An Intriguing Education

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Ambrose and Empath

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01/17/13 16:55

Natural History Museum - Central Park

Empath meets Ambrose and have an exchange about history and education

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Since his return to the States last month, Manuel has kept himself busy in Massachusetts working with the new generation of Hellions, that he was hardly seen in New York City and if so, kept himself secluded at the Hellfire Club. With some free time, Manuel has finally opted to make it to the Natural History Museum to check out a new exhibit on Spanish Royal History. Expecting to see some mention of his family as he considers himself a royal. He stands staring at a painting which bears a marked and uncanny resemblance to him. He stares at it, admiring it as if looking into a mirror. A few passers-by take note and some whisper to each other. Finally proof of his superiority to others. Dressed in fancy almost antique yet regal looking garb, he is pleased.

Ambrose is walking through the museum himself. His hair is a little fazzled, his skin a bit dry. Lips cracked. But he was moving energetically from one to the other, when he turns abruptly, his worn coat swishing as he comes to a startled halt, staring at Empath. And then the painting. And then Empath again. And then back to the Painting. Perhaps rudely doing so, but he just seemed now fixated, stuck in a loop.

Noting though paying little heed to what he would consider a vagrant, Manuel seems to ignore Ambrose and remains transfixed on the painting. But the man in the loop, finely does get his attention. Typically, Manuel would just use his power on this annoyance, but despite a loud sigh and visible expression of annoyance, he turns and looks to Ambrose, “Can I help you?” in an almost sarcastic tone.

A few blinks, and Ambrose gave a shake of his head "What? Oh no, I'm fine thank you." he states as he looks at the painting again. Then pained, he covers his eyes "NO two people are alike save identical twins." he declared abruptly and shook his head "A mind wheeling is one that always wobbles in a new direction." he remarks then

Watching the man ramble on, Manuel remains frustrated, but opts for a subtle emotional scan to see what the man is feeling as he responds, “The man in the painting is an ancestor of mine. My family is of royal Spanish lineage.” He bows his head as a royal would do.

"Ahh. I see. Yes, that would explain much. Do you know about the hepsburg lip? It is a very easy, visible marker to tell you who is related to who in many european royal families, as the Hepsburgs tended to try and place their children in as many foreign courts as possible. They even had one in South america! ... or was it central? one of the two!" His mind read like a hummingbird on crack. Constantly calculating, processing data and taking in more information than most people would. "A proud lineage I am sure though in your case. Except that inquisition of course. but that hardly was YOUR fault, was it?"

Surprised by what he scans, Manuel shakes his head disappointedly, “Yes, I am familiar with the Hepsburg lineage. I am a bit of a history buff. Though my family’s lineage as royalty predates the Hepsburg to ancient Roman times.” Said with pride and arrogance, Empath looks at Ambrose, “So, you are an aficionado of history as well?”

"Really. Not many records go that far back I thought." remarked Ambrose, stuffing his thin hands into his pockets "Of sorts. I am a historian of the natural type. The Hepsburg lip is often used as an example to explain mutations and recessive genes and how they work in isolated populations and how this technique can be used to date, identify, and geographically find out where someone is from." he explains.

“I must say, I am impressed with your knowledge. I must admit your appearance threw me for a loop. I thought you were a homeless vagrant with a mental condition.” Manuel smiles not purposely being insulting but that is how he typically comes off. “I am Manuel de la Rocha. And you, sir?” His name is said in a thick Spaniard accent.

A bit of a twisted smile "Homeles yes. Vagrant? Well, sometimes. Mental condition? Depends who you ask." he responds in kind. "Ambrose Smith. Paleontologist. A pleasure." he almost offers his hand, then awkwardly lifts it up and just drops it. "AND an honor."

“I see you can appreciate humor. Nice. Good quality to have, though I am sorry you are homeless.” Manuel extends his hand, but seeing Ambrose drop his. He takes his hand back and fishes in his pocket. “This is but a pittance, but perhaps, it can help.” He holds out a few hundred dollar bills, what is a pittance to Manuel is wealth to most people.

"Well, hopefully... oh!" a pause at that, and Ambrose stares at the bills, then at the man. He almost goes into a loop again and shakes it off "That is... very kind of you. I will put it to good use. I am hoping to get a teaching job soon... this will get me by till then." he was off guard, almost uncomfortable now, but not one to turn down charity. "I try to keep some humor about. Its a sad life without it."

“I trust the money will as well.” Manuel bows his head at Ambrose’ gratitude. “And you are a teacher. Wonderful, I am a bit of an educator myself actually. Though in Massachusetts. Where are you looking to teach, Mr. Smith?”

"Teacher to be. And I have a proposed position of a Biology teacher at a private school. I have to actually call them back this week to give my final decision. I did not intend to teach admittedly - I wanted to research. However, it would get me off my feet and I can always use the money to fund my research. And students are a good way to help with the tedious tasks too. he chuckles "What about yourself?" he aske,d starting to warm up to this noble.

“Well, I am more of a trainer than a teacher, but I believe there to be a teaching opportunity in most things. I prepare students , also at a private school, for the real world. I prepare them for the future and how harsh this world can really be.” With that, a small alarm goes off on his watch. “Oh I apologize, Mr. Smith. I am sure we will meet again. Good luck with the new position.” With that, Manuel exits the museum.

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