After School Special

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After School Special

Armand, Mercury, Phantasm, Rex Gregson, Seth, Shatterstar, Spiral, Vaughn

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Mutant Town - Park area

Musicians rally together to perform a free concert with a few messages for the kiddos.

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-----==[ Mutant Town - New York ]==-------------------------------------------

Mutant Town, also known as District X or M-Town, has become the mutant haven. This section of town located just south of Hell's Kitchen and slightly west of Chelsea doesn't judge you based on your race, species, or appearance. It accepts all mutants no matter their powers or the way they look. Most all of the businesses in this 10 square block area are mutant run and caiter to mutants. Ranging from convience stores, clothing shops, restaurants, night clubs, specialty shops and general stores. The buildings in this districts are rarely over 6 levels tall and most offer housing for mutants on the upper floors. There are even public schools dedicated to educating mutants - for those who have been oppressed elsewhere. Other public services include a local police and fire department. Overall, the area is fairly run-down and needs more upkeep. However, this is a section of town where mutants can feel safe and welcomed.


It was a nice, warm day for October. Starting around Noon or so, the people started to gather. The stage was simple, with a black backdrop screen to hide the equipment behind it, two risers to either side, and a small staircase on either end. Fold up chairs and benches were splayed in front of it. This was a special event, mostly for the schoolchildren not only of Mutant Town but several other schools in the area. Children, teachers and some parents and random passersby were starting to gather now, for a nice 1 PM start to the show.

Though it was overcast, the weather held clear and still, perfect weather for a concert.

Perfect weather indeed. With the setup taking time and Mike not wanting to give too much advanced warning to his being at this location, he had been dressed down considerably with a hoodie pulled over his features. It isn't until it gets closer to the start of the concert does he vanish behind a 'dressing room' of a tent set up behind the backdrop screen. Upon removing the hoodie and changing his pants, he soon becomes his on-stage persona. Thriftstore attire has been replaced with a higher quality set of dark pants, fitting enough to draw eyes, but not enough to become an impromptu castrato (Sorry Armand), the black tee, although missing their sleeves are also telling of a higher quality maker than what he gets at the Goodwill. And the hair. Oh God, the hair. Freed of the pony tail and teased about, it drapes every which way, the length giving it more of a mane appearance. Coupled with the eyeliner, there is little risk that people in the back row won't be able to discern where the eyes set upon his face. Indeed, this is not Mike Hannigan but Mick Drago. At a concert for mainly students. What th-?

Rex Gregson herself was dressed 'down' for this concert, in the girls dressing room next to Micks'. She wore her usual black outfit, with her 'ivory' mask as well, though it rested to one side for now - it would make an appearance later. Her own hair was loose and the Rock STar then slips out - putting a jacket on casually to peer out excitedly at the gathering crowd. Yeah, she loved doing this, and all the years later she still got the 'excited puppy squirms'.

Seth is already here - meaning the X-chaperone isn't really far behind -, a can of soda in his hand, which he drinks as he observes the framework structures and final soundchecks. He's really wondering how this concert's going to turn out. He's here to have a good time, but in fact, he's got mixed feelings about this concert, like there's some dark cloud on the horizon, and he just /had/ to come all the way out here to check it for himself.

Free concert, field trip, whatever name the staff decides to call it, Vaughn is certainly not going to pass up the opportunity. Though a concert for the sound manipulator is a much more personal experience than it is for most people. It is a visual sensation as much as an audio one. He has found a spot to perch where he can take in as much of the patterns of sound as he can without having too much of the teenage girl squeels, well too late for that. Regardless of the additional distractions, his eyes dart to and fro almost habitually.

Once most of the people were seated and ready, one of the School District officials steps out on stage, tapping the mic to get everyone's attention. He was brief - thanking everyone for coming, explaining that this was a special treat for the kids after a rather rough summer. Then he turns to step away, to scattered applause once more as the stage now sits utterly empty, a few lights liting it up, although with the noonday overcast light it was pretty bright already.

Behind the curtains, Rex adjusts her outfit, her mask hanging off her belt out of sight for now, waiting for it to start.

Mike steps out from the tent but stays behind the backdrop, not setting out into plain sight of the audience just yet. Turning his head, he looks over to the Sombre puppy-saur. The line of his lip turns up on one side at the behavior and he steps closer. "Now I'm starting to feel a little overdressed," he teases, glancing down to the shorter musician. "All set?"

Rex Gregson gives a thumbs up, eyes sparkling as she settles down a little bit "You look squeal-worthy. Just right! I'll be dressing up more after this. I dont get to go maskless often! All yours, Mick." she states, using his stage name now as she brushes her hair back to get into the mood.

Being 18 is need no escorts and the like and there's a person who enters, dark green and black are the colors of the day, a golden backpack hanging from one shoulder and his messenger bag worn as usual. Armand is coming to support the arts or something, carrying a rather large...paper bag, like you get a grocery store, that's filled with caramel corn.

Mercury doesn't have much in the way of choosing what to wear for going out in public, due to her alien appearance. So she goes with a hoodie and jeans, using the hoodie to keep her head covered and as hidden as possible. She doesn't mind her powers too much nowadays, they've certainly come in handy, but she sometimes wished she would still mingle with the common crowd without sticking out like a sore thumb in a bowl of peas. She remains mostly to herself for now, just following the rest of the group from the school.

Vaughn gives the obligatory half-hearted applause to the school board rep. He takes note of some familiar faces. A slight smirk at the idea of not seeing Ruth, at the moment. It's not that he has anything against her, but she seems to be around when things hit the fan, so hopefully her absence might mean that he can have a good time and not worry about killer robots or some other weirdness occurring.

Mick nods, taking a microphone and moving over to a gap in the backdrop that was left for the performers to step onstage. As the applause dies away and the audience gets a nice eyeful of empty stage for a few moments. Mick steps out onto stage. But he does not yell out to the audience, or even look to them. Instead, after the audience has time to see who it is, he makes his way over to the drums. He starts to look it over, waiting. Yep. Just the usual pre-concert routine.

Mick gets some applause as he steps out, although it dies out quickly for a bit of a confused hubbub.

A few moments later, the dressed-down Rex strides out on stage, hands in her pockets as she follows in Micks' footsteps, getting another, slightly more energetic burst of applause for Sombre Tyrannosaur, rarely seen on stage maskless as she clops up towars the drumset "Hey Mick! All ready for the show tonight? " she asks, rummaging in her pockets for something, a small box pulled out of one pocket and an orange palm-sized item in another as she fiddles with it, a little bit inexperienced with opening a cigarette box.

Mike doesn't look over to Rex and instead nods as he seems to be focused on this one part of the set as he reaches over to adjust something, the microphone tilts, picking up his response, tone rather friendly, "Oh yeah. Just got to adjust this and we should be good to go. You all set?"

Seth notices the arriving Vaughn and Cess, and he waves to them, signaling them over to his spot.

Rex Gregson nods at Mike as she finally gets the box open, and then to the gasp of some in the crowd, turns to face it - with a cigarette betwen her lips.

There's a faint giggle from a few as she utterly fails at lighting it on the first try, then succeeds, puffing out a VERY small puff of smoke "Yup! all ready to rock and roll tonight" she declares finally, hand returning the lighter to her pocket as she holds the stick in between her other fingers.

Mercury notices Seth's wave, and he smiles, approaching him as she pulls her hoodie down, "Hey, Seth." she says, smiling, "I kinda lost the group when I went to the bathroom. So where's everyone?" she asks, having not yet noticed where Vaughn is at the moment. She then looks at the stage. "Looks like it's about to begin."

Mick nods, smiling, turning his head to look towards Rex. "That's goo-" He stops in his response as his eyes set on the cigarette in her hand. The smile on his face fades into a very visible frown. Without so much as a word, he storms off stage, leaving Rex alone.

Nodding in response to Seth's wave, Vaughn abandons his perch and moves over that way. He answers Mercury's question from a few steps behind her, "Oh everyone's scattered about.. kind of enjoyin' bein' like normal teenagers... " He shrugs, "Well, as normal as we can get..."

Armand stares as he watches Mick storm off the stage and he takes a deep breath, eyebrows raising and he adjusts his hold on his paper grocery bag of carmel corn. "Ahh...well." A pause. "Was that it?"

"What the hell...! Normal teenagers are like wolves: they come and stay in /packs/! Woof woof!", Seth comments right after Vaughn. "Vaughn... Cessily...", he greets them. And he looks around for a few more. Well, there's Armand, but he's with Massachussets Academy, and with an X-chaperone around, it's best not to call him or it's punishment time.

"... What?" Rex feigns innocence at Micks' frown. Then she expresses shock as Mick just storms off the stage. She flicked the lit cigarette once, not taking another puff. Then finally just drops it to the stage and extinguishes it, moving up and towards the Microphone.

"... And yet, Smoking is STILL seen by some folk as 'sexy' or 'cool'. Seriously. It isnt all that *cough* Nice kids. Seriously, I already want to gargle a toilet duck and that was my first, only, AND last cigarette EVER. I mean really, its SMOKE. Its not MEANT to be inhaled. You may as well stick your head in an incinerator." she speaks into the mic now, breaking the illusion as she smiles "Welcome to the show! I'm Sombre Tyrannosaur, the handsome man you just saw was the wonderful surprise guest, Mick Drago!"

She waves to the side, to encourage MIck to come back out as applause picks up again. Musicians start walking onto the stage, her usual band set as they start to settle into place. "We all hope you enjoy this performance, we're going to have some other special guests as well from local and afar. And so! " she reaches under her jacket, pulling out her tradmark mask and slips it on as she steps up to a keyboard "LEt's ROCK!"

And the stage lights up with colord lights now as the muscians and others get into place.

Shatterstar stands at the edge of the crowd, his sword's trusty transformation power letting it appear as the slightly-less-conspicuous pair of batons. Which might have helped him blend in as a roadie, except the security at a family-friendly concert like this is usually totally unarmed. And Shatterstar tends to pay more attention to the concert than the crowd.

Mercury looks to Seth and smiles, "Wolves, huh?" she shakes her head softly, before looking at the stage as Mick storms off, and she blinks, "Did I miss something?" she asks Seth, right before Rex does her PSA message about smoke and cigarettes.

The odd bit out of the way, Mick emerges from backstage, gives the audience a wave and heads over towards to take position behind the drums. Sticks ready, he waits until the guitar kicks off the song before he reaches over, doing an easy but steady rhythm for the build.

Vaughn rolls his eyes at the PSA. He shakes his head, "Nah... you didn't miss anything.. just a lame way of tellin' kids not to smoke." When the music actually starts up, his voice trails off just a bit, until he shakes his head. "Um.. yeah.. sorry.. what?"

Armand stares with a blink at the PSA about smoking and quirks an eyebrow before the slickly dressed young man bends over to set his paper bag on the ground and then he rummages around in his messenger bag looking as innocent as can be.

"Just final preps, so far...", Seth replies. Then, a smile, "And a well-placed PSA message." As Vaughn comments. "Aw, come on, it's kinda fun, for the younger kids..."

It was an easy, soft rock beat. Not deafening, but Sombre Tyrannosaur took center stage, composing her face into a somber, ponderous one. She starts to sing, her voice low, and almost whispery as it started to play out the classic Steve Azar song "Jimmy's in rehab since Bobby O.D.d... here's no one in the band now but Johnny and me. We're playing at the Good Time Lounge near the end of the road." and then she lifts both hands up as her voice increased in volume Bobby used to beat on his drums, make 'em sound like thunder! "crashing boom of drums came from Mick behind Tyrannosaur as she puts her hands to her head. "Why he had to leave us, God only knows... "

And then the music broke its' quietude to a higher, more intense sound as she picks up the mike, her free arm casting to one side dramatically "Sometiems I feel like I'm caught between the rock and the roll! I screamed and I cursed and I fought, but it won't let go! This keyboard is all that I've got... playing it's all that I know! I'm still lost in the music and caughter between the rock and the roll... " and then her voice drops again to that near whisper, eyes opening up wide inside her mask "... Between the rock and the roll."

Ahh yes, there it is, as the music begins and its not...the happiest song, really. Not at all. Armand just blinks as he listens and eyes the drummer with some concern as he has a small cloth pouch in his hands before he sighs softly and carefully slips...a glittery silver thong out of the bag and he aims it like a sling shot at the stage as he whistles loudly and calls out in french, "Avoir mes bébés!"

Shatterstar listens to the lyrics, brow wrinkled slightly in confusion, but doesn't spend much time puzzling them out. Experience has taught him not to concern himself too much with the meaning of the words. He has enough trouble understanding people when they're speaking sometimes - Terrans speaking English tend to be nothing at all like the TV he's seen. No, Shatterstar just watches and tries to enjoy himself and stands ready to take notes in case the X-kids get into a fight and he needs to critique their performance later.

Vaughn shrugs, "I guess so.. even when I was little I found those staged things cheesy though... " He smirks, "Guess I aways appreciated just being told 'don't smoke, it's bad for you' than trying to make me think that my friends would turn their backs on me and walk off. But that could just be me." He turns and watches the music.

Mick's head tilts as he sees something glittery go flying towards the stage. The rhythm remains steady as he looks to the piece of fabric heading down. "Oh I'm glad I'm out of range." He murmurs, thankful there's no microphone to pick up his voice.

She had had stuff thrown at her before, and the Singer ducks the item easily, turning it into part of her little dance she did while moving across the floor. Singing the second verse - the one about lost loves and reminising, she finishes on one knee, eyes closed as the music fades away, right beside the glittery object. A hand picks it up and she stares at it, confused at first. Then up at the crowd, then back down at it. Her cheeks went a bit red under the mask as she makes herself smile widely "Thank you my wondeful-yet-underaged fans! I wish I could clame you today as my minions, but sadly I cannot until you're at least eighteen years old!" She states, with a flourishing bow, deliberately NOt showing the crowd what the item was !!

While listening to the song, he sees the piece of underwear being thrown, though he doesn't notice who. "Was that...?" He starts laughing. "Oh, classy! Just classy!" So much so, he's facepalming at it. "No smoking, but have a lot of sex...!" He looks at Vaughn. "Someone is gonna youtube this."

Unfortunately the flourishing bow presents the item to those behind Rex, which likely leads to at least one supporting musician to take a step back.

Who knows how long she's been here, but she is now anyway, Spiral dancing through the crowd, two hands part of the dance, one moment above her head, then whirling around as she pirouettes. The other four are handing out packets of cigarettes and the odd box of matches, though. Kinda cheap and nasty cigarettes, 'Lucky Spirals' if the packaging is to be believed, which her other four hands seem to produce from hidden pockets or something in a near limitless supply.

She's just too ornery and rebellious to let something so sickening be without riposte. And giving people what they want, even if it's bad, is sort of her 'thing'.

Armand is as innocent as a long haired young pretty boy can be with wide eyeliner rimmed eyes and he rises his hands in the air and applauds when the song is over, bouncing a bit and then he looks towards Spiral with snort and a shake of his head. "Oh...non..."

With the song finished, Mick looks out into the audience to guage the reaction of the crowd. Moving to his feet, he steps away from the set and walks over to where Rex is standing. As he moves forward, another person moves over to the drumset, taking his place. Looking out, he spots something rather odd, which causes for him to double take. But then the oddness is gone. "Huh." His glance lingers over to where Spiral was before he shakes it off, blinking.

Rex Gregson smiles at Mick, a real smile to him as she pats his shoulder "Ladies and Gentlemen, Mick Drago!" she declares, moving to the keyboard to one side and taking a spot at it, facing towards Mick. It was his show now. The underware are very studiously folded and placed atop the keyboards' flat space, not on display but not 'hidden' either. A nice compromise. Her eyes graze over the crowd, trying to find the individual who threw it.

Vaughn watches the music. As it's Mick Drago's turn, he braces himself for the inevitable squeel of the teenager girls. He is way use to being on the other side of the speakers and as a result, he keeps finding it difficult to focus.

Seth finally keeps from laughing at the stunt Armand pulled, and takes a sip of his soda, observing the next few moments and wondering what song is coming next.

There are squeals, but there are also male voices in the cheers as his core demographic is not gender specific. The glance lingers to the vacated area before Mick shakes his head. Okay back to matters. He gives a slight smile before bringing the microphone up, "Alright guys. How are you enjoying your break from classes so far?" This does bring out a chorus of cheers from some students. Mick nods, "It's nice. Getting out of the usual routine, enjoying some of that outdoor air. Listening to some music and not having anything to worry about for the time we're here playing for you." He pauses, smile fading, "But, we aren't just here to perform, we're also here to talk to you about things that may pertain to you." He looks around, "Who here has ever been offered a cigarette?" A chunk of students over where Spiral vanished from raises their hand.

Rex Gregson smiles as she sits at the keyboard, clapping along with those in the crowd too and encouraging those in the crowd to cheer, make noise and stuff. This was Micks' moment to shine though, so she doesnt get too extravagant, instead ensuring the keyboard was set up right.

"And on that note..." Vaughn slips his headphones over his ears underneath the red hoodie that he's wearing. At least he attempts to be subtle about tuning them out.

Seth looks at Vaughn, "Are you serious, dude...?" Then, shaking his head in disbelief, he returns his attention to the stage.

Armand just stares at the stage and he's carefully prepping a hot shot really, discreetly an he clears his throat and tries to look away, whistling.

Mike looks over to the crowd of students. "And how many of you took them?" The hands lower much to the pleasure of the chaperones nearby likely. "Good." Mike nods, "Sometimes it's hard to turn down things when people are offering them to you. And sometimes it's hard to not fall in with what everyone else is doing. But it's alright to be different." He pauses, "Who here has ever been bullied?" He glances around, looking to what hands raise up, some only halfway. He lifts up his own hand.

Rex Gregson pauses at this, considering... Technically NO, but then she makes a decision and lifts her hand as well solemnly, sitting up straight as though at a students' desk. She looks over the crowd as well, noting something hot pink in the crowd and focusing all her intensity upon Armand now.

Armand does look thoughtful before he raises his unthonged hand to be supportive of this entire...cause thing.

"Now, keep your hands up and look around." Mick continues, "If you ever reach a point where you feel alone and that no one understands what you're going through. Remember all these hands. You're not the only one going through this. Stay strong and if you come across someone else having problems, lend them your strength too..." He turns his head, nodding to the side of the stage. There's a rustle of movement as several middle school aged kids are brought onto the stage towards the risers. "Remember that if you combine your strength. A bully loses their power over you."

Rex Gregson nods in approval at that, and starts to applaud, one eye still on Armand now. Then she blinks, recognising him and shaking her head a little bit before she nods to Mick, indicating the band and the guest stars were ready as the kids pick up various instruments - some in the crowd may recognise their peers, given a rare chance to perform with the two rockers.

Fading in from silence, a guitar skritches in, cueing the start of the song. "HEY!" Guitars, bass and drums erupt into a loud, agressive, introduction as the singing duo errupts into several shouted 'Hey's, seemingly drawing attention to whatever's coming next.. Mike flings down the mic holding hand, running a hand through his hair, giving a frustrated look as he raises the microphone back to his lips, eyes closing as he starts singing, "It's 8 A.M. This hell I'm in, Seems I've crossed the line again. For being nothing more than who I am."

Eyes snap open and his head turns, staring towards the back of the audience but not fixating on anyone... there that is, his stance shifts, defiantly, reminiscent of one used to having to defend himself against those larger than him, "So break my bones, And throw your stones. We all know that life ain't fair But there is more of us, We're everywhere" His eyes shift over towards Rex.

Armand screams when the music starts and jumps up and down, another thong aimed but he doesn't shoot it yet, he doesn't want to ping a 6th grader upside the head with a thong purchased from 'Victor's' after all.

Shatterstar has been zoning out to the music. Maybe it's the kind of thing that he and the other Mojoverse gladiators used to relax and meditate between deathmatches.

Playing along, Tyrannosaurs' eyes close as she starts to get into the music, arching back dramatically as her fingers flew over the keys. Without seeing the guesture, she knew her plac entirely as she leaned towarsd the microphone, leading in with the pre chorus : "We dont have to take this! Back against the wall! We dont have to take this... We can end it all!"

And a flairing hand swoops through the air to guesture to the middle graders in the back, all in 'cool' outfits as they sing along, the words displayed on the screen behind them for the audience as well.

"Everyone! All youll ever be!

Is a faded memory of a bully! Make another joke... While they hang another rope!

So lonely...

Push him to the dirt - Til the words dont hurt!

Can you hear me? No ones gonna cry ... On the very day you die!

... Youre a bully."

The chorus dies away leading back to Mick leading, "Hey! Hey!" Mick turns from the chorus, looking to the audience, he taps the side of his head in pantomine, "Think it through, You can't undo. Whenever I see black and blue, I feel the past, I share the bruise." Mike tilts his arm, exposing the scar on his arm to anyone on the stage near him, "With everyone, Who's come and gone, My head is clear. My voice is strong, Now I'm right here to right the wrong."

Seth offers a round of applause to the the singer, then keeps his focus on Armand. He just shakes his head. To him, it feels like Armand is surpassed in maturity by all the people here gathered.

Rex Gregson applauds as well, whooping lightly into the mike as Mick finishes up, grinning as she stood from the piano amoment before sitting back down "That's right! Nobody should have to be bullied for any reason! Its not like people have a CHOICE most of the time." she agreed emphatically, flashing a grin across the stage at MIck.

Armand sighs and shakes his head as he lowers the thong and tucks it away, shaking his head and picking up his grocery bag of caramel corn and start nibbling with a thoughtful expression, hips swaying to the music.

Song finished, Mike nods to Rex's statement before he steps back, bringing the microphone to his lips, "And to those out there who may have gone the way of the Bully... Just, stop. You're doing no one any favors by becoming one, least of all, yourself."

Rex Gregson smiles and nods in agreement to Mike "Down with bullies!" she announces, agreeing entirely now. Then she continues "We're going to let a few local bands from your schools play now... Its a thing I like to do at concerts to help the next generation of rockers get a little bit of screen time to see how it feels!" she states as some teens started onto the stage behind Mick, setting up their own instruments. "I'll be playing along, but its all about these guys. The first band is Amber Cast!" she declares.

With the band announced, Mike turns to greet the band members and he soon walks off stage, leaving them the limelight.

Shatterstar watches some of the youths in the audience cheering, then mimics then. Down with bullies? He would have phrased it differently - band together and flank them, maybe...or else lure them into a well-timed sneak attack. But eh, whatever works.

If there was a smile on Seth's face, it's quickly fading away mow. There's a crunching sound of tin can as he hears who's announced, "What...?" He starts to see who's coming on stage. "Please, tell me I'm dreaming... They wouldn't!" He looks at Vaughn, "I gotta use the good ol' fashioned room. Back in a bit!" And he scampers off in the crowd.

Shatterstar frowns thoughtfully. Did that student remember to check for evil mutants in the parking lot first?

Rex Gregson claps lightly as the Band starts to set up now, waving to their peers. People cheered in the crowd as the group started to play briskly, an original, typical rock peice about girls and cars as they took the center stage.

Meanwhile, back at the soundstage, the amps for the instruments the youths are playing are suddenly cut off. They start looking at each other, dumbfounded. Rex's material seems to be in perfect working condition. The tallest of them, expensive bitchin' cool guitar on his hand, looks embarassed as hell.

Rex Gregson continues to play three more measures before the sound cut off, and she looks up, surprised as well as she stops playing. A look to the crowd, and then she leans back "Hans! What happened? " she shouts over there, just as confused. Some may smell a bit of smoke if they were standing near the stage

Rex says, "Ahh, hold on a moment folks. I think we have a slight technical problem..."

Armand frowns and takes another nibble of his popcorn, head tilting to the side.

Seth jumps from the back of one of the big-ass P/As, and sits on top of it, overviewing the group of teenagers. Armed with a mike, he announces, "Actually, /I/ happened!" He looks at them, smirking. "Nice name you guys got, 'Amber Cast'. Kinda reminds me the name of a band I was in... And I happened to /name/..." He does look like he's pissed, but could he do something stupid. "And got kicked out of... because I was, what was it they said...? Oh yes, a 'filthy mutie'!" He tsks, shaking his head. "Terrible. Just terrible. Talk about oppression and open minds. Might as well call themselves 'Skinhead Retards', or rip-off the name of what extremist anti-mutant groups you got out there - I'm sure they wouldn't mind!"

Rex Gregson twists about, startled as the youth started shouting. She blinks and her eyes widen a little bit at what was going on, shocked. There's murmers in the crowd as well, some shocked, others outraged... many uncomfortable.

The band itself looked somewhat nervous as they realize what was going on, the lead scowling darkly. THe light technician suddenly turned on all the spotlights, lighting all of them up. Picking up the mike, Rex asks "IS this true guys?"

Armand's attention is captured by Seth now and he slowly lowers his large bag of popcorn and he stares, starting to edge towards the stage cautiously.

Seth waits for the group - actually, former group - to reply to Rex but, looking like nothing comes out. He actually says over the mike, "Come on, Alan! Don't be shy! This is your big break, you don't wanna get tongue-tied now! People are watching!" Yes, Seth is doing nothing to salt the wound. "Okay, since the cat got your tongue, I'm making this real simple...", he pulls out a few pieces of paper, all scribbled by hand in pencil, showing the one containing the lyrics to the song they were just about to play. And he shows it to Rex. "It's just an early scribble. I took the liberty of patenting it and updating it as I went along."

Rex Gregson frowns at this, glancing sharply to the band, who started to look rather awkward. But instead of continuing the humiliation, she picks upt he mike "I think we need a fifteen minute break right now folks. Feel free to chck out the swag table - there's free stuff for everyone." she stood up then, waving the band harshly off the stage as she turned to walk towards Seth and guesture him down to the stage stairs near Armand.

Seth follows Rex, not saying another word right now. But there is, of course, a bit of a triumphant smirk on his face.

Armand steps to the side to allow folks to pass and the like as he arches an eyebrow and sighs softly. "...this is not very musical..."

Rex Gregson glances to ARmand as they pass, and she notes "This wasnt intentional. Can you come too? " she asks ARmand, moving towards the 'dressing tent'.

Once in there, she asked them each to sit "... Is that true, young man, what they did? It wasnt just for show? " she asked, one of those ones that take copywrites seriously.

Armand considers what is being requested and he eyes the tent before shaking his head. "I would Mademoiselle, but for now perhaps it is best that I leave, oui?" He does follow to the tent, lingering in the doorway. "I tink this crowd is far too young to linger around. Merci for the show."

"You can check their names, if you like. The guy with the Paul Reed Smith is Alan Hendricks, the bass player is Roy, and the drummer was Hap", Seth says. "They all went to school with me before I moved out."

Rex Gregson nods at Armand "Very well. " another band was playing now, taking care of the rest of the kids as she sat with Seth now "That was rather brave of you you know. But I can understand why you did it."

Armand is quiet, looking between the two and quickly slipping off.

A shrug from Seth, "Hey, nobody steals from me, and gets away with it." A pause, "So, what now?"

Rex Gregson wells "That's for your teachers to decide really." she smiled though, and pulled something out to give it to him. It was a Tshirt and two free tickets to her christmas show "Here. Take care out there."

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