An End To Insomnia

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Richenda mentions she can't go to her room. Jean is going to fix it.

Jean Grey, Richenda Gray

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07/12/12 11:30

Recreation Room - Xavier Mansion

Richenda mentions she can't go to her room. Jean is going to fix it.

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-----==[ Recreation Room - Xavier Mansion ]==---------------------------------
Meant to be a place of relaxation, the recreation room is a haven for students and staff alike, a place where people can come and enjoy their time while waiting for class or during the evenings.
Throughout the expanse of the room one will find several arcade-style cabinet video games, some 'vintage' while others are fairly new, and a large plasma TV can be found hanging on the wall with an entertainment stand that holds various DVDs and video game consoles along with a DVD player and state-of-the art stereo. Gently worn in furniture (as gently worn in as furnature that can be found in a house full of teens, that is) has been arranged so that a person can have a good view of the television regardless of where they sit and a foozball table and an air hockey table have been placed, both out of the way of foot traffic without being too removed from the rest of the room.

Another summer day in Westchester County. The full fury of the sun is scorching the outside of the Xavier School. Chenda Gray, doing her best to stay away from her room and whatever zaniness her roommate is inventing now, is resting on the couch, watching a rerun of some very old show. Resting, to Chenda, involves some interesting contortions, as she's lying on the seat with her long legs propped up on the back, her feet up over the top, watching the screen upside-down. The show doesn't seem to be holding her attention, as her dark eyes are unfocused.

"--and you know better, Jubilee. I expect more from you." A familiar voice, one that is often on the announcements in the morning, can be heard in the hallway with a tone of sly annoyance. Numerous clicks can also be heard from that same hallway, growing closer - louder - as Jean Grey finds her way into the rec room for a breather. Her eyes glimpse across the few students inside, as does the television program and the dangling feet hanging over. She finds her way towards the feet and peeks over to find a student watching the show upside down. "Enjoying the show, Miss Grey?" she asks, looking back towards the television to see if she remembers the show.

Huh? She's seen this episode of Battlestar Galactica (the old one) at least forty times, and /that's/ not supposed to be in the dialogue... Chenda groans softly and lifts her head, blinking at the tall redhead. Her eyes open wide in an instant. "Miss Grey?" she asks, knowing the voice and the name attached to it, but having only caught rare glimpses of the person who owns both. "Um, it's okay... seen it before," she manages, still cudgeling her brain awake again (as Jean can likely tell).

The glimpses that the student does catch is a slowly reforming smile. At this point, it is mere a grin as she finds the show somewhat familiar. "I can't say that I'm much of a sci-fi fan, surprisingly," she says, as an emerald gaze returns to Richenda. "You would probably sleep better in your dorm room, wouldn't you agree?"

Chenda blushes faintly. "It's the heat, I think... I feel like I'm moving through molasses outside, and half-asleep inside. But I really don't want to go back to my room. I can't sleep there, really." She reaches up to the back of the couch, kicks her feet up and then down, and quickly pulls herself up so that she's sitting upright on the back of the couch. "Oomph! There, that's better," she says, straightening her gray, yellow-trimmed sweats. A faint smile forms as she looks to Jean. "Gray, meet Grey. It feels kinda funny, meeting the person behind the announcements voice in class."

Concern peeks its way onto Jean's expression when the student says she can't sleep in her own dorm room. She thinks to herself for a moment, slight wonder repeating the spoken words a second time in her head for a better understanding. "I always feel funny saying them," the faculty member replies, closing her distance on the couch and depositing dress shirt-covered arms over the top. "So why can't you sleep in your room? Is there something wrong?"

"Why? I mean, it's just what's going on," Chenda asks curiously, still smiling a little. But the redhead's question saps the energy from her expression. "My roomie's an inventor. Inventors keep lots of supplies... in this case, all over the room. That wouldn't be so bad. I'm used to living in messy places. It's the chemical smells that keep me awake. And that she's an insomniac, and so the lights are always on so she can see to work..."

Jean easily takes notice of Richenda's sapping expression, and an eyebrow rises curiously. And shortly afterward, the answer Jean was looking for came out from her young student. "Your roommate is..." Her hesitation affords her many names that filters through a telepathic mind, but one rings a distinct bell, saying, "Kisha... Dorogoi, correct?" Ah, yes. The inventor. "I don't think that's fair for you - insomnia or not. And I'm sorry I didn't hear about this sooner."

"Life's not fair," Chenda murmurs, as if quoting someone else. Then she remembers Jean's there, and blushes. "Sorry. That's just the impression I got from this, when Mr. Summers talked to me about it. I mean, there are only so many rooms, and it's not like I'd wish this on anybody else... I'm grinning and bearing it. Well, one out of two, anyway."

"There are only so many rooms," Jean repeats, her voice mimicking her thoughts in steady contemplation. "But sometimes certain exceptions can be made as well." The headmistress' tone is calm and assuring as she walks around the couch and sits besides the student. An idle glance goes to the unwatched television and she turns it off with the remote that sat on the table in front of them, her emeralds then shifting back to Richenda. "Tell you what. If you can spend a few more nights with your roommate and give me enough time to speak with the headmaster, I promise that you'll be able to sleep in the darkest, most chemical-free room in the mansion. How does that sound?"

Chenda, seeing Jean move to sit down, turns on the back of the couch and drops into a proper sitting position on one of the cushions. "Sorry," she murmurs. "I think I can bear a few more nights. Maybe I can borrow a breathing mask from the infirmary. I know I can make a sleep mask with a little time..." She smiles again. "Okay, you're on. Thanks so much, Miss Grey."

"You're very welcome, Miss Grey." Jean's smile blooms at the last name. A hand goes to Richenda's shoulder to assure her stance, that she will keep her end of the bargain if her student does - though, whether she does or not, Jean will ensure something gets done to rectify the concern. "Well, life science isn't going to teach itself," she says, as she pushes her way back to her feet and starts for the exit. "Don't stay in here for much longer, Richenda. Too much TV will rot your brain." And the clicks continue as Jean finds her way to her classroom.

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