Arcade's Deathtrap Island: Finale

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ADI: Finale

Havok, Nightcrawler, Gypsy Moth, Sunpyre and Mirage

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Arcade's Island

The finale of the X-Factor/Arcade Saga

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X-Factor: Current Situation: Separated on Arcade's latest Murderworld - a mock up of Gilligan's island, complete with original castaways, natives and 'live' volcano. Having become separated, it was discovered that Havok had been captured and put into the final 'deathtrap' with Polaris. This trap included being suspended inside the volcano over the lava. Gypsy Moth had become separated as well, leaving Mirage, Sunpyre, Dervish and Nightcrawler to press on through an Indian Jones like Mine Cart trap.

The four still together learned the lava is fake, though in reality it is highly flammable napalm as evidenced by the burning wall of napalm spreading their way from the room they just left - on an incline towards the final Volcano room currently. Gypsy Moth managed to elude Arcade during the native exploding gas trap, sneaking into a vent and off his 'radar', whereby she managed to navigate the vents system to the central generator for the entire island. Making a guess, she damaged it to the point all power has been lost and the island is now sinking. This releases Alex and Lorna from power inhibiting chains they are suspended on. Away from the group, Gypsy Moth also has a general idea for the 'escape' pod/control room where Arcade has holed up for this trap - and its assumed he might not have power to escape now.

There are literally minutes left - minutes before the mine room fire spills into the volcano room and ignites all that fake lava and minutes before the entire island now sinks.

Not only has the listing of the island made it harder to navigate the remaining section of the mine cart room but the sudden darkness, though the napalm fire does help in that regard, makes it even worse. The ledge Mirage has been walking along gradually widens as it leads to the entrance into the other room "Just when you think things can't get worse." she mutters to herself as she glances back to check on the progress of the others.

Sunpyre, fully sheathed in glowing solar plasma, hovers at the exit from the mine cart trap room, awaiting her teammates anxiously, watching the fire draw ever closer. She knows /she/ is in no danger from it, but she can't protect the others save by getting them /out of here/, so she keeps bobbing in place like one of those 'follow the bouncing ball' singing games, hoping the others can get to her before it's too late!

"... huh." Gypsy Moth tilts her head, listening to the interesting sounds that occured after her little adventure in destruction. "Very interesting." Does she go after Arcade? Rats like to abandon sinking ships. Maybe he'll have a way off this death trap. Sybil takes into the air ducts again, seeking to find the man in charge of this chaos.

The voices ahead indicated it is indeed the room with Havok and Polaris in front of the four mine cart room survivors. Kurt doesn't have a hard time with the listing of the island so much, he can adhere to most any surface as it is, but he makes sure Dani doesn't slip as they make out of the room and onto safer footing. Dervish most likely has no issues flying to get to where the group is. He calls out, "Sunpyre, we'll need to you light the way, lets get up to Alex and Lorna, see what we're dealing with and go from there." Despite Arcade announcing cheating and being cut off mid sentence in his last PSA over the on board PA system, Kurt doesn't want to simply assume this isn't part of his plans. When everyone is safe and Sunprye can provide them more light with her fire sheath, he'll press on to the main volcano room.

This room is basically like any Volcano room that could be imagined, one small ledge around the outside, where Mirage, Sunpyre, Dervish and Kurt will emerge. A small ledge moving out for 'sacrifice' and then the metal chains suspending Havok and Polaris over the fake lava. As the four move up to that ledge, they will note below there must be a connecting tunnel between Mine Cart trap and this one, so the fire will spread here and no telling what is actually buried in that murky darkness below - good thing, perhaps Lorna is free to start working her magic so to speak.

The air Ducts will take some time to navigate but eventually it does lead to a submarine that is meant as an escape pod. The Submarine has power but it latched to the island and that latch is part of the power grid, so it is locked in place currently.

"Hai!" the Japanese mutant answers, and flies ahead at pace with the non-fliers of the group, lighting the way as they make their way, with difficulty, towards that ledge and their dangling teammates. "Nightcrawler, you will need to port over and catch Havok when I blast the chains." she comments, warning her teammates what she has in mind. She assumes that either Lorna can magneto-levitate or something, or that Dervish can catch her if needed. They're here to work as a team, after all. Right?

Sensing the metal, realizing that her powers are back, Polaris begins to emit her green aura. "Hell yeah." she exclaims as the tension on the chains loosens, "Alex, we've got our powers back."

Havok notes the emergence of his team and starts to say, "Hey look it's.." before he's interrupted by the noting of powers, "Oh, well then get us the crap outta here."

Polaris wll engulf them both in her green aura and unfasten the bindings. That will carry the both of them whereever Lorna desires.

"Mmm... the old bind and twist twist twist won't work on that." Gypsy Moth says as she eyes the clamp that glues the sub to the forbidden island. "I suppose I will need the others after all." Sybil picks a corridor and begins traveling, seeking her teammates. Does she do so without a plan? Oh, no. As she flies, her costume unravels at the midsection and a long thread loops around lamps and fixtures. Her own version of breadcrumbs so she can find her way back to the bay.

Mirage keeps close to the wall and Nightcrawler as they make their way into the next room. Taking note that Polaris is freeing herself and Havok she glances around, "Do you think there may be access to the control room from here? Maybe a one way window disgused to blend in with the walls?" it would seem to her that Arcade would want to have a front row seat to watch Havok and Polaris dangle and squirm about the disco water/fake lava/napalm lake.

"Wouldn't he be just as content with multiple cameras? Sunpyre asks, because that would be logical. But as a wise man once said, assuming that gives them nothing to do. Assuming the window idea gives them something to try, at least. So she starts scanning the walls from inches away, trying to find any sign of said window.

"They look like they have themselves," responds Kurt, moving to a wall, "Ok, search to see if we can find a way to Arcade, but time permitting and that fire getting to this room, we leave. Mirage - want a free ride?" He offers a hand, he can carry her around the walls of the room to look for air vents, everyone else can fly it would seem.

Mirage shrugs at Sunpyre "With him, who knows. Could be one, the other or both." she says before the girl flies off to search. Glancing over at Nightcrawler's offer she takes the offered hand, "Good thing I haven't eaten anything in," she thinks for a moment, she has no clue how long she was unconscious "Well it seems like a very long time." she then braces herself for the stomach churning teleport.

Enveloped in the green bubble and now free of the chains, Polaris and Havok hover toward the group. Polaris informs Havok of the situation (sinking) and will glance around the area for potential escape routes.

Havok calls out, "Hey guys, yall ready to get outta here? We're kinda on a sinking rock..."

Polaris points up, "We're going through that." She can detect the weaker/thinner areas of the 'island'.

"I'm good going topside," responds Kurt to Alex's indication they should get out and not go for Arcade for the now. "If this is you sans food, I think we're more than good Dani, in fact, we could do the orangutan toss - me throwing you up and moving to catch you until we're out." Maybe that's meant to sound like a good thing. He scales the walls moving up towards where ever Polaris is going to rip them a hole.

And what a brilliant hole she rips. Polaris' hand spreads wide then she grips and casts aside. As she does this, the metal is ripped away revealing the outside world.

"We cannot just leave. We didn't shut down the power. That has to be Gypsy Moth. We have to find her." Sunpyre insists. "The rest of you get out. The fire is coming. I will find her." Somehow. Right? The Japanese mutant fishtails about and dives through the corridor from whence they came, hunting. "Gypsy! Gypsy, can you hear me?!"

Grateful that no stomach churning teleporting is going to be involved, Mirage holds onto Nightcrawler by whatever means is necessary to make it to the ceiling. After nixing the Mirage toss, as fun as it may sound to Nightcrawler it just sounds like a broken limb waiting to happen to her. "Once Polaris makes an exit I can summon Brightwind." which she does as soon as hears the metal rending and sees the night(?) sky.

As Sunpyre speeds off, Nightcrawler nods to Mirage, "Brilliant idea, then we can keep up with everyone else, except Sunpyre ..." Still he makes his way to the top, if anyone could survive the metal death trap its her by burning her way out to safety), no sense rushing after her and risking other lives. Still, he calls out to Alex, "We need to get to the Blackbird as soon as we can, to scan for Sybil and Leyu ...." Shouted over the probably bending metal of sinking murder island and Polaris ripping a new sky light for this cute volcano death trap.

Grabbing whom ever needs a lift, Polaris magnetically reaches out and pulls them into her protective bubble with Havok. Then upward toward the hole she ripped, the group will soar.

Havok states "When we get to the Blackbird, we can use the on-board Cerebro to find Gypsy Moth and scan for Arcade and his chronies."

With the opening gving the pegasus access, he dives down into the interior and comes to hover near Mirage and Nightcrawler so at least Mirage can climb onto his back, "Still want that ride? Now is your chance?" it is her turn to offer a hand to assist Nightcrawler. Should he need it. Once the offier is either accepted or rejected Brightwind will soar up through the opening an to the where the Blackbird crashed.
Though the search becomes increasingly perilous, with the island sinking further and further into the sea, the air and oxygen disappearing through various openings as it is displaced by the onrushing water, Sunpyre does not halt or give up in her search, but continues twisting down this and that dark corridor, looking for signs of heat and life, tracking until she can finally, desperately, find the trail left behind by Gypsy Moth. She follows that trail rapidly, finally finding the sub and helping to blast it free of its connection to the island, so that she can Gypsy Moth can escape. Of course, neither of them is an accomplished submariner, so this is a tad more harrowing than it sounds. But they're alive, they have at least some modicum of atmosphere, and the depths themselves will not crush them, at least immediately. It is, it would seem, the best they can accomplish.

Taking the offer, Kurt goes with Dani riding Brightwind to the crash site. With a grin to Dani, "Of course I do," he says when he joins her on the horse. He enjoys it as much as one might think. Before they know it, they're all arriving near the Blackbird, which is probably more submerged as the island is sinking and it was already at sea level. "This isn't good, too separated, I'm more worried Gypsy Moth will find Arcade first and he might note be found breathing by the time we catch up." Then a nod, "The scuba gear should be ready, just inside the Blackbird." Saying if that part is submerged it won't matter for whoever goes for the small Cerebro as the gear is at the ready.

Polaris follows the vector indicated by Havok. It's not long before they arrive at the sunken lagoon and Polaris will begin her extraction of the large hunk of broken black metal.

Havok calls back to Dani, "Mirage, do a sweep around the island, look for any submarine shadows. If you spot something, track it best you can."

Giving Havok an affirmative signal Mirage stops at the crash sight long enough for Nightcrawler to hop off. Soaring back up into the air she banks the pegasus around the sinking island searching for any underwater craft, as well as for signs of people walking around on the island and any other watercraft that Arcade may use to escape with.

Perhaps joining Lorna and Alex on the X-Can, Nightcrawler waits quietly for Polaris to do her work. Dervish is flying as long as he can, spinning nearby somewhere. "If we retreive the black bird, we should follow Dani as best we can, try to regroup as soon as possible," says Kurt, not liking this more and more it would seem.

As Polaris, Havok and Nightcrawler work on getting essential gear from the Blackbird and creating a makeshift contraption to get home in, Mirage circles the sinking island on Brightwind looking for any indication of Arcade or her teammates.

Spotting a dark shadow beneath the surface of the water, Mirage decreases her altitude and it is only a few moments later that the small submarine breaks the surface.

The port on top of the submarine opens and the two occupants, Gypsy Moth and Sunpyre emerge, dragging a powered down robot, built to look like Arcade with a note pinned to his chest:

"Ha-Ha-Ha! You will have to go through Pierce if you want me!

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