Arcade's Deathtrap Island: Crash Landing

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ADI: Crash Landing

Havok, Nightcrawler, Dervish, Gypsy Moth, Sunpyre and Mirage

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Blackbird Jet ---> Gilligan's Island

X-Factor gets word that Polaris is a hostage, rescue ensues!

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[Blackbird - In Flight]

Having received the 'invitation' to the MurderWorld, Havok wastes no time signaling the team to meet him in the Blackbird. They're informed it's a mission and to make haste. By the time people start to arrive the jet is already powered up and the hangar bay doors are open. Giving little indication as to the mission prior to saying, "Everybody strap yourselves in.", Havok launches the Blackbird and within moments they are 5,000 feet and climbing. He banks and sets the heading westward. Pushing the autopilot, he turns and tosses the invitation card to Kurt. "This came in today's post. I tried to contact Lorna, nothing. Spoke to Liz, said she was headed back to the states and was going to surprise me. Or something. Her com is offline and Jean wasn't able to find her using Cerebro, so my best guess is that Arcade is on the level with having her. We have no idea what we're going into. There's not even an island listed at that Lat/Long and either he's got his own mobile island or we're talking submarine. Either way, it's a death trap and we should all be aware that Arcade does not play around."

"Arcade?" Gypsy Moth asks. She's strapped into her seat in the Blackbird. In full costume, of course. "We heard rumors of him every once and a while, back when I was in Night Shift. Mostly at how utterly inept he is. How he hasn't performed a succesful assassination in years." She frowns. "He works mostly with robots, doesn't he? And machines? I might not be very useful in such a situation."

Having been summoned for this mission, Dervish finished his morning prayers and dressed in uniform. Arriving on time and he is already strapped in when the Blackbird takes off. Listening silently there is not much for the Turk to offer, so he simply listens and learns, 'Arcade' 'Machines' 'Lorna.' The goals in his mind and relieved if with the primary weapons at disposal for Arcade is robots, then perhaps, he will be allowed to cut loose.

Looking over the card a moment, Kurt nods to everything that is said. "Mostly robots, yes, and they're not hard to reprogram per say, while not successful with the assassinations he is a master of escaping it would seem. I recommend we go in full well expecting to be trapped but planning to catch him before he makes good on his escape. We park the Blackbird high up enough so its safe when we escape if we need to follow. I can teleport us down to the water outside whatever island or submarine deathtrap we find, we swim in while he tries to figure out what is going on with the Blackbird above him. In the storage we have mini scuba masks and fins, there's enough for each of us, I recommend we swim in that way to try and gain some upper hand but assume even the water is trapped. Regardless, we should take the scuba masks with us for whatever he has planned." He lays that out there as information and suggestions.

When the invitation is tossed back, Dani unstraps quickly and moves to look over Kurt's shoulder at the card, "Arcade is a wildcard, there is no telling what he is going to have waiting for us when we get there." she quiets when Kurt begins to layout a plan.

Suited up, Sunpyre arrives at the jet as quickly as she is able, leaving her medical cases in the care of others. Leyu does not argue, given she can sense the urgency with which Havok is pushing them to get going. But when they are airborne and the missing briefing begins, she looks pretty lost and confused.

Leyu brings up her phone, turns it sideways, and starts tapping on the screen, pulling up the secure login to the X-Factor database. She looks up 'Lorna' and finds Lorna Dane, aka Polaris, former team member currently on leave, with apparent romantic connection with one Alexander Summers. That explains Havok's attitude. She looks up Arcade, frowning as she learns about him. 'Liz' is harder, but she finds a cross-reference with Lorna and the team roster and narrows that down as well. Callsign Revanche, apparently the returned Elizabeth Braddock with her original genetic template, now in England.

Sunpyre manages to tune back in as Nightcrawler starts going over their tactical options. She's not sure she's in love with the idea of scuba diving, but whatever is required to save lives she will do, or at least attempt. She would really rather fly, but that's life. "So ... our goal is to locate and rescue Ms. Dane? Secondary goal is to apprehend Mister Arcade?"

Havok allows Kurt to relay the information. He, and the X-Men, have had far more experience with Arcade than Havok even though he's encountered the villain twice in the last two years. He keeps quiet, brooding about the situation - an inner turmoil about all the recent events and now this to put icing on the cake.

Sybil falls silent, listening to the plan. The idea of diving doesn't appeal to her, either, but she chooses to let that go for now.

â?"Swimming? In Water?" Dervish's face goes pale and white almost fading into the tattoos across his face, "I, er, perhaps some us will be more vulnerable to attacks underwater?. . .perhaps a two pronged attack may work better, no? Half of us from the air, while the stealthier of the group sneak in via the water?" Ali looks between each team member. "Since this is an island, then most assuredly it is not his typical M. O. of a building. Most likely the whole island is murderworld. Some of us take to the air or even land, allowing a smaller contingent to go through the water, perhaps through some sort of vent system or something, that he will undoubtedly be using."

Since the jet is still at crusing altitude Dani remains standing, leaning slightly on Kurt's chair. Frowning, most of her knowledge of Arcade is second hand through mission breifings and lectures she had when she was a student at the school. Glancing back at Dervish "Splitting up? I don't know, if we had a telepath it would be one thing...Arcade probably has comm scamblers in place so the ability to communicate may be nill. Each group would be on thier own with no backup." its not her call though and will go with the Havok decides.

Giving out the first idea, Kurt listens to feedback, giving some attention to Alex. There is a brow lift at best, but he feels it best to let Alex stew for the moment now rather than when the action really begins, and its definitely assumed it will begin. With a nod first to Sunpyre, "Yes, our primary should be the location and rescue of Lorna, I imagine if he really has her we will know as she will be incorporated into the traps design. Even though we say Aracde is a secondary, I don't want think we should forget that goal in light of the former. This is at least the third time he has targeted X-Factor. If its not some personal agenda of his, there could be someone behind this, paying him to try and assassinate us. Either way, he has the answers we need."

With a nod to Dervish, Kurt is in full agreement with Mirage, "The issue I see is that we have to expect he is aware of our assets - flight and teleportation to get to the island, flight being our biggest asset with team flyers and the Blackbird. We already assume water is slow and sluggish, he may or may not have assumed the same. This isn't the Princess Bride though, we can't argue it ad infinitum justifying which is best. Our safest bet is to consider everything is a trap, air, water, teleportation. I mean for all we know, he has Vanisher on this and if I teleport, it will anchor us to the island. Its safest to assume our biggest assests are meant to be used against us in some fashion. I suspect our biggest assets are actually the recent lineup changes, have we had any PSA's yet showing our new lineup - I don't watch enough TV, but if he doesn't know of our newest members, we have the upper hand."

"We should take with us sufficient fabric for Gypsy Moth to be able to use it with her powers as needed, since we do not expect there to be much in the way of fabric available inside." Leyu offers. She has no desire to see anyone helpless in there, and it is as likely to be Leyu herself as anyone else. "Since some of us are still so new, I suppose we should ask about particular weaknesses or issues we should be aware of, since they might be used against us, intentionally or not." Like Dervish's apparent aversion to water.

Well there is no time to try and save face and so Dervish simply states, "I cannot swim." Feeling like a liability already Dervish adds, "I understand why we should remain together and why we should use water. Everything you have said is sound, Nightcrawler. It is the appropriate strategy to take in this situation. But I will require assistance while in the water, leaving myself and whoever is assisting me, vulnerable."

"I am sure I will find something to work with." Sybil notes to Leyu. "There is no need for us to burden ourselves with extra weight. Not when, apparently, we will end up sopping wet to begin with."

Havok maintains altitude at 60,001 feet. He listens to the comments and such, but remains silent. He's got Lorna to think about and speculation never got anyone anywhere other than to assume.

"I imagine there really isn't a need for the skill in the desert." Dani says back to Dervish, no judging from her. Being a strong swimmer, she is probably the best candidate to help him out, "Stick with me if we go that option." she then heads back to her seat to strap in.

After a few hours of flight; Radar indicates a land mass ahead. Within seconds the 'island' comes into view. "There it is.", notes Havok. He takes back the controls and at 1000 feet he orbits left to get a good view. It's tropical with various rugged terrain and a volcano in the middle. The island itself is approximately a mile across. Scan's indicate that it's not connected to the ocean floor and mobile. Havok relays this information and will continue banking. Scans also indicate robotic sharks in the waters around the island, doing their robotic shark things.

Suddenly the in-cabin alarms start to sound and the jet loses 100 feet of altitude. Everything loose in the cabin rises and slams to the ceiling. Coming into view, there are a series of radar dishes mounted to the side of the volcano. The Blackbird's engines shut down, power fluctuates and then everything goes quiet. Havok announces with significant stress in his voice, "WE'RE GOING DOWN!" and tries to control the jet's descent toward the lagoon.

Sybil passes the time by reading a trashy romance novel. The old fashioned kind, made of paper and everything. Her powers work much better on a book than they do on an eReader. She's just reached the good part when the Blackbird's alarms cry out and the vehicle begins to go down. Sighing in frustration, Gypsy Moth drops the book and unbuckles. "Open the hatch!" She cries out. She'll be damned if she dies in this oversized albatross.

Smiling and offering a whisper acknowledgement of her assisted and of thanks. Dervish looks to his teammates as the plan of action is set and then he looks to his team leader. The journey is a quiet one to him as he closes his eyes offering prayers to his higher power for himself for his teammates, and in some odd way for Arcade. His mourning meditation is ripped from him when the alarms blare and the jet starts descending. Strapped in, his heart races.

Having nothing to keep herself busy but worry about the mission ahead, Sunpyre is watching out the windows when everything starts to go wrong, and her reaction - after being slung against her flight harness quite forcefully - is to unbuckle as well and lurch against the centrifugal forces in the plane, throwing herself towards one of the belly hatches for the plane, which she struggles to key open. Unfortunately, she cannot seem to manage that, and is left unsecured and largely helpless as the plane careens wildly towards its crashy fate.

Fortunatly, Dani got herself strapped in before the problems started, not so fortunate is that her bow/quiver were not strapped down so they fly up to the ceiling when everything else does. Thankfully the arrows are secure in the quiver so they don't scatter. Clutching the arms of her seat for a moment as she watches Leyu struggles with the door, a fleeting wonder of what the girl is doing. When Leyu fails at the door, she takes the crash position, head down in lap and arms over her head.

Kurt is watching the whole time as the team contemplates the possible plan of action. Then that goes out the window when control is lost of the plan. For his part, he doesn't so much panic as this is most likely Arcade taking control and bringing the jet in for the crash landing to end their three hour tour. Likewise, he could port out, but it leaves the rest of the team in the Blackbird. Instead of trying to get one out, he decides to teleport for the the co-pilot stick if no one is there - or even if someone is there; he's a good deal of experience piloting the Blackbird. He will try to use tail and feet to grab the seat when he ports, then assist Alex with making the crash a little smoother if possible. If he misses in any portion of this action, he may try to teleport out for safety reasons (being unfastened now) before the Bird meets land or sea.

The Blackbird is in full and mostly uncontrolled descent. It tosses and tumbles to the right then left. Falling in heaps every half second.

Traveling at ~350mph and falling 1,000 feet will take no time what-so-ever. Havok and Nightcrawler struggle at the helm trying to gain some control over the freefall. But fail. Havok yells, "BRACE FOR IMPACT!"

"Damn it damn it damn it." Sybil reaches out with her mind. She seeks out every bit of fiber she can. Every inch of stuffing in the chairs. Every spare scrap of cloth. Anything soft. She searches for it all, pulling with all her might, seeking for form a coccoon around herself and those of her teammates she can reach in the back. Dani. Dervish. Not Leyu... that aura of her's would set them all on fire.

Sybil's hands fling out to her sides. She can feel it. People would be surprised at how much soft materials are part of life. Seat cushions rip open and stuffing flies out. The carpet rips itself apart. Safety harnesses tear from their sockets. All of that unravels and comes together, weaving into soft coccoons that woosh through the air and wrap around three targets. Sybil, herself. Dani Moonstar. Dervish.

Taking a similar position to Danielle, Aziz places his head down in his lap and arm over his head, grateful that at least for him, his scimitars are strapped onto to him. He begins a chant in his own mind as he braces for impact as Sybil attempts her telekinetic cocoon trick, his eyes closed but feeling the material embracing around him a smile forms on his face.

Having her head on her knees Dani doesn't notice the fabrics flying around, though she does take note when it starts wrapping around her. She casts a look at Dervish sitting nearby and realizes the same is happening to him and doesn't go into freak out mode. She does quickly unsnap on of the straps loose from the knife sheath on her thigh, just in case she may need it to get free of the ball.

Desperate to make it out of the plane, Sunpyre does the nearly unthinkable, immolating herself in her plasma sheath and then flying straight /through/ the hatch she has been struggling with, sucked out into the wild maelstrom outside the plane. She tumbles and twists, fighting jet wash and worse, and pulls out to regain control, then takes off flying after the plane, hoping against hope they may be alright.

The jet will take a nose dive right into the lagoon. Skipping off the surface it is tossed end over end and when it is all said and done the plane is upright and bare bellied on the sandy beach.

The beach itself is sandy with palm trees. Just off the beach, the trees become thicker with various sandy trails between ferns and other foliage. It's mid-day, and the sun warms the sand. Cool sea air currents push through the trees and offer some modicum of comfort to the potentially swelter that will come if they were absent.

The Blackbird is in a strong state of disrepair. Fire suppression units automatically automated and kept the aircraft from exploding. However she is not going to fly anytime soon - not without Forge's help. It has a left lateral list making walking through the cabin as fun as a carnival fun house. The left wing is bent upward and an engine has been torn off. The cabin smells acidic as the CO2 dispensers leak the gas through the walls into the cabin.

Sunpyre is 200 feet above the ground (~150' above the trees). Aside from watching the plane crash; she can clearly see the volcano half a mile away. She will also see turrets opening up on the side of the volcano with SAM launchers and laser blasters poking out of the openings.

"Sybil! Dani!" Sunpyre cries out as she flies after the crashing plane, heading for the sands as she groans, watching the terrible crash. She can only pray her friends and teammates have survived this ordeal. Since the plane is belly-down, she has to head for the nose of the aircraft and its front windows to have any hope of seeing what is going on inside. "Havok! Nightcrawler! Are you alright?!" SAMs? Laser turrets? Look at the nice, bright heat target. Come and get it!

It's tight inside her cocoon like material shell, but Dani still gets knocked around a bit against the cushioned walls. It takes her a few moments to realize things aren't moving anymore and once she does she squirms around to reach the bowie knife she loosened. It's not easy for her to get the leverage to punch into the thick material with the knife in such tight quarters, but she manages by treating the knife like a hammer and the handle of one of her pistols as a hammer. It's then just a matter of sawing.

Not bracing for any impact, Kurt fights the controls all the way through the skipping action and up onto the beach. With an umph, he buckles against his present restraints and still manages to hit the control somehow. There will be some ensuing red marks on his body after all is said and done. "Haha, we lived," he exclaims in shock, then coughs and tries to move, finding it sore but managable, "I mean, you Okay skipper?" Calling out to Sunpyre, "We appear mostly alive, if not cotton balled ..." He's unstrapping and doesn't matter where floor or ceiling is really for him, he sticks to it - sideways, left slantways, upside-down ways, he's still a fuzzy ceiling elf. "Who needs a hand?" Perhaps waiting for Sybil to unravel this safety precaution which looks like her handy work, seeing if Alex is untangled or hurt first.

As they come to a stop, Dervish remains still for a moment when completely still and feeling pretty secure and safe, he attempts to move to see if he is able to free himself from the cocoon, if not then he will wait to see if Gypsy Moth does before he attempts using his powers.

There's no need for Dani to cut herself free, really. As soon as the motion stops, Sybil draws the fabric away, unwrapping herself, Dervish, and Mirage from their cocoons. Some of the fibers wrap around her arms, ready for a fight.

Flying beneath the tree line to the Blackbird, Sunpyre will drop out of sight of the laser emitters/SAM launchers. Therefore, nothing is launched. Likely indicating to her that if she stays beneath the treetops she won't be fired upon.

Havok is a little dazed from the impact. The seat harness saved him from going splat against the windshield. Speaking of windshields, it remains in-tact so he's able to see Sunpyre clearly through it. His hand raises and forms a O with thumb and index finger indicating OK. He swivels around in the chair and unfastens the harness. Taking a moment before he stands he's able to watch the carpet open and reveal his teammates. He indicates to Kurt, "I'm good." Then to the group, "Is anyone hurt?"

"I believe we are fine back here, I shall attend to them should assistance be needed?" As the clothed cocoon comes undone, Ali breathes in air and smiles, unstrapping himself and getting to his feet. Moving first to Sybil, "Are you alright?" The question directed at Gypsy Moth, but clearly meant for all.

"We do seem to have a habit of wrecking vehicles, don't we?" Sybil asks. She wrinkles her nose as she surveys her clothing, which is growing increasingly damp due to the CO2 system. "We should get out of this damned thing." Slowly, she makes her way to the hatch, hoping it will open.

Kurt waits a moment, letting others fall in, or out, as Sybil makes the suggestion to get out. As it seems orderly at this point despite the recent chaos, he'll stay on until every is off but Alex, letting the Captain be the last off the ship as it were (1st on, last off). "Its early to think about it, but lets try to find our first robot, I have an idea in mind that involves teleporting and some water." He leaves that up in the air, tacking on as he gets to the beach area, feeling the sand in his toes, "Lets short circuit one to see how easy it will be to reprogram this variety of robots, assuming we get that chance." That is put out there simply to state what he would like to try should they find a robot and have the opportunity.

Dani has probably only gotten so far as the first strike of the gun when the fabric around her starts to unravel. Looking around as the fabric falls around her feet, "Thanks." she states, sheathing knife and gun "Good work Gypsy." she look suitably impressed by the ingenius maneuver to keep her safe. "I'm good." she answers to all the questions, though doesn't ask one herself since she can see that everyone is. As much as she doesn't like crashing she wasn't worried about anyone dieing in it, since she usually has a heads up about those things. She follows Sybil to the hatch or hole that Sunpyre created, whichever the case may be.

Sunpyre takes position over the plane, turning about slowly, keeping an eye on everything around the plane until everyone else is safely extricated from the wreckage. "The volcano site is now armed. I saw missiles and what looked like energy canons." She's a medical doctor, not a weapons engineer, so that's as good as it's getting, folks. "Nothing has targeted me so long as I stayed beneath the level of the trees." she reports, sighing with relief as everyone comes out looking mostly none the worse for wear.

Robotic sharks can be seen entering the lagoon. The rear half of the Blackbird is in the water. Robotic sharks have robotic jaws and sharp metal teeth. Those in the jet have no way of knowing that the sharks are approaching.

Havok presses a button on the wall that will cause an emergency blowing of the side hatches. There's a slight pow and the doors are blown off and out. "Everybody out. We're a sitting target for whatever Arcade has planned and we need to recon the area." He'll stand and have the intention of being the last out.

As several emerge, they'll have the opportunity to see the shark's dorsal fins breaking the surface approximately 200 yards away.

Sybil winces as the hatches blow, resulting in a rush of air. She peeks out. "Water." She mutters. "... and metal fins. Lovely. Nightcrawler, I would recommend teleporting Havok to shore. Dervish, you can fly, yes?" She launches herself out of the hatch, her wings carrying her into the air. Then she reaches back and seeks out Dani Moonstar's clothing. To tug her teammate into the air behind her. Hopefully out of shark bait range.

While typically a gentleman who would let the ladies out first, Ali moves to the hatch. His spinning abilities affords him some level of protection, though as he makes his way out of the hatch and spies the water, a sense of dread fills him and he opts to take Sybil's advice as he extends his arms out and starts spinning fast carrying him up into the air.

Spotting the approaching robot sharks and not spotting any other threats just yet, Sunpyre turns and blasts superheated plasma towards the robot sharks, but misses her first target. There are some sharply clipped Japanese words that follow. The censors have decided not to translate those words. Please move along. Nothing to see here.

Making sure to grab her bow and arrows before she gets to the hatch Dani peers around Gypsy and frowns at the shark fins. If there were real sharks and not robotic ones there would be no issue, but unfortunatly that is not the case. She is taken by surprise when she is jerked into the air but within a few seconds she relaxes and goes with, though flying like this is new to her, usually she is on her pegasus or being physically held in some manner.

Having taken off, and spotting land next to the them, Dervish quickly drops down from the sky onto the beachhead. "Well, thankfully, no water. Shall we continue on land, air, or combat the fake sharks?"

Everyone has arrived safely on the beach it would seem, no one is shark food. As the team gathers and Alex intones the need for surveillance or recon, something to know where they are and where they are going, a rustle is heard from the treeline some 50 to 60 yards away. Out stumbles robotic Skipper, "Nap interruptions, designate - Island Guests ... initiate welcome sequence ...." Which leads to skippers hand folding in slightly as a nozzle then protrude and flames ignite there, "Welcome little buddies," it says with a stupid little laught to match. Though as it turns its hands towards the team, one is certain that aside from the programed voice sounding stupid, it is more advanced in thought and design than typical Arcade robots. In fact, he might of taken a page or two from Hydra if not outright having purchased Dreadnoughts in the appearance of Gilligan's characters.

Kurt intones to Dervish, "I think that answers your question ...."

Shouting out a warning to his teammates, Dervish is quick to move, his body spinning at abnormally high speeds, he attempts to rush forward in a zigzag pattern and bust through the Skipper.

The robot moves enough to be more agile than it appears, but with an opponent so close, it turns with a grin. Its mouth opens extra wide, unhinging, "Cocounet cream pie little buddy?" Gas comes out at Dervish.

It's a robot, which makes Dani's psychic abilties useless and she doubts one of her arrows is going to do much except make a few holes, which probably won't do much to stop the thing. The thing has eyes though which would be the most logical place for it to be getting visual input. She nocks an arrow and lets it fly, targeting one of the eyes. If she can't disable it she can at least handicap it.

Gypsy Moth stays aloft for the moment, the better to stay away from the gas- and fire-spewing robot. Given an opening, she floats in closer and unravels some of the extra fabric around her arms, creating tendrils which she snakes down along the sand, trying to tangle up the feet of the robot and perhaps upend the dangerous thing.

Gypsy Moth is able to wrap up the robot's legs with the fibers she has available. Unfortunately, they seem to be of insufficient strength to hold back or hamper the leg movements of the robot, and it remains free to move.

Sunpyre was going to hold back rather than incinerate Gypsy Moth's entangling attempts, but since she seems to be failing, the plasma-sheated mutant woman extends both hands and shouts, "Clear!" before unleashing a torrent of destructive plasma towards the robot.

Not downed by the plasma, the Robot enters a loop, "Little Buddie? Little Buddie? Little Buddie?" Its head jerking each time it says it.

Alex will note the damage and scan around, holding his turn waiting for something else to happen. He comments as he steps forward of the team (but not too close to the robot), "Keep your eyes open, there's always a secondary trap or something. It's Arcade's way of keeping us on edge."

Kurt begins moving towards the stuck robot, still pondering his idea of reprogramming the robots and here is a prime example, one stuck in a loop for who knows how long.

That is when Gilligan rushes out of the forest, a banana peel in one hand and a coconut with a straw in the other. "Skipper?!? ... Guests ?!?! ... Aye Aye Skipper .... " With a cock of its head to the right side, it clicks something that seems to make its skin vibrate and it moves towards the nearest target in a surprise attack.

Havok hears the approach, he turns and clasps his hands together to releases his plasma burst at the robot of Gilligan. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Alex's shot will ring true....

Gilligan splits open, exposing insides with sparks shooting out from it, it joins the loop "Skipper?!? Aye Aye?!? ..." But its voice is fading as the energy is draining from this robot.

Freed from peril by his team leader, Ali bows, â?Thank you, Havok! And I shall return the favor, assuredly!â

Since the Skipper bot is apparently unable to process external stimuli to attack or to defend itself, Sunpyre puts it out of its misery, so that it won't be coming up behind the team to attack, laying down a continuous stream of super-energized solar plasma until it is little more than a smoking puddle. "I assume we should go ahead and try to get to the volcano?" she asks the team leader.

With both of the robots down Dani lowers her bow, not that it did much good, especially compared to the others attacks. She moves away as Sunpyre melts the skipperbot "Well there goes trying to hack the thing." she cast her attention to their surroundings then, to keep an eye out for other dangers.

Grinning, "No problem, little buddy." Alex states to Dervish's thanks.

Kurt will risk it, he'll go for the sparking Gilligan and use his limited electronics skill to try and stop the energy leak and rewire it enough to at least make a walking shield, if not an ally.

"Speaking of Little Buddies, we can still save this buddy ..." says Kurt, letting the other regroup or melt other robots.

Havok will let Sunpyre have at the melting. He'll note, "Careful of any radiactive power core that may be inside." Not that radiation is going to hurt her or himself, but there are other mutants ready for radiation accident mutations to happen.

Meanwhile, he takes a step or two toward the jungle looking for more potential targets.

Following Havok's leads, Ali unsheathes his swords. Holding the scimitars in both hands and ready to attack, the mutant steps forward behind Alex ready to provide assistance.

Since Nightcrawler is not yet ready to go, Gypsy Moth will circle the site, keeping an eye on things looking for further robotic assaults forthcoming.

Sunpyre spends her time - and her plasma - to reduce the Skipperbot to slag and then stops, gaining altitude as she prepares to follow Havok and Dervish off towards whatever trouble they can find. She had asked if they were headed to the volcano, but apparently that's planning too far ahead, as no one has answered.

Kurt manages to safely navigate sparks and all, ending up with a still standing Gilligan that seems functional, though its still split open like some cyborg/terminator Gilligan. It's eyes flash as it reboots and then, it grabs its hat all flustered when it sees Kurt, "Skipper ?!?! You're alive." It tries to jump into Kurts arms much like Gilligan would jump into the larger Skippers arms regularly on the show. In his german accent, Kurt pulls a regular Skipper come back, "Gilligan!!" If only he had the Skippers skipper hat to hit him with. Gilligan gets down, admonished for the moment. It stumbles a little more than normal considering the damage it has already suffered. Hopefully it lasts enough to come in useful on this island tour.

Looking at the team when he's done, Nightcrawler smiles, "Is this the part we put on the fur bikinis again?" Joke aside, he looks ready to move off for that volcano as has been suggested - hoping the island natives aren't all robots too, as he recalls the old series. Then he turns to his new buddy, "Gilligan, lets go to the volcano, lead the way," and he side mouthes to his friends, "At the least he'll trigger traps for us." Gilligan turns around, "Trap?!?" He gulps, Kurt hits him with an imaginary hat, Gilligan stumbles and proceeds forward as if scared but still taking the lead on the ground.

Continuing along, but once Gilligan is reprogrammed than Dervish allows the robot to lead the way and actually finds himself chuckling at the fur bikini comment when he looks over at Dani and then Leyu with a grin. "Fur bikinis work for me."

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