And There Was Much Blushing

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Havok, Nightcrawler, Surge and Mirage

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Penthouse - Ship

X-Factor Social Hour

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Level - X-Factor Tower/Ship ]==


Alex steps off the elevator. He wears his flip-flops, kakki shorts, and a forest green t. He's carrying a towel because that's the thing to have on the top floor.

Having skipped the pool today Dani is up to her neck in the hot tub, all the bubbles and foam make it hard to tell if she is wearing anything or not. She has the TV remote and from where she lounges she channel surfs, easily able to see the large tv though she has it muted so no sounds comes forth.

Perhaps having thought no one was here today after yesterday's events, Kurt show up wearing a loose, billow white cotton shirt with a very low V exposing much of his blue fuzz, nearly to his navel. He wears dark tan trouses with a slightly loose bend to them and these are tucked into knee high boots with a big cuff. In his right hand he's holding a sabre, as if he's some swash buckler. As he arrives, he lets out a disheartened sigh at seeing other people up here, "Ughhh!"

"Dude, Halloween was 2 days ago.", Alex says to Kurt with a teasing tone. He proceeds to the bar only glancing over to Dani in the hot tub with the clicker. He's not going to say anything /funny/ to her but does recall falling into a hot tub during a college party while holding a cell phone.

Dani pauses her channel surfing on a football game as the two guys come in, "Hey Alex," she lifts a hand in a gesture of greeting to both, chuckles at Kurt's apparent disappointment, "Kurt I think you missed the training room by quite a few floors."

Hanging his head a little, Kurt still comes into the room, tucking the sabre under his arm, point to the back. "Ya, but poolside, sun. Don't need training room to work on form." Walking closer to the hot tub and the large screen, he looks for a chair to put the sabre on. "Besides, for Halloween, I was Alex - I wore doofus shorts and carried a surfboard around and said dude alot."

"He wanted to swashbuckle by the pool pretending that the diving board is the plank and Captain Hook was making him walk it." Alex laughs out a reason for Kurt being all dressed up and in this particular area.

"Wouldn't that require a 'Wendy' to rescue afterward?" Dani eyes Kurt a long moment "You don't have Kitty tied up somwhere do you?" she then realizes what she has asked and lifts a hand in a stopping motion "Please don't answer that.

"Wendy," ponders Kurt aloud, "But Tink was hotter ..." Then as if finally realizing she doesn't want any real answers he stops. "Oh yeah, you don't need to know that. And Alex is right, I always pretend I have to walk the plank. The gig is up, I wasn't practicing, I was play pretending. Oh the embarassment. I'm so like Miles O'Brien and Dr. Bashir - I was going to go to the holosuites to fight dragons, drink mead and womanize."

"You know, that's really not a bad idea, Kurt. We could totally use the holodeck on Ship and do some re-inactments. We could totally win the Battle of the Alamo." Alex notes while moving behind the bar and grabbing beer bottles.

Dani finds the idea strangely amusing "You two can draw straws to decide who gets to be Davey Crockett." her eyes go to the football game on the screen for a moment, "I refuse to be Santa Ana.

Surge decided that she needed a swim to relax and cool herself off and so she is wearing a tight bikini and top as she comes out and then blinks at the others and gives a small wave. She is wearing bracelets on her wrists and doesn't have her gauntlets, though there is a bag over her shoulder that looks a little heavy. The bikini shoes off the piercing in her belly button and the fact that she doesn't really look to have tan lines.

Davey Crockett?! No no. I'll be taking the role of Sonny Crockett and Kurt can be Rico Tubbs. You could be that hawt Puerto Riccan cop. We're gonna bust a cap in Santa Ana's drug cartel." announces Alex with his spin on the Alamo.

All but facepalms at the quick rewriting of history that is going to happen with this supposed reinactment "I think I would have paid more attention in history class if it actually happened that way.

Surge cocks her head to the side, "Um, hello." she says as she gets a bit closer to the hot tub.

Noting the arrival of Surge in the bikini, Alex smiles, "Look who finally decided to break out of her shell and join in on the fun." He carries the three beers (and soda) toward the informal gathering, intent on offering the beers to Dani, Kurt, and the soda to Surge.

Dani takes the offered beer smiling her thanks "Wow the elusive Noriko." she gestures around with her beer to the surroundings, "Don't be shy, join us." she then pops the top of the bottle, "They finally gave you a break from the school?"

Surge shrugs, "That and I just needed to blow off some steam, thought I would try swimming rather that sweating myself to death in the gym."

"Blow off steam? Richenda still being dodgy?" asks Alex as he figures everyone knows by this time and then again, what else is there to talk about since he's living vicariously through others.

"I frequently use swimming for that same reason." that is when she can't shoot something. Her tone is one of understanding "Most of my first few months at the school was spent in the pool. It was a very enlighting experince, for everyone.

Surge looks at Alex and flushes, "Don't need to talk about that, she knows how I feel and we will see where things go, but not much has changed other than her knowing." she says and then looks at Mirage and flushes again.

Alex smiles and leans against the side of the hot-tub with beer in hand, he doesn't pursue it as he figures others will. But there are so many questions to ask which may stem from his own lesbian experience - when Lorna left him for Betsy.

Setting the bottle on the hottub's edge Dani gives a brief nod to Surge "Well good luck with it all. We have all been in similar situations so we can relate." she reaches over to turn the knob on the hottub timer so the jets will keep going.

Surge moves over to join in the hot tub, "I just.." she shakes her head and sighs a bit, "First time I guess." she shakes her head a bit, "It will work out one way or another."

Alex choses to leave well enough alone and let the girls do their talk thing. He walks away, "I'll be around." and cuts out.

Sliding up slightly as the water level rises Dani chuckles at Alex as he flees the girl talk "What else is going on at the school?" she takes her bottle of beer and rolls it between her hands "In general, I'm not asking you to snitch on anyone, but in my position at the school I don't get as much information about what the students are dealing with or are in need of.

Surge shrugs, "I don't really know too much, the internship, classes and spending so much time lately trying to wear myself out so I pass out every night, I miss some of the things." she says and shakes her head a bit. She sighs as she relaxes in the water.

Dani gives the younger girl a concerned look "Having trouble falling asleep?" a sip of her beer is taken "When was the last time you went out and had yourself or with your friends?"

Surge shrugs, "Yeah, have problems sleeping, I am in love with my roommate." she giggles and shakes her head as she flushes and then thinks, "Chenda taught me to rollerskate the other day."

She nods "That would make for a restless night." Dani smiles but doesn't share the laughter "You are welcome to stay in Ship if it helps. There are more than enough rooms and Ship can 'port you to the school." she then makes a hmming noise "And how many bruises did you end up with after that endevour?

Surge shrugs, "Only a couple she was a good teacher. I might do that now and again, but...would miss her too." she giggles and shakes her head a bit.

Missing people is something Dani knows quite a bit about "I do so now and again myself, but usually I just sleep on the sofa." she makes a gesture in that general direction "I really should have more than a change of clothes here really.

Surge nods her head, "If you are staying here a lot, yes probably should, or just something easy to clean or plan to run around naked."

Dani stares for a moment then bursts out laughing at the suggestion "I have been seriously tempted to do that, but after hanging out with the Alex and Kurt I realize they would enjoy it to much, so why bother."

Surge nods, "Well then get a hologram generator to make clothes for you." she says and giggles.

"I do have one of those." Dani looks thoughtful "I usually use it to change my general appearance but not do the clothes.

Surge nods, "Well it could work on the clothes then you can pull one over on everyone since you know you are really running around naked."

Dani nods as she continues to think on it "And as long as no one touches me it works. I could do that just about anywhere really..." she chuckles "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service, my ass.

Surge giggles and smiles, "So you are saying I should tease you by running around behind you and touching you." she giggles.

"Noooo." Dani drags the vowel out slightly "Because if you start, the they guys will and the next thing you know everyone will be running around naked..." she pauses "Wait a minute..." she chin taps "Maybe you should.

Surge blinks and then blushes even more deeply at that thought. She shakes her head a bit.

Modesty has never been a problem for Dani, lack of it certainly "Then I guess I won't be doing that least not when you are around." she is amused by the turn of conversation, her tone turns curious though "Does your modesty stem from your cultural upbringing or is just lack of opprotunities and expereince.

Surge shakes her head, "its the men, wouldn't mind seeing you naked." okay she can't believe the words just came out of her mouth. She shakes her head a bit. And just looks down, "Not sure, probably being on the streets and seeing what some men do to women." she shakes her head a bit.

"Ahh, I see. I can appreciate a finely scuplted body no matter the gender. Attractive is attractive." Dani takes a drink of her beer, that she had pretty much forgotten until now "I'm not attracted to women in a physical way or anything, but face it, when it comes to naked we got the better deal.

Surge giggles and then nods her head, "yeah I think so too." she giggles and is thinking to herself about a couple different things, it has her cheeks red.

Covers her mouth on her on laughter. Obviously she is getting a kick of making Surge blush, in a laughing with you not at you kind off way. After a moment she calms enough to continue talking "You do know that none of that will happen to you at the school or here?" she is sure the young girl knows, but there is a difference in knowing something and trusting something.

Surge nods, "Yeah, I know. I am much better off than I was." she shakes her head a bit. She smiles over at her and nods her head.

"You really should hang out with the team more Noriko." Dani chuckles again lightly "Though I don't know if your face, or blood supply could help it." she sips her drink "If you like I can rearrange your class schedule to fit in some time to spend here.

Surge shakes her head, "I just need to rearrange other things, I can do it, workout here instead of there." she shakes her head a bit. She looks at her, "I will try to be around here more."

Dani nods at the suggestion "There is certainly less compeition for gym equipment and you don't have to worry about a beachball in the head while your're swimming...well most of the time.

Surge smiles a little and nods her head, "Yeah there is that too." she says and then shakes her head a bit.

With her drink finished Dani looks down at her hands, they have become quite pruny she has been in the hottub so long, "I think maybe I should go dry up." she holds her hands up "It's nice talking to you." she grabs her robe and towel, wrapping the later around her as she gets out of the water "Don't be a stranger." she then walks across the room to hop on the elevator.

Surge watches her get up out of the water and dips her head, "Be well." she says and watches her all the way to the elevator.

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