilities enough that few people would know of any tampering they were doing."

"Exactly.. so where's the gray?" Alex asks after receiving his beer and taking a drink.

"The gray is that Kurt is our friend and despite our feelings to the contrary we should give him some benefit of the doubt. He is doing what he thinks is best for the students there. Being a positive role model and trying to teach them that there is more then Selene's way of looking at the world." way to be devil's advocate, "This is a tricky situation we have been put into. Rash decisions now could lead to awful consequences later.

"I'll gladly give him the benefit of the doubt when it is proven that he's not mind whammied and isn't trying to undermine our organization. And don't get me wrong, Kurt and I are buddies. But I can't trust him right now and neither can you. I'm surprised that Scott didn't kick him out of the mansion... maybe that's benefit of doubt enough."

Dani gives Alex what could be considered a pointed look, "What surprises me is that you are just learning about this now." she drinks, "I've known about the teaching offer since I returned. Wonder why he kept it from you? Unless he knew you would react the way you did" she shrugs "If he has been compromised already nothing bad has come from it yet. Which leads me to beleive that he hasn't yet, but it is certainly

"Hang on... you knew he was working with Selene since your return? Nevermind that... there's a flaw in your logic. Xavier was there before to safeguard corruption. He's gone now. Do you honestly believe that Selene won't take advantage of that situation?"

Dani lifts a hand to cover her eyes for a moment "I just said that Alex. Please try to listen to what I am saying instead of implying things I am not." she smirks at Alex "Sometimes I think you would make a better woman than a man...other times well it's best you didn't know.

There's a pause as Alex tries to catch up.... He pauses, "Oh. Ok. Anyway.. we've got a few missions. Can we roll on them?"

Drinking the rest of her drink, she beckons the bartender to bring her a bottle of water "Of course. Despite your proclivities I still have your back." she gives him a grin "We rolling now, or will there be a briefing first?

"I've got the paperwork in the Jeep. Come on." Alex notes as he slides off the bar stool and will not comment about her having his back. There's way too much confliction going on to even reiterate that discussion.

Grapping her water and paying for her tab, Dani is quick to follow.

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