Animated Nose Art Rampage

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Animated Nose Art Rampage

American Dream, Ms. Marvel

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10/18/12 19:00

Metropolitan Museum, Upper East Side, NYC

Two Avengers face animated super-strong cartoon creatres animated from nose art illustrations.

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-----==[ Metropolitan Museum - Upper East Side ]==----------------------------

The lobby of the museum is a huge, roughly circular room with a very high ceiling. A staircase curves up one wall, dark-veined white marble stairs lined by a thick, dark red-brown railing of polished wood. The floor is tiled in black and white marble, and an impressive light fixture just shy of a chandelier's elegancy is suspended from the ceiling, casting light all the way down to the bottom floor. On one side of the lobby is the entrance to the gift store - a room lit just a bit too brightly, and stuffed full of shelves and racks containing souvenirs of all types. A short corridor leads past the front desk, and the ever-present duo of receptionist and security guard, into the depths of the museum.


Today, the Metropolitan Museum unveiled a new, temporary collection. Vintage nose art of World War II aircraft. Which meant the display of pieces of metal painted with dozens of images of nearly naked pinup girls and actually naked cartoon animals. At the special request of the museum, Major Carol Danvers was asked to come preside over the unveiling in her role as Ms. Marvel, one of the most powerful and talented pilots on the planet. Her plus one for the evening is Shannon Carter, aka American Dream. Both Avengers are in costume.

Which turns out is a GOOD thing. Because just after Ms. Marvel declared the exhibit to be open? A dozen cartoon characters and pinup girls came to life. Living, three dimensional paintings. And they attacked.

American Dream leaps into the air and twists into a flip. That allows her to dodge the rather large, sharp claws of a cartoon tiger. She ducks under the fist of a Betty Paige lookalike and then slams her shield into the painted woman's jaw.

"Civilians are all clear, Carol!" Dream calls out. "Just us and the art!"

"This is Major Danvers. Seal the museum, Lieutenant. That is an order. NO ONE comes in until I give the all clear. Move everyone back to the barricades. Danvers out." Carol barks into her comms as she flips and twists in mid-air, avoiding a swipe by a bomb-weilding squirrel. Then she hauls off and decks the fuzzy but deadly critter, launching him and his bomb into the body of a leopard-printed nearly-naked pin-up girl with blonde tresses even brighter than her furkini.

"Looks like all of the restoration work has been undone. My guess, our restorer caused this, whether on purpose or not." Then Carol gets whalloped from behind by a redhead in what would have been a scandalously abbreviated dress at the time. Carol goes sailing into a wall, narrowly missing the nose cone of a B-17 Flying Fortress. "What art historian would risk the damage this could cause to priceless art treasures? This seems crazy." Then again, when have supervillains ever been sane?

"I'm more concerned with how we stop these things." American Dream isn't holding back. Roughly half of these... paint creatures look human but they aren't. There's no intelligence. No attempt at communication. Just raw violence. She flings her shield and it bounces off the wall and then hits the back of the redheaded pinup girl. There isn't even a crunch or a crack as she bends backwards, her spine seemingly snapping in half. And then? She straights up again, like a cartoon. As if she wasn't hurt at all. Dream launches herself into the air, twists, and grabs the shield.

"Next up, we try energy, see if we can fry them." Carol commands as she pulls herself out of the wall and takes flight again, closing on the tiger trying to get into position to pounce on and rend American Dream from behind. She lifts both gloved hands and unleashes a torrent of golden photonic energy right at the creature, trying her best within reason to burn it down to cinders.

This leaves Ms. Marvel open, however, and the bomb-weilding squirrel hops up and twists around, hurling its bomb at her back while she's busy.

Unlike Ms. M, American Dream isn't capable of energy attacks. Which means this is all about the Major. American Dream moves to run interference. She runs across the room, throwing her shield. That sends a blonde pinup girl in a black bikini flying. While Dream is in the air, she sends two discs spinning from her wrist launcher. One hits the squirrel in the head. The other hits the bomb. Dream lands, catching the shield on the rebound.

The bomb explodes roughly ten feet away from Ms. Marvel's position.

Ms. Marvel pours on the photonic energy. She may not be bursting with energy from absorption, but even so her blasts would normally decimate even tanks. Yet while she clearly does some damage, it seems to have no significant effect upon her target. And then the bomb behind her explodes, throwing the heroine arse over teakettle over the head of the tiger she was trying to destroy, which then leaps after American Dream, swiping where the agile blonde just was. If it were smarter, it might be frustrated about this. Instead, it just turns and works to close again, a soundless snarl on its cartoonish feline lips.

Ms. Marvel levers up and takes a look around, just in time to take another shot, this time from the redhead pin-up. She rocks back with the shot, then hops into the air and smacks the woman with a solid fist to the jaw, knocking her back a good bit. Yet the cartoon reassembles herself almost none the worse for wear moments later. "OK. Giant eraser, we don't have. But ..."

Dream is forced to go on the defensive. Normally, in a fight against numbers, the strategy is to widdle the enemy down. Quick, decisive blows that take advantage of the confusion that comes from group fights. Here, though, that doesn't work. It requires the enemy to go down and these enemies? Aren't. Dream brings her shield to bear, defending from those giant, painted tiger's claws.

"Go!" Dream calls. "You'll find it faster than me." She dodges the tiger and then throws. "I'll keep them busy!" Its like a game of pinball. The shield begins bouncing from wall to target to wall to target. It tags almost every pinup girl or cartoon character at least once.

Maybe Ms. Marvel will find it faster. It's quite possible. But she hasn't yet figured out what she's looking for, or where to find it. With her teammate depending on her, however, Carol can't really hover around debating the issue. So instead of waiting for the answers, she takes off.

Not leaving the museum itself, Carol instead heads deeper in, flying up to bypass the security gates that have fallen to contain this madness to just the gallery playing host to the planes that held these examples of nose art. Then she heads down, going into the areas of the museum not usually open to visitors. Even as she continues her hunt, Carol is trying to piece it together. Statues, they'd break. Drawings, they'd erase. Nose art is painting. What to use on ... painting.

Paint thinner. But wher to find it?!

Hitting many, many targets with a single throw like that? Amazing. But Shannon Carter isn't exactly Steve Rogers. He would have caught the shield at the end. Shannon's shield ends up sliding across the floor and skittering under a display.

"Great." American Dream groans as she uses an upward sweep of her arm to deflect a punch from 'Backseat Betty'. She drops down and kicks out, sending Betty to the floor.

That's when five of the pinup girls decide to play Pile Up on Shannon Carter.

Ms. Marvel finally locates the art restoration suite in the basement levels of the museum, and locates - largely by smell, and label - a can of paint thinner. Assuming she'll need more, she heads for the storage closet and grabs the other available container, and then flies back the way she came, much faster now than she did while searching for all of this.

While poor American Dream is piled on, Ms. Marvel finally reappears in the air at the apex of the roof, streaking downwards through the gallery, passed the planes with their now-faded, neglected noses. She squeezes the spray bottle and sprays paint thinner over first one and then another of the barely-clad cartoon ladies pinning her teammate down, and shouts, "Dream, I've got it ..." Or at least, she thinks she does. Boots hide the crossed toes of hopefullness.

Honestly, this could be a bit disturbing. The three dimensional paintings melt. Fortunately, its less like melting wax and more like the pinup models and cartoon animals revert to real paint and splash down onto the floor. After two of the pinups piling onto Dream are melted, Shannon breaks free. She joins in. The tiger, for instance, is grabbed and thrown into position so Ms. Marvel can spray it with paint thinnr.

Ms. Marvel grabs the thrown tiger and drags it over the puddle of its former compatriots, conserving the paint thinner she has left as much as possible. She tosses the spray bottle to American Dream as she then sets to erasing the tiger, and then grabs up the can of paint thinner she found in the storage closet, ready to put it to use as soon as more of the animated paintings are in place. "Where's your shield?" she shouts, concerned for her teammate.

"Under the display." American Dream mutters as she turns on a bombshell of a beauty with her bottle of paint varnish. She unleashes the spray, looking like a superhero doing a window cleaner commercial. But it does the job. A full half of the painted characters are destroyed, now. The others have no intelligence. They keep attacking.

"Draw them to you. I'll get your shield for you, and then we can finish them off." Carol offers, taking off and disappearing up into the ceiling space again, knowing that the unintelligent characters will do as they did before, ignoring her and focusing instead on American Dream. She returns quickly, however, can of paint thinner still in hand as she flies past the display in question, literally at floor level, snaking her arm under to snatch the shield and then emerging, throwing it towards her companion to thread the needle between the animated cartoons, trusting to Shannon's consumate skill to catch it. Then she rushes towards the back of the gathering horde, punching open the can in hand with her fingers - isn't invulnerability handy? - and starting to splash them as quickly as she can.

"Got it!" American Dream pulls backwards. The paintings focus on whoever seems to be in front of them. And since that's Shannon? The remaining five characters all stalk toward her. Its like a scene in a horror movie, with cartoon characters instead of zombies. Cornering the cute blonde in the corner...

And then the shield's thrown. Dream catches it and smiles her wicked little grin. A twist and sweep of the arm and the shield batters cross the heads of each of the baddies, stunning them for one, important, brief second. Long enough for Carol to literally rain down destruction. The paintings melt. All of them.

And then Ms. Marvel steps forward to check on her teammate. "You doing alright?" Shannon did get smooshed pretty hard, and Carol is concerned.

Once that is settled, Carol then takes a sweep of the gallery to be sure all of the animated characters are gone, and then radios in, first to the Mansion. "Vision, I need a quick review of all security footage and telemetry for the museum from one hour prior to my first call up to now. I am concerned that this was a distraction from an attempted theft." The synthezoid Avenger can get a review like that done far faster than anyone else on the team, including the lovely paint-splattered blondes already in the museum.

Turning to American Dream once more, Ms. Marvel shrugs. "We should take a sweep of this place, to make sure there aren't any others wandering around elsewhere, or other problems."

Shannon rolls her shoulders. "Nothing broken." She says after doing a quick inventory. "Some bruises. Nothing that time won't cure." She glances around. "Right. Sweep the museum. Make sure there aren't any other nasties wandering around." Shannon sighs. "And get the paint off the costumes later. We'll need samples, too. Whatever this stuff is, it needs to be analyzed."

"Good point. Brought back Ant Man for a reason. Better make sure to let him earn that paycheck." Ms. Marvel comments, before lifting off to go start her own half of the survey. "Laundry fun after we get home. Hooray." No way is Carol making poor Jarvis clean this up. The man has more than enough to do. She's a big girl and can do her own laundry.

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