Another Day at Mike's Books

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Another Day at Mike's Books

Keith (Sir Newton) and Dwayne (Night Thrasher)

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07/22/12 14:00

Mike's Books - Queens

Keith and Dwayne have a brief chat about books ranging from Shakespeare to modern supernatural thrillers.

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Logfile from Marvel Untold.

-----==[ Mike's Books - Queens ]==--------------------------------------------

A bell announces any opening of the front door. This small shop is quaint and cramped: every wall is hidden behind a shelf, and onto these shelves are crammed books of every sort imaginable. All around is the smell of paper, mildew, dust, and, in the mornings, fresh coffee. Messages and reminders printed out on sheets of computer paper are taped at various intervals around the store: "Complimentary cup of coffee with every book purchased!" "Children's Novels Half-Price!" "Just ask Marc for recommended reads!" The shop is longer than it is wide, and is divided halfway through by two steps that lead to a higher level where a few more shelves, the cash register, and a shaky-looking circular staircase is located. At the front of the store on the lower level are a pair of mismatched armchairs and a small side table. A note on the table informs anyone interested that customers are welcome to read a book for up to half an hour to get a taste for it, but after that they must put it back on the shelves or purchase it.


It seems to be a very quiet day in Queens on this Sunday afternoon. There are only two or three patrons roaming the bookstore browsing the shelves for their next read. One of them includes Keith, he's dressed in a grey t-shirt with a name of some boarding school from Scotland and fitted blue jeans. His feet are exposed in tan colored flip-flops whilst his hands are occupied with a book from the Fantasy Fiction section. Of course he also has his messanger back slung over his torso as though shopping in the area is somehow a typical routine this summer.

Dwayne Taylor just happened to be one of the few patrons in the store. It's the weekend and he's stepping out of Manhattan for something a little more low key. He's settled into a large comfortable chair and there's a pile of books on a side table next to that chair. He's got one hardcover sitting open in his lap. On the other side of his chair sits a pretty sizable duffle bag. He's been here before, so the folks running this store are not worried about Dwayne and his duffle. He quietly skims the pages of the hardcover book in his lap.

Keith shakes his head placing his fantasy novel back upon the shelf suddenly seeming disinterested in what he was browsing. He turns toward the front of the store before seeing Dwayne sitting in front with his pile of books. Cocking his head sideways slightly Keith begins to approach the front of the store again slowly. It's only when he's close enough to see the cover to the hardcover book that he pauses to take a closer look at what the other patron is reading.

The cover of the hardcover that is in Dwayne's lap says 'Shakespeare's Sonnets'. The cover of the book looks pretty old, as if this book has gone from various owners and various bookstores for a number of years. Now, it is presently settled in Dwayne's lap in the limbo between bookstore ownership and personal ownership. Dwayne flips a page and something catches his attention. That something happens to be Keith and he raises his head to regard him. Dwayne asks, "Fan of Shakespeare?"

Keith freezes as Dwayne finally noticed him looking at the book. It's only when Keith registers the question he begins to stutter. "I... uh... not particularly. I mean, he's good and all. I just don't think the bloke is very clear written in old English. It's hard to follow such a very different voice separate from modern diction." His accent should be quite clear as he was raised in Ireland for the longest time and his Irish accent hasn't really faded since. "Might you suggest something a little more current?"

Dwayne looks down at the book and lifts it up off his lap with one hand. He twists it around in front of him, "Eh, really? I don't really have a problem with it." Dwayne places the book back down on his lap, "How much of Shakespeare's work have you read? Maybe you started with something a little more advanced, hmm?"

Keith nods slowly at Dwayne before saying, "Well I started with his... um... was he the one that wrote Macbeth? I'm almost sure he did. The play was really weird, not to mention his depiction of Hamlet. I mean a story about some guy haunted by ghosts, what's the man thinking?!"

Dwayne leans back in his chair and looks at the younger teen. He shakes his head and steeples his fingers in front of himself with a thoughtful expression. Dwayne notes, "You really have to put it in perspective. Cultural. Historical." He shrugs his shoulders, "And what's wrong with a tragic story of a man being haunted by ghosts?" He grins slightly, "What do you like to read?"

Keith nods as Dwayne speaks of having to put things into perspective. "Well that might be true, I just had to read them for school anyways. I'm much more into epic journeys and actual supernatural thrillers. Who can disagree with the fact that modern culture is obsessed with Vampire Hunters, Werewolves, and the occasional coven of Witches?! I mean that's entertainment. Well, aside the fact of studying psychology and still learning the basics of physics. It's what fills up some of my time..."

Dwayne smiles slightly at Keith's response. He shakes his head, "Kind of a dynamic mix you got there. Psychology and Physics mixed with trashy supernatural fantasy? Well, I can kind of understand how you do not have a taste for Shakespeare." Dwayne then says, "I don't have any entertaining reading suggestions for you. I don't read a lot of vampire stuff... unless you count Dracula. Which, I imagine, isn't your cup of tea either."

Keith chuckles seeming to relax a lot more now that it's clear the other guy isn't going to pummel him. "Yeah, it's a weird mixture. Though I'm told by all my educators that a wide array of interests is good for a growing mind. Anyways, I do agree Dracula was sub=par. Or should I say it was wonderfully predictable... I guess that's why when I can't find a good book I'm usually out at the local gym. Got to stay flexible and practiced if I want to keep my gymnastic forms tip-top."

Dwayne arches an eyebrow, "Wonderfully predictable? That can't be a problem, can it? I mean first off... the book was written over a hundred years ago. So many other works reference it or take ideas from it, looking back at Dracula may look derivative if you don't realize its influence." He closes the book on his lap and leans forward in his chair a bit, "But second: Don't you read just for the journey? Entertainment? If you're saying predictability is a detractor than you must never re-read books or re-watch TV shows?"

"Wow, I never really thought about that. I guess it was really more of a defining written work then..." Keith says as his gaze scans the upper limits of the shop. It's like the idea has temporarily blown his mind. "Oh... well yeah. I mean the really good books are able to be re-read. Like Lord of the Rings can't get too old in moderation. Though you're right, most of the time I tend to try not to repeat my reading or television watching. I find it less useful usage of my limited time on this thing we call Earth."

Dwayne purses his lips and shrugs his shoulders, "Well, I wouldn't really call reading trashing Vampire or Werewolf fantasy to be a 'useful' use of time." He grins slightly at the other teen. A second shrug is given and he puts the book down on the table beside his chair. He stands up, leans over and lifts his dufflebag up, adjusting the strap on his shoulder as he does this. Dwayne says, "Open minds, and all that. Who knows? Maybe I'll pick up some of the new Fantasy books that seem to be blowing up the shelves right now."

"Yeah, totally!" Keith says as though he's gradually picked up on the modern American lingo quite nicely. "Though you can't always do something completely useful with your time, can you? Who wants to always be working and grinding through life?" He pauses seeing the earlier argument he made isn't really standing ground now. "Sorry if I don't make a lot of sense. My bloody mind is elsewhere these days. Parents are insisting that I find a proper boarding school before school starts again. They said New York should have at least a few in the surrounding area."

Dwayne arches an eyebrow at Keith, "Ah ha. There are certainly a number in the area, interesting that your folks aren't helping in that choice. That kind of independence is refreshing, huh?" He adjusts the duffle's strap, "Anyways; Good luck with the search for a boarding school. I should probably roll on out of here. Got appointments that I have to get to."

Keith doesn't look so assuring as Dwayne speaks. "Yeah, there are a number of them. Though my parents... well they're not exactly happy with the number of them I've already gone through." He then nods at Dwayne as the man indicates he has to leave. "Oh, well please don't let me keep you. Though it's nice to meet you, I'm Keith." He then extends his hand in attempts to see the man off with a handshake.

"Dwayne." He introduces himself while taking Keith's hand in his own. He gives a firm handshake before releasing his grip on the other teen's hand. The young man turns away from Keith, "Again, Good luck with your search. I am certain you'll find something that'll provide you with a lasting fit." He turns away from Keith and raises his hand up to wave with a flick of his wrist. He calls out as he approaches the exit, "Have a good one."

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