Affliction of Quicksilver Part 1

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Mirage, Nightcrawler, Havok, Crystal

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09/04/12 11:43

X-Factor Tower/Ship

Crystal comes to X-Factor for help regarding Quicksilver

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Tue Sep 04 11:43:20 2012

"Uh guys, could you come upstairs?" is what Havok notes over the com.

Within moments, the team that is available has assembled within the Penthouse level of Ship. What they see:

Havok, wearing his black and gold costume, is seated across from Crystal who is dressed in her yellow and black costume. Between them is a table and upon the table a small metallic disk with a crystal making a central dome lid to it. For those that know, it's a holographic projector. There are two available chairs on either side of the table. They seem to have been talking.

It is currently nighttime in the city of New York. Sky is clear, but stars aren't seen due to the ambient light of the city.

Having arrived in the room, the available members of the team are free to join Havok and Crystal in their discussion.

Coming as requested, Nightcrawler takes more time than usual, he doesn't quite bamf around ship as he did in over environments. Maybe it has something to do with the potential of change and probabilities. Regardless, he shoes up wearing loose fitting clothes, as if relaxing for the evening. His sweat pants are blue, his favorite color, but over this he wears a pink sort of billabong t-shirt - looks like something a lady might use as a night shirt and he just happens to have it on. No questions asked, he enters in and then moves towards the table, looking curiously at the disk with the dome lid on it as he approaches, "You rang boss?"

Minutes pass but before to many more go by Dani is stepping off the elevator. Her gaze scans the room, her expression curious at the unexpected visitor sitting at the table with Alex. She too moves to the table "I didn't realize we had company." she takes a seat in the other unoccupied chair.

Noting to the new arrivals, Alex states, "Crystal here was about to share her Quicksilver story." Then he looks to Crystal, who in her subdued Inhuman accent, will relate:

"Let me first by apologizing for my behavior in our last encounter. Reflecting upon the engagement, I wish I would have had more time to explain. Which is why I am here now.

Alex looks at Kurt's attire quizzically, albeit briefly, and then returns his attention to Crystal who continues.

"Kurt, you may recall my cooling of Pietro's head and noting that he had been afflicted. He was feverish and in need of immediate care. The affliction caused him to react irrationally and it is felt that is the reason he had returned to his old ways with the Brotherhood. His condition is being addressed presently, but we are in need of your assistance, in particular - Ship's assistance."

If Ship could, he would blush.

Blinking a moment as he listens, Nightcrawler ponders that a moment, "The next part is where you tell us that all his old buddies from the Brotherhood need a place to crash while Ship gives you assistance?" He's sure there is a catch in this somewhere, but since Cyrstal isn't forthcoming, he jumps to his own conclusions. Getting comfortable in a seat, he pulls it up to the table, both knees up high and tight.

As she listens to Crystal's breif explanation Dani leans forward arms on the table "Afflicted?" she sends a concerned glace to Alex and Kurt, wondering if this is something that she should have known about before now "What kind of affliction? Is this something we should worry about being exposed to?"

Crystal addresses Kurt's concerns and hostilities first, "I see that I should not have come nor have the right to ask for your assistance." She stands, "It should be noted though, I do not suffer nor hold kin the members of the Brotherhood. They are vile and my only concern is Pietro. I had hoped that since Alex and he had a familiar and favorable history along with the historical friendship between our peoples; that perhaps you could assist. I apologize for the assumption."

Alex stands, his brow furrowed and after glancing to Kurt he looks to Crystal and says, "Hey wait." Thus allowing time for Kurt to translate his Hello Kitty approach to guests.

Good thing he didn't borrow the hello Kitty night shirt probably, still Kurt responds, "Nein ... Crysal, we would like to help. We're just obnoxiously sarcastic. As Dani points out, we've had our share of problems with transmittable afflicions." He eyes Alex, no comments from the peanut gallary when Crystal leaves about what sort of afflictions. Still, he amends, "I think we just need to know what Ship will have to do for you and what may be involved. To say we're here for mutant kind and turn our backs on the first person in need of assistance would be stepping off on the wrong foot."

It's probably a good thing Kurt's legs aren't under the table or else he would have been victim of a shin kicking from Dani. She stands quickly, "Crystal, please stay. We do want to help if we can." she gives Kurt a look "Forgive Kurt's comments, but there is a lot of hostility between the Brotherhood and ourselves, sometimes it can make wrods come out without the benefit of thought.

Giving pause and not teleporting away, Crystal hears the pleas and looks to Dani, "Let me assure you all, the Brotherhood, and Magneto, are not upon my list of allies or friends."

She will step forward and press the holoemitter. It illuminates and a strand of DNA is depicted. Essentially, she continues, "Peitro's condition is not contagious nor is there a vector in which you can be affected. It is due to his own unique physiology and secondary exposure to the Terrigan mists through prolonged contact with me." She looks sad. She gives pause and will take a seat.

Alex will ask, "So because he's a mutant and hanging out with you he's got some disease?"

She corrects, "Not mutant, but his hyper-metabolic nature makes him susceptible to long term secondary exposure. Therefore, you, nor mutant-kind are at risk."

The hologram depicts the mutated strands and designates specific markers of interest.

"Ja, exposure to Terrigan mists, his own physiology," says Kurt summarizing without throwing together mutant and being Cyrstals 'friend.' "Sort of following, but where does Ship come into this. How can Ship help?" It this needing the med bay or is Crystal suggesting Ship be used to transport Pietro halfway across the universe for some rare cure.

Sitting back down in her chair, Dani stares at the image of the DNA floating above the table. There is visable releif when Crystal relates that the affliction is non-communicable. The last thing that is needed is another mutant plague to go around. Since Kurt asked the pertinent question about how the team and Ship could be of service she just sits queitly for the answer.

Alex also takes a seat, is distracted by the DNA hologram for a second longer. "Your ship is capable of interstellar travel in a timely fashion." She pushes a button on the side of the holoemitter and it depicts a map of the milky way, highlights the solar system and then the greater Magellanic cloud. She continues, "We do not have the means to travel to Kree space to the planet of Cethraxxis and retrieve the plant required to cure him."

"In the end, this is Alex's call," offers Kurt, "Its quite soon to set up shop and then jump ship." No puns intended, "But if it will assure Pietro's affliction is cured, I wouldn't be opposed to helping out."

"I'm not going to stand in the way of what is required to cure Pietro." Dani states after taking a few moments to think about the ramications of such an endevour "How long before Pietro's condition becomes unreversiable?

Crystal notes with a saddened face, "A week, ten Earth days, maximum. He's been put into stasis, but his genome is still undergoing degradation."

Alex states, "Then count on it getting done. Have your people to send the information to Ship and we'll get underway within 12 hours."

Crystal will stand, "Everything you need is within that disk, thank you. I wish you luck, for all our sakes."

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