After School Activities

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Seth, Night Thrasher

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Chelsea, NYC, USA

Night Thrasher is chasing down the Ratpack after a theft, Seth is walking home from school. Hilarity ensues.

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School's up, and kids are leaving the school grounds, socializing and setting up meets at multiple places throughout the area. But one student, backpack over one of his shoulders, and hands stuffed into his pockets, is otherwise quiet. He is unusual in comparison to the others around him, given how his hair is a full silvery white, and his eyes shine like two highbeams. And he's walking home alone, several of the students staying away from him.

Through the streets of the Neighborhood of Chelsea, there are many cars and trucks milling about as they get from Point A to Point B. There is, however, one vehicle that's disrupting the harmony of the flow of traffic. An old, beat up and clearly a former U-Haul moving truck is careening between between lanes and weaving around and sometimes slamming through traffic. The moving trunk honks its horn hectically as it moves through traffic. Some vehicles get out of its way, others are forced out of the way by the larger vehicle. Why is it in such a hurry? There's not a police cruiser to be found chasing it...

Seth's attention is caught when, during a moment when he's crossing the sidewalk, a car is knocked to the side, and thrown almost on top of him as the U.Haul rushes through. If it weren't for some quick thinking, really instinctive movement of taking flight, he'd be run over. "WHAT THE HELL...??", he shouts from the immedate jumpscare. He looks around... Police chase? No vehicles whatsoever, at least not yet...

Nope. No police chase. The U-Haul seemingly is careening and crashing through traffic for no reason. At least, that's what it seems at first. Looking up towards the rooftops of the buildings in Chelsea, there is a figure ontop of them. Its running, jumping and skateboarding from rooftop to rooftop. The figure, Night Thrasher, moves along the edge of the buildings closest to the road that the U-Haul is on. At random intervals, Night Thrasher looks towards the road... trying to keep tabs on the U-Haul.

The U-Haul finally decides to get off this road. It turns with the loud screeching noise of tires turning too sharply at too high a speed. It turns into a side road and disappears from view of those on the street it left behind.

Seth doesn't like it. Not one damn bit. Something is up, he's sure of it. As he thinks this, a bit of a crowd is gathering, looking at the now hovering mutant. Well, since he's already flying... He jets off after that U-Haul, lifting himself up above the rooftop lines. That's when he comes across the skating Night Thrasher. "Uhm... Hi."

The New Warrior skates to the end of a building, hops off the board and with a deft tap of his toe, sends the skateboard up into the air. He catches it and turns his attention towards the flying Seth. An eyebrow arches behind his helmet's visor, "Uh, yeah. Hi. Not sure if you saw the traffic down there, but it's about to get more dangerous." Thrasher steps over towards the edge of the building and looks down. He latches the skateboard to a section of his forearm armor. He reaches behind him with his other hand and pulls his escrima from his backpack assembly. What does Thrasher spy below? A U-Haul that's blocked the pathway below, which is basically a wide alleyway. The Driver-side door has been opened and the back of the U-Haul is also opened.

Tagging along with Night Thrasher, he hovers down to the ledge of the rooftop. "I'm assuming, by the speed they were running, they stole something...?" He looks for clarification on what happened.

Night Thrasher watches from this vantage point the people below in the U-Haul. He shakes his head as he watches, "No. At least what's in there isn't something they just stole. It was stolen a long time ago... this is just another in a long series of change of possession." He looks towards Seth, "So. You can fly? You should probably fly away." He looks back down as some boxes are being pulled out of the U-Haul be people clearly wearing garrish uniforms with padding and armor. Thrasher bends his legs at the kneels and then leaps up over the ledge of the building. Moments later, he lands heavily against the top of the U-Haul. Panic can be heard coming from the armored individuals around the U-Haul.

"That's not all I can do", Seth replies. "And if you didn't speak in riddles, I'd very much appreciate it." That's when Night Thrasher jumps; unclear what the guy's intentions are, he waits to see what's going on, at least for the time being.

The people inside and around the U-Haul scatter out from the vehicle after Thrasher jumps down on top of it. They look up towards the top of the vehicle to see Thrasher pointing a battle stave at them, "Alright Ratpack. This ends now!" The uniformed and armored members of the Ratpack speak amongst themselves using walkie-talkie like devices. One of them, let's call the leader, places one of the boxes down on the ground. He shakes his head, "The Russians are paying us too much money for this to end now. Get rid of him!" That last bit is a command to the eight or so other members of the group in and around the U-Haul. There are the tell tale clicks and noises of guns being drawn and cocked.

And all of a sudden, two blasts are fired against two of those henchmen, one for each of their weapons, courtesy of the mutant kid with the higher ground.

All guns are pointed at the New Warrior, that is until Seth fires down his dual blasts. Guns are blasted out of the hands of the two henchmen. The remaining seven people? Look up to Seth and then point their guns up at him. The guns, handguns, are thankfully only firing bullets. In this day and age the ordinance can range from darts to DOOM lasers.

As Seth interferes, Thrasher cries out, "No Kid!" He, too, looks up after the guns are blasted from the grasp of the two henchmen. Too late, the deed is done. Thrasher leaps into action, literally, as he bounds from the top of the U-Haul to the ground below. On his way down to the ground and into the midst of the Ratpack, Thrasher tosses a trio of small pellets. A thick smoke spews from them and a cloud of it envelopes the alleyway.

And now, Seth can only help in capturing that group unless he comes down and fires at them from up close. But he can't. He can't really take the risk, there's too much at stake for him to just throw away his life. He's got a family who needs him, he can't risk it all by being on the firing line. "What... what was I thinking?", he mumbles as he steps away from the ledge.

Hidden from view, both because Seth stepped away from the ledge and because of Thrasher's smoke pellets, Thrasher works in the obscurity of the smoke. While Night Thrasher fights the blinded Ratpack, Seth can probably overhear from his vantage point the cries of pain being inflicted upon the group. Though mixed with the sounds of fighting and crying, there's the apparent sound of a car engine starting up. Moments later there's a squeal of tires and emerging from the cloud of smoke is the U-Haul truck. It careens out of the alleyway and crashes into traffic in the streets of Chelsea. Thrasher is still embroiled in conflict within his smoke screen.

Seth takes a deep breath as the car darts off. Maybe he should actually do something to try and stop them. So, he closes his fists and, from them, a blast shoots at the tar that makes up the road, and hopefull blasts it off with enough strength that the car will sink into the hole and the henchmen's escape is therefore blocked.

As the smoke disperses around where the U-Haul FORMERLY sat, Night Thrasher is seen dispatching the last of the members of Ratpack. The armored New Warrior holds a nearly unconscious Ratpack member by the collar and looks around him, "Man, now I have to chase down your truck? One of you was smart." He drops the Ratpack member to the ground, "The rest of you? Not so much." Thrasher turns around and runs towards the end of the alleyway. He looks left and right to see if he can spot the escaping U-Haul.

Did the U-Haul escape? Not really... not yet at least. The blast from Seth disintegrates the asphalt of the street... and since he shot so far ahead of the U-Haul; The driver tried to avoid the hole and overcompensated in his turn. The U-Haul lurches to one side with the turn and tips over. A loud screech of metal against road is made as the vehicle skids to a stop on its side.

Seth waits to see if anybody comes out of there. "Be careful", he hears himself telling Night Thrasher, although he doesn't come down to the street. he's not all that much expereienced in superheroics, after all...

Night Thrasher's eyes go wide at what happens with the U-Haul. He shakes his head, "That's one way of stopping it. Should'a put stoppers in front of the wheels. Amateur move, Night Thrasher..." Dwayne berates himself as he turns the corner of the alley and runs towards the upturned U-Haul.

The U-Haul fell over onto the passenger side, so it's not a surprise that the driver's side door swings open. The driver, recognizable as the man who ordered all the other Ratpack to get Night Thrasher, crawls out of the vehicle. Once on the asphalt, he staggers towards the back of the U-Haul and slides open the back door. With the door to the back of the vehicle open, he hops in and slides the door shut behind him... basically trapping himself in the cargo area of the U-Haul truck.

"He locked himself inside it", Seth remarks. "WHy did he lock himself inside it? He has a card of sorts ready to be played." He looks at Night Thrasher, "Now would be a good time to say what's inside there." He doesn't fire at the truck directly because... well, he could explode it, and kill the person inside it.

Thrasher runs on up towards the U-Haul. Some good sammaritans are starting to gather around the truck. Thrasher calls out, "Clear away from the truck! It's dangerous!" The New Warrior skids to a stop a few feet from the truck. He holds his hands out to keep people that are gathering at bay, "This is a dangerous situation. Back off!"

Inside the truck there is some obvious noise being made... something is being knocked around inside.

Seth sighs, and prepares for whatever's coming out of that truck. "What the hell's in the truck??", he's now shouting to Night Thrasher, both arms glowing energy pointed at the back door.

Thrasher turns his attention from the U-Haul towards the glowing High Schooler. He shrugs his shoulders, "Weapons? Drugs? Could be anything; All I know is that the Russian Mob wants it and they hired the Ratpack to steal it from a rival and deliver it to them." Thrasher turns back towards the U-Haul just as a high-pitched whine starts to emit from the back of the truck. A moment later there's a loud crunching noise and the door to the back of the U-Haul is baddly dented as if something heavy struck it. There's another buzz after that and the door shatters off of the frame of the truck. Thrasher ducks the debris and instinctively raises a hand to shield his head from the debris. Standing where the sliding door of the U-Haul used to be is the driver of the truck wearing a harness type device over his upper torso and holding something in each hand that resemble guns. That man humphs, "Wow. Should have dragged this out first..."

"T-the Russian Mob...?" He visibly tenses as he hears that name. And for a moment, everything goes blank as memories flood his mind, and they give way to an anger that's been kept burning like a fire. And so, as a result, both hands are fired at the last of the Ratpack. If it hits, the man will have a chance to discover Seth packs quite a punch with his blasts!

Quite a punch indeed. Before the last member of the Ratpack can level that unknown weapons system on Night Thrasher, he is smashed by a double-blast of Seth's mutant power. The energy collides with both the weapon and his padded/armored chest. It sends the man flying backwards into the cargo area of the U-Haul. The U-Haul shakes as the man collides with the wall to the cab section. Several moments after the blast, the man inside can be heard groaning in pain.

Night Thrasher looks up towards Seth and shakes his head in disbelief, "Woah." He says, "You, uh, don't hold back do you?" Thrasher reaches for his belt and pulls out a length of wire. He goes inside the U-Haul and drags the man out. Using the wire, Thrasher ties up his wrists and attaches him to the bumper of the busted U-Haul.

Oh... in the distance... is that a Police siren you hear? You bet.

And, on a completely unforeseen turn of events, Seth snaps out of his rage-filled expression to go into a surprised mode. "Sorry... what?" He listens to the police vehicles; and he looks around, where surely there are witnesses. "Oh, no... no..." Yeah, that's fear and anguish in his eyes.

Night Thrasher, once done with the last Ratpacker, turns around and looks up to Seth. Rather than call out to Seth, he runs back towards the alleyway. While running back to the alleyway, he's pulling out more threads of wire. There are other unconscious members of the Ratpack he needs to tie up before they wake up and flee.

The police arrive at the location of the tipped over U-Haul. Three cruisers arrive in quick succession of one another.

And that's Seth's queue to split, as he covers his face and runs off into the alley Night Thrasher heads into, and flies away. "Sorry, can't stay for chat", he calls out as he takes flight.

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