Arcade's Deathtrap Island: Running the Guantlet

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Nightcrawler, Dervish, Sunpyre, Mirage, and Gypsy Moth

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Arcade's Deathtrap Island

The continuing Saga of X-Factor's dealing with Arcade

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Green gas and exploding dreadnought natives might be the last thing that comes to mind. Waking up, what is left of the group will find themselves in what looks like a fake native hut, Gilligan style. Examinition will reveal it is simply an underground room. The window's open up to rock (fake metal rock) and on the floor at the entrance of the hut is a yellow and black stripped line indicating safety zone -meaning stepping out is the danger zone. There is a monitor on one wall that is showing static footage of Alex and Lorna in some mutual chain dangly trap over what looks like lava - such if either struggles, it is at the risk of the other. Everyone is in their own hammock in this cell.

Kurt seems to be sleeping the most, recovering perhaps, but his leg and tail twitch suggesting he's not unconscious, just sleeping in at the moment.

Letting a few snores and coughs from his hammock, Dervish is finally awaken by one of his loudest snores. It was almost as if he were gasping for air. Roused from his rest, he surveys the area where he is and where his teammates are. Letting out a surprised exclamation, "What the. . ."

Having been knocked out by electricity and not the gas, Dani isn't so lucky. She got a double whammy so has been pretty much out since before they were dropped into thier 'hut.'

The first indication that she must be coming out of it is a arm flung outward, followed by a labored breath. Her eyes then blink open taking on a puzzled look at the thatch ceiling. Dani remains still a moment longer, replaying the events that led the team here in her head. Only then does she start the laborios procedure of sitting up in a hammock "Gawd, what hit me?"

For her own part, Sunpyre is still sound asleep, curled in on herself in a fetal ball in her hammock. Whatever sounds the others have made, she has not yet visibly stirred. Then again, those who have heard her alarm clock going off on the women's dormitory hall in the Mansion would not be so surprised.

Somewhere between the snore and the other stirrings, Kurt bolts up, bonks his head on a rafter (being in a top hammock), and mutters, "Yes, I'm a natural." It was intended for someone in his dream and he realizes where he is then looks around. "Oh, good, we're still alive, bad news ... rescue mission v2.1 ..." Climbing out of his bead onto the ceiling, he looks at the monitor upside down. "This is a sticky situation who's all here?" Then he looks at the hammocks to see who is indeed here.

Now fully awake, Dervish sits up while trying to balance himself on the hammock, "Well, it would appear just me, you, Mirage, and Sunpyre." Looking at the monitors, "Havok has been captured and no sign of Gypsy Moth, I remember robots with gas and that is it."

Sliding from her hammock to the floor Dani stretches, rolling her shoulders back a few times "I don't know how sailors used to do that." She checks her person for all her weapons, finding none missing, though her bow and quiver have been placed by the door "So now we have two people to rescue...wonderful." she gives a long hard look at the monitor, a frown on her face.

For her own part, Sunpyre remains curled tightly on herself in her hammock, apparently still unconscious or asleep.

"In that case, I think we press forward," says Kurt, still dangling. Moving more to the middle of the hut, he'll lower himself via tell to tap at Leyu, "Morning Sunshine." Hopefully that works cause he's fresh out of water to throw on someone. "And I think we should be careful in what we attempt the way Alex and Lorna are presently suspended, I think that's a sign from Arcade we proceed forward, into the tunnels. Telling us he controls their fates." Then he lowers himself off the ceiling, "Either way, he wants us in that volcano of his, we should start considering alternate endings and a way to communicate without being monitored."

Dropping off his hammock rather comedically, Dervish rises up and stretch a bit as he moves over to Leyu's hammock and leans closer towards her face, "Leyu, time to wake up." He speaks just above a whisper, but not too loud.

"Once we find them we could have Leyu," Dani looks around, "And Gypsy should she manage to find us or we find her keep Alex and Lorna from falling." she looks at the monitor further "Do you think you could teleport them to safety?" she glances back to Kurt.

Tapped, Leyu stirs a bit and murmurs, grousing at the disturbance. Dervish's gentle whispering isn't going to cut it, but Kurt's tapping and insistence eventually garner results, as the tight fetal ball of Sunpyre starts twisting, shifting, at first trying to get away from the disturbance, and then finally becoming aware enough to wake up, slowly, making faces of disgust, followed by a hand to her head and almost a whimper of pain. "Wha ... ?"

"Teleport is possible but, he knows how to prevent me, much like the ghost traps," informs Kurt, "Which is to say I'm literally limited to line-of-sight teleportation as the walls are designed with my ability in mind - as it stands, I'm not spatially aware of where the Blackbird is, probably some magentic control in the island and being within it." Seems logical at least. "Ok, new formation, I'll take the lead, Dani can take the rear, if everyone is good. We keep on our toes, proceed slowly until we know something is happening." That is, slowly until the next trap is initiated, whatever thaty may be. A quiet whisper, "Thanks for not coring me," to Leyu before he moves towards the door, letting everyone make any preparations they need.

Dani nods at Kurt's analysis, "So you can teleport within the limitations of a room? So when we find them you could teleport them to a safe location in the room, should there be one?" The only prep Dani needs is to grab her bow and arrows and strap them to her back. Which she does while she is asking her questions.

"Alright then, sounds like a plan." Dervish finds his swords, "Wow, Arcade lets us keep our weapons. There must be even more trappings than what we have faced so far." He sighs a bit as he does a quick spin and then exhales, "Ok, ready."

Leyu wakes up slowly, but works at it steadily until she can finally uncoil and swing herself down, a tad unsteadily, from the hammock to the floor. She still holds her head, wincing, clearly afflicted with a headache. "If the image is to be trusted, we know where Havok is. But where is Gypsy Moth? The floor markings surely seem to indicate if we step outside, we enter danger. Could it not be danger to our teammates, as well?" Sunpyre is a doctor: First, do no harm.

"Do nothing is just as dangerous, I imagine we're being watched right now by Arcade, if we hesitate too long, he might ..." As if that is cue enough, the chains Lorna and Alex are on drop 10 meters towards some lava-fire death below. "It will be dangerous outside here, I don't know what he wants us to try and do or what we'll face, but waiting won't be an option either. I'm open for ideas, if anyone has a pen or pencil, I'd suggest we right other ideas as we go, so he isn't aware of what we're doing." Then he mutters, "Note to self, design battle code ... thanks Dune."

"We are screwed either way. I would rather be screwed fighting through traps then laying about in a hammock." Dani glances around at the rest of them and steps across the tape on the floor, taking her out of the hut.

Nodding his head and agreeing with Dani, â?She is right. . .to die with honor and bravery is better than to die a coward.â Dervish looks to the others, â?Shall we?â

"I hate this. And I do not /have/ any paper or pencil." Sunpyre snarks. She's feeling mighty useless at this point. Even taking out the blasted robots turned out to be a mistake. They could have kept running on the surface. At least then they would have been together. "But I suppose we won't find /anyone/ trapped here." She makes her way over towards the door to the hut, keeping back from the safety zone line, to get as good a look as she can manage at what is out there and what might be right /at/ the doorway. If there were something like some of the traps on the surface, she might be able to bull through in fireform, if she has to do that.

Somewhere in the bowels of the island, Gypsy Moth crawls on hands and knees through the air ducts. Avoiding giant, spinning fans. Reading what scant directions there are. Wondering for a moment why Arcade would even NEED a pleasure dome. Like HE'S ever going to get any action. She continues on in her search.

No, definitely no death lasers waiting outside of the room. Its simply a hewn corridor cutting through the underbelly of the island (at least in appearance, its all still metal). So leaving the fake hut and going into the fake mine shaft, the team proceeds cautiously. Even though they are cautious, it seems in vein as no traps are lurking for them it would seem. Then the corridor widens for a moment, revealing a large'ish room with one exit, a simple archway carved to look like some sinister archiac god - like an Indian temple perhaps. Going up there, its not trapped, reveals that just beyond this first 'room' is a second room. There are precarious walkways just meters above what appears to be lava, not directly crossing the span but having ladders that go up to higher walkways and the like, mine carts on rails to either side of the room, spinning saw blades near the walls and on pendulums that cut across some of the walkways, various deadly stalactites hanging from the ceiling that possible drop down on unsuspecting victims and it looks like british soldiers with rifles on ledges around nooks and crannies - robots waiting to take pop shots at anyone crossing the expanse. Where the mine carts, motorized on a track, enter the room, there is a burst of electricity and flame to discourage anyone from going that way. Thus, there is one main exit on the opposite end of the room - some 200 yards away, with two mine cart shaft exits to either side, 50 yards from the main exit there and perhaps 10 yards from the outer edge of the room.

For her own part, Sunpyre stays just on the edge of igniting herself in self-defense, for as long as it takes for their journey to finally lead them to the lava-filled (not really) 'cavern' with the British Soldiers and the mining carts and the dangerously unstable walkway. Given her proven resistance to energy strikes, she could probably survive the escape through the tunnel with the railcars, but that wouldn't help anyone else. With no way to contact any of their missing teammates, Leyu turns to Kurt and the others. "I think I should summon my plasma sheath, and stay close to Mirage, to cover her from those snipers. Unless you want me to go ahead and try to go out through the minecar tracks?"

Dervish looks to the more experienced Nightcrawler, waiting for reaction or advice, as they all take in the deathtrap of the room and ponder ways to get through alive. "Assuming their rifles are physical, I would be more resistant if spinning."

Dani follows several feet behind everyone, guarding their backs from late springing traps or anthing else that might want to do them harm. She remains quiet back there, listening for echos of footsteps of any potential robots that could be coming for them. As the get to the archway, she peers in "It seems that Arcade must be using something to dampen Lorna's and Alex's powers too." she scans the room before them "Maybe we should just find the control room and take that offline. Then they could just save themselves.

For his part, Kurt nods, "That sounds like a plan, let's keep an eye out for other access tunnels, partially sealed perhaps, that could lead to a control room." It was Dani first, then to Dervish, "Spin while you can, if it helps keep any bullets off you." Finally for Sunpyre, "That sounds good, I can port through the room at my leisure, its just a matter of getting everyone safely across. By the lava here, I'm guessing its one stage closer to the final room." He looks at Dervish, pondering it all, "You think you could get to a mine cart, swing yourself up to a ledge of soldiers and try taking their guns out on the one side, while Sunpyre takes out the other side. This could leave the middle more easily navigable for Dani and I to use the walkways to cross the room?" That is left in the air, he could teleport himself from soldier to soldier too if it came to it, he's thinks Dervish might have an easier time removing soldiers or their weapons perhaps.

Given his orders, Dervish begins spinning swords extended from his hands and he aims for the British soldiers hoping to deflect at bullets that may come his way and take out any of the soldiers as well.

"Alright. If that's the plan." Sunpyre offers, stepping up beside Dervish but away by a few feet as she summons the super-energized solar plasma, igniting as she prepares to take care of her side of things. Good thing they're just robots. Except if they're like the ones above, they will not go down easily.

"I feel like I should be wearing a target on my uniform." Dani says as she stands back and lets Dervish and Sunpyre take care of the british soldiers "Once they get half away across, I'll make a run for it." she eyes the soldiers "Was there british soldiers in Gilligan's Island? I don't think I saw that epidose

"Sounds like everyone is a go," grins Kurt, liking the more action filled plan over the simple blast everything plan. Then again, its just a take on that same scenario, but with more action inbetween simply plasting everything. "Ok, we run, I'll be on your tail Dani, we warp through lasers and saw blades, while Sunpyre and Dervish dismount the guns turrets. Red Leader ready ..." as his tail comes around to touch Dani, just to be ready for any obstacles in their pathes.

Somewhere in the bowels of the island fortress, Gypsy Moth kicks out a screen and then descends down into a large, darkened room. Red lights provide the only illumination as she stands in front of a large, whirring device of some sort. "How does a man who never actually succeeds in his assasinations afford something on this scale?" She wonders.

â?Alright, well, Sunpyre, letâs show these Brits how it is done.â He whispers a small prayer. Spinning fast enough he takes flight up above the mine carts and making it to the ledge, attempts to unleash his attack onto the soldiers. After successfully dislodging the gun from the robot, he grins with confidence but then finds his sword, lodged into one of the robots. Cursing he is able to deflect the bullets coming towards him, but when trying to get the sword lose, one bullet gets through nicking him.

Sunpyre's aura flares as she cuts through the air, leaving steam in her wake. She twists and turns through the robots. Two dodge out of the way, quick on their feet. The other three, on the other hand, melt some as her aura brushes over them. Enveloping them in plasma that causes damage.

Bouncing on the balls of her feet, Dani watches as her two team mates go underfire so that she and Kurt can get past. She will have to remember to treat both them to a nice dinner out when they get get back.

Once the two are halfway across she dashes forward an almost immediatly a large saw comes out of the floor at her. She must have been expecting something right away, because she dives over it and rolls into a somersault to her feet. She doesn't glance back but continues forward, leaping upwards to grab the bottom rung of a ladder that is several feet above her head, which she starts to scale. Unfortunatly the side rails are greased and she starts to slide down but manages to catch herself without falling to far and she continues up to the ledge it leads too.

Staying far back enough to keep his tail on Dani and ready, he pauses to give her room at the intervals when the trap becomes apparent. Not nearly as neat as her moves, he still maneuvers through the traps and still keeps pace with the woman. There is probably a slight teleporting up the greased ladder for his part with attention divided. But everyone seems safe and the plan seems to be a go. "Press on," he calls, "Almost home ..." At that point though, the disco water erupts behind the team. Apparently its some flamable substance, like a napalm one might guess. Those not immune to heat will feel the temperature rising in the room.

Dealing with the bullet that nicked him, Dervish is an angry Arab and turning his attention to the British robot soldiers, he unleashes another attack grabbing for the sword that was lodged, he spins faster than usual and unleashes hell onto the robots. Once through, he smiles as he has downed four of the five robots. "HA!"

The ledge Dani traverses is narrow, barely wide enough to walk forward on and at one point she has to walk sideways, but it was that are saw blades and she never really has been afraid of heights.

She glances back behind her as she disco water explodes behind them. Good thing she moved fast or else she might have been caught in that.

As she continues to move forward a section of the ledge crumbles under her foot as she steps down on it. She teeters on one foot for a moment and it is only by grapping Nightcrawler's tail and pulling herself back that she keeps from falling.

"Sorry." she says back to him in case she hurt him and she jumps over the hole and continues to thier destination unscathed.

Sunpyre continues her flight, assaulting the rest of the robots on her side of things. She does not destroy them all - she misses one, and actually smacks into another, having to redirect before she can continue - but at least it makes her the target of their attacks, not the two on foot trying to make their way across. The bullets fired at her strike and hiss away, melting in the superheated plasma of her protective sheath. "Are you two OK? Should we continute to destroy them, or rejoin you?" she calls out.

Meanwhile, in the room with Sybil. Through some investigation and deductions, she realizes she snuck into the power generators for the island. Faced with following one line lead to Arcade, another to the Volcano, or trying to shut down all Death Traps, she formulates her plan and begins to work with the material around her to her advantage. In the end she manages to collapse and damage some of the generator. An alarm sounds briefly, issuing a warning. Arcade comes up over the loud speakers, "There is unauthrozied cheating on the game floor this will not be ..."

Kurt is catching up to Dani, "No worries, I'm here if you need me." To everyone else, "Yes, lets group u...." That is the point where Arcade makes his game announcement that is briefly interrupted. The interesting thing behind he doesn't come back up over the PA. In fact, the only thing illuminating the current room is the wall of fire approaching the exit side of the room as the Lava/napalm continues to burn. In fact, the whole room lurches and lists slightly to one side. The napalm illuminates a corridor ahead that seems to lead about 50 yards into the main volcano. It is probably safe to assume that room is full of this flamable liquid. Then again, its probably safe to assume all the power on the island is now out, including whatever motors are keeping it afloat.

Gypsy Moth has killed all power to the island, and it is now sinking.

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