An Official Graduation Offer

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Time to Move up

Cyclops and Wolfsbane

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06/29/12 14:00

Scott's Office - Xavier Mansion

Scott and Rahne talk about her place at X-Mansion

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Having finished an earlier conversation in the library with Kisha, Hepzibah, and Wolfsbane, Cyclops, dressed in uniform, felt that he should have a private conversation with Rahne Sinclair regarding her future with the Institute. Making his way into his office, he takes a seat behind his desk and gestures for Rahne to sit across from him. “So. . .”

Wolfsbane trails along behind, sipping from her bottle of water as she cradles the cap in her other hand, in place from the sling. Moving to drop into the chair across from the desk, she sets the bottle down at the edge of it and rubs the back of an ear. "So I've been thinking."

Nodding his head, he places his hands together in front of his face as he leans on the desk with his elbows. Scott remains silent as he listens to what Rahne has to say before giving his input. His behind the visor reads concern and empathy. He will genuinely listen to what she has to say.

"I'm tired o' feeling useless around here an' th' truth is, part o' th' reason I went tae Manhattan wasnae just tae find Dani, but because I think there's a side o' me tha' canna stand na being part o' a group thing," Rahne starts out, still rubbing at the fuzzy, pointed eartip. "I've been thinking o' X-Factor because Dani's there an' Kurt is right noo but I dinna like th' government side o' it."

Nodding his head, Scott pauses to contemplate his choice of words, “Well, the counselor bit was an experiment. I had hoped it would work out and prove to be a learning step for the students, but for you as well. But I understand. It doesn’t always work.”
Scott sighs, “So you are not too sure about the group thing, but you are sure about not wanting to work directly for the Institute?”

Wolfsbane frowns, shaking her head slowly. "I'm na a counselor. I dinna know about th' rest but I know tha' much. I've still got enough problems o' muh own tae deal with tae be able tae help others with theirs. Maybe tha' sounds selfish but it's th' truth." And it's an admission on top of it, brutal honesty. "All I've known up until th' past year has been training muh powers an' being part o' something, whether it was th' New Mutants or X-Factor, an' I'm having trouble adjusting tae..other things." She pauses for water, adding after, "But if ye have any other ideas..."

Scott loudly hmmmning as he scratches his chin, “Well, I did have another idea. But before I suggest that. Tell me about these ‘other things’ Does this have anything to do with what went down in the city? You also mentioned the possibility of X-Factor. I thought you and Alex had resolved stuff. Are things ok in that area?”

"Well..there was th' whole attacking Dani thing," Wolfsbane says slowly. "An' aye, she forgave me an' it was because o' th' shadowy forces, doesnae make me feel any better about it." That's in the files. "But more than tha', I'm glad tae be back away from th' city but I still dinna feel like I fit in th' way I used tae."

“I am sorry for what happened in the city, but ultimately you survived it as did Dani. You and she go way back and share a rapport almost similar but different to what Jean and I have, I think things will ok between you too. I think you need to forgive yourself for what happened.” Scott nods, “As for fitting in, well last time you were here. You were a student. . .You did not follow the natural progression of a typical student from here.” Scott looks away a bit as he stands up and looks out from the window across the campus, “Actually none of the original New Mutants have. While X-Force has been dealt with and most of you are here. I still feel, things would have been better had the New Mutants followed the normal route for a student here. . .well, as normal as a student here can be.” He smirks, “X-Factor might not be the right place for you. And a faculty staff position may not be the right spot for you either. But this is your home. You are welcome to be here as long as you need to be or like to, regardless of a title or position. You feel it as do we all. . .so I wonder. . .how you feel about staying, but not as a counselor?”

Genosha blew apart much of that natural progression, sadly. Neither of them needs to mention it to know, or mention how things led to her ending up with X-Factor prior to being 'healed.' Rahne takes a long sip of water and shifts in place with the sling the way it is, nodding occasionally to a thing or two mentioned. "We've all been through a lot an'..aye, Dani an' I are closer than most because o' th' link we have. I just think..I need tae feel like I belong somewhere, an' I need tae feel useful." She seems to realize she must be sounding like she's all over the place with this as she bites her lip and looks down at the floor. "I feel like I'm aimless."

Returning his gaze to Rahne as he takes a seat again. Scott nods, “Well, we can help out with as much of that as possible. And like I said you are welcome to stay as long as you like. But admittedly, I would like you to stay for longer rather than shorter. And we can help you find your aim. You are not a student anymore, but there is always much to learn.” He smiles, “Since you’ve done the X-Factor thing before and you tried the faculty thing. I have another suggestion. I’m not sure how you would feel about it. But I noticed when we were talking with Logan regarding the MGH issue. You wanted to do more, but you may have felt like we were treating you like a student and not like an X-Man. So, I would recommend and would personally like to see you, ‘officially graduate’ from New Mutant. . .to X-Men. What do you think, Rahne? Do you think you would want to be an actual official X-Man. I could use you on the Blue Squad and it may help you feel more. . .whatever it is you are looking for. . .”

"I know I still learn something new every day," Rahne answers, studying her fingers as she flexes the ones of her left hand, looking for a few brief moments like she just wants the sling off right now. Almost healed, though. Patience. "It's good tae be here again but I dinna want tae just..freeload. I thought about going back tae Scotland tae help Lady Moira but then I'd be far away from everyone here." He might sense the basic companionship of being around others is important, like a sort of pack mentality. "Aye, I remember feeling like tha', an' it made me feel frustrated because I've been out an' done things before. I'm na green like th' students are." Still a touchy subject. The idea does leave her somewhat at a loss for words, brows lifting as he describes it as an official graduation kind of thing. "With th' X-Men? Do ye think it'd be a good thing?"

Scott offers, “I think so. I know many of the students view the X-Men as the premiere mutant team and while officially we are the senior team. Not everyone is X-Men material, nor does everyone actually want to be an X-Man. We are not perfect mutants and we, myself included, are always learning new things. We all have our issues within these walls and outside. But we help each other. Similar to the camaraderie shared by the New Mutants, but we are just older. You are past the point of being a child and I know you would be a good fit. Plus part of the ‘weird’ feelings is that maybe we still saw you as the little wolf cub who we first met when Moira brought you here. You are not the same little girl. You’ve grown up and, perhaps, it’s time to join the X-Men. As leader, I think you would be a good fit. Do you think you would be a good fit?”

Wolfsbane takes on a much more thoughtful expression. There's likely a part of her, a large one at that, finding it hard to believe the offer's being extended to her. How many times did the New Mutants talk about their graduation days and moving up to become the next generation of X-Men only for things to go in very different directions for all of them? She nods a few times, rubbing the back of her neck. They know who's on each team, Blue and Gold. There's a hint of a smile, a self-aware one when he describes her as once being the 'little wolf cub,' but she nods to the rest. "I..need some time tae think about it. I'm nearly healed, an' I think I need some more time back in th' Danger Room tae get muhself back where I need tae be. It's a big decision for everyone."

“Oh of course.” Scott smiles, “I can tell from your body language that you are at least interested, but I would not expect you to just jump at the offer so easily. Again, that shows a sign of maturity, Rahne.” Scott smiles when his eyes seem to go blank a moment. A familiar sign that he is suddenly receiving a telepathic communication. “Well, Rahne, the offer is open-ended. So take your time thinking about it.” He smiles, “But now I have to go break up a mystic sword fight between some students.” He shakes his head, “Excuse me.” He makes his way out of his office.

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