Aquanoids Aftermath

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Armand, Blindfold, Keith, the Phantasm, Rex Gregson, and Sandman

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07/27/12 21:00

East River - New York

Armand, Blindfold, Keith, the Phantasm, Rex Gregson, and Sandman gather for a chat after the attack

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Blindfold smiles warmly toward Armand, she was with an adult. "It is good to meet you again Armand, I'm glad to find you again. How have things been if you don't mind my asking please" reaching for a bit more popcorn to munch "Mmm you do have a talent with food. At least with a talent of wrong places and times we can never say our lives are boring hm? Hmm sounds like the Avengers won?"

Armand hmms softly and cranes his neck. " of the robots has now commited self-murder...shot himself in the head..." He automatically begins narrating for the blind young lady. "Oh and the other one is...laughing and dripping sand - oh, its a strange victory." He tilts his head to the side curiously and then hmms softly. "I've been okay I suppose, working alot, oui and they have won." He nods quickly. "That is a very good bird...but it is gone now."

Blindfold nods toward Armand "Yes, Phantasm is a very good bird. Sounds like Sandman worked from inside the robot. Odd that the robots didn't attack until they sensed Avangers, not sure what to make of that I'm afraid, I'm sorry"

Armand doesn't quite translate the names right away, he's heard them before but he just nods slowly after he places the names. "I tink perhaps they attacked them because...they viewed them as threats?" He shrugs a shoulder, nibbling on some popcorn before offering the bag once more. He's quiet for a few moments thought, taking a deep breath. "I do not expect you to make anyting of that, no need to apologize Mademoiselle."

After speaking with the authorities and clean-up being taken care of Sandman makes his way over towards Blindfold and Armand. Recognizing the two, Sandman waves, “Did you two enjoy the show?” Sandman eyes Armand suspiciously as his last encounter with the kid involved Loki attacking the Avengers.

Blindfold smiles "Or perhaps it was a ploy to lure the Avengers out, do you suppose?" reaching a hand into the bag to take a bit again "Thank you, yes, kind as you always have been Armand" then turns her head toward the sound of Sandman's voice "Yes, thank you, it's nice to meet you again Sandman, the tactics seem to have been quite effective. No civilians were injured and the fight did not last long, those things are also good, yes thank you"

Armand bows his head politely to Sandman with a quirk of an eyebrow as he eyes him warily as he takes a deep breath and gives that greeting nod as he looks between Blindfold and Sandman, watching and listening carefully.

“Yes, I am grateful that Phantasm and the Submariner were around. It was quick and easy, which are always the best type of battles.” Sandman smiles and then quirks his own brow at Armand, “So you two know each other? I swear this really is a small world.” Directly looking at Armand now, “You staying out of trouble this time, Armand? Staying away from Asgardian-types?”

Blindfold smiles with a nod to Sandman "We have met a couple times before, it is indeed a small world, yes thank you. Armand has been most kind and noble toward me" then turns her head toward armand "and it has been greatly appreciated, thank you yes"

"Always so sweet, oui..." Armand returns the compliment to Blindfold before looking back to Sandman with his usual wariness but he's ever so polite. "Ahh, Monsiur...we are familiar with one another from brief meetings, oui, Ruth is a kind and polite young lady." He bows his head before jerking his head back up at the mention of Asgardian-Types. "...pardon? Ah...I do not seek out Asgardian-types, non...they would have no reason to deal with someone such as me."

“Well, you never know. Loki seemed to be fixated on you, so like I said. You never know.” Sandman shrugs as not all Asgardians are bad. He has met and had teammates that are actually the opposite of what Loki was. “Well, good that you both know each other then.” He smiles, “Be careful on the streets. Things are getting weird. Robots and whatnot coming to life and attacking innocent people.”

Blindfold nods her head "True not all asgaurdians are bad, though they do seem to fixate on people I know" keeping her mouth shut bout enchantress's obsession with the french baker. I will certainly keep more alert in my travels then I usually am, yes thank you, Sandman" she was standing near where the police baricade had been by the east river, accompanied by an adult chaperone as she spoke with Armand and the Avenger known as Sandman.

Armand's left eye twitches a bit at the mention of Loki and he is completely still as if carved from stone for a few moments before he exhales softly and offers a small smile. "Ahh yes...very good to be careful and safe, oui. There would be nothing to do if being attacked I fear, I am not as...special and well endowed as you are of course." He does that bowing of the head thing again.

"Well, if I remember correctly there is more to you than meets the eye, Armand." Letting on that he knows of Armandâs ability. "But you are correct. The best protection against trouble is to avoid it." Sandman then bows his head to Blindfold's adult chaperone. "And no thanks is necessary. It is my job. Those who have powers and abilities should use them for good. And for every good guy there are five bad guys." Sandman sighs, "Not everyone can reform the way I did." He is dressed in his usual and recognizable garb, green and black stripped shirt and brown trousers.

Keith seems to be on a brisk stroll, this time wearing a deep blue overshirt unbuttoned over a plain white v-neck shirt. His shorts are blue and white plaid and his feet are adorn with leather hiking boots. His hair, of course, is in a clearly styled messed up fashion. His messanger back swept across his torso and floating a bit further to his back as though he's been walking like this for a while. He begins walking in Ruth and the rest of the group's direction completely obvious to what, if anything, os going on around him.

Blindfold smiles toward Sandman, the avenger, "There is more to everyone then meets the eye I think, thank you yes. Never as simple as people seem, something has usually shaped them to act the way they do or a lack of something. We are all complex creatures. Those with the most potential for light attract the most darkness" the crowds had cleared and thus she was able to tilts her head to the sound of a familiar footstep "In a rush somewhere Keith?" her chaperone smiling with a nod of her head to Sandman at the bow of his to her.

As Sandman listens to Blindfold, he nods his head agreeing to everything she says, “That is very true.” He smile,s “For such a young kid. You are pretty bright.” He smiles to the chaperone, “Your ward knows her stuff.” The smile widens and then Sandman changes his face to a bit of confusion when Ruth mentions Keith and he looks over in the direction she speaks. “You know him? Wow, you must have like super-senses or something? Maybe you are a mutant.” He jokes.

Keith looks surprised suddenly as Blindfold calls him out. "Wow Ruth, either you have really good hearing to distinguish me walking or someone saw me coming earlier..." His comment is vague, but any who really know Ruth would know he's hinting at her having a vision. "So... what are we doing hanging around here?" It's clear he's avoid the question of where he's walking towards. It's when he gets close enough to hear Sandman's last comment that he chuckles looking toward Ruth. "Or something like that."

In true dramatic fashion. But perhaps a bit later than most would for the effect, a raven flies out of the water causing for a large, disproportionate splash of water announcing his exit. In mid-air, Phantasm starts shaking, flicking the water upon those nearby as he flies over to Sandman and company.

Blindfold smiles as she blushe unwittingly at the praise, her chaperone smiling with pride "She is a talented young lady it's true" chuckling "Me? A mutant? perish the thought" she replies to Sandman's joking "I would make quite an easy target for the Humans First group if I were a mutant..they surely would've caught me long ago if that were true." then smiles from Sandman to Keith with a shake of her head "Not super anything, no, I'm afriad not. It's just a well noted fact that when a person lacks one sensory ability the others grow stronger to compensate and no two people have the same footfall. Even children become attuned to the precise sound of their mother's car keys and hone in on it in a store, somehow distinguishing it from other jingling car keys"

Armand is very quiet as he makes his way back to Blindfold's side, remaining quiet as he looks at the people he doesn't know. "No super heroes here...oui..." HE murmurs softly before he arches an eyebrow.

Nodding, his head, “Ok sure. I was just kidding anyway.” He looks over to Keith, “Name’s Sandman. Who are you?” It is a rough tone, but polite enough and showing no aggression. When the raven flies out of the water, Sandman gestures for the bird to approach, “And this is the Phantasm. . .but some people call him Phanties.”

Just as Keith settles on standing near Ruth the splash of water from the departing raven lands on him. He lifts both arms up in unison with a disgusted look on his face. "Eww! That's damned well gross!" He then looks up attempting to catch what originated the splash. "Lucky for whatever has done that I am not within line-of-sight of it..." It's only when Ruth speaks of being able to distinguish car keys that Keith chimes in. "Yeah, I guess you're right. I guess I would have some distinct footfall." It's when Sandman speaks that Keith registers it's for him. "Oh, hi. I'm Keith, nice to meet you."

Eyes narrowing at the last part of the introduction, the raven lands on Sandman's head. "Only he says that." Phantasm corrects before he offers an explanation, "Sandman humor. Kind of still in the works." He reaches down, giving Baker a feathery noogie. More human strength than birdy strength.

Blindfold chuckles as she wipes the water off her face with a hankerchief with initials on the corner
"It's alright, yes I know you were only joking Sandman, thank you, yes" turned her head toward the bird with a seemingly knowing smile by now "It is very nice to meet you Phantasm, Armand and I were saying what a good bird you were, but you are quite more then just any ordinary bird" smiling toward
Armand as he returned "Everything alright Armand? You seem a bit out of sorts, I hope nothing is amiss, please?" blushing at Keith's language, oh my! "Keith, this is Sandman, Phantasm and Armand. The submariner, Sandman and Phantasm just fought off an ddestroyed three very large robots gone amuck"

Phantasm lifts up a wing to wave in greeting, and then vanishes.

"I do not know, Monsie-Mister Keitth, the wet looks particularly...nice on some people non?" Armand replies softly as people are drying off and he just watches the bird with a critical eye. "Oui...Ruth, I am just...fine..." But he's quiet.

When given the noogie flecks of sand fly out, but Sandman is in a jovial mood after their victory and so he laughs it off, “Nice to meetcha, Keith.” He then notes that Armand seems put off or put out for some reason. Admittedly his interaction with this boy last time was negative, but given the circumstances, justified. “Yes, Keith, we just saved all of you.” Sandman jokes and then the raven leaves, “There goes Phanties.” He smirks.

Keith looks a bit curious as the bird speaks, but seems to settle down when it's clearly not here to make trouble. "Oh... right then." He then looks over slowly at Ruth as she speaks of the others defeating the robots. "Wow, really?! I didn't know we were having an evil robot problem... guess I should watch myself walking in the city for a while?" He then turns slowly as he looks over at Armand with an awkward expression on his face. "What are you going on about?" His accent clearly shining on the last statement clearly signifying him to be a Dublin native.

A bright blue butterfly fluttered in along the boardwalk. In the usual non-beeline path of the Butterfly community it danced and hung a moment, before moving off towards the pier itself, for a few moments over the water, before making its' way back once more. Hot on its' heels (and nearly falling into the bay) was a young woman, a camera bag around her neck and a small butterfly net in one hand, breathless as she tried to keep track of that blue bug "Get back here already darnit!" she shouts, slightly flustered as it made its' way towards the trio.

Blindfold looks up to her chaperone and nods "Please excuse me, I'm sorry, I must be on my way, it was very nice meeting you all" the adult at her side smiling to everyone with a nod and a wave as she lead Ruth away

Armand ahhs softly and he exhales softly, reaching to gently pat Blindfold's hand, attempting to slip a plastic ziplock of chocolate chip cookies he's rummaged from his bag into her grip and he eyes Keith with a small smile. "It is not important." A nod before he turns back to Ruth. "Be safe!"

Keith glances around as he hears the butterfly woman approaching looking curious. "Oh, okay Ruth. I'll see you around..." All the while the boy's expression doesn't faulter as though somehow the woman appoaching is the only center of focus for now. He also hears Armand's comment, but clearly doesn't register the context as he just wags his hand saying, "Yeah, yeah... okay..."

The blue butterfly flutters now, seeming to take a liking to that pier. Running along still, Rex slows down as she starts off onto the pier itself, watching the three... trying to place them. She's seen the girl before, hasnt she? But her eyes were on that blue bug still as she waves at them frantically "Dont scare it away!." in a pleading, anxious voice.

Armand watches Ruth make her exit with a thought expression before he turns to look between Keith and...the butterfly woman, head tilting as he looks between the two and he takes a deep breath, shaking his head as he attempts to stand completely still so as not to scare off the butterfly.

Keith looks curious at Rex as she approaches and nods ever so slightly as she asks for them not to startle the butterfly. "Oh... well that's just perfect. Here let me attempt to stand completely still because you're hunting a butterfly in the middle of a city?!" He sigh, "Am I the only one that thinks the thing has a bigger problem than me if he's flying all around a city?"

"I dont know. I think its a sign that things arent as bad as they seem." remarks the woman, the net dashing out to swoop up the butterfly. The stiffness of it kept it from collapsing and hurting the insect as she steps back, the practiced swing leaving both the men unharmed. She was DELIGHTED though, almost squealing "Thank you! This one's been evading me all afternoon. Thank you thank you! I owe you big time!"

Quirking an eyebrow as Armand seems to unintentionally flirt with Keith. Shaking his head a moment, Sandman quirks his eyebrows again as a woman starts chasing a butterfly. “Seriously, this group of people are weirder than the Aquanoids I just defeated.” Sandman’s Avengers card suddenly beeps, “Dammit!” He sighs and suddenly his body transforms into a pile of sand and starts spinning as he forms into a small sandstorm and flies off to the next attack.

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