Affliction of Quicksilver Part 2

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Mirage, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat and Havok

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09/04/12 16:33

Space, the final frontier

The team travels through space to get to their destination

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A few hours later, everyone is packed. Entering the hangar, the team discovers a mid-sized ship akin to the design of the Raptor of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica series. Large enough for a 4 person crew with minor accommodations in the rear for short term living. Boarding the newly fashioned craft, Alex notes, "Love that new spaceship smell.". Soon the team has launched and is off planet (w/artificial gravity) flying quickly toward the moon. Alex seems giddy while piloting. He smiles, and says, "Course plotted, we're about to make the jump in 5, 4, 3, 2, ?" then the stars begin to become streaks in the subspace/hyperspace flight.

Once the autopilot is set, Alex spins around in his seat and says, "This first jump should be 3 hours. Then we have three more jumps to navigate around gravity wells before we can do a final jump to the Greater Magellanic Cloud. Then there are a few stops to reassess our galactic position before locating the planet in question. Altogether, this trip out will take about 2 to 3 days. We find the planet, the plant, and then get the hell outta dodge before we're discovered.

Having stored her gear in the back of the ship, Dani has taken the jump seat position in the ship, she has no intent of operating the vessel and stays out of the way of those that do. She braces in her seat as the g-force from the jump pushes against her. She remains relatively quiet as Alex goes over what is happening. "At how many of those jump points should we expect hostilities?" she asks after the initial jump is over.

Kurt listens to both as the launch off on their journey. "Ja," he agrees with Dani, and then adds in his own two cents. "And even then, is this plant common or are we talking weeks long excursion into unknown wilds to find some rare plant that only grows when the two moons of planet X eclipse each other?" As the stars whiz by, he lifts both legs onto his chair for comfort as he looks and listens.

Alex grins to Dani's question, "Well. Normally they were patrolled by Kree and Skrull forces, depending on who ever had control of the territory at the time. Now that the Kree have been taken out the Skrulls should be our biggest worry. Until we get out of the galaxy. Then we may be running into issues with the Shi'ar that are loyal to Deathbird."

[OOC] Havok says, ""

"So short answer, all of them." Dani does her own interpretation of what was said "Maybe we should send out a message to our own Shi'ar allies and get a status on Deathbird and her group. Knowing what part of space she hangs out would be helpful." she scans the controls in what would be considered the cockpit area "What type of weapons does this ship have?

"You mean, like, see what's up with Heather?" That's his idea of calling in alies, but Kurt doesn't drop any other names as he lefts a his three-fingered hand to cover his mouth. Feigning a bad stage whisper towards Dani, "I think you could try asking Ship, Ship is probably listening now you know." Then he swivels in his own chair, looking around, wondering if some holo-multi-personality extension of Ship is going to show up or something weird.

"Already did." Alex notes as he reaches over to a side terminal and pushes a few buttons. "Not with Heather though. Got intel straight from the source; dad. Turns out that Deathbird escaped her prison and they figure she's somewhere in old Kree space, probably Hala. Dad said he'd send what support he could, but there is already talk of war between the two sides. We're probably going to have next to no support when we drop into Kree space. So we better hope that this little ship can fly fast."

"And hopefully it can sting." Dani unbuckles "With three hours to kill I think I will go check out the back and see what conditions we will be cramped in to the next few days." she moves the few steps into what qualifies as the "living quarters" to check out the rest of the craft.

As Dani is getting up, Kurt ponders another question, "So what is the protocol with the vehicles Ship provides us for excursions like this. Are we stuck with whatever Ship thought we needed, or do we have the possibility to make alterations?" This is his first real experience with ship as far as it goes. At least his first extended voyage.

In the rear of the craft there are fold down bunks, a small toilet/shower, and an extending table where people can sit and eat or play cards, and finally the kitchen area is a simple replicator. It's all about the size of a 19ft RV with sectional structure with few comforts.

"Alterations? Sorry bro, it's what we've got. Ship is modifiable, but created craft are what they are. They don't reshape or rearrange.

Alex will ask about recent events at the school, if anything interesting is going on or if it's just a bunch of childishness. He may miss it, or may just be glad that he's living aboard Ship full time now. It's known that he's been spending more time in the city, as of late, vs holed up in the mansion. And if there's nothing else exciting, time will pass to reaching the first jump-out point.

Poking around in the back Dani finds the replicator and gets herself a coffee from it, "Anyone else want anything?" and besides the new avenger placed students nothing really new is going on at the mansion, it's been pretty status quo there. Sipping her coffee she pulls out (down whatever) one of the beds and pokes at it "Not bad for a glorified cot.

Shakind his head, Kurt responds, "No, I'm good I think. Now to figure out what to do for three hours in a cramped space with you two that doesn't end with me getting ejected from the air lock." He jokes, there is no air lock, oh the fun to be had. "I think you're getting sleepy Dani, lie down ... I think I saw a magic marker floating around here somewhere ..." He ponders something else entirely as he looks at the ceiling.

Shadowcat gets up from her chair chuckling "Ohh thank you, you totally reminded me I skipped breakfast. I think I saw some hair dye for fur around someplace too" she teases kurt, it was an empty threat at best

Dropping out of hyperspace, the stars come clear and a nebula is seen spanning several thousand light years. It's quite breathtaking, but serves as the first barrier to hyperspace jumping. It will have to be navigated with multiple jumps, or two distinct jumps around it which will take more time; however safer.

The computer begins to calculate the new jump. While doing that, scans go out searching for impending danger from hostile aliens. The navigation terminal reports nothing in close range, but does detect a very large starship 2 light years away. The clock is ticking, it will take 11 minutes for the computer to set the navigation. The starship detects the team's ship.

Dani is not going to be doing as Kurt suggests, she stows the sleeping bunk away and goes back to her seat. "Oh company." she comments as she sees the other ship come up on the display "I hope they don't expect tea." she then begins to buckle up, expecting the ride to get a bit bumpy

"No doubt, this is the part where Alex asks Kurt if the hyperdrive is fixed yet and our android goes and fixes it while hyjinx ensues," grins the fuzzy elf a second. Then side comments to Alex, "I'd totally say lets scan, but that could be viewed as a hostility or something. Lets scan other areas to look for hidey holes and such?" Its open for interpretation, but he'd rather do what they can to avoidd trouble for the next 11 minutes.

Shadowcat gets french toast wrapped sausages and a cappuccino before returning to her seat. thankfully her cup had a spill proof lid "Unless they're from a militaristic or expansionist culture then they could view us running away as a weakness"

The starship disappears then reappears within a few million miles. The bay doors open up and a dozen single man fighters begin to emerge. Giddy again, Alex smiles (with a hint of nervousness). He looks over to Kurt, "Hey Chewie, take R2 <Kitty> back there and see if she can speed things up. Then get on the blasters. Leia and I will try and avoid them as long as we can." Alex sees himself as Han.

Alex will then alter course to 'run away' from the fighters which will intercept within 9 minutes. "Weakness or not, there is 12 of them and one of us, plus a huge ship."

Shadowcat smirks at Alex and gives a few whistles and click and chirps like r2 "You're no han solo and Kurt would need longer hair to pull off Chewbacca" Getting up she starts munching on one of her frenchtoast covered sausages like it was aa cigar and heads pets Lockheed as he flies up from where he'd been napping.

Getting up and going with Cat, Kurt grins just the same, "And a bowcaster, I'm good with swords - does that make me Luke though." He doesn't go into the whole sister confusion thing that would apply giving the situation either. "So, the vehicle can't modify itself, but Cat is free to make it more efficient, I'm liking this trip already."

Moving from the jumpseat to the co-pilot seat Dani scans the controls and will do the best she can in the position considering her limited experience "It's not quite the Blackbird but I think I can manage." she eyes the display that has the hostiles on it.

Alex floors it away from the fighters and notes, "She's a programmer, surely she can do something, right? Or do you have little faith in your woman?" with the hint of a tease.

Shadowcat snickers "We are talking about an advanced living ship here. If you have problems just ask Shipa to do it. I'll see what I can work out with her about the jumps and getting us out of here quickly. Shipa can you raise forefeilds please?" least that would give them some protection but wait...if ship can phase wouldn't it be able to phase them as well so no harm could come to them or ship?

Dani is somewhat out of her element when it comes to battles between spaceships, but she is nothing if not adaptable. Since the other ships are giving chase she will go ahead and scan the ones that are intercepting to get a better idea of what they are capable of and relay what information she discovers.

No response from the small craft indicates that voice commands are not in place and any AI interface would be through a console. The AI in it is rudimentary at best and operates intuitively through common commands input. If Kitty wants to see if she can speed things up or look for alternative jump points (which could serve to delay the conflict - in turn delay the ultimate goal) then she's welcome to interface with a terminal.

The fighter craft are small dart like craft. Aboard are Skrull pilots. The larger ship is a command carrier that also moves to intercept, but is slower than the fighter craft. They are still outside of weapons range.

Alex asks, "How much time do we have on that countdown?" <00:05:32>. He continues to race away from the ships.

"I think Alex is saying," says Kurt, in some instance relying on his bodies adaptation to cling to surfaces if their raising and turning and all the fun stuff of space chase, "Help yourself to alter the design, just tell me what to do and I'll do it." Sort of like going back to all the days on the Blackbird, not being the primary mechanic, Kurt can pitch in, knowing the tools, understanding the lingo enough to help a mechanic, probably can work on real world cars even, just needs guidance with this sort of tech.

Shadowcat smiles, kurt could indeed be very helpful. Moving over to a console she starts tapping at keys bringing up windows and equations and star maps "Hmm" then kneels on the floor to remove a access panel and starts asking kurt for tools so she can jury-rig a interface for herself. Note to self: work on a interface helmet when this is over.

With R2 making modifications and Chewie now dropping tools on anyone's head, the minutes are parsed off enough that the team is able to hyperspace out of there seconds before coming into weapon's range. Even though the force field may have held, it was still a harrowing experience.

Back in hyperspace, the stars zip by. Alex whirls around in his seat and looks back to everyone aboard, "Ok, Skrull's have beaming technology. If we were in range of that larger craft, they could have beamed in or beamed us out. Either way, it would not have been pretty. Kitty, can you work on modulating the shields to prevent that? Is it even possible?"

Crisis averted for the moment Dani leans back in her seat, before turning it to face the others, "A cloaking device would even be better." she doubts that is possible under to circumstances "Though I guess if that were possible the Skrulls would have been using one.

"More importantly," begins Chewbacca, aka Kurt, "If a skrull beams over and then we jump, do we get to keep it as a pet." Its a legit question. "Really though, I think we should worry about them using our last jump and trying to follow, I suggest a short jump when we hit our destination just to confuse our path .... assuming no one is waiting there too."

R2(Kitty) turns with a frenchtoast sausage hanging fromher mouth like logan with a cigar "Hmm I could set the shields to a random modification sequence I think. that ought to do the trick, random time intervals and frequencies. Definitely don't want Skrulls beaming in" then reaches to tease kurt's tail "Hmm we could doa series of short zig zagging jumps to lose them and continue on our path. I'll start calculating a new path home. Cloaking device will have to wait but once back home it might be doable if based on the same tech Shipa uses to phase"

"Skrulls can beam in all they like." Dani pats her gun at her hip "Me on the other hand, I'd rather not be beamed out." she turns back to the panel a moment to set up a continuous long range scan so they won't get any more surprises from the Skrulls or anyone else in the sectors they pass through.

Nothing will pursue.

The jump from the outer nebula 'up & around' will consist of two separate jumps and will be navigated without interruption. The third jump will then take them out of the galaxy spiral into deep space which is mostly devoid of stars and the such. Then it will be another jump for 150,000 more light years to the Greater Magellanic Cloud (aka former Kree Space, now Shi'ar space). These jumps will take approximately 30 more hours before they arrive in the globular cluster (Magellanic Cloud). Giving them all plenty of down time.

Alex asks, "Anyone up for spades?" and produces a deck of cards implying that card playing will be one of the many entertainment factors of the flight.

With a shrug, Kurt takes up the challenge, "Spades you say, Ja, I will play, I have an advantage you know." Simple as that, not so much explaining, but his tail lifting a little to demonstrate.

Kitty finished her work and follows Kurt "Cards? sure, I'll play" She'd had plenty of practice with logan

"Deal me in." Dani swings around in her seat "Someone want to pull out the table?" she gestures to where it is stowed in the wall "Cheating Kurt? Really?" she gives a playful tsk.

Lots of cards are played, but ultimately Kurt was the champion. Sleep was had in slightly comfortable bunks. People took shifts monitoring things. There was food, more cards, boredom, and a single DVD of the 'West Side Story' which Alex brought to watch and sing along with. He seems to know the lines?.

The alarm sounds and signals that they are about to drop out of hyperspace. They will be exiting just inside the Greater Magellanic Cloud in an obscure (assumed) location that is a little off the main shipping lanes (based on intel that Ship uploaded before departure). It should be noted that subspace communication cannot occur in hyperspace.

Dani will note on her monitor that there are some large spatial displacements in regular space just before exiting hyperspace. But not in time to actually abort the exit.

Exiting hyperspace, the team will quickly note that they are in the middle of a massive space battle between two, no three factions. Shi'ar, Skrull, and old guard Kree ships. Approximately 50 heavy cruisers are represented in each faction with hundreds of smaller craft. There is a star system amid all of it with a central binary group (yellow main and blue dwarf) with 15 planets and hundreds of planetoids/moons. The battle is massive and they are caught right in the middle of it.

Having claimed victory in the spades games, many times over, and thankfully his partner was Katzchen, Kurt is ready for something more interesting after Alex's rendition of the In America song from Westside story - a lot different interpretation when song by a white guy versus the Puerto Ricans from the film maybe. Though massive battle wasn't up his alley and here they are. His instinct comes in and he grabs the gunnery controls but doesn't shoot at random, rather anyone that turns their attention to the small ship X-Factor is in will become a target of Kurt's and, for his part, he's quite good at returning fire, sending other vehicles spiraling towards the biggest source of gravity, simply blowing them up, or killing their engines and leaving them dead in the water, or space, as the case might be. He's really getting into it until they collide with another ship, "I had him ... today is not a good day to die." He'll keep other ships from sharking their descent and kick at the controls to help soften the blow if he can (that is, help with flight controls if/as necessary).

Dani tries her best to get a better read on what is causing the spatial displacements, but there is probably some hyperspace distortion that prevents a good read on the situation, "Oh holy hell!" she exclaims as the battle rages suddenly around them. Of course they immediatly become a target "We have three trying to climb up our rear and two trying to outflank us." she watches her monitor carefully not quite shouting out which direction to go and when, until it all goes sidewise, "No, your other left!" that's when all the ship alarms go off blaring about damage this and broken that. As soon as she ship hits the outer atmoshphere of the planet, it starts screaming warnings about reentry vector and crash hazards. For her part Dani does what a co-pilot is supposed to in this situation, yell at the pilot in a mix of english and cheyenne, as she tries to assist in getting control of the crashing spaceship. If the scanners are still working she will try to find a soft place in which to crash and try to vector off in that direction if that much control can be gotten.

Scrambling quite effectively Kitty manages to efficientl;y keep the sheilds up and modulating and the other systems as well as she scrambled around. Lil fix-it was epic in her repairs. Massive space battle? pssh not a worry in her warm brown eyes. "Ack! Alex, be careful! We don't have a spare of these y'know"

There's just too many of them. Or at least that's the excuse he's going to use when this story is told in the future. If it is told.

Alex loses control while trying to evade. Perhaps he zigged when Dani told him to zagg. Either way, he ended up slamming into the dorsal aspect of a Kree heavy star cruiser which knocked out the controls and caused them to spiral out of control toward a nearby planet. Luckily, Kitty is on her game and at the last minute, she restores the controls. This allows Alex to pull up in time to clip a hillside and bring the ship down in a careening, very turbulent 'crash' landing that knocks out power and many other systems.

When the ship comes to a stop, the token wires that hang from the ceiling give off sparks. The front windows are cracked, the room starts to fill with noxious gas, and everyone that remained on board <if kurt does indeed teleport and kitty auto phases> were knocked around something severe. Yellow sunlight streams through the windows. Outside is a jungle environment - many trees were knocked down breaking their crash. Alex remains conscious, in the half darkness he calls, "Is any injured." - he himself is shaken, but will start to unbuckle his harness.

At some point during the crash and the jolting around following Dani manages to smack her head on something. She when the question is asked she is limp and unresponsive.

Injured or not, Kurt does remain in the ship and probably hits controls or something in front of him, is bruised, if not cut. Even as Alex is asking if everyone is doing fine, Kurt bamfs out of the chair, exlaiming something exciting in German, fist pumping to the heavens or up at the sky battle many miles above them. Kat might of heard him say they word before, then exclaims in plain english "I knew we'd survive, I knew it the whole time." He's breathing and chuckling lightly more like a lucky survivor, but he's still smiling. Until Dani doesn't respond.

Instincts were instincts even reflexes and as the craft careens toward the hill...well kitty slips out of it and phases out the other side before phasing back in to land roughly and tumble to a stop, even surpside a bit herself. Pressing her comm "x-factor, everyone alright?" looking around as she picks debris from her hair

The automatic fire suppression devices kick in and the cabin is filled with another foul smelling gas. However, the side hatch has an emergency escape function and pops open to help vent the gas and allow the occupants to escape (those that can't port or phase).

Alex will break from his chair, move to the one next to him (where Dani is) and pop her restraints. Grabbing her, and tossing her over his shoulder, he will intone, "Let's get outta here."

Kitty will be left behind perhaps a mile or two behind. She will note the binary stars starting to set on the distant horizon. Gravity is 1.5 that of Earth and the air possess more O2, 32%. Her tri-corder <if she has one> will be able to tell her that the ionosphere of the planet blocks detection and the means of communication. So no coms.

As they grab Dani and get out, Kurt says, "She breathing at least," an open question just to check on the safety of Mirage for the moment. With no way to contact Kitty or hear from her, not that Kurt knows or has checked yet, he's looking back the way they came curiously. His gaze shifts to the ship they are exiting, curious if he can recall the last time he saw her, but recalling he was more watching the controls to look for the opportunity to help out.

Kitty sighs as she looks at her sensor then looks around toward the the way the ship had crashed a path thru things and back the way it had come "Kurt!...Lockheed!" Knowing the others would have stayed with the craft she starts running along the path of destruction, night was probably not a good time to be out alone

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