All That Glitters

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All That Glitters

Cyclops, Blindfold, Kelda, Gorgeous George

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09/21/12 20:00

Midtown, New York

Cyclops, Blindfold, and Kelda try to prevent Gorgeous George from escaping after a jewelry store heist

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It is Friday evening and Scott Summers, X-Men leader and headmaster at the Xavier Institute has chaperoned some trip for the students to come to New York City. While most have wondered off on their own. Scott, dressed casually for the black polo shirt and gray jeans and ruby quartz lenses. With him is Ruth Aldine, a young student from the Institute. As they walk along Midtown, Scott window shops, but sighs a moment as that concept does not work with the blind teen with him.

Blindfold smiles up at Scott as she wears her typical jeans, sneakers, with mystic blue and purple shirt and hoodie. There was one way for her to window shop with him but it'd be rude for her to just do it and Scott had told her not to. "It's alright, I don't mind window shopping, please, yes, don't worry about it." but then she pauses for a step "There's a jewelry store coming up soon isn't there? Man of tar..we're in for some excitement" she says quietly to Scott.

About four store fronts ahead of the duo there is an explosion of glass as one of the large bay windows is shattered by the form of a rent-a-cop being thrown through it. The world erupts in the screaming alarm of the jewelry store, as a elongated leg steps through the window as George lurks through with a bag slung over his shoulder like some caricature of a bank robber. There are several necklaces hanging from around his neck, like a dreadlocked Mister T from the 80's.

Not feeling so bad as she speaks, Scott smiles, "That's great." But when she delivers her cryptic warning in her unique speech pattern, Scott sighs, "Man of tar?" He reminds himself who are possible villains that fit that description as they move along. Beneath his ruby quartz lenses, his eyes flash red and as they continue casually down the avenue, he offers, "Well, that's fine. Just be prepared to fill me in on what you see." He offers with a frown. And then the alarm blares and glass explodes as Gorgeous George reveals himself, "Oh great." Ruth stay close, but behind me. He rushes a bit forward holding onto his glasses, but not making any overt action jut yet, "Hey. . .Goergie. . .I would think Sinister would be disappointed with the simple jewel heist!"
Blindfold nods to Scott before following his footsteps quickly "George is acting on his own...drunk...Sinister didn't order this, thankfully, yes. Irritated, he working off some tension. Sirens..cruisers and police will be coming and news copters I'm afraid yes, sorry"

Gorgeous George turns and looks at the source of Cyclops's voice. There is a look of slight confusion at first, until he recognizes Scott for the X-Man do-gooder. "Didn't recognize you with yer tights on." He chuckles, with a gravelly voice that is laced with malice. "The Boss told me to get a hobby... thought I'd try rock collectin'." He glares at the girl with Scott, "Who's the mouthy she-la? She your new girl? Did the red-head finally get tired of you? Now why don't you two get back on your little date, before someone has to get hurt?"

"Stinkin' drunk. . .Great. . .And this needs to be handled quickly!" Scott mumbles to himself as he looks at his watch. "Ok. I get that you are an alcoholic. . .but even you can understand. You have exactly one second before the entire team of X-Men arrive and you are taken down. Even drunk, you gotta realize how bad this is for you." Scott actually smirks as he makes the threat.

Blindfold snickers shaking her head "I'm sorry no, you seem to be not in your right mind. You'll this hand of cards and Mr Sinister will not be pleased with you, I'm afraid yes. Why not put the valuables down, if you would please?"

"Oh no. Not the X-Men! Whatever will I do?" Gorgeous George feigns worry for all of about three seconds, reaching his arms out in an almost submissive posture. Then the look turns into delight, as if the idea of a fight was more of the target than the loot. His right arm then jets out and grabs the groaning security guard who certainly isn't paid enough to be slung like a boomerang at Scott and Ruth.

"Listen to the squirt. . ." Scott smirks again as he is starting to feel like Wolverine. Though in fact, he is not Wolverine, so when the security guard is thrown in his direction, he scowls as he runs forward ready to place himself to try and catch the guard. "Blindfold, get in his head." He orders loudly for George to hear hoping for the villain to be intimidated by a telepath.

Blindfold smirks "Yes sir" oh it was messy in George's head "Guard is a distraction, he's looking for an all out fight, unfortunately, sorry. The heist was a lure." hurrying to follow Scott's foot steps and stay behind him as she grins finding something amusing in all this "Yes, that's right Georgie, please if you would focus on me. Although if you don't mind me saying so please, you should work on your people skills if you want a girl friend"

As the guard goes flying, almost right at Cyclops, he is not that difficult to catch. Of course, that isn't the real threat. After chunking the man, George charges, stretching his body is a most intimidating stature to tower over the pair by several feet in height and width. He comes in swinging widely with both massive fist that are nearly the size of a man's torso a piece.

With the guard caught, Cyclops fires up directly above him at an angle as George's tar body looms over. It is a full-powered blast, one of his more powerful blasts, "Blindfold, get the guard out of here!" Scott pushes the guard towards Ruth as he fires the blast.

Blindfold nods quickly taking the gaurd's arm over her shoulder and tapping her way from the fight toward the cars on the other side of the street. Takes her a bit being blind.

Gorgeous George is towering over Cyclops by several feet. As the optic blast is emitted from the ruby sunglasses, the beam rips through the gigantic man that seems to be made almost of putty or tar. Then the realization dawns on the observers, the stretchy mutant, who apparently has just robbed a jewelry store, wasn't actually hit by the blast, but shaped his body to avoid it. He howls in maniacal laughter as he brings his fists down upon Cyclops like twin hammers to an anvil. Meanwhile, in the distance, the sound of police sirens can be heard.

A man made of tar like putty has robbed a jewelry store. A blindfolded girl is helping an unfortunate gaurd across the street out of harm's way. While Scott Summers in his street clothes has eyeblasted the tar man only for it to go right thru with no damage. Two giant tar hands coming down at Scott like anvils as the tarman looms over hugely. The blindfolded girl turns her head over her shoulder "Sir! Backwards, please if you would". Just in the nick of time Scott does some fancy foot work to get back out of the way of those anvil hands of tar "Really Georgie, I'm sorry I'm afraid you under estimate me" Well if Scott put her as the target, she'll play that!

Another sound can be heard in the distance. It isn't exactly the sort of thing that grabs the attention in this city. Well, not right away. Meteorologists are hating it though. Clouds are darkening, and the rumble of thunder can be heard. In fact, the temperature seems to be dropping in the area too. Just to make a dramatic entrance (as anyone who controls the weather cannot help but do), Kelda seems to be walking down out of the sky on... well, she's walking as if she's descending a staircase, but there are no stairs. However, with each -step-, there is a rumbling of thunder, growing louder the closer she gets to the ground.
When she steps onto the ground itself, she is wreathed by the light of lightning flashing behind her, "This... stops... now." she says. She's not yelling. She is simply making a statement with her hair and robes flailing about in the wind generated by her arrival.

"What the...?" Gorgeous George pauses, though his fist is held back as if ready to throw a punch. He looks over his shoulder, at an impossible angle for a normal man. Of course, George is anything but normal. "You ain't Storm." With a gaze that is almost lewd, "Much better looker..." He takes a step towards the curb and away from Cyclops. "Who are you anyway, Lil' Miss This-Stops-Now?"

Blindfold smiles breathing a sigh of releif as Scott wasn't knocked out "This is Kelda, an Asgardian, George Blair. If you would please Kelda, some ice cold on him would be appreciated please" setting the gaurd down against a car across the street she pats his shoulder "Stay here please, ambulances are on the way"

Cyclops getting Ruth's idea waits with a hand on his ruby sunglasses poised to strike.

“Nay, I am not Storm. I -am- the Storm." offers Kelda as she continues walking forward. "I am Kelda, goddess of the frozen storms of winter, mistress of lightning. Ye shall stop fighting immediately lest ye risk my wrath." Yes, she said that with a straight face and without thinking at all that it might sound silly. As she stops maybe twenty feet away, she holds a hand out as if she were gripping a walking stick... and an eight foot spear made entirely out of gleaming, translucent ice simply -grows- in her hand, the back end resting upon the ground casually as she raises a single eyebrow.
She eyes Blindfold and then looks back towards George, "Shall I demonstrate the chill of the north then?" She asks.

Gorgeous George snorts. "Now, which one of us is supposed to be the good guys here? Here I am being nice and not fightin' and you go threatenin' violence." He tsk tsk tsks softly. "Just out havin' a bit o' fun and Old One Eye and Jean 2.0 here had to get involved... Had me fun.. I'm done... no need for anyone else to get hurt." Blindfold might get the sense that George was actually holding back and not actually trying to hurt anyone - at least in his idea of hurt. He just thought he'd eleviate some boredom by knocking over a jewelry store. He continues to take a non-threatening step away from Cyclops.

Blindfold seems to relax "There are other ways of eleviating boredom George then commiting crimes and hurting people, I'm afraid, yes I'm sorry to say. Although I realize this isn't your idea of hurt, you have hurt people and when bad things are done the consequences must be faced. That, yes I apologize, means you must be apprehended and face the consequences of these actions" then she turns toward Kelda "Please if you would demonstrate your cold? He will not drop the jewels voluntarily I'm afraid sorry"

"You mistake me. I am a goddess of Asgard. -Nice- is not precisely what we are known for. Warriors prayed to us in years past. Soldiers who killed one another in droves, many hoping to earn a place at our side by their valor and skill. If ye desire fun of the sort that I just witnessed, then I would be glad to help. It has been some time since I was able to have that sort of fun myself. I find mortals far too ... well mortal, to provide me with a challenge the way my fellows at home may provide." She rolls her neck a bit and lifts the spear, tip pointed towards George, "Perhaps you might indulge me?" She asks. Hopefully, pulling the guy even further away from the bystanders and the like.
Then her body lanmguage changes a little as she inclines her head, "He has stolen -jewels-?" As someone who owns a fair number of those things back home, she has her own opinion of punishment for such a crime. More thunder rumbles and she gestures with her spear, a bitter biting cold laced with snow and even frozen rain starting to flow from her, sideways, towards the goo guy.

Gorgeous George chuckles. "I asked if I could have them. They didn't say no." He grins widely at Kelda. "Well, I ain't no god, but if you want to party." His fingers stretch out into long spikes, as similar spikes grow out on various parts of his body. The glossiness of his body dulls and looks almost rock-ish.

Seeing George solid and distracted Cyclops lifts his glasses and gives another powerful eyeblast square at george.

Blindfold on the other hand shakes her head at George "No, I'm sorry George, you frightened them into a panic. That store didn't give you permission, they make a living off of trading jewelry for money, such things as you know are not a free buffet. Just because one can do something doesn't mean one should. Also, I am Blindfold, sorry to correct you but yes. You got drunk with the other Nasty boys and forgot how long your arms are supposed to be. You broke cases in the store you threw guards around like medicine balls....all against the laws and punishable"

Well, with George solidifying, and spikes growing from him, Kelda just grins. On her left arm, a shield made of ice grows. That shield is also spiked. "Thy forget one important detail." she says both towards Blindfold and George. "Ice is well and good, but...." And from the sky, a streak of raw elemental lightning cascades down towards George's solidifying form, even as that optic blast fires from Cyke. "I am the goddess of the winter -storm-.." she says as the lightning strikes. "No storm should ever be without lightning."

To those watching in horror and terror as the tar-man robs the jewelry store then gets stopped by first Cyclops and Blindfold, in civilian clothing, and then the winter goddess Kelda, they see the jewelry thief exterminated by Cyclops optic blast from behind and the lightning bolt from the heavens. In his hardened state, he shatters in an explosion of bits of Gorgeous George and jewelry. The vast majority of George bits fall within five to ten feet of where he was standing. As they hit the ground, they liquify and pour into the nearby storm drain, leaving a scattering of gold and diamonds over the sidewalk. In a flash, there is no trace of Gorgeous George save for the destruction left behind and the two mutants and goddess to deal with the fall-out.

Striding forwards, Kelda scowls as she waves and dismisses her spear and shield, "As I feared... far too breakable." she remarks as she begins moving to collect the gold and jewels. She is very careful with them and slowly and painstakingly collects as much of them as she can find, the weather patterns going back to normal as she works.

Blindfold nods toward Kelda "Breakable but he always manages to fix himself, he'll pull himself together some place safe, yes, sorry"

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