Arcade Deathtrap Island: Coconuts!

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Havok, Nightcrawler, Dervish, Sunpyre, Gypsy Moth, Mirage

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Arcade's Island

Contining Saga of X-Factor rescuing Polaris

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[ Arcade's Murderworld Island ]

Continued from Aracde's Death Trap Island: Crash Landing....

"I'm sorry.." Sybil says as she stares at the robot, "But if our enemy is so utterly incompetent that his robots can be reprogrammed by someone who is nothing close to an expert in either robotics or computers... why don't we simply have Leyu core this island a few new holes and sink it? This seems utterly idiotic."

"I think the reason I don't just core the island is that we suspect at least one ally is currently imprisoned on the island. That, and we don't have any way off the island for ourselves or them, at the moment." Leyu comments wryly. She flies, but keeps it low, around tree-head height, looking for trouble in every direction (in succession! she doesn't have super-senses or something!).

Havok eyes GM for a moment with a furrowed brow realizing something. Yet he says nothing. Instead he looks back toward the jungle and says, "Before we go any further, we need to get on task and assess our situation. First and foremost, the task is to save Lorna. We have no idea where she is and we don't know what Arcade is going to do if we don't play by his rules - what ever they may be. Task number two is to apprehend Arcade and pals." He segues into the 'what we know' part of the speech. Summarized he covers the high points - The island is roughly 1 mile in diameter. It is a non organic structure: no animal life, no plant life (other than fungus and microbes), and is a mobile/floating island. In the center of the island is a smoking volcano (also fake) that has various antennae protruding from it that likely caused the power failure of the Blackbird. When Sunpyre was above the tree line (~50+ ft up), she noticed laser turrets and SAM launchers protruding from the side and targeting her. The Murderworld is Gilligan Island themed with robots dressed as the cast of the show. He also reiterates that Polaris is Havok's main goal.

"I just wonder... how poorly planned this is." Sybil motions to Gilligan, "Is he using robotic technology fifty years out of date? When I was trapped by Locksmith, at least he was smart enough to come up with ways to prevent us from properly using our powers. This Arcade seems..." She pauses, trying to find the words, "... sadly incompetent." Of course, Arcade wasn't the one who flew the Blackbird into a crash landing.

"Does this mean you're volunteering to take Arcade on your own?", Havok asks Gypsy Moth after her assessment of the situation.

Dani looks between Havok and Gypsy as the debate "Arcade's lack of sophistication isn't important, rescuing Lorna is...could we get on with it?" she looks to Leyu, "When you were up there Leyu, did you see any paths to the volcano? Arcade probably knows we are going to be suspicious of anything that seems to easy so probably put a majority of traps and such along other harder ways to get there."

Sybil smirks. "That depends... how grateful will this damsel in distress be when she is rescued?" She reaches out with her powers and frowns. "Even the plantlife is fake. Rubber. Synthetic silk. I can work with it but it provides no joy."

"Reminder," intones Kurt, following his little robot buddy, "Last time I faced him, he'd brought a slightly older Sentinel on-line with his incompetent skills and reprogrammed that for my Murderworld, including knowing how to wire the building to prevent me from teleporting out of it. I'm more of the mindset, he makes this with the potential for death and the potential to escape, like a game. I also would imagine knowing at least Havok's power levels, coring the island would trigger a nuke or something." Then he covers the metal ears of Gilligan, stage whispering with feigned hurt, "And thanks for the vote of confidence in my robotic skills - if it makes anyone feel better, Hank's been my mentor in that department." Hands already on head, he climbs up on Gilligan's shoulders seeing that Piotr isn't around to carry him presently, "By the way Little Buddie, where are the traps?" The Gilligan dreadnought looks nervous once more at the thought of traps on the island.

Turning on his heel, Havok starts walking toward the jungle. His words are simple, "Fan out, look for traps. Kurt, get 'Gilligan' to walk ahead of us and search for land mines. Gypsy, Sunpyre, get in the air and do a 100 yard sweep ahead. I want to know what we're coming up against. Dervish, take the rear. I'm on point. Behind 'Gilligan'.

Gilligan doesn't have the articulation to relay trap locations. He's programmed with a few choice Gilligan Island quotes and expressions. He will comply with direct commands, but he doesn't have information that Kurt requests.

The wind starts to pick up. The sand crunches beneath their feet (it will become harder packed as they move inland).

Taking up a flanking position behing Havok, Dani scans the jungle as the troop through. Like their previous journeys through jungle like areas, she makes no attempt at passing quietly through the trees. Her bow is stowed in its harness on her back and has been replaced by her govt. issued tasers, the ones that are designed to take down villianous 'tank' types.

Sybil's wings flutter as she takes to the air. She doesn't rise high, a mere twenty feet in the air, but she moves away, her eyes sweeping the jungle. "I hate this." She mutters. "So much metal hidden here."

Leyu would give Sybil a hug - or an elbow to the ribs - but instead she just fans out as instructed. After all, if she hugged right now - or elbowed - she'd incinerate Gypsy Moth's fabrics. Not a good thing, given as little as there is for her to work with already.

Kurt proceeds unarmed, having left swords behind considering sword vs. metal isn't a good combination to begin with. "Gilligan, old buddy, scout ahead for us, towards the volcano," and he gets off the robot's back then, letting Havok take point behind Gilligan as he intended, falling in ahead of Dervish. This is probably somewhere near Dani - he fans out to the side a little, squad formation like even. Though he turns to tazer armed Mirage and chuckles quietly, "This probably isn't a good time to ponder if Arcade has a tribe of native robots ready to spear us right?"

Dani is in full agreement with Gypsy, she hates it here too. Not a living creature on the island, not even a stray seal that came to shore by accident. "Probably not." she responds to Kurt only giving a quick glance "Though I wouldn't put anything past him."

Taking up the rear, Dervish keeps his swords well in hand. He maintains a distance of 20 yards behind the group so he can spring (or in his case, spin) into action.

Gilligan marches ahead all happy to do so. Oblivious to the fact that he's been reprogrammed and should be an evil robot.

Havok proceeds behind Gilligan by 20 yards, keeping his eyes open for trouble, he looks in either direction and notes where he steps. He's very interested in avoiding land mines or other traps/pitfalls.

He notes to Kurt, "Shush, Elf. Don't give him any ideas... though you're probably right."

A few yards into the jungle, while walking the path, Gilligan is suddenly sliced by a laser net woven between two tall palm trees. The net was invisible and had holes approximately 7 inches wide. Thus dividing Gilligan into several parts as he trodded right through it. Thus destroying the robot (slicing it into at least 20 parts) and revealing the trap that would have done serious damage to anyone walking or flying through it.

Havok stops and says, "Everybody freeze."

Gypsy Moth goes still. Very still. Hovering in the air, twenty feet out, about thirty feet to the left of the main group.

While indeed freezing as requested, Kurt does a mouth drop at the loss of his little buddy. So much for a new room mate. Crouching a little, his eyes actually pay more attention. Yep, lasers, should of guessed since there was no disco death magic going on, Arcade probably skipped that because it was too noticeable. His arms rise and his fingers fan out just a little as he takes in the area with his body moving to crouch more to the ready. His mind recalls possible locations in case he needs to port (readying an action).

Stopping midstride Dani inches her foot back so she is still in place "Better him then us." she asides to Kurt quietly, lest her voice set off another trap.

Taking slow steps toward the downed robot and the laser trap, Havok discerns that the path was leading them right into the danger. The trees themselves are only 20 ft apart. He inspects the emitters and states, "Off the path. We need to be more careful."

A voice is then heard over some loud speaker, Arcade's voice, "WELCOME X-FACTOR, WELCOME TO MY NEW GILLIGAN'S ISLAND THEMED MURDERWORLD! I HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR STAY!" The speaker goes silend and suddenly the rumbling starts. The ground begins to shake like an earthquake.

Dervish starts to spin, he likely has better balance as a gyro than two feet.

Up in the air, junior bird man... Gypsy Moth glances around as the voice echoes around her. Then the ground begins shaking and she wrinkles her nose. "I have a bad feeling about this." Sybil rises into the air, seeking to peek up above the tree line towards the volcano. The side-effect of an eruption is sometimes an earthquake.

As the ground starts to shake Dani slides a foot out to better balance herself, "This can't be good." she does't have much experience with earthquakes but in the movies ground shaking is soon followed by ground splitting. "Run or stay?" she inquires a bit warily. Neither is a good option, running could land them in a trap or worse, staying could be just as worse if the ground opens up underneath them.

Looking around for a metal stick or loose debris of some sort, if there is any, Nightcrawler isn't moving unless he waves it in front of him to check for invisible laser grids. A good thing, if they're around would be some coconuts, in fact if he can see some he might carefully try to retrive them - presuming them trapped or to be grenades or bombs. Lacking anything that can be picked up, he's going to proceed forward more slowly as they step off the path.

The laser turrets and SAM sites are still active. Waiting for any of the fliers to become present. The fake trees seem to have a jostle about them as the ground shakes. Coconuts are being shaken around.

Kurt will find fake fern fronds to be the best option. Looking upward, Kurt will take note of the coconuts just as one breaks loose and falls downward toward his location. He will spy a blinking red light on it as it decends the 50 feet toward him.

Kurt shouts, "Coconut bombs!!"

Dervish continues to spin in place, swords in hand, and 20 yards behind the group (taking up the rear). The ground shakes, but not enough to knock him off balance - especially when he's spinning.

Havok doesn't notice the coconut, but he does hear Kurt's warning and looks around for a clear spot away from falling coconuts... there really isn't one.

And the choice is made as the coconut bombs drop. Dani would probably have preferred the ground opening up. She lets out a string of what would be explecatives in her Cheyenne tongue and after a few staggered steps back due to the shaking ground, turns and rushes back the way they came hoping to outrun the eminent explosion.

Pushing forward and able to move to avoid the quaking and shaking, Dervish shouts out if others are alright. As he continues forth ready to lash out at anything trying to get at the rears of his teammates, he hopes to dodge any of the bombs that may be dropping near him.

Sybil mutters, "No lava, at least." Then she begins to sink below the tree level to report her findings. Except.. oh, look! Coconuts with blinking red lights heading straight for her teammates! Whatever shall Sybil do? Let them fall and explode on people? That MIGHT be fun but, safety and numbers and all that. Sybil reaches out, seeking to use the fake vines in this fake jungle island in order to weave a net the coconut bombs can fall into. Some of them, at least.

Havok dodges to the side as a coconut falls to his feet. It beeps and then explodes. He's clear though and decides that he needs to take out some of the coconut bunches that are 50' up in the tree nearest him. However, he misses.

For his part, Kurt leap bamf's into action, appearing between the first falling coconut and the tree, attempting to catch and throw the coconut clear of himself and friends. Successful or not, he ports again up to the bunch and grabs for a second coconut. He'll attempt to remove it before the 'pin' is pulled to see if he can do that. Perhaps much like Havok, his attempts are to clear an area of coconuts so there is a safe rally point for the group. "Clear a spot," he says to everyone working to make the coconuts safe. If he manages to throw coconuts, he'll aim for trees 20-30 yards out to start clearing more trees of coconuts with the bombs he throws. (IE - teleport to falling coconut, catch/throw it, teleport to the coconut bundle, try to remove one safely/toss it if it starts to blink).

Sunpyre blasts the coconut that was falling to Mirage's feet. It is vaporized before it detonates. Mirage is safe.

Dervish also evades an explosion.

Gypsy Moth reveals to be the most skilled in this situation when she captures two of the falling coconuts before reaching the ground. However they will explode in her net causing it damage, such that she will need to re-weave it in the next round.

More coconuts fall. Sunpyre will notice that the coconuts are just falling in their general area. If they were to move 50 yards toward the volcano, they'll be out of the danger zone. She announces that information.

Kurt is pretty successful in his first attack of clearing the first fallen coconut. He ports again and tries to catch a second, when he does he fumbles and it explodes in his face doing 20 damage (BOOOOOOOOM). One thing he may learn from this experience is that when the coconut falls, the 'pin' is pulled. He will also learn that the concussive fumble of his 'catch' caused the explosion.

Dani has been doing her best to avoid failing coconuts and blast zones as she does what is needed to assist the others. Namely shooting at coconuts still on trees so they explode in the trees. As a she moves to avoid an exploding one another lands at her feet only to be taken care of by Sunpyre.

Successfully evading the falling coconuts, Dervish ponders his own idea, but seeing the more seasoned Kurt fail at his tactic. He continues to weave and bob will spinning to continue trying to evade the explosives as he tries to think of a way to help his teammates.

Sybil growls. She's worked with rather silly things before. But this beats even the Brother Grimm's magical beans. This is getting very, very annoying. She reaches out and tries to grab hold of as any of the trees by the palm fronds as she can. The goal? Bend them down and then release and, hopefully, catapult their explosive payloads AWAY from the group.

"Let's move!" Havok exclaims as he grabs a long fern frond and uses it to sweep ahead of himself as he starts forward between trees in the direction Sunpyre indicated. He dodges through the falling coconuts.

The Ground continues to shake and quake. Other coconuts fall.

Sunpyre blasts again as she's flying to try and offer cover, she slams into a tree and melts right through it. Causing the top of the tree (filled with coconuts that begin to separate as they fall) to fall back behind her and toward the ground. Luckily, no one is near that location. But it makes a horrendous explosion upon impact. That explosion kicks up rocks toward other trees and even into the bunches of coconuts causing them to be jostled loose and in bunches they too fall. Essentially causing a series of chain reactions in the immediate area.

Being the seasoned Kurt, Nightcrawler's face eats the blasting coconut. More likely, because of experience and seasoning, while it does explode, there is a spiffy slow motion action shot for the camera if this were a movie of Kurt probably holding onto the tree and spinning around it just as the coconut explodes when he realizes his fumble, with bits of shrapnel skidding the edges of his face and as he spins around, the tree taking in some as well. He's takes light cuts and abrasions to face, arm, and upper body from the blast but because of his agility, he lives. Still seemingly determined as he's near the bunch. He'll put a hand to one not yet detatched from the tree and going towards clear spot, 50 yards away as indicated by Sunpyre, he'll try to port along part of the branch that includes his one coconut (no others), so as to have a live grenade that he can use against whatever death trap or robot attacker comes next.

Grabbing the top of a tree, the Gypsy Moth utilizes her TK to pull it back... however it's not wood, nor does it bend or flex like spring steel. Instead, it breaks off at the bottom and the tree starts falling in her direction. It will miss based on height and angle. But she definitely did not want to pull it ontop of herself. The coconuts seperate from the top, they all fall downward and impact onto the ground as the tree does. Causing more explosions.

Gypsy Moth cries out... a surprisingly girly cry considering how sultry her voice usually is... and jerks herself backwards as a brace of coconuts fall past her and hit the ground, slamming and exploding. She, herself, falls and bounces, rolling into the safe area. "... ow."

Unable to help herself, Sunpyre reacts to the girly cry of Gypsy Moth by flying to her teammate, extinguishing her fiery sheath as she lands to check on her. "Are you alright?" Yeah. Kurt got blowed up real good, and she's checking on Sybil first. Then again, Kurt was being all manly and 'that didn't hurt'. Right?
"Ow." Sybil mutters. She begins to sit up and then notices... well... look at this. "... I think perhaps I broke something. My arm. It hurts." She puts on a performance for Leyu, tears in her voice.

Leyu very solicitously - but with medical care and precision - checks over Sybil's supposed injury to her arm, and then smirks at the lovely if dirt-smudged woman. "Did no one teach you the parable of the girl who cried wolf? I think it's time to get up, before there are /more/ explosions." That said, Leyu does help the other woman to her feet before turning to check on the rest of the team. "I don't mean to be rude ... but /what/ are we doing?" This is getting lethal with no hope or direction in sight.

Unlike the rest, Dani doesn't have to be told twice. She is hot on the heels of Havok as he retreats in the direction that was deemed safe by Sunpyre earlier. If necessary she will kick the occasional coconut away, but only if she isn't at risk of a hot blown up foot.

"... it was worth a try." Sybil rises to her feet, with Leyu's help, and then begins to dust herself off. "When we find this little man Arcade? We will not be bringing him in." Her eyes narrow.

Havok has already exclaimed the direction to move, which is an extension of Sunpyre's very own. He's moving in that direction and hopes everyone is wise enough to keep up. "LET'S GO, GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND MOVE!"

Soon, within 50 yards, they will be out of the coconut offensive range.

Dervish follows Mirage and Havok and spins his way to safety, while once again attempting to avoid the falling nuts.

Arriving on the scene with a coconut now in hand, Kurt holds it carefully to keep the end of it intact for the moment. "I vote new tactic," as the group begins to move, "Sunpyre could attempt to core the island. It floats, there has to be hollow space, if we could get to that, we could possibly circumvent surface traps - assuming the belly isn't trapped as well." The same he is moving, no comment yet on what will happen to Arcade, that presumes finding him.

"That ... is not something I want to hear." Sunpyre answers Gypsy Moth, not however telling her not to say it, or that the sentiment is wrong to have. This is all driving her quite barmy. She lifts off again and follows after Havok and Mirage and the others. "I am willing to do so, if we feel it is the thing to do. I must admit, I am feeling that playing along with this madness is only inviting further disaster for all concerned." And she's tired of it.

The earthquake ceases.

Havok looks back as everyone else approaches and then looks to the ground, he kicks some of the sand away and finds more sand. He notes, "Had that been any worse, we would have had to deal with liquifaction."

When Sunpyre arrives and makes notes on Kurt's suggestion, Havok states, "Typically if we don't play by Arcade's rules, he gets pissy and in this case, Lorna may be in danger." It's obvious he's thinking about Lorna's situation.

Suddenly, the sounds of beating drums is heard. Tribal drums. Then the near singing ho ha ha ha's of natives on loudspeakers. The team will note they are surrounded by 12 native warriors of the headhunter stock. All dreadnought like robots dressed up to resemble hostile natives. They carry spears and shields while wearing grass skirts and have long black wigs and face paint.

Gathering with the rest of the team as the finally escape the explosions, Dani rubs her cheek where the bow string hit her when it snapped "I second Kurt's new tactic motion." she says as she goes about restringing her bow. She looks around at the sound of drums "You had to say it Kurt." she takes a step back as the are suddenly surrounded
"If I remember the episode," ponders Kurt, "They capture us to take us to the sacrificial area .... might be were Lorna is." But then again, they might not be on that program. He doesn't hold action, he will evade this round in case he has to fight next round, bouncing on the balls of his feet.

Targeting the one that Sunpyre nailed, Havok states, "Got to take them all down. Stay mobile. Moth, stay in the air. Kurt, port off their heads."

Then he blasts the one that SP shot and it goes down with a klang. A second after, he starts moving in that particular direction.

Giving himself some space between the Robots and his team, Dervish shouts out, "So shall we follow Leyu and attack or take Kurt's suggestion and let ourselves be captured?" He asks as his swords are drawn and ready to act. However seeing Havok shoot as well. It seems the decision has been made. He spins and aiming with his scimitars towards the closest robot, but missing entirely and stumbling g while spinning causing one of his swords to go flying away from him. He curses in Arabic.

The remaining 11 natives charge.... ugga shakka ugga shakka ugga shakka and attack. Their spears and shields are just for decoration. Instead, they rush up and three will target Havok, two will target Mirage, one will target Kurt, Two will target Dervish. Two will target Sunpyre and one will target Gypsy Moth.

Havok is struck twice by green eyebeams from the robots. Which seem to have no effect on him.

Mirage is hit once with a fist strike that does Stunning Electrical Damage

Kurt is struck with the same attack.

Dervish is blasted by Freon Gas from the robot's mouth.

Sunpyre and Gypsy moth are both shot at by green eye beams, but missed.

Gypsy Moth takes to the air the moment she hears those drums. "Racial stereotypes. Lovely." Sybil turns as the robotic savages come flying out of the bush and begin firing. She twists in the air, moving out of the way of the very nasty blast. Then she mentally grabs at a loincloth and tugs, hard, seeking to knock a robot down so that someone else can double team and KO it.

As Dani brings her tasers up to defend against the robot natives she is struck. The jolt of electricty that comes along with it makes her body seize up before she topples over.

With teammates in troble, Sunpyre goes down deep, pulling on her anger and determination, forcing out a wake of superheated solar plasma and cascading it over a closely-grouped set of three of the robots, forcing more and more of the plasma outburning them down as best she can.

Having moved forward to the downed robot, Havok draws the attention of three other robots and they have moved close enough together for him to get a shot on them. He leaps and twists in the air as he releases his plasma toward them. He takes down two of the three leaving one standing but in poor shape.

Sunpyre's attack two down two of the three, leaving the third quite damaged. Exposed internal circuitry and gizmos have been revealed now that armor plates are gone.

The remaining 5 robots, 4 of which are standing, leap into the air and make "ugh ugh" noises and then explode. Suddenly the entire area (ground and sky) is filled with a light green gas.

As the gas from the robots fills the area the team slowly succumbs to its knock out properties, leaving only Gypsy Moth, who flies out of the gases range untouched.

The sand seems to swallow the knocked out X-Factor into the island.

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