Ambushing the Snakes

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Havok, Nightcrawler, Rush and Mirage

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Somewhere in Arizona

XF finally gets reliable info about the Serpent Society and goes after them

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The base is located in Arizona - yes, Arizona. Right smack in the middle of the western desert near a small town of less than 5000 people called Kirnihoi (native american speak for hillside waterflow). It's an underground snakehole (lair) that was once a secret military silo for nuclear launches - long since decommissioned at the end of the cold war.

X-Factor takes one of the larger flying vehicles and is able to find their way to the town by night fall. Coachwhip indicated that several of the Serpents go into town for a little fun and games during the evening hours to let off steam. So the base would be a great place to set up an ambush for the snake return.

Without crashing, Havok pilots the craft and touches down nearto the base. The terrain is rugged and mountainess. Having exited the craft, the team is at the ready and even has the key code (from Coachwhip) that will allow them to access the facility undetected.

Rush takes his queues from the others, as usual, but when they're not doing anything obvious to prepare he looks out the windows with a curious look. He does glance over bits of the Arizona countryside with what might be a bit of familiarity, perhaps his travels have taken through somewhere nearby and he's trying to match up the aerial view with what he remembers from the ground.

As they fly in on approach, Kurt turns to Alex, "Remember, sure and steady if they hail us, we don't need to end up Han Solo in the detention cell." Then he looks at the other two, "Oh wait, we are meaning to end up like that aren't we?" The blue elf isn't always up for a good fight, but he knows this will probably go that way, he is merely trying ot make some light of the situation as the make this final approach. Jumping out, he follows the group traveling between two legs and all fours. More quite and listening to anything Havok might suggest as they make their way through the desert.

The predefined goal: to get in, set charges, kick ass, and get the hell out. /Pulling a Cable/ and blowing the place sky high. Take as many prisoners as possible - or at least one, Fer de Lance - because she totally needs to a free ride in the trunk of the air car; Straight to jail, or to the hospital if Havok crashes the vehicle.

It's dark and by the time the team is ready to enter it's around 10pm. Enough time for the snakes to be out on the town but not on their way back just yet.

The access point is a bulkhead steel door in the side of a mountain behind a government issued chain link fence. They enter, and start their stairway descent. Everyone carries explosives, and everyone has a job to do - they even have government maps of the facility to know where to go.

They reach the bottom and split into teams of two (Rush and Havok, Mirage and Nightcrawler).

Then they begin to set charges and look for snaky stragglers.

Rush quickly loses interest in the work of setting charges and instead does his best to keep an eye on Havok instead. Whenever X-Factor's leader starts heading in any new direction, Rush is close on his heels like a good brick. Early on he kind of hunches his head as if expecting something, and as the moments tick away his shoulders tighten with tension. He knows better than to tempt fate by saying it out loud, but he figures it can't be this easy...

"Explosives, fun." Mirage says, she is pretty much always up for some blowing up action, as long as she isn't the one being blown up. She will follow Nightcrawler through the base, acting as lookout as he sets his charges.

They probably got some indication of what the security is like, but there could have been recent changes so she is careful about unnecessary talking especially if someone decided to stay behind.

Going about setting charges while Dani keeps her peepers peeled, Nightcrawler whispers along the way, "A pirate walks into a bar with a roll of paper towels on his hat. A guy asks the pirate, 'What's with the paper towels?' The pirate replies, 'Arrrr. I've got a Bounty on me head.' ..." and he continues with walking into bar bits unless something happens.

It's good to expect things, but sometimes things aren't to be expected. Mirage and Kurt turn a corner and peer into a personal room whose door is still ajar. They have a clear view of Black Racer and Fer-de-Lance sitting on a bed making out. They're clothed in casual attire (which is expected to change in the near future if undisturbed).

Meanwhile, Rush and Havok are in a different part of the facility when they happen upon the mess hall where they encounter Bushmaster and Anaconda having a quiet meal of various steaks and other delights. They both look up to the new entries and hissssss.

Rush eyes the two and then shifts forward and the the side, mostly blocking their path to Havok. Without taking his eyes off of them, he turns his head slightly and mutters over his shoulder at Havok, "Watch out the for one in green. She can stretch her arms. And she's strong." According to the simulations on SHIP, that is. But even a simulated beatdown leaves an impression.

Despite how corny the joke is, Mirage has to put a hand over her mouth to keep from laughing out loud. Which would have been a bad thing considering that they turn a corner too. It only takes a split second for Mirage to get over her surprise at the scene. Not wanting to waste time on mundane weaponry the psychic bow manifests in her hand, the arrow popping into glowing existance as she lifts it and fires at Fer De Lance.

Too busy dropping his jaw, Kurt doesn't have time to consider a joke that starts out with two woman kissing. His eyes go back and forth though, between the two woman kissing and the psychic bow manifesting pretty close to him. There is a constriction in his throat, as if he would protest the arrow, but he's regaining himself and pondering what he wants and what should really happen. His jaw finally snaps shut and he'll hold action, waiting to see if Fer De Lance drops, then porting in following the arrow surprise for some teleporting punching to the face surprise.

Ripping the table away as Anaconda abruptly stands, food goes flying and Bushmaster is even more pissed since his dinner was interrupted. He slithers to the side and yells, "I'll cut you, X-Men!"

Anaconda begins to rush toward Rush, with full intention of grabbing him.

But in reality, who goes first? HAVOK, that's who.

Getting a clear shot on Bushmaster, Havok releases his plasma discharge with a FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM that blasts Bushmaster into the far wall. Havok holds his second blast in anticipation of Bushy getting up or Anaconda doing something foolish - plus he knows Rush needs the workout.

Fer-de-Lance drops and Black Racer turns toward Kurt and Mirage. She's fast, very fast. She is off the bed and in a blur rushes toward the duo with the full intention of striking Mirage 16 times with her fist before the next round.

Rush's eyes tighten and he balls up his fists, then leaps forward to try and pound Anaconda in the face. After his simulation he's pretty sure she edges him out in fighting skill, and those stretchy arms'll definately put her over the edge in a wrestling bout. So instead he does it like they do on the streets. Which consists of punching your opponent in the face, as hard and as fast as you can.

If there is any moment Nightcrawler realizes Black Racer is going for Dani, he will just port in front of her and hold his arm out, not trying to stop her but seeing who is quicker in getting to that point. If that doesn't work, he'll simply port behind Black Racer (or so that Black Racer is between Dani and himself) and attempt to grab her and should he make contact, he'll attempt to port her to the affect of disorienting her.

Clotheslined by Nightcrawler (who saved his action), Black Racer whips up and then down onto her back .

Mirage is ready to go on the defensive, knowing that BR will be quick to defend her teammate and herself. She realizes she probably should have gone after the speedster first, but she wasn't at any of the incidents involving Mirage and the Serpent Society, and she has a score to settle. Nose wrinkling at the aroma of the teleport she preps another of her psiarrows, on the chance that NC's attack hits, when it does, she doesn't waste time and fires the second psiarrow and the prone Black Racer.

In the face! Rush punches Anaconda who continues to come. She knows how to, and is durable enough, to take the punch and continue on. Her stretchy arms do just that, envelop Rush who put himself in the line of fire and proximity to her. But that's what tanks do.

Bushmaster makes the mistake of starting to get up, Havok blasts him again taking him out of the equation. (second attack, first round)

Havok then begins moving to the side wall nearest the kitchen while asking, "Hey Rush, you got her, right?"

Black Racer was about to get up when she is nailed by the second arrow of Mirage's psychic bow. She collapses into a limp racer.

Rush has one hand tugging at a stretchy arm, the other still swatting at Anaconda. Her own strength isn't great enough to hurt, him, really, but if she gets those arms around his neck she might be able to choke him out. After a few more blows Rush has to give up punching and use both hands to try and tug himself free. "" He somehow manages to gasp out the last word as a question.

Looking to Dani, Kurt ponders "That complicates things, we can't leave them both here and blow it up. Give me a moment, ja, and I will port Fer-de-Lance to the ship and come back for Black Racer. Secure them and get back to explosives?" Then again, now he's not so sure about blowing it up, cause what if they trigger it when there are people inside the building.

Having pulled some zipties, or whatever XF uses as hand cuffs these days, Mirage begins to secure the knocked out villians when NC speaks up, "Keeping them from being blown to bits would be the right thing to do." is her only response. With how they have nearly killed her twice, she would probably prefer them in small bits, but she has to be better than that, so will go along with Kurt's plan.

After tossing one of the explosive charges into the kitchen through the mess window, Havok turns toward the conflict between Anaconda and Rush. He's moved in such a position that he has the right flank of Anaconda facing him and he knows that firing into melee is pretty tricky. He's not Cyclops with his accuracy or trick shooting. So he takes his first half of his phase (attack) to brace and aim, then his second half he releases his plasma energy. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Anaconda is peeled off Rush and knocked through the far wall.

Havok intones, "Wrap them up, I'll finish the charges, have Kurt do a cleanup on isle 3."

Kurt and Mirage can do their own cleanup as planned and without further interruption.

Rush pauses for a few moments to catch his breath, then whistles at Havok's handiwork. "You got it, boss." He also has a few of the zipties on hand and binds Bushmaster. Then he goes looking for Anaconda, having to use three zipties just for her arms. Finally he tracks down Havok, one Serpent slung over each shoulder.

Nightcrawler ports about, cleaning up the two snakes in his area, and if he has a moment, he'll see if the air vehicle could scan for more bodies before returning to setting charges with Dani. "Ja, I don't know, we'll have to do a complete scan before detonating ... just to be safe." He'll still go about setting though, continuing that job, watching for other bodies, listening for the return of other Snakes.

Now that she knows the base is occupied, Mirage will be more careful about moving around. She doesn't need any more surprises like the previous one. Though she can't speak for her team mate in that regard. "We can always broadcast a warning a few seconds before kaboom, just in case." she offers up.

Details, details. The explosives are set, the bad guys evacuated and scans are done revealing no other life forms within. Once that's done, the team is back on the surface, within the flying craft with bad guys tied up in the back, it's still early enough that the other snakes aren't coming back yet, and Havok asks Mirage, handing her the clicker, "You wanna do the honors?"

Rush assembles with the rest of the team to watch the show, but when Havok asks Mirage his question Rush casts a quick look at them. "We ain't gonna broadcast a warning? We got the fast one right here, not like they'll have time to do anything. And this way if anyone comes running out we can catch them to..."

Remaining less focused on the task at hand, Kurt is sure they scans were accurate. Feeling comfortable there, he offers, "I imagine once its blown, nothing's going to come running out of it." More likely they'll stay under the rubble bleeding out if they're still conscious.

"Seriously?" Mirage takes the detonater quickly, before the offer can be rescinded "Damn straight I do." she pretty much ignores everything anyone else says after her hands close on the device. With a glance around, just to be double sure they aren't in the blast zone, since that would suck, she hits the button to start the chain of explosives that will level the underground base.

The ground rumbles and starts to collapse in certain areas as if the mountain and sand are filtering into the newly opened void.

Alex smiles, glad Mirage could find some fun in the resolution.

He then pilots the craft and sets the course for home.

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