After Music Class

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Thimble, Mercury, Wolfsbane, Showstopper, Jean Grey

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What happens between two classes in Xavier's.

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Jean Grey, returned Headmistress to the Academy, is taking some time to teach a music class for the other students. In this case, a bit of basic melody and sheet music reading, very simple really, as she leads along with the grand piano. After about an hour, she gestures, "Alright, now don't be late for Mr. Drake's phys ed. I'm pretty sure he wants to put you through your paces." The kids cheer and quickly hustle out, as 'Drake's Phys-Ed' typically involves snowball fights this time of year. After a few moments, Jean starts gathering up her papers, occasionally snagging an errant note with her telekinesis but doing it by hand, mostly.

As the Small kids leave, the class of those that follow should gather, but most of them are late always. Well, Of course there is a 45 minutes break before the next music class, so that explains it mostly. In fact the only one who shows up is Janie Wu. One of the new students. And according to her files, she had had a troublesome past. However the files own nearly no info about what the limits and extent of her power is, well, it even lacks quite some info what it is even, just containing that it is somehow linked to fabric. And there is the rumor, she always runs around with all her stuff. Which is at least partly true, as her Backpack is always filled with most of it.

There's always someone who can't sit still during the break between classes, and sometimes more than one. However many there are in the school, Richenda Gray is one of them, and she walks to work off her nervous energy. Today's excursion involved a stroll through the outside grounds near the house, which was followed by being ambushed by half a dozen younger students with snowballs and plenty of snow to make more with! Despite being a fast learner of physical arts, Chenda's inexperience with snow-fighting got her a thorough trouncing, as well as very wet.
She's just made her escape inside now, stifling giggles as she pauses to knock snow from her shoes. None of her ambushers meant any real malice, but they were thorough, nonetheless. Shivering a little, she heads for someplace light and warm to dry out and recover. The conservatory will do just fine. And it looks like the door is open!

Jean smiles over at Janie, "You are Miss Wu, correct? My apologies, I was reviewing some of the recent files before classes this morning. I'm Jean Grey." She then tilts her head, and stifles a bit of a laugh as she says a bit louder, "Come in, Richenda." Apparently the thoughts of getting ambushed by Drake's phys-ed class were pretty easy to catch.

Thimble looks up at the teacher, noddsing slightly. What else to say? it was her name after all. And what sohould there be to appology? that the teacher was in his class? or that she knew the name of the new one? if that would need appology... Searching for a chair to sit at, she put her backpack down, pressing it against her chairleg. Turning her head to Richenda as she entered, she just gave a small nod, before looking down at her bag and lap.

Chenda leaves her shoes by the door to dry, so they don't track water and mud through the house, and hangs her winter jacket and gloves up with them. At least her pullover and socks are dry! She turns her steps for the conservatory, unbuttoning her jeans to let some dry air in. Her legs are freezing.
And about then is when she hears that cheerful, familiar voice call her name. The gypsy girl blushes, smiling ruefully as she steps through the door. "I guess I ought to know better than to think I'd sneak up on you, Miss Grey," she says, heading for one of the heat vents. "How's your first full day back?" Noticing Janie Wu, she nods and smiles. "Hello again, Janie. How are you holding up?"

Jean Grey looks curiously at Janie for a moment, then glances back to Richenda, giving her a wry smile, "On the plus side, I'm guessing Bobby's putting the children through their paces with phys ed. Hopefully he doesn't try and get any visiting Avengers." A slight pause, "I think he's still a little sensitive about that Youtube video." Her grin grows a bit as Richenda mentions being back, "And it was good, for now I'm just teaching some music lessons and basic psychology. And paperwork." A grimace, however good-natured, crosses her features at that, "LOTS of paperwork."

Thimble nods a bit, looking out of the window. Snowballs... she never was allowed to throw those. And she did notintend to do so. Hurting people was not her style - well... not too much at least. "youtube?" she just asks. Internet was nothing she had access to too much yet...

Chenda pauses in front of the heater vent, sighing in relief. Ah, warmth! "I've never seen a school that didn't run on paperwork." And she's seen plenty of schools, the hard way! "I hope it's not /too/ bad."
Janie's question draws a giggle from the gypsy girl. "Bobby and Wanda had a little disagreement in Central Park. He said one thing to many, and she hexed his pants down. There he was in his tighty-whities in front of a video camera and everybody!" she explains, not without a little sympathy for Iceman. She's been there herself. "Whoever filmed it put it on YouTube, and it's gotten some views. I could show you after classes."

Jean Grey ahems softly, and tries to sound stern, "Richenda, you shouldn't mock your..." She then grins, "Okay, I can't keep a straight face with that, but just pretend I lectured you a little about it, and we'll move on." Her eyes look over towards Janie, "How are you liking the school so far? You can be honest."

Thimble shrugs, pulling a sketchbook from her backpack, starting to scribble something. Not a text, but a sketch. "dunno... verry, verry different from Westport." she answers in a voice that is almost silent. It's some kind of her style to alswer that way. Even as she got a stipendium to buy some stuff for herself, she hadn't bothered even to leave the school grounds in the time up to now. And still she was always wearing that same pair of Jeans and T-Shirt she had gotten when she arrived, not bothering to fix the too big shirt in size so it would fit.

"I wasn't mocking him, Miss Grey... okay, not much," Chenda says, her smile turning a hint sheepish. "I'll consider myself lectured. Moving on." She eases her jeans down a bit to let more warm air in. It'll dry them faster.
As Thimble answers, Chenda glances over at her, frowning thoughtfully at the other orphan girl. What she's heard of Janie Wu's former life sounded downright Dickensian. She holds her peace, though, letting Jean ask the questions.

Mercury was just walking around when she notices the conservatory doors slightly ajar, and she blinks, hearing faint voices from within. Curiosity getting the better of her, she opens the door a bit more and pokes her head in, noticing Richenda, Jean Greay and that confusing Thimble girl, and that leaves Mercury wondering what the three are doing, and if she should even be here in the first place.

Jean smiles, "If it wasn't woefully unprofessional of me, I'd tell you about the time Dr. McCoy zinged Warren, when we were all students here ourselves." She gives Janie a concerned look, "Well, I'm sure it is. Have you had a chance to get some things for yourself? You did get issued that stipend, right? If you haven't, we can definitely arrange for a trip out for you." Noticing Mercury out of the corner of her eye, she gives a friendly wave to the girl, inviting her in if she wants, as it looks like the Headmistress is just chatting with some students.

Not far away is Wolfsbane, in costume after something or other. May have been a workout, maybe a morning run outside in her own way. Spotting Mercury at the door, she moves in that direction. Ears have already told her there are others inside. Nose, too. "Hullo, Cessily," she waves.

Thimble just shrugs, looking up from her sketching "I have what I need... or do I need a uniform?" she asks with a concerned look. She hadn't found something about that in the info she was given. Again her eyes wander down to the sketch, resuming to it as she sets some more lines there. "or is something wrong with them?"

"Aw, now you've got me curious!" Chenda calls back to Jean, laughing. But she doesn't ask. She does look at Thimble, however. "If you need help finding anything to wear, I'll be happy to help. I know some good stores in Hazelton Mall and Soho."
She can hear someone speaking outside. A look at the door reveals two shadows with familiar shapes, one distinctly furry as well. She turns back to the heater, hoping not to be noticed. Just an ordinary gypsy girl with her jeans half down, drying out. Nothing to see here!

Jean smiles a little, "Well, you don't need a uniform unless you want to practice being in the field, Janie. But, all the same, you can have different clothes if you want them. If you like, I can definitely have send someone out with you shopping... or if you even just want to give one of us a request to pick something up, that'd be fine as well." Her head tilts a bit, and she hmms, seeming to sense Rahne's approach, but not saying anything about that, instead looking back towards Janie, waiting for her response.

Mercury blink-blinks as she's noticed by Jean, and she decides to step in, just at Wolfsbane shows up, and Mercury momentarily stops, "Hey." she says, and she gestures the wolf-woman to join her inside. Once inside, she turns her attention to Jean, "Sorry, are we interrupting something?" she asks, tilting her head softly.

Wolfsbane lifts a claw-tipped hand in acknowledgement of Cessily, giving a brief smile before following the rest of the way in, taking note of who's there. One in particular draws more notice, leading to another greeting. "Hullo Jean, everybody. What's going on?"

Thimble ponders some seconds before answering at all "You mean that jumpsut thing? those that brought me here gave me one..." she mutters almost silently "and I have all I need... I believe.." she repeats then. what else should she need than a shirt and a pair of jeans for the day and a pair of pyjamas for the night?

"Janie, you definitely need more clothes," Chenda says, breaking her own silence, managing a smile for Cess and Rahne. "Miss Grey, do I have permission to take Janie shopping in New York? With a chaperone? Anybody'd be fine, really."

Jean Grey smiles a little, "You definitely do, Richenda." Her expression brightens a bit as she sees, "Rahne! I haven't seen you since I got back. How are you?" She then turns back to Janie and Richenda, "Janie, you can, and probably should, have more than one set of clothes. It's not an indulgence to have them, and in fact, you might like having a bit of variety." Her eyes flicker over towards Rahne and Cessily, then over to Richenda and Janie, as a thought seems to be forming. Uhoh...

Wolfsbane, still one of the newer X-Men, returns a brief smile to the other redhead. The wolfen features are slim right now, making her look more human than otherwise. "I've been well, thank ye. Keeping busy, ye know, with training an' things." A nod of agreement follows Jean's talk of having multiple outfits. "Aye, there's nae reason tae wear th' same things every day."

Mercury figured Rahne and Jean have a backstory, so she just shrugs it off for now, the girl standing and looking at Chenda and Thimble as the two discuss clothes. "Clothes?" she asks, but then she notices Jean's glance and Mercury blinks, confused. "What?"

Thimble seems to be greatly outnumbered in this case, looking at the three that voted for new clothes, stoping at the metal girl that did not "But it works. I don't need replacements for those yet." she mutters. And she wouldn't know what she should by anyway - so many nice fabrics out there that would make good clothing, too many interesting pieces... Where should she start or stop?"

"Jean and Rahne are right, and you could definitely use a little variety. I think I can help there," Chenda says, giving Janie a smile. "Even if you don't wear them every day, you should have some clothes that make you feel good wearing them. Stuff that fits and looks good on you."
She's dry enough, so she pulls up her jeans and buttons them, moving over to join the smaller girl. "Want to go after school, or this Sunday? I'll have time then."
She giggles and smiles at Cessily. "Janie needs some new clothes."

"Trust me, people notice when ye wear th' same top an' dress all th' time," Wolfsbane adds, though she also gives Jean a curious glance at the notice taken. "How have ye been, anyway?"

Mercury ah's and nods softly at Chenda, "So Jean asked you to go shopping with her?" she asks, smiling, and looks at Thimble, "As long as it's not all just white." she chuckles gently. "Hey, Janie. How are you doing?"

Jean Grey ahs, "I was good. Alaska was what I needed to just escape for a little bit. Scott's back there dealing with a few family things." She smiles over at Richenda, "Well, if you go on Sunday, I can probably arrange to chaperone you myself. It wouldn't be a bother, and frankly, I could use a few new things for my own wardrobe." Her eyes flicker towards Mercury, "And it is after Labor Day, after all, no white." Her lips quirk a bit.

Thimble sighs as she looks up to all those... shopping people. "What's wrong with a white T-Shirt?" she ecentually asks. She washes it again and again... noone can say she smells. And people tend to have a dozen white shirts in their closets she saw. She can do with one. So why bother needing to decide between so many pieces? And... why not buy the fabric then?

"Nothing, really. But it never hurts to have a white one, a green one, a purple one, and a blue one, too. And a few other things." Chenda gives Janie a quick hug. "Let's talk about it later. I've got to get to class, and I know it's a lot to think about when you've never had more than one or two things to wear." Dickensian, indeed!
She stands, nodding to Mercury. "Well, I offered. Jean didn't have to ask. But I would've if she had." The silver girl gets a hug, then Rahne. And finally, Jean herself. "I'll see you all later!" She steps out and hurries for the front door to collect her shoes and coat.

Wolfsbane decides to let others handle the answer Janie seeks, instead turning back to face Jean. "Alaska must be verra cold this time o' year. I should go see it sometime, maybe next summer." Yes, she has problems with hot and humid. Muggy is not fun at all. After Richenda departs in her own way she rubs the back of her neck, standing out if for no other reason than being in costume, the blue and yellow colors primary. "I've been suggesting Cessily get something that'll shift with her, but I'm na sure if anyone's got tha' far yet."

Mercury hugs Richenda back as the girl makes her way out, and then she looks at Thimble, "Look, Janie, more colors means more variations, as wearing the same color every day would.. make the color boring." she offers with a smile.

Thimble is not someone who normally hugs people ans so she is surprised by that bold gesture as she is hugged and so does not reply it. Well, she had had 2 sets of the same uniform in Westport, but she always sketched clothing and she was in household classes where she learned to stitch clothing or work with a sketch to make new ones. And... well, she wouldn't actually need a sewing machine or needle, but it would help... "but if I need colors... There are so many nice fabrics in shapes, texture, color.... why not just a plain white then? I can't decide really..."

Jean Grey smiles, "You can get any colors that you want, even plain white. Though, take it from someone who's been involved with fashion a bit more than is..." She pauses, then sighs, "Well, fashionable." Okay, that sounded a lot better in her head, as she makes a slight wince at the play on words she made, "But different colors are nice, and also... white, is very very hard to keep clean consistently."

"Even I've grown away from just th' plain skirts an' high socks," Wolfsbane says with a half-smile, leaving it to the others to push the idea of variety in fashion further. "Some people even make their costumes verra unique." She stands a bit to one side, close enough for normal conversation.

Mercury just shrugs gently, smiling a bit, "Usually I just say 'wear what you feel comfortable in', but, in this case, I think I have to agree with the others about this. You need more colors." she says to Thimble, "But, I'm not exactly a shopping person, unfortunately." she chuckles.

Thimble ponders "I never had problems getting white clean. It's a question of hand washing." she remarks, looking back to her mostly finished sketch of a piece of clothing. Maybe a dress or simmilar. "But what colors?"

Jean hms, "Well, personally, I like green and gold, or red... my current uniform is similar to the student uniforms, a yellow and blue combination." She looks at Janie, "I think the best thing would be for you to try on some different colors and find what you'd like."

"I like some things in black an' red, sometimes," Wolfsbane offers, taking a seat nearby for the moment. Other than that, it doesn't seem she has a whole lot to offer on the matter.

Mercury hmms, "I like red..." she says, rubbing her chin, "Blue jeans is also something I like... Green is also a nice color." she says, then shrugging, "It's a matter of mix-and-matching colors to find combinations you like" she says with a smile.

Thimble nods a bit "I know about colors... but color and fabric and texture and shape need to match. and all match the figure..." she throws in. Even if you don't own many clothes, you can have a sense of style... and if you can't decide... you just pick white.

Jean nods, "Exactly." She brightens a bit, "I did a bit of fashion design back in the day, nothing major. But it definitely taught me a few things about that. So, would Sunday work well for you, Janie? There's a few other things I wanted to do in New York, we can make it a field trip. Well, sort of a field trip." Her lips quirk slightly as she tries to stifle a grin. Rank has its privileges and all.

Wolfsbane listens quietly for a few moments longer, speaking up to say, "It's just a matter o' trying different things an' seeing what ye like. Everyone has different tastes." Something about that leads her to hop back to her feet with a purpose. "Speaking o' which, I'm off tae change. I've got a taste for something from Harry's. Nice tae see ye back, Jean. Good luck with yuir shopping plans."

Thimble seems to think about the last statement again "uhm, then I am one too?" she asks, wearing just T-Shirts and jeans. Or they considder her strange as she does have only one set...

Jean gives Thimble a reassuring smile, "Well, only if you want to be. There's no shame or stigma either way, as far as I'm concerned." She looks over at Mercury, "Sorry, when I get talking about such things, it can be a bit hard for me to stop. But yes, Sunday, we'll go to New York and do a bit of shopping, I think."

Mercury hmmms. To go, or not to go on that Sunday trip. It would be a nice time to get out of the school, but then again, shopping isn't really her thing, "I wish you two good luck and fun in the shopping, then." the metallic girl says, nodding, "I'll just stay here, I'm not much of a shopping girl." she says, smling a bit and rubbing behind her head.

Thimble eyes Mercury, then Jean Grey "uhm... why? If I need to get other clothes... then why not you too?" she asks, looking at her sketch again.

Mercury smiles and shakes her head, "I have plenty of clothes. Blues, reds, greens, yellows..." she says, "A varied pick in colors to keep myself entertained." she explains, "Plus it wasn't too long since I last bought a shirt for myself."

Jean nods slightly, "So there we go. Really, we should get you a variety that you'll be happy with, Janie. I'm pretty sure we can find a few things that would work for you... and this way you can have more than just the one set."

Thimble nods a bit "if it is needed..." she gives in. Not that she wouldn't want clothes, she just is not too fond of trying to find something that fits her and her style. "I have no idea how much is there for this tour."

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