Another Day, Another MedBay Conversation

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Wolfsbane and Mirage

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08/31/2012 07:00

Medbay - X-Factor Tower/Ship

The two besties (Rahne and Dani) discuss stuff.

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Logfile from MU.

==[ Medical Bay - X-Factor Tower/Ship - RP Suite #1 ]==

It's a high-tech Medbay with machines that beep alot and holographic medical staff that comes and goes as needed.


After waking up this morning in medbay Dani found that she was well on the mend. The Ship medical technology is a wonderful thing, it even grew her hair out for her. She also found that she had nothing to wear except her burned X-Factor uniform and a hospital gown. So she called Rahne back at the school as asked if she could bring a few changes of clothes and Peanut. Ship may be the team HQ, but Dani hasn't moved in yet and is still exclusively living at the school so has no personal belongings. So now she sits and waits on her bed, as she tries in vain to braid her hair. A task that is proving to be impossible with the brace on her arm.

Wolfsbane arrives after some time taken to get there from the Salem Center area, a sizable clothing bag slung over a shoulder with that terror known as the war poodle following without need of a leash. One might guess Peanut is simply staying with what he sees as his packmate. The mutant enters with both a smile then a frown, the concern obvious. "We really have tae stop with all these injuries," she begins.

Looking up from her horrendous braiding job "So loose the uniform with the big red target on it?" Dani jokes, releif that she is finally seeing a real friendly face, "Thanks a alot for bringing me some stuff," she glances down at the poddle "And Peanut. I hope he hasn't been trouble.

Wolfsbane has come in terribly plain clothing today, though not as bland as the early days Dani could recall. "Maybe fewer missions. It seems almost every day ye're all off fighting this group or tha' person," she answers with a hint of that frown lingering. She knows that's the lot in life most of them have pulled. "He was all right, an' it looks like ye could use a hand with tha'," she says of the braid, gesturing toward it. "Ye grew it oot fast."

"That was Ship. I guess when it..he..whatever, starts a healing sequence it regenerates everything faster." she hands the brush over willingly with ponytail holders. "How have you been? I know with everything that has been going on lately we haven't been able to talk much." something she is feeling bad about and genuinely apologetic about.

They did get to camp, even if the reason for going was bad and they had a run-in with some Friends of Humanity people. Wolfsbane looks around the place and mentions, "I didna think I'd see Ship again, but here it is noo." Eyeing the sling, she adds, "Do ye want tae tell me what happened?" as she moves around to see about assisting with the braid. All she's done with her hair is have it drawn back in a ponytail. "I've been..well," the wolfen woman then says, though there's a hint of awkwardness in her. "Has anything improved with X-Factor? Are ye gaunae live on Ship noo?"

"Well a lot has happened, you know about fighting the Deviants and," Dani gestures around with her uninjured arm "Ship. But then we formed X-Factor Investigations, I was promoted to Dean at the school, Alex kissed me, there is a X-Men/Avenger teaching thing in the works and this," she lifts her injured arm "You can thank the Brotherhood for that..mostly." as she lists of the items she ticks them off with her fingers, and emotionally nothing pings as being more significant then the other, but she is medicated at the moment so that could be effecting her on an emotional level.

Wolfsbane almost forgot about the Dean thing. Maybe she did. The Dean has to live there, right? She nods slowly to most of what she hears and the way she appears to accept it can only be the result of having experienced many things herself. It may stand out, then, that the one thing she does react to is to ask, "Alex /kissed/ ye?" There's only a hint of a tighter pull at the hair being worked into one of the two braids.

Dani would nod but with Rahne braiding her hair that would be counter effect "Yes. The other day, upstairs in the pool." now that she is focusing on the specific incident does any feelings come through on the matter, and that is just confusion as to what he meant by it and what she is going to do "You aren't goig to go hurt him are you?" and there is some concern that Rahne is going to do just that.

Another brief tug, surely just coincidence. "Ye can leave it at tha'," Wolfsbane answers quickly, biting her lip as she goes back to braiding, trying not to think too much about it. So much for that. "Dani..who ye have a relationship is yuir business, na mine." She might just go human a little more often around both of them, though. Perhaps. She might not hold much against him any longer but it's still a painful memory.

"One kiss is hardly a relationship." Dani says admidst a wince at the tug "Besides do you really think that would work? Lorna might have been able to deal with the on/off thing but I don't have that kind of patience." she gives a slight shrug "I'll just wait and neither encourage or discourage him and see what he does." that seems to be her last comment on the topic as well and her own mood lightens as she changes to a more favorable subject "Well with the next school starting soon, maybe we can finally do that Asgard trip." she looks at Peanut, who after several attempts has jumped up onto the bed and parked himselfin her lap "You would like that too wouldn't you Peanut? Too see your real mistress?" she scratches the dog behind the ears at his bark of response.

"I'm..just saying, sometimes kisses lead tae more," Wolfsbane answers, pausing with the braiding to rub the side of her neck for a moment. "After th' Harpoon thing, Ant Man an' I met up in Salem Center." She starts with that news, nodding quietly to the declaration about how Dani will handle things with Alex, then an eagerness is taken up again through the bond as Asgard is mentioned. "Ooh, is tha' still on, then? How will we get there?" Peanut's heavier-than-he-looks presence must be felt now by the Cheyenne.

Hmmmming in interest at the meetup with the Avenger Dani grins "Maybe you will have a chance to see him again. There is a plan in the works to have some of the Avengers come teach at the school." since Rahne is school staff Dani sees no issue with telling her the news "Yes that is still the plan. I have a few Arkon bolts. They are capable of opening a portal to Asgard. It's how Scott and I got to Limbo to scout out the situation there a few months ago.

Whatever Dani's thoughts are on Scott - the /other/ Scott - Wolfsbane then indicates why there's hesitancy in her tone and thoughts. "Aye, but he's been married an' has a daughter already in school." In other words, he must be much older than she is. "He's nice an' says nice things about me, but I was na prepared for tha'." Now that she's thinking about Asgard again, that throws another variable into the mix: a certain wolf prince. "Limbo. Still a bad idea tae go there if ye ask me. I'd much rather visit Asgard again, even after th' last time."

Dani grins knowingly, "Nothing wrong with older men." she then cuts that line of though off because it was certainly going places that would cause the younger girl to blush. "As I said before I think Asgard should be first, and maybe leave Limbo to a danger room scenario. I think we all know enough about the place to make in convincing.

"I'm na sure," Wolfsbane admits when it comes to older men, switching over to the other braid a moment later. "I agree about Limbo, though. We dinna need tae risk something bad happening there with any students. A' least ye can control th' Danger Room noo tha' everything's back tae normal." Predictably, she reminisces fondly about that certain someone. "I just hope muh prince has been well."

Pushing the dog of her lap, Dani sretches her legs out to get some feeling back in them, "You are probably right though, an ex-wife and child is enough of a reason to go with caution." even she would do that, and she pretty much tosses caution when it comes to stuff like that. "I'm sure he is fine, I wish I would have thought to ask though when Volstagg was at the school. I wouldn't worry, he is a god it takes a lot to get rid of them.

Wolfsbane finally finishes with the braids. "These may na be as good as ye usually do them, but maybe it'll be a lesson na tae get yuir arm in a sling next time," she says, a teasingly chiding tone used. Of course, she had a sling not so long ago after that big battle in the city. "I just wish we could write each other or see each other easier. An'..thanks for reminding me he's a god o' sorts." She sniffs. Way to make her feel /normal!/

Dani reaches back to feel the braids "They are fine. Thanks." with her hair complete she finally gets around to dragging a tshirt and yoga pants from the duffle and she proceeds to pull the later on "Next time I will tell the bad guys that my arms are off limits." she grins "And I'll be sure to break their's first." at the sniff she puts her good arm around Rahne in a half hug "Next time maybe we will decide to come back with us for a while.

"Ye're welcome," Wolfsbane answers as a matter of habit, looking around the medbay while Dani changes into something more suitable. "That's always a good idea, getting them before they get ye." The partial hug ends up leaned into briefly, returned. "Ye think he might? Last time he needed tae stay with his people."

Dani has some issues with the t-shirt but manages to get it on with her injured arm "They all say that at first, probably." tugging her braids out of the back of her shirt "Thor is here, as is Sif, Loki and Volstagg was and Amora is off hanging out the the Hellfire Club. There is something here that appeals to Asgardians so Hrimhari coming her isn't to far a stretch.

Predictably, the mention alone of Loki and even Enchantress has Rahne's hackles up, conveyed through the bond the same as any other strong emotion. "Ye do have a point, but he was always verra close tae his people. Perhaps he can at least visit, or maybe we can find a way tae go back an' forth here an' there." She's thinking aloud about something that may or may not even be.

Dani nods "Other asgardians seem to be able to cross over at will. The valkyrie can too it seems." in this case she isn't including herself in the valkyrie "I guess that is something we will have to look into." she looks thoughtful for a moment "We could just ask one of them. Thor would probably be our best choice." especially since asking Amora anything would put them in her debt.

"Then perhaps we should go find him," Rahne agrees about Thor, especially compared to Amora. Bad Enchantress. "But I'd hate tae waste those bolts o' yuirs just tae go see ye know who back an' forth." Naturally, she's hoping he could stay here if it gets that far. "But I never did get th' chance tae meet his own people."

"Maybe I should heal up first." she lifts her injured arm slightly, "Shouldn't be more than a day or two, or so Ship tells me." its more like she is embarassed by the fact that the team got trounced by the Brotherhood "Hopefully he can help. Considering the past few months going to Amora isn't a good idea, even though I think her and I have an understanding."

"An understanding about what?" Wolfsbane asks with suspicion evident in her tone, though she's nodded to the words shared about the healing process. "Was it dislocated? Something more? Maybe with Ship some o' ye can heal as fast as I do."

"A few months ago Amora abducted me from the school for a nice dinner in Mexico City." Dani starts out. For obvious reasons she hasn't told anyone about this, especially Alex "This was before the whole Kurt thing. It's how we found out she was the HFC's White Bishop." another pause "Over dinner she asked me a favor, to find students with magical ability for her to teach. I'm thinking the understanding was I would find them as long as she didn't expect me to hand them over to her." she shrugs "With Amora though who knows. Though I guess it could be argued that she owes me one.

Clear distrust comes through the link the two share, Wolfsbane shaking her head as Peanut comes to linger closer to her. "I dinna like th' sound o' tha' at all, especially if she wants tae get her hands on anyone magical. Ye didna forget what happened tae Illyana th' first time in Asgard, did ye? Aye, it may have been Loki's influence, but she was involved with something." No, it's clear she disapproves of anything to do with Amora at this point. "Let's just get ye healed up an' go see Thor next week."

Dani nods, apparently in complete agreement with Rahne about Amora getting her hands on any children, magically gifted or not "I don't want any repeats of that, no more then you do." she scoops/hefts up Peanut with her good arm and puts him on the floor, "Yes, heal than go see Thor. Now though I am hungry. Shall we go around the corner to get breakfast?" its pretty much a rhetorical question since she hooks her good arm with Rahne's and proceeds to lead them out of the medbay.

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