Aquanoids Attack!

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Armand, Blindfold, Namor, the Phantasm, Sandman, and Aquanoids

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07/27/12 20:32

East River - New York

Aquanoids attack at the East River. Namor, the Phantasm, and Sandman defeat them while Ruth and Armand watch.

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It is late evening and the city and other parts of the world have been subjected to a series of attack of a technological nature. Security in the city has been heavily increased as their presence is made known. After the attack on the UN, the Avengers (those are have not been affected by the direct attack on them) have been spread throughout the world attempting to find the source of the attacks and protect innocents. Sandman is one of the ones stationed at home. So when he receives the call that Part of Manhattan is under attack by the East River, he arrives and places a call to any of the available Avengers in the area.

When he arrives, he finds three ten foot tall robots hovering over the river with their arms pointed at the pier. They have yet to fire and look oddly enough like AIM soldiers. Green and purple armored, though they have no hands, just arms with some sort of blasters where the hands would be. They make no attack and silently hover and wait. When Sandman arrives, “Crap. . .just what we need. AIM bots. First Hydra bots attack UN and now this.” He remains a block away as he tries to strategize the best form of attack, but shudders at the thought of potentially getting wet.

Namor cruises through the water a few meters under the surface, mind on the most recent troubles plaguing the Avengers. His vision under the water is excellent, so much so that he can make out a little of what is in the air above. Slowing to a stop, he rises until his head emerges from the water near the pier, one brow raised. "Aquanoids," he notes.

Whatever stoic position Sandman has taken as he considers the bots is marred in effect by the presence of a purplish black raven landing on his head. The lack of weight of the projection eliminates the tangible form of alert to the newcomer's presence, but the movement of the bird's approach may be enough of a warning to the Avenger. Perch acquired, Phantasm frowns at the sight of the robots. "What's the deal with these damn robots?"

Blindfold was out late with an adult about a block away, each carrying bags of supplies, from first aid to toiletries. Ruth's cane rapidly tapping the ground as she walked. "More robots...almost like a computer virus but instead of making it sick, this takes control...maybe it is a computer virus that makes them malfunction"

Instantly realizing who the raven is, Sandman gestures his arms to get it off his head despite it being weightless, “Phantasm, the world has gone nuts. Robots and all tech stuff are attacking people. It’s crazy, watch the news. These latest bots are Aquanoids. Not sure why they are here. But thankfully they have not attacked yet.” He is not aware that Namor is present.

Near the pier, the section has been cordoned off to keep any New Yorkers away. The authorities have set up a barricade and are armed with a variety of weapons aimed at the robots. Who have simply hovered and stared down at them. No gesture of attack has happened yet, but the authorities remain ready.

Suddenly the eyelets on the faceplates of the Aquanoids begins to flash, “Sensors detect presence. . .Avengers!” Suddenly all three robots fire energy blasts into the water where Namor is. For his part, Sandman ponders, “What? Avenger? But they did not open fire on me?” Sandman had been a block away with a full view of the robots and starts making his way now that the robots have open fired. “Ok, Phantasm, get ready for a fight!” He has not yet noticed Blindfold.

Namor rises until he's only up to his waist in water, then his knees, then higher still until his winged feet rise from the surface. He continues rising until he's at roughly the height of the Aquanoids (well, perhaps a foot or two higher, but he is Namor after all). "Not just one Avenger," he corrects, his tone full of the usual confidence. "Two. And two more suited than most to dealing with your kind." He flashes Sandman a quick warning glance.

As Sandman waves his arms, Phantasm hops onto his shoulder, freeing up the head for more important things like... um. Stuff. "I wasn't expecting an answer." The bird grows quiet, not quite the strategist when it comes to these things. His playbook in comparison to others is surprisingly quite small. Like the 2 foot stature he currently holds. At the prompt to prepare for a fight, he nods, exposing his wingspan as he lifts off of the secondary perch. If it wasn't for the purplish black feathers or being a different type of bird, he'd look almost, patriotic with that pose, "Set."

Blindfold hearing Sandman she turns her head toward him and nods, pointing at Namor. "They did not sense you yet, but him, thank you yes"

Hearing Blindfold’s statement, Sandman offers a wave as he continues towards the pier. Cursing to himself, “Dammit, fish king! They didn’t know I was here. So much for surprise!” As he closes the distance to the pier, he is already shifting from flesh and bone to sand. His height increasing and he is moving more loosely. As he extends his body over the barricade set up by the authorities. He shouts out, “Fan out and cover the entire pier. These robots fire off energy! Keep people away and engage only but only as back-up to us!” He reaches the edge of the pier and does not engage them yet.

One Aquanoids hovers up higher to directly engage the Submariner. Its jet feet allow it to move at a quick pace as it continues to fire energy blasts at the royal. The second one remains hovering in the air making no direct attack on anyone, but remains with its arms flashing yellow energy ready to fire at someone should it need to.

The third Aquanoid comes crashing down into the pier and crashes/collides into Sandman’s pssamic form causing a huge sand cloud where Sandman had been.

Following in the forward motion of his companion, the bird's wings flap, signaling his launch towards the scene. "Oh captain my captain!" The voice is dripping with likely misplaced sarcasm. Or poorly timed humor. Two Avengers. Plus one smartass. The unengaged robot soon has his darkly colored foe designated as the bird flies full tilt at the robot likely doing Alfred Hitchcock proud.

Namor feels a few of the energy bolts burn into his chest, grimacing in pain. "Very well," he grates through gritted teeth. "Then see why Namor is the mightiest warrior in the seas!" Suddenly streaking towards his attacker, the Atlantean spreads his arms wide, wraps them around the Aquanoid and then tries to drag it down and into the water.

Blindfold followed sandman's footsteps toward the water, but got stopped by the police baricade. Sighing as she could only stand by now "Luckily Sandman is squishy like that..." wishing she could help

The sand cloud begins to fill up around the Aquanoid and slowly envelopes it as Sandman controls every literal particle and granule of sand and begins to obscure himself and the Aquanoid from everyone’s view.

As Namor is able to get his full grasp around his Aquanoid, the robot struggles as he tries to push it down, its boot jets fire up trying to pull up. For now it seems a stalemate, but as it is bearhugged, the robot’s armor begins to dent and bend under Namor’s grasp.

As the odd looking raven flies at the remaining Aquanoid, it simply looks at the charging bird and makes no attack as it presumes it is harmless, but runs a scan on it anyway. As Blindfold is stopped at the barricade, a police officer approaches and noting the cane, he offers, “Miss, this is a dangerous situation. I can escort you away from here immediately.”

Blindfold turns her head toward the officer her chaperone right behind ruth "Thank you, I appreicate the offer, I'm here with my Aunt, we were running some errands near by and I was just curious what was going on, you do honor to your uniform, yes thank you" wearing a blindfold over your eyes and a cane...well it left no doubt that you couldn't see.

The bird continues it's kamikaze flight, committed to win it's game of chicken. Without any blasts directed towards it, there's no reason to redirect the flight path as it aims right for what he determines to be the head of the robot, beak first with much of his strength focused upon the beak tip.

There's an individual in his shorts and camo hoodie, hat worn backwards over his hair which is worn in a singular braid...who finds himself once more in the wrong place in the wrong time...really as he walks along with a backpack of baked goodies as he eats popcorn out of a paper bag sprinkled with cinnamon and he hums softly to himself. This is when Armand hear that tale...tell...sound of trouble and he looks up where he was walking and eating popcorn to blink, eyes widening and his lips form a tiny 'o'.

When Armand arrives at the scene he will find that a large section of the area is cordoned off with a few onlookers including Blindfold a block away from the action, but with a perfect view. A large sand cloud engulfs an Aquanoid. Namor and another Aquanoid engage in a pissing match to see who can go up or down. An odd looking raven is kamikazing into another Aquanoid. Each Aquanoid is 10 feet tall and green and purple-armored with boot jets and energy blasters in place of hands.

Signs of struggle can be heard from within the sand cloud as energy blasts are fired. The shape of the cloud begins to decrease in height and the robot begins to stand revealed as its outer shell is completely covered in sand swirling slithering sand all across its body. It has stopped blasting and wiggles about trying to shake off the sand attack.

The bird easily connects with the Aquanoid’s head, chipping off some of the purple from the Aquanoid’s head. The robot lifts its arms to try to swat the raven away.

Namor grapples in mid-air with the Aquanoid, not quite getting him into the water. It quickly becomes clear why he was so eager to do so...whatever malady is afflicting so many of the avengers has sapped Namor's strength as well. But even so, the Atlantean royal's literal decades of experience in fighting begin to tell, and he finally gains the upper hand. With a final shout of triumph he punches the Aquanoid's head clean from it's shoulders.

Blindfold smelling not your run of the mill popcorn "Armand? Is that you? please thank you" smiling in the direction of the tantalizing aroma

After making some, cosmetic changes to some of the robot's paint job, the bird accordions up on the robot's head as the flight path finishes up. Oozing down the robot like some amorphous blob of bird. Phantasm grumbles. "Fine." Taking a play from Jocasta and Crimson Dynamo, he sets about going inside the robot instead.

Armand hears Blindfold's voice and he was staring at the comflict with wide eyes before he recognizes that voice...rushing forward a bit as he makes his way through/pushing and shoving past individuals by stomping on a foot or accidentally falling into others before finding his way to Blindfold's side, offering the bag of popcorn near Blindfold's shoulder so she can smell/find the opening of the popcorn bag. "Ahh! nice to ah, see you..." He just blinks several times. "How...odd to find you - oh wow, one of the robots has...lost his head."

One Aquanoid is down as its head is punched right off and lands in the East River, followed soon by its body as Namor makes quick work of the first Aquanoid. One down. Two to go.

As the phantom raven turns to goo and oozes inside the large robot. A few sparks can be seen from afar as Phantasm is inside of it. The already oddly acting robot suddenly lifts its arm and a cold robotic voice rings out, “Exit body. . .or be destroyed.” His arm flares up with energy.

Taking a somewhat similar tactic, sand begins to fly to completely cover the Aquanoid on the pier primarily entering through the weapons area and begins to fill it with sand. Similarly it begins to sputter off robot gibberish and release some sparks.

Namor turns while still in mid-air to face the next Aquanoid, but then suddenly wavers. His expression shows surprise. He wobbles again, dropping several feet before halting. Then he descends once again. He is breathing hard, skin flushing red from exertion, as for the first time since he regained his wings they fail him. Finally he snarls and lets himself fall, turning just before he hits the water so that his entry is more 'dive' than 'fall'. The waters close over with barely a splash, and he's not seen again.

As the command is blurted out by the robot, there's a muffled response from within. "Yeaaaaah. Good luck with that." The raven mocks from inside. Glancing about, Phantasm reaches a wing over to something that catches his fancy, "These looks important..." He starts pulling stuff.

Blindfold smiles inhaling the scent of the popcorn deeply "Mmm, that smells wonderful. One of them lost a head? Why didn't the heroes start with that first, I wonder?" she and her chaperone 'aunt' had shopping bags from their errands. "Not so odd actually. I always tend to find myself in places like this. Coincidence I suppose, wrong place right time, right place wrong time, or wrong place wrong time. A talent of mine I suppose." carefully taking a few peices of popcorn from the bag "May I ask if you don't mind, what brings you to this area Armand?"

“I baked alot of cookies and I was just going for a walk with the popcorns and...I saw the crowd." Armand ponders the situation as the robots begin...acting even weirder and he peers around Blindfold to see who she's with before looking back to Ruth with a quirk of an eyebrow. "You look wonderful today, it is good that you're safe...I know this talent of being in wrong place and such..." He sighs softly and looks back to the robots. "...they really needed to attack the heads with liquid...inside or just mess with wiring?" He worries his bottom lip. "Here, have a nibble of popcorn...I tink one of them may have a robotic aneurysm, there's a bird in his head I tink..."

As Mike continues to run amok inside the Aquanoid, more sparks fly and then the robot unleashes a blast, right at its own head. Its body sputters a moment and then drops into the water.

Sand filters into the last remaining Aquanoid as Sandman commands his particles to cause damage within the robot and similarly and eventually the robot deactivates. A loud disembodied laughing can be heard as the robot shuts down and sand drops from inside the robot and begins to filter out and form into a more recognizable Sandman.

With the threat over. The authorities arrive and begin to clear off the cordon. Avengers Crew comes to take the remaining Aquanoid and Sandman goes to speak with the authority. Within minutes, New Yorkers are returning to their way of life.

As the robot offs himself, there's the shape of a bird flying off along with the portions of robot head that get shot away by the suicidal bot. Despite mimicking the movements of an airborne feathered tumbleweed, there's a rather cheery 'WOOHOO!' coming from the bird before he falls into the water, making no splash.

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