An Afternoon in the Park

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Blindfold, Empath, Topaz, and Beast

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03/21/13 16:20

Central Park - New York

Blindfold, Empath, Topaz, and Beast all encounter each other in the park. Empath makes Beast go feral and run naked in the park.

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The crowd that the horse demo had drawn earler is now starting to disperse now that the show is over. The day is still bright and sunny, though the occasional cloud now passes over the sun, a cool wind has picked up and a few dark clouds gather on the horizon..what can be seen of it.

Topaz, wrapping her technicolor duster tighter around her, was part of that crowd. The bar doesn't open for hours so she is in no rush to get anywhere.

Wandering aimlessly, something rare for the uppity Spaniard. Manuel de la Rocha makes his way through Central Park. Dressed for the spring like weather in jeans and a blue shirt with a grey hoodie for the slight chill in the air. He spots the crowd starting to leave and he wonders what he has missed as he heads towards where the horse demo took place.

Ruth was petting a very placid plucky horse as she ran her hands over the horse from nose to tail. Not everyday a blind teen got the opportunity to find out what a horse looked like and Ruth was enjoying herself as Beast stood patiently keeping an eye on her and told her some educational facts about the parts of a house and how to lift the hoof and feel the V on the underside.

Having spoken to Blindfold earlier, Topaz approaches the young woman "That was an interesting demonstration. Did you you enjoy it?" she glances at the horse a moment, then at the few people that are left of the crowd also checking out the remaining horses. She gives the newcomer, Empath, a passing glance but not recognizing him turns her attention back to Blindfold and Beast.

Empath notes the blind girl and her blue furry escort. While never having met them personally, he is aware of who they are. And Beast is aware of who Empath is. When he spots the Spaniard, he tentatively places himself between Empath and Ruth. “Dr. McCoy, I sense some apprehension on your part.” Manuel smiles. Topaz may not the sudden rise of caution on Beast’s emotional spectrum. Looking to Ruth, “Ah, the little Blindfold is it not?” But it is Topaz who draws the longest stare, quickly noting she is different yet similar. He smiles, “And who do we have here?”

Blindfold took a moment to feel the hoof and the bottom of said hoof before gently putting the horse's hoof down again and petting the neck. Smiling to topaz she nods "Yes thank you, the music was lovely" becoming wary as beast steps in front of her she reaches for his hand "Ruth, yes thank you"

"Some of the music choices were a bit strange though." Topaz replies. When McCoy steps in front of Ruth protectively as the stranger approaches a frown touches her face, though that could be at is prolonged staring as much as the caution she feels from the blue furry man. Being quite familiar with empathic abilities she recognizes the feel of a fellow empath when she sees one and this one makes her feel the need to shower. "I'm Topaz." she says in a cool, crisp accented tone.

“Topaz. . .like the jewel. . .a lovely name for a lovely woman.” He bows and seemingly ignores Beast and Blindfold for the moment. He enjoys a challenge. Manuel bows before her formally. “You are an exquisite beauty. I am sure one such as yourself is untaken, so I would like the chance to take you. . .on an evening out, of course.”

Blindfold nods to topaz "Maybe yes but I couldn't tell" curiosity and wary unease mixing together

Topaz schools her look of distaste, putting on one of mild amusement at the compliments instead. "You assume a lot sir. Regardless, all my evenings are booked up for the foreseeable future." as the owner of a popular club that is open every night, she didn't even have to lie to refuse him.

Turning away from Empath, Topaz smiles to the other two, "It was a pleasure to meet you both. Now I have some business to attend to." she will turn than and head off toward the nearest subway entrance.

Blindfold smiles waving with a nod to topaz "It was a pleasure meeting you, yes thank you miss topaz" reaching into a pocket to offer the horse a slice of apple.

“Ah, you reject too quickly, Topaz. And evenings are just one part of the day. But the main information I needed is that you are untaken at the moment. So I shall feel free to continue to pursue.” Manuel grins wickedly and notes Beast’s stance which is getting defensive. There is a low growl from the McCoy as a warning for Manuel to back off.

As Topaz leaves, Empath looks at the furry mutant. “You need to calm down, Beast.” And with that, Manuel’s power taken effect on the mutant Avenger. Beast stops growling and seems to purr like a pleased kitten. A smile forms on his face as he is calm. Looking to Ruth, “You know, because of you. One of my friends had to go away.”

"Oh release him, I shall. Let the wild side losse! It's time the Avengers and the X-Men know that I am one not to be messed with." He looks to Beast and suddenly the X-Man begins to grow feral and wild. He rips off his clothing in one sudden burst of display. The nude Beast then looks about and leaps off into a tree and looks to Blindfold, "Have fun wrangling him in." Tourists scream as the Beast is unleashed. Manuel whistles as he walks away and when out of range. Beast calms down, his blue fur going slightly red as he stands there nude and embarrassed, covering himself. "Ruth, quickly. We must get back to the school!"

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