Along Came a Panther

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Spider-Man and Black Panther

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06/06/12 20:32

Chrysler Building Rooftop

Spidey and Panther discuss recent events.

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Lurking above the dark streets of Manhattan and residing in the deep shadows of the Chrysler building roof, the Black Panther silently watches the city. Beneath, some 70+ floors, the darkened cityscape is alive with those that take over the night. Parties, clubs, evening activities; New York's streets play witness to the tales and trials of those which tread them. City sounds resonate upward and diffuse into the ears of the Panther as he listens for keys or tones that signal distress or those that would give clues to his current case. Crouched and poised, the Panther's knees are wide against his shoulders while his right clawed hand reaches down between his feet to hold to the ledge of the building.

A noise catches his attention, that of a white Bell Jet Ranger flying by heading southward. On the side of the chopper reads 'Fisk'. The Panther's eyes narrow and his jaw tightens.

Not too terribly far away, across the cityscape yet still within the confines of those sweeping valleys between skyscrapers, The relative calm of the city was broken by an instant of chaos. Two men climbing into a window from a fire escape were in the process of breaking the glass, the slight tinkle crash wasn't enough to alarm anyone nearby. However the subtle tingle of a spider-sense did.

Perched upside down behind those two men, the Amazing Spider-Man comments idly. "Let me guess, you forgot your key, and you would just feel terrible if you didn't share an evening mocha swiss with your buddy there?"

Needless to say the two burglars didn't react well. There was a flurry of motion, a few /thwips/ here and there, then finally upon the edge of the rooftop Spider-Man called it in. Perched there almost exactly like his Panther counterpart far off, he keys on the commlink even as below him from a lightpost the two burglars swung quietly snapping at each other recriminations.

Of course, that's the moment when he looks up and sees that Ragner flying overhead. His brow furrows, something tingling in the back of his head.

The Panther's sharp ears hears the breaking of glass, the scuffle and the voices as the sounds are carried on the winds through the towers. Yet he does not move for his night vision reveals that the Spider-Man is on the scene and taking care of the criminal element.

When the helicopter passes and Spidey's attention turns forward once again, a vibranium claw from the Panther's hand extends with a slight raise of his finger catches the light sending a glint toward the eyes of the Spider hopefully to draw his attention. Just an ever so subtle attempt. Better than throwing rocks.

There's a faint click as Spidey keys off the comm, turning his head to look across the way after the helicopter. It's then that the mirrored lenses of his mask catch that faint reflection. He cocks his head and after a moment perhaps catches sight of a spot upon the rooftop there on the Chrysler building.

"Now you guys be good and stay put," Spidey leaps off of his perch. He's falling, falling... then extends a hand and a webline fires with a /Thwip!/ snaring a corner of a building. His legs kick forward, his body twists and he launches himself into the air across the way.

Hurtling through the air he fires a pair of weblines to either side of him, snaring nearby buildings and in effect creating a slingshot that sends him hurtling even higher. His upwards momentum doesn't break as he hits the side of the Chrysler building, running straight up it. He fires a webline upwards to carry him the last of the way and he flips over the lip of the building to land, perched there perfectly on the balls of his feet.

"Heya, Panther. What's the haps?"

With the graceful approach and landing of the Spider, the Black Panther does not move other than to look over to the Spider's perch. He returns the greeting. "Good evening, Spider-Man." Is said in a peaceful and deep tone. "The 'haps', as you say, are going well. Yourself?"

Crawling over to one of the gargoyles, Spider-Man takes up a spot almost perfect counterpoint to Panther. He looks down across the city, brow furrowing a touch as he listens keenly to his spider-sense. Nothing pings back, however. Those mirrored-lenses shift back to Panther and he replies, "Decently. Small time stuff. Oh hey, though there were Ninjas over in Hell's Kitchen the other day. Crazy huh?"

"I regret that I missed that experience. Engaging the Ninja is always a unique experience which challenges the mind as well as the body." The Panther notes with little change in inflexion of his voice. Then he pursues more of a business tone in his voice as he segues away from the topic of the night assassins, "What do you know of Fisk?"

"What, you mean Kingpin? The Ten Ton Tubbo of Terror? El Gordo Grande?" There's a beat as Spider-Man cants his head curiously towards Black Panther. One brow cocks somewhat, barely noticeable behind the red and blue mask, but he can probably see the slight shift of those lenses. "Heck, Panther. I know tons, me and him go weigh back." His lip twitches at something, but then he adds. "Though, to be fair you might want to talk to DD, him and Fisk have a serious case of hate for hate's sake."

"The Kingpin, indeed. His organization has managed to obtain Wakandan technology through illegal channels. Last week a shipment in this very city was hijacked by one of his operatives - someone by the name of Stealth, I suspect."

There's a slight turn of his head as he looks down into the city below, hearing something out of the ordinary. His attention returns to the conversation at hand as he remarks, "There was another involved that I have yet to identify. Which is why I address you in these matters, do you know associates of 'Stealth' or have heard anything recently about the tech?"

"Stealth?" Spider-Man slides off his perch and stands on that walkway around the building, frowning to himself as he scritches at his chin with one hand. "I meet a ton of crazies, Panther. But that name doesn't ring any bells. As for the tech, I'm afraid not." He takes a few steps to the side and then crawls slowly up the side of the building, turning just so he can perch preternaturally against the side of it, bodyweight supported just by the balls of his feet against the wall. "If you like I can go check with the folks I know that might be in the know. But really, if there's someone that'll know about this, then that'd be Daredevil. You know how to find him?"

"I do. Hell's Kitchen will be my next destination." The Panther states as he seems to shift forward by only mere millimeters. He then states, "I thank you. Any information you can discover will be beneficial and I will find myself within your debt. "

To Spidey's credit he knows a dismissal when he hears one, might be having something to do with T'Challa being royalty. In any case he bobs his head to the other hero and holds up a hand. "Sure thing, if I find something I'll deaddrop it here around this time each night. You'll see it, probably be covered in webs or something."

Without further ado, Spidey hops off the wall, landing on the noggin of one of those gargoyles, balances there on one foot. "Seeya around, Panther!" He then effortlessly flips back and drops off the side of the building. Falling to his doom. That is until a /thwip/ is heard.

In a nearly silent voice, the Panther says, "Good evening to you, Spider-Man." as the web-slinger disembarks from his royal presence.

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