Appearances are Important

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Appearances are Important

Ms. Marvel, Super-Adaptoid

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06/05/12 16:00:00

Computer Room, Avenger's Mansion, NYC

As Chairwoman, Ms. Marvel reaches out to Adaptoid to talk about the incident with Loki.

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After seeing the report on the news when it came in, Carol Danvers was pretty furious. But like any good commander, she didn't give into that fury. Instead, she looked for information. Newsreels and eyewitness reports. Statements of what happened. She went over it all, carefully and in detail, before she finally made up her mind. Now, at last, a day later she is ready to 'talk' to the Super-Adaptoid about the incident in the Park with Loki.

The 'invitation' arrives via the Avengers' network, a simple 'text' or 'email' requesting that the Adaptoid stop in to see her in the computer center at his earliest convenience after his latest patrol route is complete. That sent, she sits quietly, going over the typed-up notes of what she wants to make sure to cover in this chat. It's important, so she'd better get it right the first time.

Entering the computer center, the Adaptoid in his guise as Phillip wearing casual clothing makes his presence known with a, "You wanted to see me?" type query. He steps forward into the room and will remain standing until offered alternatives.

Carol glances up and turns her head as the door hisses open. "Come on in, Philip. Thanks for coming. Please, take a seat." Carol motions towards another chair at the workstations. She has made a point of having this meeting here, in a setting that is more 'casual' than in some office with a huge desk between herself and anyone else. That has never been her command style, and she's not about to start now.

"Phil, I want to talk a bit about what happened yesterday in the Park." Carol starts. She starts right out making things quite casual, abbreviating his human name as she would with any Avenger, any friend. "But before I start, I'd like to hear anything you would like to stay up front about the incident."

Taking the seat offered, Phillip is more than pleased to offer 'his side of things', he starts even before he takes a seat, "I ascertained by your memo that you were not pleased with Loki's presence within the facility nor on Earth. Turning him over to Beta Ray Bill only resulted in another example of revolving door justice and his hasty return to Earth. Therefore, I wanted to make it clear to him that he is not welcome on our planet at least within our operating scope. Which is upholding the laws of the land. One such law regarding illegal aliens is clear. They are to be deported with utmost haste. In addition to this, he has been associated with many foul miscreants and super villains as well as plagued the Avengers, namely Thor, on numerous occasions. If anything, he is considered one of the 10 greatest threats to the Avengers and mankind. Is it not our duty to repel threats and prevent harm to befall the civilians of our great world; even if preemptive?

Carol listens attentively while Phillip speaks, not interrupting. She is all about letting him have his say, because doing so will give her a clearer picture of what was going on within his 'mind' - his programming, as Tony would say it - when he took the actions he did. That will allow her to offer the best constructive feedback she can.

"All true, Phil, as far as it goes." she admits, nodding. "And I appreciate you letting me know where you were coming from yesterday. That helps." She considers for a few long moments, before she speaks again. "It's true, Loki is dangerous. And that I am not thrilled with him. His contempt for us, what we're here for and what we stand for really upsets me. And his misogyny frankly enrages me."

"That said, Phil," Carol continues, "There are other 'directives' that I'd like you to try to keep in mind the next time you're in a similar situation. In no specific order, the first that comes to mind is that we should always do our best not to engage close to civilians. The potential for serious injuries, especially when confronting someone as powerful as Loki or any Asgardian, is huge. If we then manage to cause those injuries by engaging in a fight that didn't have to happen, we're going to cause problems for the whole team, for the program, for the City."

Carol continues, still laying out her points. "The next that comes to mind is public perception. Like it or not, we are always judged on how the public sees us. We're the heroes, and they want - they need - us to be above reproach. We can't manage that. But we can do our best to come as close as we can. Visibly picking a fight, especially against someone who at the time is demonstrably /not/ threatening anyone or anything, is going to be viewed as bullying and over-aggressive. You had good reasons for your concerns. But how your actions have been perceived ... is through a different lens than your priorities at the time. Remember - I know you can't forget, but it's the expression - that you until pretty recently were a villain. That means, fair or not, people are going to be harsher in their view and criticism of you and your actions than another Avenger. So, fair or not, you have to do your best to come even closer to that unatainable goal of being above reproach than others. In this case, your seemingly over-aggressive actions play to people's fears that you perhaps cannot be trusted as one of their heroes, no matter your good intentions."

All of that said, Carol quiets again, giving Phil a chance to speak up in response. This isn't a lecture. It's a talk with a teammate, for the good of the team, and everyone on it.

Nanoseconds later, Phillip states, "Your points are valid. I will make reparations to the city as well as to the populace at large. Further, upon Loki's return I will apologize to him publically." Which concludes his remarks. He realizes that Ms Marvel's statements are succinct and valid.

Carol arches her eyebrows a bit at that response. "Alright. I appreciate the intention of reparations to the populace, and to the City for damages and emergency response costs. I applaud it, in fact. But I'm going to suggest not bothering with making a public apology to Loki. First of all, we both know he deserved the beating he got. We both also know that he would take any attempt at a public apology as merely an opening to humiliate you, and the Avengers. He can take his lumps. If he wants to truly reform, let him prove it. And if he does - if he /truly does/ - then meet him in public some day, and apologize to him, and congratulate him on the changes he's made in himself. But until then, just steer clear. If he's up to something, if he starts something and you see it, go to town. Don't hold back, except as public safety demands. But otherwise, ignore him. Or, if you don't feel you can, keep a watch from a distance. If it won't cost us anything in public safety, the intel could be useful." Carol is NOT going to have one of /her/ Avengers kowtowing to freaking Loki. No way!

Her remarks bring a smile to Phillip's face. He was hoping for the response, even mathematically expected it. Which is why he made his original statements the way he did. When she is done, Phillip states, "I expect his attempted retribution. I can 'sense' it. Further, now that I possess his template, I can calculate his next move and how he intends to make it."

Carol eyes Phillip speculatively, before she finally allows herself a smile. "Well, I appreciate that. Any intel you can provide the rest of us - even in the short term - would be appreciated. I don't like him. That much is obvious. I do /not/ want him catching the Avengers with our shorts down. He's too dangerous for that, if we can help it. And with your help, we can." At least a little bit, and that could make all the difference in the world.

With a nod, Phillip stands and says, "Thank you for your time and instructive words. We will speak again soon." then he makes for the exit.

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