Afternoon in the Park

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Afternoon in the Park

Vaughn, Armand, Blindfold, Seth, Iceman, Scarlet Witch, Black Cat, Elene

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08/28/2012 20:20

Central Park, New York

Chance encounters in the park

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Blindfold came walking along one of the paths tapping her cane on the ground. Stopping, she turned her head this way and that and sighed "Thought he'd be here..."

It has been such a rough week so far...reminiscent of that time when he had another portal jumping character of dubious origin and intent under his care. Armand walks along with a bag of white chocolate brownies that have dark chocolate chips in them and he nibbles on a brownie as he just...walks. No real origin, just a walk. He wears a pair of fitted dark jeans and a soft cream colored sweater over a dark green tank-top, hair pulled back in a ponytail.

Having a bit of free time, Vaughn is relishing in being away from the school - from anything dealing with his new life. Enjoying getting to be a completely normal American teenager, that isn't being trained to be a costumed superhero that half the country would rather see burned at the stake even if he might be risking his neck for them. He has a pair of sunglasses on and headphones on his ears, and is blissfully unaware of most of the world around him.

Blindfold turns her head in the direction of...was it his foot fall she heard? the scent of fresh brownies that weren't your normal chocolate variety? Walking quickly in that direction tapping her cane she swung it out to tap just at Vaughn's feet with a giggle "Hey Vaughn" as though it started a game of tag she continued on in Armand's direction "Armand?"

"..." A familiar voice and Armand looks up quickly. "Hm? Oh! Mademoiselle Ruth...I knew I saw something radiant in the park and was drawn to its light..." He moves smoothly to meet her half-way, gently if allowed to take her hand and squeeze it gently as he turns to offer a bow to Vaughn. "Monsieur."

Vaughn can only sigh as Ruth continues her subtle game of torment. "Hi...." He does seem a little less than happy, but not really all that upset. He shakes his head. He then turns his head, sliding the sunglasses down to the tip of his nose, looking over their edge. "Just Vaughn... "

Blindfold smiles toward Armand, letting him take her hand and gives his a squeeze as she unwittingly blushes at the complimentary greeting "It's so nice to meet you again Armand, yes thank you. How's your job?" Then chuckles at Vaughn "It's Armand's way of being polite Vaughn. What's wrong? I don't purposely torment you, I'm sorry if I ever do, I do apologize"

Armand chuckles softly and carefully places a brownie that's been grabbed with a napkin into Blindfold's hand. "It is a new recipe, please try. The job is okay, it allows me to experiment more." Then he gives Vaughn a thoughtful once over and he nods slowly. "Very well can call me Armand if you please or whatever you like." He hmms softly.

Vaughn shakes his head, "I was just enjoying pretending that I was normal and that my life was normal... But it never gets to last long. " He shrugs, "Just feelin' a little whiny, I guess. And I know it's his way of bein' polite... just makes me feel ... well old."

Blindfold smiles and with brownie in hand she reaches to give Armand a hug "I worry bout you with that horribly long commute you have. There are options" Then smiles in understanding toward Vaughn "No one ever said growing up was easy"

Armand accepts the hug, patting Blindfold's back gently before he backs up respectfully. "I am very okay now, oui. Baking well, oui." He then turns to Vaughn and arches an eyebrow, a thoughtful expression flickering over his face.

Vaughn smirks, "That's like the understatement of the century there, Ruth." The smirk turns into a bit of an impish grin, "We have actually already met... you probably don't remember.. " He pauses, "Actually it was here in the park... a bit over that way..."

Blindfold taking a bite of the brownie that had been placed in her hand she starts giggling mid bite at the two boys "Mmm" munching on her bite "White chocolate with chocolate chips? and a hint of vanilla?" then nods to Vaughn "Well More you can do the more that's expected of you"

Armand is here...dark jeans, cream colored sweater of a dark green tank-top, dark green converse sneakers, hair back in a ponytail...and his usual bags worn as he carries a bundle of fresh white chocolate brownie with dark chocolate chips and he's talking to Blindfold who is eating a brownie and Vaughn. "Oui...such a good taste, Ruth." He winks before looking back to Vaughn. "I remember you vaguely, a brownie." He offers the bag to Vaughn so he can get one of his own.

It is late afternoon, and Armand, Ruth, and Vaughn are standing at a point where two of the park's paths cross one another. The three teenagers seem to be just chatting. The sun is out, big puffy clouds are overhead, birds are singing, Surely it is only a matter of time before the sword of Damocles falls. Vaughn arches an eyebrow at Armand's recollection, "You give me your number, stick that blasted song in my head for three days, and you remember me vaguely?" He voice carries quite obvious mock anguish. "No biggy... there were a lot more impressive people around then..." He reaches accepts one of the brownies and chomps down half of it in a single bite. As he maws it over in his mouth, he nods indicating his approval. Fine connoisseur that he is.

Blindfold hadn't a clue the French baker winked at her, nope blind she was, but she did blush unwittingly at the praise given "I liked the song on his ringer. Mmm is there a just a touch of nutmeg in here? Please thank you, come the holidays you could almost make eggnog brownies. Seriously, if you want a school you fit in and feel at ease, and also cuts down on your huge commute, I know of one. You could talk to someone from there"

Wanda quietly wanders through the park, dressed outside of her uniform as she might be fairly hard to recognize in her civilian garb. Though those that know her, or can sense certain things, would have little trouble recognizing the Scarlet Witch. She actually seems to be just having a peaceful walk, though as she spies out Blindfold, she pauses, recognizing the girl from the other day at the mansion. Then she slowly changes course, Wanda making her way over in Blindfold's general direction.

Out for a walk off the mansion, and to get a few shoppings done, Seth comes walking through the park. He's carrying a small box on one of his hands. Cutting through Central Park, he decides to grab a bite - one of those hot-dogs, with all the spices. Yummy. As he walks into the general area, he notices Vaughn, Blindfold and Armand talking. He puts off his hot-dog idea for now, and decides to approach.

Beautiful afternoons like this should not be wasted. Felicia certainly won't waste them, hitting the footpaths of Central Park in jogging shorts and a tanktop, towel drapped loosely around her neck. As she comes into the part of the park occupied by the mutants, though, she stumbles to a stop and leans forward to plant hands on her knee. Whoooo~

"Oh...Vaughn, do not worry...I think of you in ways that are not even close to vague in my dreams but we are indeed in the presence of a lady." Armand purrs before chuckling and looking back to Ruth. "Hm? I themed brownies, perhaps something with peppermint for the cookies or cake, non?" Then others are approaching and he hmms. "Hm? Oh non, if I am finishing my school out this year, I will be all caught up and able to consider the college."

It has been said that if you sit in Central Park long enough, the whole world will walk by you. While it is obviously a hyperbole, the truth is that almost every New Yorker passes through the Park at some point. Add in tourists, commuters, and various other guests to the city, and it really is amazing how often you'll run into someone you know, or at least recognize, in the Park. And as he walks slowly across the Park, just taking in the atmosphere of the place, his mind obviously elsewhere, Bobby does just that. He catches sight of someone he knows, and starts walking towards Wanda. When he gets close to her, he clears his throat and says in a sarcastic, teasing tone, "Wow, running into you twice within a week or so. What's the chance of that?"

Vaughn frowns just slightly at Ruth's ease at alluding to the school. He doesn't say anything though, at least not in public. He nearly chokes on the huge mouthful of brownie. He baited Armand, so he got only what he deserved. He cocks his head slightly, "So um.. yeah.. It's kind of crazy just running into you all in the park like this, isn't it?" He hopes that the other two get the point that there are other ears about.

Blindfold smiles at Armand "I know most people enjoy peppermint during the holidays but I'm afraid I'm not much of a fan of it myself, though I can never get enough of eggnogg. I do know a really school though that just opened for the fall semester, you'd even get to see people you've met already more-" then Ruth fell quiet with a tilt of her head as she turned slightly toward the two adults who seemed to know one another, just sort of on pause.

Wanda grins over at Bobby, "You should know by now, that I make my own luck." She arches a brow as she looks back at him, "But this is a little ways from Westchester, while I don't live too far away at all. And besides." She then reveals a small bag of... bread crumbs? "Jarvis' sourdough bread is infamous among all the pigeons in the park. They love it whenever they can get it."

Seth approaches the formed group of young people, "Hi, guys." He looks between them, "What's new?" With Bobby and Wanda in his field of view - Wanda which he met previously at the Avengers victory celebration, and Bobby being a member of staff at the Mansion -, he takes note of them, though he doesn't say anything to them yet - they're talking to each other, anyways. But there is the exercising blonde, now isn't there? Oh yeah, that captures just about anyone's attention. He clears his throat, adjusting his sunglasses, and trying to keep his attention on the group. Trying being the keyword.

Felicia squints into the sun, and rather by accident or design, poses in a way that makes for a wonderfully enticing silhouette. Picture perfect, really. She shouldn't be idling under a blistering sun but instead modeling some obscure product under hollywood's flashing lights, staring seductively into the camera. Maybe offbrand water or perfume. Yeah, water. For sure.

A wry twist of his lips as he notes Vaughn's reaction and then he's turning his attention back to Ruth. Armand smiles softly and sighs. "I see /you/ are excited for school, oui..." Then he nods slowly. "And it is very nice to always meet a friendly-" Seth makes his way over and Armand just eyes the young man and squints to see what he's looking/was looking at, catching a glimpse of Felicia and then he looks back to Blindfold. "Ruth? Yes darling, give me your hand...there is a very nubile woman in fitted clothing who may cause all those with a penis to spontaneously combust...fortunately I am protected because my hair is longer than hers...and I am liking her figure...very Aphrodite meets Fitness Guru...but I don't want brain matter on my brownies." But he does offer the bag of brownies (white chocolate chip with dark chocolate chips) to Seth so he can take one if he wants.

Bobby laughs at Wanda's comment, "I've heard other people say that, but I don't think they meant it quite the way you do." His eyes go past Wanda to Felicia, proving that the blond's effect is not limited to the teens. Of course, calling Bobby an adult might be a bit of a stretch. After a few moments though, the typical guy can't-control-his-eyes look turns intoo a more puzzled expression as he says, slightly bemused, "I think I know her. " He looks back at Wanda and wags a finger in mock disapproval, "The weirdest coincidences crop up around you." Then, being Bobby, he grins and adds, "Though hey, if it means me randomly running into two hot women, I'm all for it."

Wanda looks wryly at Bobby, "Oh, /do/ you." She gives the blonde a look, pausing a bit as she narrows her gaze a little, "Though... there's something about her." Before she completes the sentence, she looks back towards Bobby, "She seems familiar, there's a sense about her. But perhaps I'd just seen her in passing before. New York." She then coughs a little at Bobby's last comment, "Well, there is no such thing as truly /random/ chance." She does, still, blush a little as she's compared somewhat favorably with Felicia. Old habits.

Vaughn smiles over to Seth, "Not much... I was just trying to enjoy some free time while I could... Kind of an impromptu run in with Ruth here... It being such a small world, can't seem to not run into someone I know." His voice has a joking tone to it, which he hopes that Ruth catches, "No matter how hard I try." He looks as Armand offers Seth a brownie, "You should really try one... they're amazing... " He glances in the direction of Seth's attention. He smirks, "So glad you think so highly of self control... " The rule that has been put is that no pranks can be done on campus grounds. Well, this isn't campus, is it? An impish grin eases across Vaughn's lips as he concentrates just a little. A loud wolf-whistle seems to come from just around Bobby.

Felicia's rolls her head to the right and then down, stretching sore muscles, looking up just in time that Vaughn's wolf whistle prank works as well as he could possibly hope. Sharp, observant green eyes peer over the top of her shades as she studies the man, lips twitching at the compliment but it disappears as she gets a better look at the two.

If two things could be said about Felicia, they'd be she can fill out some jogging shorts and she's assertive. She plucks off her sunglasses, squares her shoulders, and strolls toward Bobby and Wanda. Of course, this is not without a walk fit for a runway.

Blindfold isn't aware when her jaw goes slack, if she were she'd be blushing brightly at such a vivid intimate description of the goings on. Instead she numbly holds a hand out in Armand's direction as she seems out of it for the moment. Vaguely aware of the conversation around her but her head remains facing the adults. some people thought it was hard to take in everything when Ruth 'needed' them to know things? Sometimes it was difficult getting 3 movies downloaded at once.

"I think I'd like to know her...", he lets out in a mumble not long after Bobby says he might know Felicia. He then clears his throat, and looks in a side glance to Vaughn. "I paint the dark picture of a slap to someone's face, now..." He looks at the brownies, and pulls one out. "Ooh, brownies. I'm all for one."

Armand gently takes Ruth's hand and squeezes it gently before he watching the reactions of those who are around, eyeing people warily but managing to keep a pleasant smile on his face, nodding to Seth as he takes a brownie.

Vaughn starts chuckling softly at Seth's glance at him. He shrugs his shoulders, "Would you like me to introduce you to her? I can?" Seth should know now that whenever that grin is on Vaughn's lips that it can never lead anywhere good.

Iceman glances around when he hears the wolf whistle. And quickly realizes that there isn't another man standing within 10 feet in any direction. Of course, the confused search of his viscinity might just come off as a bad attempt to play it off as "Wasn't me". Of course, a strange occurance seemingly in defiance of natural order isn't that unusual in Bobby's world, and the first explanation in his mind is another mutant. Felicia's approach does not bode well and he turns his attention fully to her as she draws near. Rather awkwardly, eh blurts, "Uh, Hi."

Seth hmms as he seems to notice Felicia's approach causes some embarassment to Bobby. "Or, it could end with a kick to someone's kidsack, effectively cropping up the victim's side of the gene pool..." He munches on his brownie. He looks at Vaughn, "Well, you could... But to what end?" No... He seriously asked that question?

Wanda doesn't look nearly as phased, though she does give Felicia a wry smile, "Well done. I think you must have the mutant power to make men speechless." She looks more amused at anything else, as she gives Bobby a devilish look, "Do you think you can manage more than two syllables, this time?" She then winks at Bobby, apparently feeling fairly impish this afternoon.

Blindfold shakes her head slightly and turns toward armand "Hm? Oh sorry, forgive me Armand. Not going to drool at the older girls?" what had she missed?

Felicia stops in front of Wanda, laughing. "Do I? Shame, that seems rather /limited/." She folds the shades, hooking them at the neck of her shirt, eyebrow arching as she looks Bobby over. "You whistle at me and that's all you've got? I thought that I would finally get to live the dream of getting catcalled, like those scenes with the boisterous construction crews you see in the movies." All the attention she's garnered from the other group goes unnoticed for now. "I'm sorry, I'll be brief. I just got this impression that I've seen you before."

"Drooling makes the male gender seem...ahh weak and a tad desperate, I appreciate a fine woman like a fine cuisine...there are ah...rules and a certain finesse that you are needing." Armand chuckles and kisses the back of Blindfold's hand before turning to look between Vaughn, Seth, and then back to where the woman is. "I believe she is out of your...reach, remember the more beautiful a woman appears and has you saluting so quickly...the more dangerous they may be."

Vaughn looks at Seth like he has grown a third eye. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but you _just_ said how you wished you knew her. To the end of you introducing you to her. You probably getting shot down in a painfully humiliating way, because.. look at her... then look at us.. Women like that don't have even see teenagers like us." Vaughn is standing at a crossroads of two paths of the park, along with Ruth, Seth, and Armand, while Felicia, Bobby, and Wanda are a bit away talking.

Blindfold blushes unwittingly and dips her head to Armand "There is a subtleness to courtship dictates by etiquette as much as a recipe dictates the order of preparation of a dish, yes thank you" She of course knew how all three of the adults knew each other but she didn't say "And we will be joined by yet another.."

Mutant ice powers are apparently not enough to keep Bobby's cheeks from attempting to catch fire, though it's not clear whether it's the situation or the comments that has him blushing. He clears his throat "Right, like it takes a mutant power for a gorgeous blond to make me trip over my tongue." He looks at Felicia and says hesitantly, "Acually, I could swear we've met, but for the life of me I can't figure out where. Which is weird, 'cause normally I don't think I'd forget meeting you." He tries to dodge off the subject of the wolf whistle, in the hopes that ignoring it will be simpler than trying to explain.

Wanda smiles at Felicia, "Well, I suppose that's fair, though most people are used to seeing me in costume, I guess." She extends a hand towards Felicia, "Wanda Maximoff, a pleasure to make your acquaintance... and to keep people from staring at /me/ for a change." She grins a bit at that.

Seth nods to Vaughn continuously. "Hence the 'what's the point' commentary. She's like, either five to ten years older. Just by three years difference, and I still wouldn't be anywhere near her radar. So yes, what would be the point of introduction? I'll just save myself the 'forever alone' feeling." He finishes his brownie, looking between Ruth and Armand. "Etiquette... Not a bad call, but it sounds like 200 years in the past. Overall, I just go for the 'be nice'."

Felicia stares at Bobby for another long moment, but eventually is forced to admit defeat with a wry shake of her head. "See, that's a start. I simply must have failed to make a strong enough impression." She takes Wanda's hand in her own, shaking firmly. "Felicia Hardy. It's nice to meet you, and your friend here?"

Speaking of public ID's, there is a jogger in the park this evening. After all, a long day on the job doesn't leave much time for working out and Elene is taking downtime to work out. Running is one of her favorite ways to not just get cardio, but to also let her mind wander and just -think- about things. She comes around on the path into view of this area, and her feet are not pounding the cement... they are however making minor chuffing sounds for those with better than normal hearing.

"Wanda Maximoff... where do I know that name from?" Vaugh comments hearing the other conversation with no difficulty. He looks at Seth and shrugs, "Because you never know.. Love they say is blind.. or is that justice? Either way, neither of them ever really make sense or follow the rules... "

Armand hmms and he gives a little nod before patting Blindfold's shoulder gently before he nods slowly to himself. "Ruth? Ahh yes...I am going to go now, I have to get back to school. Will you be alright?"

Bobby flashes a grin at Wanda, "The only reason people aren't looking at you as much is 'cause you're not in jogging gear." He offers his hand to Felicia, "I'm Bobby. Since we seem to have gotten formal all of a sudden, Bobby Drake." He shake his head, "And I admit, I was a little worried when you walked over that you were about to leave a bigger impression. Like with a right hook."

Blindfold smirks at Seth "Actually you'd need to be either a jock, very rich, or Spiderman to get her to notice, yes I'm sorry." It takes a little bit as Elene draws toward the groups but Ruth eventually smiles "And we have our other" yup super-cop detected. "Picture her in red, she visited our school this week" then smiles in Armand's direction "Do you have to? I know you're not happy there, yes I'm sorry. Of course, yes thank you I'll be fine"

"Honey," Felicia drawls, "As if I /could/ slug every man that whistled at me. You look this good, you /expect/ to get noticed. Before you ask, yes, I am that conceited." She flashes another grin, wiping at her face with the towel, cleaning away the sweat before shaking Iceman's hand. "Well, I've got a lap to finish. It was nice meeting you both."

Wanda smiles back at Bobby, "Well, that's a pretty quick recovery... you have grown up a bit, haven't you?" She seems a bit amused yet, giving Felicia a wry look, "Be careful, then. Not all men might be rendered powerless by your presence." With that, she gives Bobby a curious look.

Following the curve of the sidewalk brings Elene closer to the gathered group. She recognizes Blindfold (or Ruth of course), and slows down a bit, reaching for a small towel she has tucked into her belt alongside a holster holding a water bottle. She reaches for the towel and plucks it up before stopping and starting to dab at her sweaty face. "Evening Ruth." she remarks with a grin as she tucks the towel back into her belt and reaches for the bottle of water. "Enjoying the park again?" she asks.

Armand nods slowly to Blindfold. "Oui...I shall see you later." He bows his head and jogs off.

Iceman looks at Wanda and puts his hand over his chest as if mortally insulted, "Me, grow up? Never!" He then flashes a grin at Felicia, "Hey, if you actually know you're that conceited, you're a step ahead of most people." He adds teasingly, "Though the guys might be falling a step behind you on purpose."

As Vaughn is standing there, his cellphone goes off. He looks at the number, flinching slightly as he had forgotten about his meeting, "Oh, hey, Jack.. yeah, yeah.. I'm on my way... running just a few minutes late... Nah, everything's cool.. just ran into some friends cutting through the park... " He smiles over to Ruth and Seth, "I'll catch you guys later... " He looks to Elene, then recognizes the cop from a month ago. "Officer... good to see you again." And with that the teenager starts off at a jog himself to try to make up some of his lost time.

Seth looks at the approaching Elene, stepping aside a little so she can pass. But that's before he notices she's stopping to greet Ruth. He waves goodbye to Armand. In reaction to what Wanda says - yes, he noticed the look given to him -, he replies to himself. "Love is blindness, like Bono said. And justice just doesn't exist when it comes to love." He smirks some as he says that.

Blindfold smiles and nods toward armand as he turns to jog off before smiling to the detective "Hello Detective, it's nice to meet you again on patrol again or just exercising, if you don't mind my asking thank you?" then chuckles at Vaughn and waves a hand in his departing direction "Catch you later vaughn" Ruth is then shaking her head at the talk of love and justice "The saying I beleive, forgive me, correct me I'm wrong please, is that both are blind"

"I see what you did there," Felicia says, taking the shades and placing them back on the tip of her nose. "Better watch out for this one, Wanda, he's dangerous. Handsome and quick-witted." The turn and stalk away is for effect, but the extra sway in her hips speaks of a taunting nod to Iceman's idea that there might be wandering eyes nearby. Let 'em look. She is still utterly unaware that she was a topic between the teenaged mutants. Ah, missed opportunities.

Bobby is not above admiring the view as Felicia stalks off. After she's a couple of steps away, he turns to Wanda and says in a low voice, "If I find out where that catcall actually came from, someone's getting ice in their shorts." He grins and then adds, "I can get in plenty of trouble on my own, I don't need the help."

Wanda chuckles a bit, "Well, it wasn't /me/ Bobby." She smiles a little, giving Bobby a curious look, "But do I need to be careful around you? I mean, it isn't like we're trying to pulverize each other anymore... or have even tried that for years, truthfully."

Even Elene watches Felicia stalk off. Not for the same reason as some others. She shakes her head as she notices the stalk and posture and such. Then she looks back to Blindfold, "Patrol? No Ruth... I was working all day actually and just finished a little while ago. Just thought I'd go for a run. Speaking of which, what brings you out into the park again?" She waves towards the other folks who greeted her and offers some smiles and such.

Blindfold giggles drops her voice to where she thinks seth still is "Good thing Vaughn had to go" then takes a deep breath "Boy, now I wish eggnogg was already out in stores.." and shrugs at Elene "Only place I know where I can find Armand and he always has something tasty, thank you yes"

Seth watches Felicia leave, as he takes a sigh. He looks at Blindfold again. He narrows his eyes, clearing his throat. Blindfold, prepare to be corrected. "Sorry for the contradiction, I'll update you on current events. Actually, love isn't blind. The little cherub with the bow and arrows just happens to spend his sunny afternoons shooting arrows up in the air, having his laughs when they fall on people. As for justice... well, she's a backstabbing bitch who favors whoever pays more and presents doubtful arguments of reason."

Iceman looks at Wanda and flashes a smile. "Careful around me? I don't know, I don't think so. Should I be careful around you?" He pauses and looks up as if thinking, then leans in as if to say something to her quietly. He adds playfully, "Then again, maybe you should be," just as he touches the back of her neck with one literally ice cold finger.

Blindfold shakes her head at seth "You are quite cynical but I'm sorry, no. They say love is blind because a person in love can be blind to someone faults and only see the potential and all the good in a person. Justice is blind because well...that's how the statue of justice with the scale pans is portrayed with a blindfold...No, I'm not justice" giving seth a smirk at her own joke.

Raising a single brow, Elene inclines her head and looks towards Seth. "What was that about Justice?" she asks. Apparently, the cop takes her job and position of authority seriously. "Justice is blind because it is applied to all equally. That is why it's said it is blind. It doesn't see differences, doesn't see money or power. It is -blind-."

Wanda yelps at the sudden touch of ice on the back of her neck, taking a step back from Bobby. Then she smiles, and it isn't a particularly nice smile, though there is a rather wicked humor behind it as she says, "Oh, Bobby... you really should know better." She winks, and then turns to walk away, her left hand making a very slight gesture...
... which is precisely the moment when Bobby's belt buckle pops, leaving his pants subject to gravity's merciless pull.

Blindfold covers her mouth with both hands, her cane dangling from one wrist as she tries not to giggle...tries!

Seth looks at Elene, sizing her up momentarily behind his pitch black sunglasses for a second. "...Detective, right?" He smiles some. "So how come ridiculous cases end up being won in courts, like criminals sueing shop owners because the sunroofs they were walking through collapsed on them, or a guy sues the auto company because the cruise control didn't allow for turns while he was reaching for something he had dropped under his seat?" He shrugs, "Or de facto criminals walk out, with all evidence pointing at them, but their well-afforded lawyers manage to present arguments of reason that rule out evidences as circumstantial? Or the little kid ends up in long lost parental custody of people with violent pasts, to be found dead in a wrap bag in a forest?" He even smiles more. "Or a family who saw too much has become the likely target for reprimands from the offending party doesn't get into the witness protection program?"

Bobby lets out a laugh as Wanda jumps at his touch. It's a deep laugh, and from the perspective of someone who doesn't realize what Wanda is capable of, it probably looks like it's the laugh that makes his belt pop. And of course, his pants just "happen" to fall unimpeded to his ankles, leaving him standing there his underwear. This would be the day he went with the tightie whities. For a moment, he freezes (just stunned, not literally), then lets out a yelp, unintentionally calling attention to himself, and scrambles to get his pants back to where they should properly be in a public setting. After his pants are back in place, and his face has found a whole new shade of red, he scrambles after wanda, one hand heeping his pants in place. He calls after her, "Hey!", then says something else to her, though the added comment is too soft to carry.

"Because while -Justice- is blind, humans are fallable. While the system itself works flawlessly, the people behind it, and involved in it are anything but perfect. Don't fault the concept and the system when it's the fault of the people involved." She shakes her head, "The sad truth is that -people- are greedy, selfish.." and that's when Iceman's trousers drop. She trails off and mutters, "... selfish, and totally hysterical from time to time." Nope, she doesn't giggle, she just stands there grinning, "Hey kid, you know... there are indecent exposure laws."

Scarlet Witch glances over her shoulder, giving Bobby a wry smile, "Well, consider that a little bit of a lesson, then, to be nicer to your friendly neighborhood witch." She does, however, lean over and give Bobby a friendly kiss on the cheek. "I always figured you to be more into boxers, anyway." Oh dear, apparently she /did/ get a glimpse, as she turns and moves out of the park, waving to the kids as she goes.

A facepalm comes from Seth as Bobby's pants are pulled down. "Sometimes, I feel like I'm the only adult around here..." He takes a deep breath, then resumes his conversation. "Actually, people /made/ Justice blind, now didn't they? And no, the system doesn't work flawlessly, it was created by people as well. That's why there are loopholes in laws and procedures. That's why, I regret to say, the system often doesn't work." He makes his case rest by speading his arms a little.

Not even looking back, Elene shakes her head, "Yes, made by people. At first, it was pure... and idealistic. In time, the more it involved people and the more people it involved, the more it evolved. However, ever heard the term... best game in town?" She smirks and looks back towards Seth. "What is your solution? Not try?"

Blindfold can't stop giggling at Bobby, wasn't everyday a teacher had something like that happen to them "And to think...usually he does wear boxers" but then why was it in his ice form he wore spedos? "There are times I'm quite glad to be blind, yes indeed" which was as non-humble as ruth had ever voiced.

Bobby is left, once again, stunned and blushing as Wanda walks off. For a moment he hangs his head, and then, gathering himself, and still holding up his pants with one hand to prevent a repeat mishap, he responds to Elene, "Yes Ma'am, and unless they've arrested the Naked Cowboy over in Times Square, I'm pretty sure my little wardrobe malfunction didn't break them. And now I think I should probably go find a place to buy a belt."

Blindfold unravels her blindfold and holds it out to Bobby "Here you go. May not be a belt, I'm sorry, regrettably I don't use them myself but maybe it will do the trick?" Indeed just as she had said when people asked she really was blind due a birth defect leaving her with no eyes or corresponding anatomy. Ruth then keeps her head lowered even after she pulls up the hood of her light sweatshirt.

Seth just shakes his head, "You wouldn't want to know my solution." That's all he says. And he's not laughing. Instead, he turns to Blindfold. "Seriously, first I saw a mooning, now I see a pulling of pants. One day, I'll be walking into a nude party."

"You might be surprised. I'd love to know what you would change in the world. How you would implement this change without total anarchy taking over." Elene grins and looks towards Bobby, "I think I can just let you off with a warning this time. I'd offer you a belt if I were.." and then she pauses as Ruth offers the blindfold itself. "Well, there you go." she remarks.

Iceman looks at the offered blindfold and starts to reach for it, then changes his mind, "Uh, Thanks, but I'll make do. Besides, I'm pretty sure my waist is bigger around than your head, so not sure how much good it would do. Appreciate the offer though." The revelation of the girl's facial anatomy doesn't seem to bother him tough. Though it does make him look at her more closely, as it finally dawns on him that this is another person he's seen before.

"I think she intended for you to loop it through belt loops in front and fasten it together. It's called improvisation." offers Elene with her most pleasant smile possible. Of course, the NYPD logo on her tanktop does tend to put -some- people off. However, she looks back towards Blindfold and asks, "Ruth... do you have a moment to talk? I have a few questions for you."

Bobby frowns as if the suggestion of what to do with the blindfold hadn't occurred to him. Which, truthfully, it hadn't. But then he looks at the cloth again, shakes his head, looks at Elene and mouths, "I don't want to take her blindfold." He says out loud to Ruth, "Thanks anyway, I'm just going to head home. See ya around." He turns then, and heads towards the nearest subway station that will take him where he needs to be.

Seth looks between the people here gathered. "Well... I'm headed home. See you around." And he heads off the Park

Blindfold nods to Bobby and slides her hood off her head again to wrap her blindfold aroound her head and then used her thumbs to untuck some of her hair "Yes, you're welcome, I will meet you again" then waved before nodding to Seth "Take care" and turned her head to Elene "Yes, of course, I have a few minutes Detective"

"Keep safe." remarks Elene towards the folks who are leaving. "It's a jungle out there." But then she looks back towards Blindfold. "Ruth... I saw you a while back. At a school that was also a mansion. I don't... I need to know where it is. I am having issues about my memory. I remember robots... powerful energy blasts. The next thing I remember is waking up in my home."

Blindfold nods as she listens "Are sure it wasn't a dream. If it wasn't that...maybe it was just some crazy robots gone amuck during that whole Ultron thing, perhaps, you think?"

Inclining her head, Elene gives you what could be referred to as a 'very old fashioned' look. "I was bruised and had minor burns on my face and shoulders, bruises on my back. I am essentially bulletproof, and so something that hurt me enough to knock me out... must have been potent indeed. You were there though... Beta Ray Bill transported me to the place while it was under attack. He said he received a call from a friend there."

Blindfold nods hmming thoughtfully "I thought that was a dream, I'm sorry, I'm afraid I sometimes have weird dreams that seem quite real. Well Beta Ray Bill must have done quite a job in the fight against whatever it was"

"Okay, so... you were there. I -saw- you there, and you thought it was a dream? Do you remember seeing me fighting giant robots? Being blasted through a stone fence sorta wall? I can't handle such imperfect memories. I -really- need to figure out what happened, and know if anyone was harmed other than me."

Blindfold smiles sympathetically "I can honestly tell you that if my dream wasn't a one else was seriously hurt. I'm sorry, my apologies, perhaps Beta Ray Bill could tell you more?"

"Can you tell me -where- that location was?" asks Elene, "Please Ruth, I need to find it, to go there and learn what happened on the site." She sighs and shakes her head, "Wait no, nevermind. I just... I hate not knowing."

Blindfold smiles with understanding and shakes her head "I'm sorry, I wish I could be of more help but it was around the same time as giant robots attacked several locations and were going haywire so that was probably all there was to it, just another case of robots got bonkers, yes I am sorry. I know it's difficult...when your memories seem incomplete and jumbled, but I didn't fight, I'm just blind I can't fight. I'm sure Beta Ray is more knowledgeable then me on what happened, I'm sure couldn't have seen you go thru any wall. All I remember is a bunch of noise. Until I met Tayna here in the park and her carriage horse Khan, I didn't know what a horse was or looked like, I'm sorry, again my apologies Detective"

Snorting, Elene shakes her head. "I'm sorry, I almost forgot that you can't see. You function so well without your eyes that it's easy to forget." She smiles apologetically and then adds, "I'll leave you be, as long as you promise that you can get home safely on your own. I'll try to track down Bill." she says as she turns to depart.

Blindfold giggles blushing at the compliment "That's quite a compliment, thank you, yes. No, it's nothing to worry about, I try not to let it hold me back and you're not the first nor the last to forget I can't see, it's really no worry at all. If I let it hold me back people would be quite aware of it. I promise, I will be able to get home safely without incident on my own. Stay safe Detective and good luck in finding Beta Ray Bill, I wish I could be of more help"

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