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Black Panther, Arachne

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Rising Sun Dogo - Soho - NYC

Black Panther helps Arachne with some injuries

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-----[ Rising Sun Dojo - SoHo ]-----

You enter the Dojo, and you can feel that this is no place for the weak. Their are no actual physical clues of this feeling, it is just a over-powering sensation. To your left is a small rack where a few pair of shoes rest. It is quite evident that you must remove your shoes before stepping into the Dojo. The floor is a simple lacquered wooden floor. The walls are mostly bare with the exception of a Japanese Imperial Flag hanging on the front wall. The flag is not over powering, or huge, it is simply a flag placed in a place of honor. A few pictures decorate the walls of the Dojo, with the faces of Masters of the Kendoka, and even older paintings of Samurai from a time long gone.

This is a Kendoka. It is a place to study the Way of the Sword. One does not come here to learn Jujitsu, Karata, Kung-Fu, etc. Those are far inferior martial arts compared to Kendo. A rack holding the Shinai, a bamboo sword, hangs on the wall to your immediate right. Three rooms lead off the main.


Within the confines of his Dojo in SoHo, the Black Panther sits quietly in the center of the garden and meditates.

It was just last night that the auction went awry. And by awry, Night Raven revealed his true nature. Now, it is early morning just before sunrise. The roof is open to the pinks and oranges that begin to caress the sky. The garden itself is Japanese in nature; rocks, sand, small trees and a centerpiece on a dais devoted to the Panther God of Wakanda.

Arachne was made aware of his dojo and that the Panther spends time there. She can access the dojo from the open roof, if she wishes.

After the events of the prior evening, Arachne disappeared into the darkness taking the suggestion she was given and staying out of the way of police and other rescue workers. Since then she has been to the Avenger's Mansion to get changed and cleaned up and now is racing and leaping across the dawn shadowed rooftops, disturbing many a roosting pigeon.

She slows as she approaches her destination and drops lightly onto the rooftop, tugging at the straps of the small pack slung across her back. In a matter of moments she is dangling upside down from the open skylight surveying the dojo and its occupant.

Wearing his ceremonial attire (the costume of the Panther), the Panther's eyes remain closed and his head tilts ever so slightly away from the presence of Arachne. "Welcome, Arachne." he intones as his body and mind begins to pull itself back into the present moment.

Once she is greeted Arachne flips through the open rooftop to land near where Panther was meditating "Good morning. Things went smoothly after I departed last night?" she slips the pack of her back holding it at her side.

Slowly standing, the Panther answers, "There were many questions." regarding her own query of the events that transpired the previous evening. He then nods to the statue and subsequently gazes upon Arachne to inspect her costume and scan her for particular injuries that may stand out.

With a new costume on all her wounds are inconspicous, the only indication to any injury is in her movements, favoring a leg or arm and moving a bit stiffly in general "And you recovered your belongings? I hope that after all that they weren't damaged."

With a step, the Panther begins to walk across the garden in route to the private areas of the dojo. He intends to guide her in this scene shift. "I did, thank you. It was only slightly damaged, but better that than fall into the wrong hands. How about yourself? Perhaps I can lend assistance to your condition."

Arachne nods, glad that part of the mission was successful, "I'm good. Nothing that some ibuprofen, a hot tub and maybe eight hours of sleep won't fix." the later of which she hasn't had yet. As she speaks she follows him across the dojo "You have something better?

Crossing the rocks, making little sound, the Panther will guide Arachne to the wooden steps (3) that take them to the interior porch like deck that surrounds the garden in a Japanese motif. Moving to a sliding paper paneled door, he notes, "In Wakanda, there are many practices and treatments that have been used for thousands of years. Come, allow me to demonstrate."

He will then slide open the door to reveal a waist high table (much like a massage table with face piece for prone laying). The room smells of herbs and medicinal plants as well as exotic teas. There is even a pot and small area for heating water within.

As they move up the stairs she favors her left leg. She looks around the new area she has been lead to, looking dubious at his suggestion but then nods "Alright. What does this demonstration entail?" she sets the pack down for the moment "I've read about some of the medical practices of ancient times in college, some of it was pure genius for the times, the rest had me wincing.

The Panther will allow her to enter and slide the paper door closed. He will motion toward the table and say, "Please, lay face down."

The Panther will then move to a nearby shelf that is occupied by various shapes and sizes of rocks.

"Of course." she moves over to the table and hops onto it before stretching out face down and putting her face in the open part. Arachne stretches her arms over her head then lets them hang over the edge, "So homeopathic medical treatments is a hobby of yours?"

After scrutinizing the perfect rock, the Panther removes it from the shelf then turns and will put a pot of water over the fire. Keeping his back to her the whole time - offering her the sense of modesty even though she does not disrobe. "Just something I picked up through my associations. So yes, a hobby - if you will."

She hmms in thought at the answer, "Good skill to have considering our way of life. Hospitals and doctors usually aren't always the best choice for us." she remains perfectly still as she lays on the table. It's probably the most relaxation she has had all evening.

A moment after he sees that the pot is heating up, the Panther turns and moves to the head of the table. She will hear his voice say in a very peaceful and deep tone, "ummmm-ah graaaluah sharrannn" and then he will translate, "A blessing upon your body from the Panther God."

She will then feel his hands placed flat upon her upper back over her shoulder blades. His thumbs will then press into the muscles between shoulder blade and spine. The initial touch is warm and soothing, the pressure could be considered painful for an instant, but that quickly will fade and bring peace to the muscles.

Laying patiently, with her eyes closed under her mask Arachne waits for this demonstration to begin. There is no comment about blessings. Any blessing is a good most cases. There is a sharp intake of breath at the sudden pain followed by a relaxed sigh.

His hands are strong as they begin to kneed into the musculature. Though focusing on muscles currently, it is not as a masseuse would perform, it is very focused and very deep. They span over her upper back, neck, and shoulders. This lasts approximately 3 to 5 minutes and then she will his hands retract, only leaving two fingertips at the base of her skull. She will then feel the rounded tip of the stone and feel a warm penetrating vibration (like effect) into a trigger point. That too will hurt like a bitch, but quickly fade into happy times.

As the pressure continues, the Panther will speak, "The point that I have struck restricts your shoulder complex, I desire for it to be free."

For someone who is already ultra-senstive to vibrations the effect is probably much more intense. There is certainly a tighting of the shoulders and another sharp intake of breath before the desired result is achvieved "That I could have used some warning off." she says idly, though she sounds much more relaxed then earlier.

After a minute of pressure, the rock is removed and the Panther takes the once restricted shoulder/arm complex and moves it around (over the head, around to the small of the back (hammerlock) and does some rotation) - the shoulder is free. He then puts the arm back where it originally was and moves to the left side of the table where he will place his hands on the small of her back and begin the process all over.

All points of contention will be addressed over the course of thirty to forty-five minutes. He will see to her restrictions and points of pain.

The water never boiled, but it was heard breathing within the pot.

Right before he is done, she will feel his thumbs pressing into the soles of her feet (bilaterally) which will trigger a gradual increase in her heart rate and give her a refreshed feeling.

"Awaken, Arachne. Live again and find your footing so that we may share tea."

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