An Indian and a Native American

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Black Crow and Topaz

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02/01/13 09:00

Liberty Island - New York

Black Crow warns Topaz of things to come and she offers her assistance

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It is a cold wintry morning this first of February. Liberty Island is not as full as it is, the winter keeping tourists and patrons away. Nearly desolate, but still open to the public, few if any take note of lady liberty. Flying overhead a single crow caws, flying circles around the statue. An astute eye may laugh as it would appears the lone black bird was inspecting, examining, or even protecting it. Though with the mystical will note this is clearly no ordinary bird.

Despite having lived in the New York area for awhile now, Topaz has never really taken the time to visit the nation's most famous landmark. Having woken earlier than usual and assuming the cold wintery weather would keep the large crowds away she decided to take the ferry out to the island and give it a look see.

Pulling her mutli-colored coat, that would make Joesph himself weep with envy, tighter around her against the chill she circles the base of the gargantuan statue, gazing up at is magnifigence. Normally she wouldn't give a bird of any kind a second look but when it comes into her line of sight she stops midstride and watches it fly arounda moment before she begins to reach out with msytical senses to make sure it isn't a demon or one of the liln she has encountered recently.

The bird is neither a demon nor one of the lilin. It continues its swoop around the statue before descending down closer towards the island. The bird seems to swoop low and high and flies over the few people who are present. The bird seems to stop and look at each person before stopping right above Topaz and looking down at her almost staring at her or through her.

"Well that is a relief." Topaz murmurs to herself. She didn't come prepared for a demon battle and doubts her allies would enjoy being woken up to help her with one. She doesn't move from her spot, unless she has to do so to keep an eye on the unusual avian. Just because it is neither demon or lilin, doesn't it mean it can't be trouble. When it decides to investigate her she takes a step back, looking up at it with a guarded expression "You, are not what you seem." she tells it, her indian accent making the words lilting in manner.

“Ah, an Indian in the truest sense.” In a human voice, the facial characteristics of the bird change to appear more human, though still in the form of the black crow. “And you are no ordinary human, either.” Flapping its wings as it flies down just a bit to be eye level with Topaz, “I am Black Crow, mystic and protector. And who may you be?” His own accent sounding from the American Southwest.

Despite having seen lots stranger things than a crow with a humanish face, the sight is still a bit disconcerting to Topaz "No, I am not. I know you, by deed and reputation. I apprenticed with Doctor Strange for awhile. He made mention of you once or twice." her gaze looks left and right, checking to make sure her conversation with the unusual shapeshifter isn't being noticed, or if it is, isn't causing panic or concern.

“Well, then, an apprentice of Dr. Strange is an ally of mine.” They are not noticed, thankfully. The bird lands on the ground, “And what is your name, dear? So that I can acknowledge you, appropriately.” The crow begins to take a different form for a second his form changes from a real black crow to Black Crow to a similar looking man wearing winter apparel. Topaz will not a mystic aura around him as he shifts from one form to the other. His true form being the momentary form she glimpsed in the middle. The latter form being used to keep attention off the two.

"Topaz." she offers "Former apprentice. It's been while since I have studied with him, though I am ever guided by his wisdom." she does find it odd that the tourists aren't noticing, but she is expereinced enough that she can figure out why and take it all in stride "I can always use more allies, enemies, not so much.

“Well, Topaz, it is nice to meet you formally.” He bows and offers his hand. If placed in his, he will kiss her hand. If he takes no offense. “Well, unfortunately as is the way of this world. You have acquired a new ally and with him new enemies.” His expression is almost sad, “I have done my part to keep at bay forces that seek to destroy this nation and return it to what it once was. The Anasazi are not pleased and seek vengeance.”

Topaz does put her hand in his and she is taken aback in amused suprise at his old fashioned gesture "Let's hope they won't know until its to late to do anything about it." she smiles gracefully pulling her hand back "The native american gods? Was that the commotion that was here," she gestures around "recently?

“Yes it was.” Black Crow looks at her, “If you do hope you do not mind the intrusion, my dear.” He stares directly into her eyes and suddenly their whole environment shifts a moment as an illusion begins. This particular illusion replays what occurred on this very island before:

Nanabozho on the island and smacking Deadpool away.
The Statue being transformed to appear more Native American
Black Crow and Red Wolf under his thrall.
Black Crow engaging Armand
Red Wolf engaging Shadowcat
Mirage supplicating to the god and convincing him to go.
Then everything returned to normal.

The illusion ends. “There have been other events as well.

The petite indian woman stands still as the illusion coelceses around her, though her head will turn to take in the action that is going on in the illusionary re-enactment "They are seekig vegence for what was done to your people a century ago?" Topaz asks for clarification, american history not being her strong suit "Do you think they could be being used by some greater power?

“My dear, there are not many who are of greater power than the Anasazi. I would not thing such beings were even in existence until my encounters with your former mentor and his regales of those higher than my pantheon.” Black Crow tilts his head to the side, “It is possible. Not likely, but possible. My understanding is that there are some humans who are already aware. I will act as a soothsayer providing guidance to those who can assist. However, unfortunately there are some things even my visions can see or predict.”

A nod is given at his words and a thoughtful expression crosses the woman's face "I have friends and collegues that can help should you need it. I am in regular communication with Rintrah as well. We gather at my bar, the Voodoo Lounge in Greenwich Village you are welcome to join us if you need help either in your scrying or dealing with these rogue gods.

“Topaz, thank you.” A smile crosses Black Crow’s face. “I will join your gathering at this Voodoo Lounge.” He bows his head, “I must check other areas now as this one seems at peace at the moment.” He steps back and suddenly shifts back into the form of the crow and starts to soar up. “I take my leave now, Topaz.” The crow bows its head and flies southward.

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