Bomba Part 2

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Havok, Mirage, Box

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10/10/12 08:13

Underneath Grand Central Station, Manhattan

Dani and Madison discover a bomb

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After the encounter with the members of the MLF, Alex is found in the penthouse level talking on his headset to a public official, "Yes Mr Mayor, we're on it. I'd rather not turn him over to the MLF, but if it comes down to the wire, we'll have to.... Yes sir. I understand. Thank you." He then touches the disconnect button and sighs.

Dani has by passed the elevators all together in this instance and just appears in the room via the ships bodyslide technology "Ship has scanned all the images and is comparing archeitectual details in them to public records, probably some not so private ones as well." she still has the original pics in her possession and she flings them onto the sofa in agitation before dropping onto it herself.

"Good call." notes Alex before he looks at his watch which is counting down the hours before their deadline. He hears in his head the Keifer Sutherland, 24 countdown clock. He moves to the adjacent chair and takes a seat.

"Ship is doing some other extrapolations from the images as well, there was a lot of techno mumbo jumbo talk that I wasn't paying attention to." She runs hand through her hair, "What did the mayor say? Is he alerting SWAT to do searches of possible targets?

"SWAT and Code Blue." acknowledges Alex as his elbows move to the arms of the recliner. "Thing is, they really have us between a rock and a hard place unless we can figure out the location.

Ship intones, "Excuse me, I have 36 potential locations based on photographic evidence. Would you like me to dispatch the police and bomb squad to those locations?"

Alex answers, "36, damn, no. Don't want to cause mass chaos on the streets. There are 6 of us on this team. If we split up and investigate those locations, it'll take us 1/6th the time that it would if we all went. Ship, inform the others. Investigate, do not engage and signal the rest of us if they find something."

Shuffling through the pictures beside her, Dani gives a nod "Not to mention the worse place we will be if the media gets a whiff of this." glancing up when Ship gives the intial report she gets to her feet "Well that was quick. I'll gear up and meet you in the hangar in ten.

Ship states, "I have the addresses and have plotted your individual routes. The locations are being uploaded to your personal flying vehicles.

Standing, Alex states, "Thanks, Ship." then looks to Dani, "I'll go on ahead and hit my sites. Be careful." indicating that he's not going to wait for her in the hangar.

"You to Alex." is Dani's quick reply before requesting that Ship send her investigation locations to her PDA since her personal flying 'vehicle' is Brightwind and she isn't equipped for uploads.

It doesn't take long before she is weaponed up and on her way to her first location.

When she reaches the Hangar and Brightwind, she'll find Havok already departed and the information on her PDA accessable. The first location is an abandoned section within the basement of Grand Central. She will have to land outside the station, leave Brightwind to eat grass or something, and head inside then down.

Passing through the main terminal,the famous clock in the middle and past the many archways that lead to the variety of trains, Dani hits one of the sets of stairs that lead down to the the food concourse. She ignores any stares from tourists she may get as she moves through the crowds getting food while they wait for trains to arrive and depart. She glances at the terminal floor plans on her PDA and heads to the hallway where access to the basement in question is found. If necessary she will flash her credentials to security guards that give her trouble.

Passing through a few areas and finding only minor resistance from security and a curious police officer, Dani manages to discover the underbelly of Grand Central. Which smells musty and dusty.

The PDA indicates that she will have to wind her way through several levels and corridors to find the location which would be directly beneath a very sensitive part of the station - one that if a bomb did explode, it would kill many patrons and stop a large chunk of train traffic.

Rounding a corner, she comes upon a man standing approximately 6' tall wearing work boots, jeans, a black t-shirt and a brown jacket with a red circled letter A on his left shoulder. His hair and eyes are brown and he possesses a rugged Canadian appearance to him. Within his hands is a small (hand held) electronic device with a screen (appearing as a scanner). He looks up from the device as Dani comes into view and with a smile he says, "Hey there.".

Stopping short as soon as she sees the man, Dani's eyes narrow suspiciously, assuming she doesn't recognize him immediatly. To prevent any misunderstandings for now she keeps her hands at her sides, away from her holstered weapons "Forgive me for skipping the pleasantries, but are you here to help or hinder me?

"Help or hinder you, eh?", asks the man with a quizzical look on his face. "I'm sorry, I don't even know who you are or why you're here. Based on your weapons, I could essentially ask the same question of you." the latter statement followed by a grin.

Dani doesn't respond to the grin, she is in serious business mode, "Well you just leave me to my business and I will leave you to yours and later we can deny ever running into each other should anyone asks." she takes a few steps back, glancing at the map on her PDA for alternate routes through the area that will hopefully keep her from running into more people.

Realizing there's something awry, "I see we've gotten off on the wrong foot. I'm Madison Jeffries. I'm down here investigating a potential structural issue that has disrupted communication between two key areas of the station. Is that why you're here... perhaps looking for super villains whose backsides need kicking?"

Mirage's PDA shows no alternate routes. Though she can easily walk past Jeffries if need be.

"I see." Dani says to his introduction and explanation "Not so thrilling as that, but your reason and my reason could be connected." now that she knows she doesn't have to worry about this person as a threat she moves forward to pass him "I don't have time to waste on lengthy explanations, there is an ongoing bomb threat and this is a possible location I am investigating in relation. So unless that little device" she gestures to the scanner in his hand "can help you may want to clear out."

"Bomb?" Madison asks as he smiles, "I'd be glad to assist you. I've got a thing for bombs... or anything electronic in nature. Lead the way." and he'll step aside and glance at his scanner once again.

"Good." Dani hits some buttons on her PDA and downloads the images of the bomb to it then hands it over "Here is what we are dealing with Mr. Expert. If it was you placing a bomb like that in this location, where exactly would you put it?" once she hands the thing over she begins to continue down the passage. She just assumes he will follow since he seems interested in the situation.

Following, Jeffries looks at the images and bumps her PDA and his scanner together, "Honestly, I'd put it exactly where we are headed." and will offer the PDA back to her. "You're right, our two issues could be related."

Taking the device back Dani pockets it "It happens ocassionally. Keep an eye out behind us, if this is the right location the group that placed the bomb could have people down here. That is what I would do. Have guards scattered around to keep maintanance and staff from getting to close."

"What group?" asks Jeffries as he glances around behind and then back to his scanner. He continues to follow Mirage through the maze of tunnels.

"Mutant Liberation Front." she glances over her shoulder as she answers, maybe to gauge his reaction, or maybe just to make sure he is keeping up, either way she pauses to check the map on her PDA when they come to an intersection. "They aren't happy that one of their people is in custody.

A furrowing of his brow shows disdain for said group, "Those guys got rocks in their heads, eh. How come they're wanting to blow things up? Aside from the standard terrorist stupidity?"

Studying the map Mirage plans out the next section of the most plausible route through the tunnels, "They are basically holding the city hostage, via the location of the bomb, in exchange for the release of thier person from X-Factor custody." she gestures to the passage leading south "I'm thinking this way."

"One moment." He states waving the scanner down that tunnel. "There's a subtle energy signature." He squats and holds the scanner forward.

Mirage moves aside so he can get a clear scan of the area. "What kind of energy signature?" she leans forward slightly to look over his shoulder at the scanner "Weapon? Power source? Other?"

"Trap." He states as he holds the scanner up and at a better angle so that she can see.

The scanner seems to be able to penetrate walls and depicts a few laser sensors that are attached to explosive devices. "Looks like we're on the right track."

"Let me guess, that's the most direct route or only route we can go?" she doesn't seem overly surprised by the fact that such barriers have been put in place. Mirage rubs her forhead "Can you disarm them?"

He looks around toward walls on both sides, floor and ceiling. "Lots of concrete around here. I'm going to need to disarm it. You might want to stand around that corner. This is gonna take a few minutes."

Already under the assumption that was the case Mirage just nods briefly and moves to a safer location arond the corner. This deep under ground no place in the near vicinity would be entirely free from danger of flying debris and cave ins, but she does get out of what she hopes is the worst of the blast zone.

A few minutes later, Jeffries appears around the corner and says, "It's clear. Let's see what else we can find." and then will lead on using his hand held scanner to navigate down the corridor.

"Thanks, that could have been messy. Guess you are useful for more than an alarm after all." Mirage states now that traps are taken care of. With the possible threat of more traps before them she has no issues with letting him take point.

"You're with X-Factor.. Wait, that was a few weeks back with the Brotherhood. Oh heck. What ah mess that was, eh?" Jeffries offers small talk as he presses on.

"More so then it should have been." is her deadpan reply to the question, "Yes, I am Mirage of X-Factor." now that he has figured it out there is no sense in keeping the information from him any longer. "Is there anyway of knowing if the person that set the traps also did the bomb?

"When we get to the bomb, we'll probably know." Jeffries says with confidence from an electrical engineer's point of view. Other corners are turned, they're getting close.

Occasionally looking back from where they came, Mirage follows, keeping a good few feet of distance between them in case of additional traps or more mundane threats "I figured that was the case. If we find it I'll let you take a look before calling in backup.

Moving to the end of a corridor, the two are faced with a solid iron door that is water resistant (bulkhead type door) and also secured with large interior locking mechanisms. The door is framed in iron and concrete. "It's on the other side of this door." states Jeffries.

"And how do we know that it's the bomb on the other side and not just some clever decoy to throw us off?" Mirage steps to the door, looking over the framework, hinges, etc. She stops short to touching the door "It's not going to go boom or anything if we try to open it, is it?

Looking at his scanner, Jeffries does a few sweeps over the door and then shows Dani. The room beyond the door is depected in a wire frame image that shows several pipes, ductwork, and then the outline of a very large explosive device. "We're gonna have to take it easy down here."

Mirage hmmms as she looks at the scanner, "I think that is a given." she steps a few feet away from the large door and Jeffries and reports everything to the team over the comm, that is if she gets signal with all the concrete that surrounds, if not at least she tried. "Well let's get this thing open, we are kind of on a time crunch.

Jeffries raises his left hand and the iron door starts to shift. It remolds itself into an archway over and around the door frame thus allowing direct access into the room beyond.

The room beyond is a 30x20 concrete room with 15' tall ceilings. Gas and electrical piping run throughout. The room has a few iron columns that rise from floor to ceiling. One such column is surrounded by the explosive device. Therefore, approximately 500lbs of high explosive material is being used.

Jeffries notes, "If this were to go off, it would take out the block - considerin the gas lines and foundation placement."

Frowning at the lack of comm signal, "Looks like we are on our own for this one. No backup for this job." she comes back to the shifting door, looking through the archway that has been created "Nice." she steps through into the room, quickly moving aside so he can follow.

Jeffries steps through and looks around as he slowly advances upon the focus of their presence here. "Though backup isn't necessary, it would be nice. This MLF, I' sure that if we were to evacuate the above ground areas they would be aware, yes?"

"If they aren't aleady, evacuation would certainly give them a clue." Mirage gives a breif nod as she answers "What can I do to help?" she removes the bow and quiver from her back, placing them by the door. "I won't claim to know much about electronics or bombs, but given the proper incentive I can follow directions pretty good...and not getting blown up I find is a great one.

A moment or two passes as Jeffries examines the bomb with his device and says, "Nothing..." and takes a deep breath. "Good news, the people who built the traps outside are the same that built this bomb. Bad news, there's a few traps on the bomb and when we entered the room we set off a timer that's going to explode the bomb in 30 seconds. I'm going to have to do this fast. I'd say stand clear, but there's really no where to stand clear unless you're a block or two away. So unless your powers are like Quicksilver's..."

Mirage stares at him for a few long moments, then finally shakes her head "No one in this room will be dieing today." her shoulders lift in a shrug "I can't make any promises about tomorrow." she stays put, she isn't going to be missing this.

Concentrating, Jeffries looks at the bomb as it counts down. Considering every aspect of it. He takes precious moments before raising both hands (now empty) and suddenly the bomb is disassembled into the 1000+ plastic, metallic, inorganic, parts that make it up. The timer no longer counts down as it too is dismantled. All of the parts hover in the air several inches from each other. He breathes.

Not wanting to interrupt the expert at work, Mirage just stands and watches the proceedings. Her only indication to nerves is the tugging of her hand on one of her long braids. "Well that was almost anticlimatic."

Jeffries smiles, "For you perhaps. My mind was going through all that could go wrong and how we'd be vaporized before I had a chance to ask you out."

"I had no such worries." Mirage says with the confidence of being a valkyrie, "Well let's gather this stuff up and get out of here so I can call this in. Everything else can wait."

Much later, Dani and Jeffries have found their way out of the underbelly beneath Grand Central and as they emerge Jeffries states, "I'm going to take this to disposal. Call me if you need any further assistance." then will meander off.

"Thanks again for the assist." Mirage will tell him as he departs with the device parts. She did make sure to get sufficient pictures (with her PDA) of the bomb's bits and peices to use as evidence should that be necessary. Now that she is sure to get a clear signal on the comm she reports everything to the rest of the team.

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