Another Late Night

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Blindfold, David

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07/18/12 12:01

Game Room - Xavier Mansion

Blindfold and David meet up, discuss the attack, and training

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Blindfold was relaxing on one of the couches 'looking' up at the ceiling as she breathed deeply seeming to attempt to meditate

David enters the room, and strolls on over to the fridge, opening up and pulling out a soda at random. He takes a swig, then spits, and makes a face. "Ugh. Diet soda."

Blindfold grins and sits up to turn her head in his direction "Everything alright, David? Aside from the ucky taste in your mouth, please, thank you"

"Umm.. Yeah, fine.." David pours out the cola in the sink at the bar, and grabs one that isn't diet from the fridge. "Sorry if I messed up your... Whatever you were doing."

Blindfold shrugs with a sigh "It's alright, not to worry...I was just hoping to find some answers"

"There are no answers, only more questions!" David replies dramatically, with an air of quoting something

Blindfold grins Well these days I'm a little short on the lattr and up to my eyeballs in the former. What do you know of an Asgaurdian called the Enchantress, if you don't mind my asking please?"

David shrugs and shakes his head. "Umm.. Zilch," he replies, "Sorry."

Blindfold nods "It's ok, thank you though. Just have a bad feling about her and I wish I knew why"

Blindfold nods "It's ok, thank you though. Just have a bad feling about her and I wish I knew why"

"She's probably bad news. I'd ask one of the older people here," David says, "I mean, you're precog, postcog, whatever-cog. If /you/ have a bad feeling about someone, it's probably for a good reason."

Blindfold smiles with a soft chuckle "And a telepath receiver...well one moe reasonfor vaughn to join us. Enchantress hs taken an interest in him and that's real bad news"

"Well, I wouldn't suggest trying this without another telepath available, but maybe you should try concentrating on Enchantress, and seeing if that yields any results," David suggests.

Blindfold nods "Yes, thank you, that's a good idea actually, unfortunately that will have to wait until Miss Grey recovers ad is out of the med bay unfortunately"

"What exactly happened to her anyway?" David asks, "Do you know?"

Blindfold nods "She took a bunch of us to a museum floating on the hudson river, built from a air craft carrier? The Human torch was there too, everything seemed fine, normal...then I saw the deck on fire with explosions...a few minutes later our tour guide attacked Miss Grey" she sighs "I never saw the attack coming, I should have, I'm sorry, my apologies..I don't know why I didn't, I don't know what went wrong!...another tour guide that was talking and flirting with the Human Torch attacked him too. We got the other students off the ship, but Seth and I disobeyd and we stayed to help fight the robot, it said it was oin to kill her then all the students as well. It doesn't make sense though, I'm sorry, but what it said just doesn't make sense"

David shakes his head, "Hey.. It's not your fault they were attacked. And I'm pretty sure it's not your fault you didn't see it. You said yourself you can't control what you see and what you don't, consciously."

Blindfold shakes her head "But Miss grey was hurt and the robots said they were from SHIELD and that SHEILD knew all abou the school"

"SHIELD knowing about Xavier's doesn't exactly surprise me, but the idea that they would send robots out to exterminate you at a museum of all places is.. Kinda weird."

Blindfold nods "They are good at finding out other people's secrets but he tried to shoot Miss grey in the head as he threatened to kill the students next...Scott gave me a new cane tonight, thank goodness, following walls was getting tedious and I wound up lost a couple times. My old cane got used as a improved spear to impale the robot's head"

David blinks. "You stabbed a robot through the head with a walking stick?" He asks, a bit incredulous.

Blindfold giggles "Yes, I lnow hard to beleive hm? but Miss grey slammed him into a wall then held him in place, I threw my cane and Seth propelled it then Miss Grey rshed him just to be sure"

David gawks. "Well, looks like your first foray into combat was better than mine," David admits, sheepishly.

Blindfold smiles bashfully with an unwitting blush "Not my first combat...Scott took Seth and me into the danger room thimnking it was fixed but it went berserk and e had to fight Deluge with scott"

David shrugs, "Well, most of my combat experience involves me getting beaten up. And the last time I went into a situation, I got stabbed. By a regular, everyday mugger."

Blindfold reaches out to feel for his shoulder and pat him there "I only tell people when to duck and where to atack, nothing major. C'mon David, I'm blind I'm no good in a fist fight, I duck and dodge. You'll be a good fighter with some practice, I mean you can dodge and attack twice what other people can, cuz you can make two of you"

"Yeah. At least I didn't have to wait for the stab wound to heal. I was stabbed while doubled, so I just got rid of the double that was stabbed," David says by way of explanation.

Blindfold smiles "See? How many people can say they can get stabbed and not wind up in the md bay, hmm?"

"How many aspiring super-heroes get stabbed by muggers without any powers?" David counters.

Blindfold smiles "I bet alot of the teachers got knocked down a few times before they learned to use their potential to it's utmost, just ask Miss Grey when she's feeling better. Maybe...if you would like..we can try to hlp each other learn to fight?"

David looks confused. "Umm.. What would you be able to teach me about fighting? No offense..."

Blindfold smiles "Seems to me, you'd b teaching me to fight and your problem is more reflexes and awareness which I...might prhaps be able to hlp with if you wanted? I'm sorry, forgive me, it's alright if you don't"

David shrugs. "Might as well, I guess. Don't know much about fighting except what I picked up from brawling. I don't have any real training, so I'm not sure how much I can offer you either. But you probably can't make me any /worse/."

Blindfold smiles softly and tilts her head "You dwell on what you have failed to do, I'm sorry, my apologies but perhaps you should look at what you /can/ do and then work with that? Would you mind if I gave you a hug please? you seem like you could use it"

David blinks. "Wait, what? Oh um. No, I guess I don't mind."

Blindfold smiles softly and leans over to give him a warm hug "Just look to what you can do and think of how you can use it"

David awkwardly returns the hug, careful not to spill his soda on Blindfold. "Yeah. I need a LOT of practice before my ability is practical in combat. I'd try to describe it to you, but since you're blind, my normal analogy of going cross-eyed probably would mean nothing to you."

Blindfold smiles at him "Then just think of it, sometimes I pick up people's thoughts. It's how I knew Vaughn was a mutant, a sound manipulator, I saw how he sees fireworks" giving him another warm hug

David disengages the hug and suddenly there are two of them. Both speak in tandem. "OK. Try reading now. It's /very/ disorienting."

Blindfold looks puzzled when he disengages then wrinkles her nose "Yes, I see, fuzzy, thank you, though it's weird, almost gives me a headache. One mind, two bodies...that must be confusing"

David says, "Yes," and one disappears midsentence. "Very. The other thing is that I don't know my limits yet, so I definitely need to practice doing that more often."

Blindfold smile and nods giving him a hug again "That's what we're here for, to practice and train our abilities"

David nods. "True enough.. Just.. Um... Don't touch me while I'm practicing my ability. Or at least, when I double. While I'm doubled, I'm safe to touch, but I don't know what will happen if someone is touching me when I double."

Blindfold smiles and nods "Hmm, what time is it, if you don't mind, please? Maybe e should bring Miss grey dinner and pay a visit"

David shakes his head. "It's really really late. Past midnight even," He says.

Blindfold nods a bit diappointed "Wow...that late?I guess we should let hr rest. Do you know how bad she was hurt? I only know that she got decked, I'm sorry, my apologies"

David shakes his head. "You were there. I wasn't. All I know is that an upcoming field trip was cancelled."

Blindfold sighs "All I know was one minute she hand my shoulder and I put my hand on hr arm then she got punched in the face and she fell down, he pulled a gun threatened her and all of us then pulled the trigger. I didn't think she was badly hurt..."

"Like I said, you know more than I do.. Anyway, I'm going to go get some sleep," he says, finishing his soda. "You should probably do the same."

Blindfold nods and covers her mouth to yawn "Yes, thank you, I probably should. Sleep well David"

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