Against the Deviants

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Havok, Mirage, Nightcrawler, Surge, Shadowcat, Dragona, Glomm, Gort, Ghaur, Ransak, Blackwulf

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08/23/12 07:15

Devil's Tower, Wyoming

X-Factor goes to investigate the Ship and runs into Deviants

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Kitty turned around to face them all "Hey I finally got to use the big red button" then clears her throat and looks more seriously at them all "It was for a good reason too though. I started receiving a signal that matches the signature of Ship, it only started a short time ago out of the blue. Pushing a button the big screen comes down showing a blink red wyoming...devil's tower! "Unfortunately this is where it's located, Devil's Tower. From my research we're not the only ones who are tracing the signal. We have to get there before anyone else cuz we have first claim but that won't mean squat if someone takes it before we get there"

After a breif discussion they're all off on the Blackbird and it's landing soft as a bird atop devil's tower. Ship just happens to be sticking out of the tower.

Surge was a bit leary about being along, after all she is the intern. She shifts a bit in her outfit and adjusts some settings one her gauntlets as they land after she causes the lights to flicker with her nervousness. She is taking a few breaths to try and relax a bit.

Looking at the scans and the conundrum and knowing his geology, Alex says, "There's only one way the ship could have penetrated the tower, it had to phase itself in. So we're going to have to get it out the same way it got in, cause if we break this thing, the Federal Government is going to toss into USGS jail and throw away the key."

"If its not already broken," ponders Kurt to Alex, and then, "And assuming there isn't already someone here." Looking towards Kitty, "Can we can for any of this, external hull damage, life signs ..." Fly, yes, he can ... run the other fancy equipment, he hasn't bothered to start pushing buttons at random to learn everything on board and now probably isn'ta good time to start. Either way, as they land, he's getting out of his seat and getting ready to go.

You had Mirage at Wyoming, she didn't have to hear anything else to be on board with this little mission. Mountains, forest, just get her a tent and she would be in paradise. Like Kurt, as soon as the 'Bird touches down she is out of her seat and ready to disembark. "If we may be expecting company it may be best to have eyes above to scout the area."

Kitty grins grabbing her pack as she gets from her seat soon as the landing gear touches ground "I can scan for heat signatures but life signs are a bit tricky with all deviations in dna and I'm no doctor. I did manage to cobble together a scanner that will tell me what kind of shape it's in but phasing it out might not be a walk in the park. I hope Leyu doesn't mind I borrowed one of her scanners though, should be able to tell us of any large life signs" turning it on red lights on the scanners screen light up "Aw crud, we're definitely not the only ones here"

Lockheed then came out of the blackbird and settled on her shoulder, earning him a pat from Kitty.

Surge cocks her head to the side and then moves out after the others. She stretches a little and shrugs, "Don't shoot the it." she mutters to herself.

Standing, Havok will glance one last time at the scan and note, "Kitty, do what you can to establish a connection and determine the Ship's current state. Kurt, do a little recon. Dani, we're up high, can you summon Brightwing to do a little aerial recon? Surge, stick with me." and he'll start heading for the hatch.

There is a nod from Nightcrawler, he looks from Alex to Kitty a moment, sharing a quick glance with her before bamfing off. His attention to teleport around the ground level to look for others and/or signs of Ship and such intrusion into Ship. If he actually finds anything, he'll spot check and then return to report rather than stay long term for observation.

"Right." is the only response Mirage gives to the affirmation of her suggestion. When the hatch opens the pegasus is already there waiting for her. After Mirage vaults into the saddle, Brightwind leaps into the air before Mirage is even settled. With his speed it is a mere few seconds before they are banking around the tower, searching the ground below for others.

Giving Alex a nod she shared a look with Nightcrawler before taking out a scanner and moving toward Ship to do a full body scan "Hmm some minor internal damage...nothing wrong with the hull so far though. I'll have to get a look inside but seems like the toughest part will be phasing it out. some minor repairs will need to be made and it won't have the smoothest first flight...but from what I can tell it's in workable shape. I just can't tell why it started broadcasting its signal now though"

Emerging from the Blackbird, Havok moves across toward the Ship but giving Kitty a wide berth so as not to foul her scanning. He's curious and wants to touch it as well as inspect the ground from where it emerges.

That's when things go immediately awry. From behind the ship, Blackwulf and Ransak come charging out toward Havok/Surge bearing weapons (war axe and sword respectively)

Above Mirage, she will hear a female screaming her attack. When looking, Mirage will see Dragona swooping down upon her.

Ghaur becomes visible several yards away and is just inclined on watching. Although, Gort stands to his left flank, at the ready (holding his turn for anyone who may assault Ghaur).

Glomm seems to appear out of nowhere atop the Blackbird, he roars.

[OOC] Havok says, "Dragona"

[OOC] Havok says, "Glomm"

[OOC] Havok says, "Gort"

[OOC] Havok says, "Ghaur"

[OOC] Havok says, "Ransak"

[OOC] Havok says, "Blackwulf"

Coming out and following his purpose, Nightcrawler is in a new area and limited by line of sight teleportation. Its still pretty quick, but as soon as they are out, they're surrounded. Turning to appraise the situation, he thinks Ghaur, being dressed like a priest, might be a key figure to focus on. The elf bamfs in to try and grab Ghaur, then will attempt a multiport to disorient the priest and get him away from the group, most likely dropping him in the air for possibly Dani to pick up and/or take out (or to fall to thud on the ground).

Kurt grabs for Ghaur, misses. Not just because he sucks, but because Ghaur is desolid. Gort will attack Kurt if he doesn't teleport away.

Nightcrawler does indeed port away, announcing, "He's either phasing or a hologram." Just to indicate the desolid state.

Shadowcat looks over at kurt and the priest and stomps her foot "Shoot!" then makes a sprint for the ship's hatch as Lockheed gaurds pet ever.

Havok is caught off guard (lost initiative) and nailed by Ransak's sword flat twice. He's knocked back, but not kilt or injured significantly. It's almost like Ransak is intentionally not being lethal.

Surge is also smacked pretty hard by the flat of Blackwulf's battleaxe. She's knocked to the ground and approximately 33 feet away.

Kurt will feel the brain pain.... it's not that Ghaur is a magician, but a mentalist/priest.

Mirage will be tackled and potentially knocked from her horse by Dragona who drives them both downward toward the ground.

Glomm slips and falls off the slick hull of the blackbird when lunging to leap from it and tackle Kitty. Total fail.

Gort remains steadfast.

Mirage is taken down by Dragona. They both plummet to the top of the natural tower. With a significant thud. Mirage finds herself on her back pinned beneath Dragona who has very sharp talons on her fingertips (gloves).

Havok moves back half an area and will in turn try to blast Ransak. The blast goes wide and will nearly strike the ship as well. Instead plasma is cast off into the sky. "Crap..." is exclaimed.

Surge gets hit and knocked back. She really doesn't like that as she hits a button on her gauntlets and throws a blast of electricity at Blackwulf but she is still a bit off kilter from the hit.

Scanning the ground below Mirage sees the competition for Ship converge on the team below. Though any effort to call a warning is cut short when she hears the scream above to be followed by being tackled from her saddle. Brightwind whinnies a challenge. As the two fall Mirage locks eyes with Dragona and begins the mind tap so that when they hit the illusion will kick in.

Suddenly, Dragona screams and she cowers back onto the rocky surface. Standing over her is Ghaur, his hand is on the top of her head and it has a glow to it as if he is inflicting Emma Frost like pain.

Knowing that he needs to disarm his opponent, or hoping he does, Havok blasts the sword from Ransak's hands sending it over the edge of the natural tower. In doing so, he backs up a little more toward the Blackbird, ready for a charge if need be.

Surge isn't really used to this, yes she has trained for it, but it is different once your life is on the line and she isn't having much luck hitting anything.

Kurt overcomes his brain-pain and leaps into action. He teleports to Glomm, grabs him, teleports again and drops him on top of Ghaur's location from 40 feet up, and then teleports and appears next to Kitty, "Kratchen, it vould behoove us all if you get ze Ship online."

Shadowcat smirks at Kurt as she hooks up her computer to the ship "I'll have this girl waking up faster then a five yr old on christmas morning when you promise them a pony" typing away on the keys "C'mon girl..wake up we got things to do.." slowly the lights flicker on and a whir can be heard "This might take a few, she's been in slumber for a while Nightcrawler"

With Dragona being amused by her illusion Mirage is given a moment to catch her breath. As Brightwind lands beside her she gets up and using the stirup this time, gets back into the saddle. After hitting the ground in the manned she did, she won't be vaulting for a day or two.

Brightwind leaps back into the air and Mirage grabs her bow from the saddle harness. Inhale, draw back, exhale, fire. A bright psiarrow slices through the air to target Surge's oppoent, Blackwolf.

Dragona remains in her horrified state as the phantom of Ghaur stands over her traumatizing her.

Blackwulf is still armed when he rushes toward Surge; however before he can smack dat, he's dropped by Mirage's psy arrow.

This causes the real Ghaur to scream in pain. (Psychic backlash). He turns toward Mirage and will instantly feel the brain pain but will not go unconscious. It hurts.

Ransak charges Havok open handed and will punch the hero square in the jaw. Somewhere the gods laugh as Havok asks himself, 'seriously?!'.

Ghaur steps out of Glomm's physical area (as Glomm was dropped upon Ghaur) and comes into view with his eyes squarely on Mirage.

Glomm stands.

Gort knows his target, Mirage, and will leap toward her, swing and will miss.

Struck in the face, Havok gets pissed, third time in a very short period of time. "OH hell No!" he exclaims and will unleash his plasma at the point blank range of Ransak. Blasting him back 132 feet and near the ledge of the natural tower.

Kurt teleports to Gort, grabs him, and then tries to teleport away. Realizing that Gort resists the attack. Kurt is then heard saying, "Uh oh."

Mirage tightens her grip on the saddle with her knees as Brightwind shifts sideways to evade the initial charge from her new attacker. A few wing beats and he climbs higher, hopefully so he and his rider are out of Gort's reach/range.

As the pegasus manuvers under her Mirage pulls back the bow to fire another psiarrow, this time at Gort.

Gort drops and starts to drool.

Ghaur intones, "That is enough!" which is incredibly loud and persuasive. Causing everyone to just stop what they are doing - including his own people.

He starts walking toward Havok and says, "Disgusting humans, your presence here is unwarranted and unwelcome. I intended to make this easy on you. To render you unconscious and be gone before you woke. But you have now provoked my wrath and will destroy you all!"

The Ship begins humming and the ground seems to vibrate. The Ship gains a voice, "Havok, brother of Cyclops. Designation, mutant. Mirage, designation, mutant. Surge, Designation, mutant. Shadowcat, designation, mutant. Nightcrawler, designation, mutant." And then lists the other targets and designates them hostile non mutants.

Ghaur is already backpeddling when the Ship begins talking and says, "This was not supposed to go this way! X-Factor, you have not heard the last of Ghaur and his Deviants!" then they all teleport away and within seconds everyone can move again.

As everyone's head clears, the Ship continues to speak, "Thank you, Shadowcat, Kitty Pryde, for waking me."

Alex steps forward, but before he can speak the Ship interjects, "It seems that I have merged with this structure. One moment while I reorient myself and alter our position to a more comfortable location."

Then in a flash of light, the team is teleported onboard the ship, within the 'bridge (or what would serve as a bridge due to the maleoable internal nature of the ship)' where vast windows look out into space and down upon the Earth. Monitors detail that the Blackbird is within a Hangar area and the magnificant ship is now orbiting.

Kitty looks around her like a kid plunked down in the middle of wonka's factory! "Ohhh, my, gosh!" squeeing quite girlishly as she hugs Kurt tight and picks poor lockheed up under his 'arms' like, twirling in a cirle "This is amazing!" poor poor lockheed, subjected to such like a common purse pet. Kitty looks around again with big doe round doe eyes dancing with possibilities and wonderment "Ohhh, the things we could do!....and things I could build!" she'd ask about a name they could call the ship, something more personal then 'ship' but she's rather lost her mind in her computer fantasies.

With all that has gone on with robots, and other sentient computer entities, Mirage is much more skeptical when she looks around to where they have wound up. She goes over to Brightwind, patting him before they both go to the big window and look out into the expanse of space "Sorry, there will be no flying out there for us." she says to the pegasus as she rubs under his chin. "Can you fly this thing Kitty? Or will it do that itself?"

Well that brings Kitty back from her fantasies. Looking around at the controls she hrmms "I'm sure I could figure it out or Ship could teach me but she seems quite able to fly herself" then pets Lockheed affectionately on her shoulder "How are you feeling Ship?" and that's when it hits her " there something you'd like to be called instead of Ship? A name maybe?" calling a ship 'ship' was like calling a baby 'it' once you found out the gender of the baby.

Mirage remains standing at the window, one hand on the pegasus' neck the other spread on the glass as she stares out as Ship, for lack of a better name at the moment, orbits the earth. She may have seen the sight before, maybe she hasn't, either way it doesn't get old. "Kitty, the ship is probably detectable by orbitting satellites, maybe even ground telescopes and such. Can you send a signal of peaceful intent, but don't indicate who or what. We don't want the government knowing we have control of her just yet.

Smiling with a almost a tedner caress of a hand on Ship, Kitty nods "Now /that/ is no problem" typing something up brief and concise but peaceful and reassuring, Kitty hits send on broad spectrum channels. Then chuckles as she gets nudged by Lockheed "Noo, I haven't forgotten bout you, you'll always be the cutest pet. Who else can say they have a pet dragon?" and plants a kiss on his nose.

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