And So It Begins

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Ares, Elektra, Firebrand, Spiral

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Thunderbolts HQ - Underground Manhattan

Starting the recon mission

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Command Center - Thunderbolts' HQ - Underground Manhattan

This room has a modern look to it, the expensive equipment just adding to the overall look. The floor and walls are made of a gun metal grey material.
Sitting in the circular room is a large glass table with a holographic projector in the very center. At the four cardinal compass points is a glass flatpanel control point used to operate the holographic projector as well as the over monitors that cover two of the walls. There are roller chairs around the table allowing people to sit around it.
Two of the metallic walls are left bare, the third has a very large flat panel monitor on it, the other mulitple flat panel monitors allowing split screen shots.
There are three sliding pocket doors that lead to other parts of the base. If you get close enough they will open automatically.

It is the appointed hour, and Spiral is precisely on time. To the point that on the monitors in the command centre the minute ticks, and only a couple of seconds later there is a now familiar distortion in the air, through which steps the fuzzy booted, blue spandexed Spiral.

And it looks all quiet in here. "Hmm." she murmurs, looking around briefly.

It's a big base, and she has no idea where she's really supposed to be. Amateur! So she heads for the door, to poke around and see where everybody is.

Elektra pads into the command center just as Spiral is about to open the door to look around. The assassin is dressed for night work, the preferred color being black. The corset and sash binding her long hair are in the same style, but she's opted for tight leggings instead of leaving her legs bare tonight. Sai are bound to her outer thighs, with a pair of katana crossed upon her back. A good assortment of shurikens and throwing spikes are spread over the costume in convenient locations. She smiles to Spiral, and offers. "Going for coffee before the mission?"

A rumbling heavy voice emerges from behind Elektra, some small distance down the hallway. The tall man known as John Aaron addresses them with that steady tone of his, "Spiral doesn't need caffeine, she exists in a preternatural state hyped on her own particular flavor of wildness."

As the God of War advances he stops before the two women, his gaze falling upon each in turn. Like Elektra he is dressed for the op. Not in the casual attire he normally wears, instead he's in black with something almost akin to special forces fatigues. A pair of black pistols are strapped at his waist, upon his back is a heavy assault rifle with a grenade launcher slung underneath. Yet what might be the most striking upon him is the large crested Spartan helmet upon his head and the great battleaxe that he carries almost casually in his off hand.

"Looking for you." Spiral tells Elektra, and shrugs slightly as everybody files in. "I see I arrived in the right place after all." she murmurs, blank glowing eyes roaming over Elektra and Ares each in turn, taking in the new attire, especially Ares' rather incongruous headgear.

Not that Spiral minds, she's something of a fan of incongruous headgear herself, though right now she's bareheaded, white hair wild around her shoulders. "Wildness? Wildways, may be..." she says with a small smile. "You both look very ready to go kill some other government's happy humans. Shall we dance away, then?" she adds, with a small, wry smile.

Elektra turns to look up at the man she knows as John Aaron, offering him a small smile as well. "Actually, this is supposed to be an intel mission first, as I recall. Meaning I get a ten minute head start before John, here, brings the place down." Her expression is amused, and she neglects to say whether the head start is for intel gathering or the anticipated killing spree.

A short solemn nod is given as Ares shifts the battleaxe to his other hand, the blade gleaming with a hint of darkness along its edge. "Ten minutes to get what you can, then get set for the evac. Spiral recovers you, recovers Arachne, we consolidate and then strike." The God of War looks between the two of them and his eyes narrow subtly. "With the initial contact I would have you err on the side of caution. I don't want this to turn into some sort of rescue op."

"Intel, in preparation for the killing." Spiral agrees with Elektra with another one of her sardonic little smiles. "I am clear. You have any final alterations to where you want to arrive?" she asks, and reaches down into one pocket on her thigh, to draw out the important part of the folder that she was given earlier - ie, the map. Holding it out to them, she adds, "Last chance.".

Elektra smirks at Ares' instruction, but she nods all the same. "I will endeavor to keep the body count low on my initial pass, then." And that's probably as cautious as she gets. On a more serious side, she steps up to look at Spiral's map. "I want a starting location from which I can cover as much ground as possible. Do we have anything specific on the map that we'd like to investigate?" The latter is directed at John.

A nod is given faintly as he lifts a leatherclad hand and gestures with a fingertip to a set of three connected buildings in the northeastern quadrant. He gestures at the initial deployment spot where Spiral is to port in, then draws a line connecting the two. "Make your way there, only building that seems to be constructed in a different manner than the others. Not pre-fabricated, so might be interesting." He looks towards Spiral, "Precision will be important, Spiral. As well as timing. Consider it a good chance to show off." His lip curls into a faint smirk.

"It appears that John Aaron selected your spot with care, then. I shall cast a spiral over us first though, so our arrival is assured to be inconspicuous. Stand close, and do not move." Spiral tells Elektra, and then begins dancing, pirouetting around while somehow managing to keep her attention on Elektra throughout despite all the spinning around and waving of arms.

First Spiral, then Elektra, vanish from sight as she casts her invisibility spiral over the two of them. "And now, be ready to teleport." she declares in a disembodied voice as she dances on invisibly.

Before too long a vortex of force appears around her, barely visible at first but swiftly building into a veritable tornado of power as she the fabric of spacetime gets twisted around them.

Elektra nods once to John, then she draws a deep breath and exhales slowly. Standing close to Spiral as the woman begins her dance, Elektra watches with interest but follows instructions to the letter. She's breathing, and occasionally blinking, but that's about all. Then the two of them fade from view and the assassin begins to tense in preparation. Focus overrides any disorientation from the vortex, at least for now.

As the two women disappear, John Aaron stands there in the control room looking grim. He checks the chronometer on his arm, frowning faintly to himself and then lifting his head he looks at the large computer console as it begins to tick down its own timer for the operation. Various satellite intelligence feeds come into play and there on the screen a hazy flickering glimpse at the area where the two women most likely should be right now.

Lifting a gloved hand to his ear, Ares keys the comm to life and informs one of the other teammates. "Arachne. First part is in play. You go in two. Get set." Then he lowers his hand and sets the gleaming black battleaxe in his hand down upon the meeting table with a resonant /clunk/.

Wandering into the room, Firebrand (dressed in his battle armor - imagine that) seems ready as he can be; though he still has that tired (I partied all night) look. His eyes catch the scene and lips form a 'whoa' expression. He mutters to himself about not having any singles to offer, then complains about not having pockets, and finally comes around to not worrying about it because Spiral is just another crazy chick - which sorta fits. Then the girls fade and he smiles with reflections of what they could be doing somewhere else, alone.

Looking to the big boss, Firebrand says, "Ready, chief. We gonna burn it down?"

The vortex reaches a crescendo as destination and arrival points momentarily merge, and there's a stomach wrenching twist before Spiral and Elektra disappear in the flesh as well as merely from sight, reappearing instantly on the other side of the planet at the specified spot, in the base with the target buildings nearby.

"The invisibility will only last mere moments." Spiral says softly to Elektra, assuming she is still next to her. She's continuing to dance invisibly though, the odd swish of air betraying what she's doing, as a vortex begins to form around her again. Hopefully it's not /too/ unsubtle, just an odd gust of air perhaps to the uninitiated.

Glancing over his shoulder, Ares considers Firebrand and smirks a bit in response. "Yes." He looks back over towards the display and lifts his gaze to some of the alarms that are keying into place. Making sure that what eyes and ears can be are aimed at this particular location.

With that done he turns around fully to face the other member of the team and tells him levelly. "You're with me. After the recon is done you're to lock down the area above the site and then begin the destruction of it. Unless there is opposition. If so then we focus on them until there is nothing to defy us."

Elektra nods slowly, not that Spiral can actually -see- it right now. And as the new location shifts into focus, she does a quick, tactical assessment. "It will be enough." she replies softly. Then the assassin slips out and proceeds to find a discrete vantage point on her own.

Firebrand moves across and joins Ares to look over his shoulder at the screen. He doesn't say anything, just leaves it as is and will wait for orders. Or until he gets the urge to speculate or make lewd comments.

Spiral eventually reappears, visible this time, a few seconds after Elektra has been dispatched, stepping back through the portal already created. As she goes, the invisibility ends, so hopefully Elektra has found a shady spot of her own in the mean time.

"So, now I must dance for Arachne." she declares, eying Ares.
Where is she anyway?

Of course the mission parameters that the Thunderbolts were given state that the only true requirement for the success of the mission is for the gathering of intel. Ares, however, has other ideas.

When Spiral appears he turns to face her and gives a short sharp nod. "Armory, she's ready. If you would, please." Ever so politely the God of War gestures with a slight shift of one hand towards that general direction. Upon the monitor the deployment timer continues to tick down steadily.

There's a smirk that crosses Firebrand's face regarding the context of Spiral's statement which has nothing to do with the mission at hand. He remains quiet.

Spiral nods, and ahs a bit. Ugh, all this running around. "All a bit more energetic with so many people to dance with." she murmurs, and waves a hand, vanishing as she pings off to the armoury. The short teleports don't require nearly so much effort it seems.

Holding up one hand in Firebrand's direction, the tall god looks across the way at the other man. "Keep it together. These women have knives and long memories." He gives the ex-con a look not exactly what could be called admonishing and more perhaps just fair warning. It wouldn't do to have his living flamethrower get stabbed repeatedly by his teammates before the big show.
The smirk turns into a broader grin as Firebrand totally sees that statement as true, "Gotcha. But you gotta admit, the ass here is stellar. And it's hard to keep it together."

That hand he had lifted shifts casually into a slight median gesture, a waggle back and forth as if to say, 'ehn'. But that's all the comment he makes, or perhaps feels safe to make considering the various danger levels of the female Thunderbolts.

For a moment his attention is snared by a few whispered words in his comm unit as Arachne signals their departure, he replies with a simple, "Go." And the next stage is on its way.

After that he turns away from the console to walk towards Firebrand and meet the man's gaze levelly. "You have any questions before we go, now is the time."

Spiral eventually pings back again, having dealt with Arachne it seems. And she settles on top of the table in the control room, legs dangling over the side, watching the goings on with slight boredom. After all, now she's just here to wait.

"No questions; Just tell me what to shoot, and it's gone.", says Firebrand with solid conviction. He's ready to burn something; it's been too long since he's had a chance to take something out.

As Spiral appears, Ares turns to face her and meet her gaze levelly. "And you, Spiral?" He folds his arms over his chest and clearly seems on edge, having to wait is never something that has sat well with him. "Have you any questions before we do our part of this operation?"

Spiral folds all of her arms - it takes a while - and shakes her head. "No. Just teleporting you people around. Easy enough." she says with a small shrug. "I'll stay out of the way and let you all have your fun. I'm sure it'll make quite a fantastic scene. Just like an action movie. A shame it has to be secret.".

Firebrand can't help it, and states to Spiral regarding her movie interests, "I'll go get my camera, if you promise to make it interesting."

Dropping into a seat and slouching properly, Ares thumps a heavy combat boot upon the table then crosses his ankles. Now is the waiting. And the waiting sucks. Over to the side he tells them both, "Stay focused." But he leaves it at that.

Spiral eyes Firebrand, and smiles a thin smile. "Oh I don't make action movies, like I said, I'll leave that to you. I could probably do quite a convincing body horror though, if pushed." she tells him. "Maybe afterwards, I wouldn't want to annoy John Aaron after all.".

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