A Very Sombre Tyrannosaur Christmas:

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A Very Sombre Tyrannosaur Christmas

Armand, Blindfold, Cloak, Dagger, Morbius, Phantasm, Rex, Scarlet Witch

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Central Park - New York City

Scenes from the final concert from Rex's charity concert series. Red Mask is revealed.

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-----==[ Central Park - New York ]==------------------------------------------

Stretching half a mile wide down two and a half miles of the island, Central Park is the green heart of Manhattan. Despite an occasionally ugly reputation, fewer than a hundred crimes occurred in the entire park last year, and fewer than half of those were committed by strangers - the legendary Central Park mugger is a thing of the past. Instead, the park is a thriving place, filled with artificial lakes, footpaths, joggers, playgrounds, sculpture, children.

There are dozens of landmarks within the Park: the Great Lawn where open-air concerts and rallies are regularly held; Cleopatra's Needle, the obelisk donated to New York by Egypt; the Alice statue north of Conservatory Water, its giant mushroom usually swarmed by climbing kids; Belvedere Castle and Bethesda Terrace and Literary Walk and the Delacorte Theater and one of the last stands of American elms in the northeast - nearly two thousand trees protected from plague by their isolation.

Near the south end of the park, the Imagine mosaic in Strawberry Fields is frequently marked by flowers or candles left by visitors. Nearer the north end, the Reservoir covers a hundred and six acres, almost an eighth of the park's total space - though it no longer provides drinking water for New York residents, a decision that has cut down significantly on the number of supervillain attacks on the Park.

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Dr. Michaels


Scarlet Witch



With the sun long since gone, there is a chill in the air about Central Park. At least for those on the outer edges of the audience that had gathered for the publicized finale to The Sombre Tyranasaur's Christmas Tour. For those who are inside the crowd it is much warmer with the body heat of those around to supplement for the lack of it in the air, allowing for the first few sets to be enjoable.

The story on stage has already started to come out. The Man in the Red Mask was brought on to help Rex with her concert but the choice in music is much to be desired in his tastes and he seems to be a bit of a Scrooge if his musical critique of how people celebrate the season is any indication. Unfortunately for him, Rex heard the critique and now, they're looking into the different meanings of Christmas. Albeit, one more willing than the other. A rather bright and exciting number led by Rex has finished, the stage awash with matching color as she seems to head off stage, along with the rest of the band. The man in the red mask remains, albeit, moving to a higher riser to study the crowd...

Dagger had tried to get Cloak to come with her but she was hoping he'd show up and find her in the crowd as she enjoyed the concert, a new take on the age old grinch scrooge stories, told thru music?

No matter how dark and aloof, Cloak appears to be. When it comes to Dagger, he will always try to please and appease her. She yearns for a normal life and he knows he cannot provide that, but whether it is love or guilt, or the holiday spirit, Cloak is present. He is further in the distance, the night sky hides his presence and so he has Dagger in his sight, but with so many present, dare he approach.

Nearer the edge of the crowd, a slightly frazzled-looking but still dignified middle-aged man with deep black hair and a slightly unkempt goatee hesitantly walks a bit closer, accompanied by another man, slender, brown-haired, mustachioed, in a brown suit. Both sip coffee from lidded cups, the black-haired man a bit skeptically, "Jacob, I don't need you to nursemaid me. And this coffee is nowhere -near- strong enough."

His companion responds, "Look, Michael, you need to spend some time around people outside of the hospital and the...other work. And this is a crowd. If -nothing- else, we can see if we can work on the -psychological- as well as phsyiological effects, remember the remission period you mentioned where that remained? I'm checked out the levels of -several- neurotransmitters and uptake seems to be..." he goes on with some dense medical jargon, the other man only half-listening.

Armand has spread out a blanket and is settled down with a picnic basket of goodies and he idly sips from a coffee cup, watching and nodding his head to himself as he tilts his head to the side and idly tugs the huge ziploc bag stuffed with brownies from the basket.

Wanda sits by herself for the moment, seated in a folding chair as she sips a mocha. She does, however, catch sight of Tandy out of the corner of her eye and wave towards the younger girl, smiling a bit.

The red masked man shakes his head, looking at the audience, the red gloved hand holding the microphone to his lips, while the deep black of the remainder of his attire puts out a sharp contrast to the yellows and reds of the stage. "Decorations." His head tilts to the right, "GIFTS." The voice spits out the last words with an incredible sense of distaste as he tilt head tilts back to the right, "And Cookies. That's all people think about now, isn't it?" He pauses as some child-like responses chirp up in agreement to the trifecta of holiday cheer. He scoffs, shaking his head, "Nothing all that great about THAT." A kid off to the corner shouts out a 'No! They're great!' of disagreement which gets a few 'yeahs! of agreement from his kiddie peers. The masked musician shakes his head, giving a bitter laugh, wagging a finger to the child who spoke up. "Not so- Not so-"

Dagger catching some movement out of the corner of her eye she turns with a smile and waves in return to wanda before pickig her way thru to the scarlet witch. Looking around she drops a light dagger to see which direction it headed.

Armand bites his brownie and sips his hot beverage as he watches the stage with a squint.

Catching sight of Tandy, he smiles. Cloak hovers over towards her direction, but then Dagger fires her light knife. It easily pinpoints him through their bond. Striking him, it does not harm him, but feeds him and then solidifies him. His eyes go pupil-less a moment and then he continues, "Hello." His voice is deep belying his age.

The dark-haired man (who is, in reality, the infamous Dr. Michael Morbius) and his companion, Dr. Jacob Weisenthal, approache the edge of the crowd more closely. Again, with Morbius showing a bit of trepidation, "Look, I understand, intellectually, this is safe. High dosage, full physiological stability from the last few days' intensive...sessions." 'Sessions' meaning he'd been on quite the blood-drinking spree among the criminal element. But it's been -years- since-"

"Look, Dr. Weisenthal says a touch impatiently, but not unkindly, "We're here to toss you into the deep end, right? That and frankly, we both needed some downtime."

The bright cheery color of the lights upon the stage fade as they soon become replaced with a cool, deep blue. Small pinpoints of white light flicker around the stage's backdrop, bringing about the semblance of snow as a guitar slowly strums from the dark. A small girl, dressed in what appears to be rags, but with her perfect hair hinting to the falsehood of her percieved distress, steps over,standing off to the side of the stage.

The Red Death masked musician, standing upon a riser that positions him at a higher level than the girl to the opposite end of the stage, turns his head. Although the mask and the dark black of the long coat conceals much of the reaction, the jaw lowers greatly to allow for the audience to convey the expression of surprise as he watches the little girl start to shiver. The white lights start to fall around her particularly as the dispersed blue of the light seems whiteish.

Dagger smiles "Hello Wanda, it's good to see you again" her smile brightening as cloak comes to join her "I'd like you to meet Tyrone, Ty this is Wanda" then oos softly as she looks back to the stage "Wooow" she may have control of light but such delicate displays were still magical to Tandy, her face filled with childish wonder and christmas cheer.

Wanda applauds softly, then smiles up at Dagger, and nods pleasantly to Tyrone, "I've heard very good things. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." She hrms, "Did you have chairs, I have a few extra folding chairs here... you never know who is going to appear out of nowhere, after all."

"Well, appearing out of nowhere is my thing, Wanda. Nice to meet you as well." Cloak nods his head which drape the hood of the cloak, "I am happy to see that you are feeling better. I heard you had a rather. . .interesting time. . .with your fellow Avengers recently." He grins. It is devilish grin, but some have used that adjective to describe Cloak, so it fits. "And no thank you for the chair. It is rare that I actually stand on my own two feet."

Very clearly...there's a French accent that communicates in English..."What the hell..." As Armand just stares at the stage and blinks, sipping his drink and just staring.

Dagger nods in agreement with cloak, not wanting to impose "Thank you for the offer though" and reaches a hand up to ty's shoulder "I'm glad you made it Ty"

A solitary guitar starts strumming slowly soon joined by the occasional piano note. The black suited musician extends his gloved hand, gesturing towards her, shaking his head before he starts singing in a hushed tone, "On a street in the night, in the cold winter's light, a child stands alone and she's waiting. And the light that's out there, it just hangs in the air, as if it was just hesitating..." The hand lowers, " and the snow it comes down, and it muffles the sound,of dreams on their way to tomorrow, and when they appear, this night will hold them near , for where they will lead , she will follow..."

There is a crash of drums and the notable entrance an electric guitar, adding emphasis as the masked singer continues, voice crescendoing into a strong, dramatic tone, "For here in this city of lights, this evening awakens, the dreams that it might, the winter it conjures, the spells it will weave, the snow gently covers the ground-" He pauses, his voice softening as he looks out to the audience, "Christmas eve."

Rex Gregson watches Mike from her organ, her fingers running over the keys rythmically as the repetitive but ominous piano played on , rising dramatically at the proper que, her eyes reflecting the light, body rigid. She was trying hard to maintain a serious face.

Wanda blushes a little at Tyrone's comment, and gives Tandy a bit of a dirty look, "I see... well, it was definitely an... interesting night." She smiles a bit at the music, and shrugs slightly, "Hazards of having an unusual part, I suppose. I'm sure you'd agree."

"I could use some holiday cheer." Cloak smiles and leans his head on her hand. "Merry Christmas, Tandy." He looks to Wanda, "Merry Christmas, Wanda!" He looks all around. His soul sight seeing how innocent and how guilty those present are. He stops as he stares at the Doctor. Intrigued by his soul taint.

The girl shivers again, looking around, before looking off dreamily. Off to the side, a similarly dressed girl, only in lighter colors and clothes a bit newer looking skips, glancing behind her as a pale dressed adult walks after. She smiles to the adult, holding her hand out to him. The light around them fades, allowing for them to disappear from view.

The Red mask tilts forward as he shakes his head again, holding his hand in front of them, studying them as he continues, "In this scene on this night, there's an ancient hotel,where shadows they do tend to wander. And the ghosts that live here, hold each moment so dear, for time's not a thing one should squander. And they recount their sand, as it runs through their hand, and examine each moment for meaning. It can be wished upon till the moment it's gone like day disappears into evening..."

The drums crash as his voice raises once more, "For here in this city of lights this evening awakens the dreams that it might the winter it conjures, the moment is seized the snow gently covers the ground- Christmas Eve. "

The music grows low, allowing for a little girl's voice to echo, "Merry christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas." The echo dies away, as soft whispers come from the shadows, "Christmas. Christmas. Christmas. Christmas."

Tapping a key, at that point the keyboard's settings change for Tyrannosaur as now it sounded like bells, echoing the words with tinkling notes. She rocked a little bit, eyes half closing, enjoying this incredibly as she watched, shivering a little herself.

Dagger blushes "I gave him the highlights, nothing more, I swear. He was wondering where I'd been and who I'd met, specially when your name came up. Your honor is still intact though, rest assured Wanda" smiling warmly to wanda. Tandy was the type to go gossiping, but ty was a confidant of hers.

Armand sits his warm drink and nods slowly to the beat of the song.

"Yes, your honor has remained intact." He grins to Wanda as he resumes staring at the doctor. "That man has much trouble in his life or is the cause of trouble in others' lives." Cloak sighs, "But it is the holiday season and I do not hunger at the moment."

As the voices die away, the masked musician sings once more, voice in a soft croon, "Through this night, the dream still wanders, as it was meant to be. And every year this night grows fonder-" The drums and guitar crash in once again, the croon becomes more biting as each detail is laid out, "-of children and circumstance, caught in this childhood dance, as the world turns around, keeping dreams on the ground, windows of frosted ice, prisming candlelight, and somehow we, start to believe. In the night. And the dream. As it cuts through the noise. With the whisper of snow, As it starts to deploy. In the depths of a night. that's about to begin. with the feeling of snow, as it melts on your skin." The pin lights seem to multiply, covering the backdrop of the stage, the 'snow' effect spreading towards the rest of the stage. "AND it covers the land with a DREAM so intense that it returns us all to a child's innocence and then what you'd thought lost and could never retrieve is suddenly there to be found - ON CHRISTMAS EVE ! -" The snow lights are soon accompanied by the fall of fake snow as well, adding a bit of contrast to red mask's black attire, "ON CHRISTMAS EVE!"

With the last word sung, the masked musician looks to the snow and gives an agonizing look, spinning, he facs away from the audience as he melts into the shadows of the unlit portion of the stage, escaping the snow which he earlier lamented in the show. Still in the small blizard, the band continues on with a trailing instrumental before finally dying away to silence.

The snow pelted over the stage briskly, whipping into the audience as fans blew it about, with a somewhat chill air before it died off, Tyrannosaur rocking back and forth, her hands coming down quickly as though 'slamming' the keys for the dramatics, easing back into the final few notes that drifted off. She held her position a long moment, letting the silence, and tension built. One hand touched another button, changing the settings once more.

The low, sultry sounds of a pipe organ starts to fill the stage. For a moment, the Tyrannosaur at her keyboard was lit up. Then she turns to step away, glancing about the crowd. Her billowing cape was gone, allowing her black undersuit to be seen, buttoned shirt and cargo pants, almost military as an acoustic guitar started to play.

"Nineteen fifteen... on Christmas Day. On the western front the guns all died away! And laying in the mud on bags of sand, we heard a german sing from no mans' land." She started to move forwards, guesturing as she continued 'He had a tenor voice, so pure and true... the words were strange, but every note we knew! Soaring o'er the living, dead and damned, a German sang of peace from no man's land."

Dagger listened, leaning into Tyrone with a dreamy wistful smile, but cloak's words brought her attention to the doctor and she almost frowns "I've met him before once or twice but tis the season for peace and generosity" giving wanda a smile before looking back to the stage with youthful amazement

Wanda smiles wryly, "Wasn't too honorable that much, but..." She pauses, and follows Cloak's gaze, "Hrm, I don't know him, I think. He seems a little familiar, somehow."

A simple military cadence began to pick up on the drums as Rex started to walk forwards now, continuing the song solemnly "They left their trenches... and we left ours. Beneath tin hats, the smiles bloomed like wildflowers! With photos, cigarettes and pots of wine, we built a soldier's truce on the front line."

"The singer was a lad of twenty one... we begged another song before the dawn. And sitting in the mud and blood and fear... he sang again the song all longed to hear. "

A spotlight lit up center stage, illuminating a handsome young man in a non-specific military suit, a brisk tenor voice "Silent night... No cannons roar..."

And then back to Rex, joined now by five other males positioned about the stage, standing strictly as the chorus rang out "A king is born of peace, forevermore! All's calm... all's bright, all brothers hand in hand..." and it faded until only Tyrannosaur remained "In nineteen and fifteen in no mans' land."

"Well, he is innocent this evening anyway. Tis the season and all." Cloak warmly embraces Dagger. Odd for those who know him, but Tandy knows him better than most.

Moving across the stage, the warm look on Tyrannosaurs' masked face started to darken as she sang the next line "And in the morning, all the guns resumed the raid. And we killed them, and they killed us again!" sang Tyrannosaur in her tenor voice, matching the returning chorus of soldiers behind.

The stage darkened, lighting up a single man "At night they charged-"

And a different one "-We fought them hand to hand..."

Sudden silence, and the light illuminated again the 'german' as he finally moved, turning to look towards the last singer "... And I killed the boy who sang in No mans' land."

"Silent night... no cannons roar."

The chorus of soldiers returned then

"A king is born of peace for evermore. All's Calm... All's bright, all brothers hand in hand!

And that young soldier sings " "And the song of peace still rings " " Though the Captains and all the Kings" "Built no mans' land."

And the haunting sounds of the pipe organ returned for the final line.

"Sleep in heavenly peace."

The music dies away, leaving a heavy silence as the lights dim away, bringing the stage to darkness. Soon, a small trail of candlelight filters onto the stage, lighting up youthful faces as they start to move up on some risers, creating three levels of the lit up heads. The light raises a little, giving the view of a small children's choir as they start going into a much more recognized version of silent night, bringing back an innocent tone to the music.

Dagger smiles listening to the music, a sad and true story if only people could get past the fighting and just get along. "I think he mentioned his name to me once upon a roof..." giving cloak a one armed hug. Maybe people would remember this longer then the holiday season

At this point, he remains silent. His usual self, though upon inspection from others and those who know him well, like Tandy. He watches the stage as the performers sing in spectacle and he smiles. Clearly affected by the music, Tyrone lets out a sigh and then smiles returning the hug to Tandy.

Silent night, Holy night, Son of God, Love's pure light. Radiant beams from Thy holy face. With the dawn of redeeming grace. Jesus, Lord at thy birrrrr-IRTH.... Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth..." Song finished, the children singers blow out their candles, bringing the stage to darkness once more.

~~~~~ Later on ~~~~~

The Concert was at its second Intermission. Rex believed in frequent breaks, espeically in the cold. Large heaters had been brought in to warm the area, and hot cocoa was cheap and free (All proceeds going to charity no doubt). The mix of fun songs and solemn, sad war songs of Christmas left mingled feelings to be sure so far, and the sky was clear overhead. Right now on stage the musicians were returning, when suddenly sleigh bells started to play over the speakers.

Rex glancd up at this, looking up at the sky and proceeding to pan the area "Wait! What's that I hear? Sleigh bells?!"

Some in the audience, perhaps suspecting what was going to occur, start to cheer.

The man in the red mask and red gloves, with everything else about his outfit black from shoes to the high collar of his jacket, pauses. Head tilting up, he looks about. "You've got to be kidding..." His steps adjust, separating him from the group. He shakes his head, crossing his arms.

Blindfold had talked Storm into bringing her to the concert as they stood near the stage front and center. Clapping her gloved hands with a bright smile on her blindfolded face.

Indeed, the man of the hour has arrived as a jolly looking individual (Some may recognise him as Dma, Rex' head roadie, the very tall Russian) in a red suit and white beard starts down from the back of the concert setup, ringing some bells and carrying his large sack of toys, and laughing quite loudly. The Sombre Tyrannosaur herself waved to the stage hands, who quickly ran across the front barrie of the stage and set up some steps for the jolly old Santa Clause. With a swish of her cape, Tyrannosaur rolled her eyes dramatically at the Red Mask as she descended to the main floor to meet the man himself "Everyone, please give a round of applause to one of the fastest travelling men in the world - Saint Nicholas!" she announced. A pause then and she grinned, tapping off her mike to say "Hi Ruth!" quickly as she passed the familiar girl.

His physical recovery is still ongoing, but Tony Stark feels like a night out. So, a few quick calls and he's managed to score a private box at Rex Gregson's concert. Besides, the concert was for charity, so it gives Tony an excuse to be extra generous before Christmas. Settling into his seat in the box, Tony sets aside his cane and takes a sip of sparkling cider; cliche, but in keeping with the holiday spirit.

As the applause goes through the audience, being loudest with the younger members. The Red Mask is the only one on stage visibly NOT clapping for the guy in the red suit. Instead, he seems to have found another portion of the stage to be more interesting. Yeah. Not his thing. Whatever. He frowns, arms still crossed. He catches the eyes of one of the cheerful kids in the audiences and has a bit of an unspoken 'ya-huh','nu-uh' match with him. It seems the kid said something nice about Santa.

Blindfold waves a hand toward Rex at the greeting and cheers with the rest add she turns her head, tracking the noise of the bells. Storm keeping a dignified position at the girl's side.

Turning back to Red Mask, Sombre Tyrannosaur smiled sweetly "Be nice. He does a lot of hard work now." she notes to him in chiding tones, waggling a finger. Finally Santa makes his way up past others, handing out a few candycanes on his way, and up onto the stage itself. The band was just as excited, except for Red Mask, who just got a few jokes thrown his way off-mic.

"Hohoho! and has Sombre Tyrannosaur been a good girl then? "

Pausing a moment, Sombre Tyrannosaur puts her gloved hands behind her back at that and glances one way, then another as she was lit up by a spotlight. Acting somewhat nervous, she uhms "Of course I have SAnta!"

Nova comes in from Upper East Side - New York

At the scolding Red Mask quits his argument with the kid and just shifts to the side. "msorr.." He mutters, lowly, almost inaudible, had it NOT been for the microphone picking up his words. It's a begrudging apology to Santa. He shifts away from the group, looking out into the audience, ignoring the exchanges. Still a grump.

Tony claps in his private booth as the concert starts. He's listened to a few of Sombre Tyrannoaur's songs before coming here, and he has to admit that she's got a good style. The Santa Claus coming on stage is a nice touch, although it's still not Clarence Clemmons dressed up for the E Street Band.

Santa stares at Tyrannosaur a long moment, and then decides she was indeed, a good girl. A present is handed to her, a little one, although she squealed (not too loudly) and hopped a few times, returning to her seat at the piano. Gifts started to come out to the other band members then, although pointedly Red mask was given the same treatment by Old Saint Nick as OSN got from Red Mask - simple ignoring. Stepping up to the Microphone again, Santa says "I will see the rest of you all Christmas Eve... though you may not see me. Keep the spirit everybody!" the Santa said, waving his white gloved hands as he turned to step off stage right to the sound of sleigh bells once more, a few flakes of snow falling about the stage. The band staretd to open their presents, tossing the paper all to one side about the stage in bright ribbons. The Bass player stuck a bow to one of the vocal backups' shoulder, and the Guitarist flashed a shiny new guitar about, plucking a few strings before setting it in a conveniently empty cradle. Rex herself got a six fingered glove, which made her look puzzled at first, but then smiled as she got the joke with a laugh. One by one, the musicians start to depart the stage though, and the lights also faded on Rex, admiring her glove, until Red Mask stood alone.

Blindfold starts humming the Santa clause song. Appropriate for the current judging.

Red mask lingers behind the rest of the band, pausing as he notices the guitar was left behind. He glances from the guitar towards the empty handed guitarist and then back to the guitar once more. Head shaking, he reaches over to retrieve the instrument but pauses as he glances down at what's left of the wrapping paper. He reaches down, pulling out an unopened present that was left behind, wrapped up in red and black. Could it be that this Grinch was also remembered this year? Looking curious, the performer sits down on the stage, sets the guitar beside him, and reaches for the tiny present. Opening it up, he reveals a tiny snow globe to which he visibly shudders reminding people of his protest of snow much earlier in the concert. But, he starts to look into the globe.

Blindfold awws! loudly as even the bench gets a present, a soft smile on her face

As he looks, there's a faint blue circle of light displayed upon one of the backdrops, projected from a floor light positioned behind Red mask, giving the illusion of the snow globe enlarging the light. Red mask holds it up into the 'light' and as he does, a hint of green with specks of red is projected into the circle as well. Red looks amazed at the gift, an there's even the hint of a small smile as he starts to sing gently, "The tree was a sight, dressed in it's strings of light. The tinsel added to the visual delight, ribbons of red, yellow, and green, It was the grandest tree you've ever seen. Loaded with sweets, a cart near the tree, just for guests who pass through the lobby." His hand rests upon the guitar, pulling it towards him and soon the guitar is set in his lap, righted to play. He strums the strings in a manner similar to his singing style for the moment. Gentle, soft, lingering in places... A stark contrast to some of the Christmas rock songs performed earlier.

Soft tinkling piano is heard in the background. Though she was not lit up, Tyrannosaurus was still there playing softly to Mikes' Song. Very music box quality as her hands tinkled over the keys, wearing her regular gloves for now with the other one tucked away as she read the notes solemnly, the microphone silent, for now.

"We agreed on that holy night, while she worked, I stayed out of sight. I hid away in a hotel nook, reading tales from an old borrowed book. On her breaks she would come on down, And we'd look at the mini town. Tiny figures on a white backdrop, with cheerful music that just won't stop."

The guitar errupts into a small medly of Christmas classics, doing the opening to Joy to the World, skipping over to a few measures of Jingle Bells, and then fading back into the gentle strumming. He chuckles, shaking his head as he continues with his sung story.)

"There were no gifts or stockings, but It was heaven for me, living on her keeper's salary."

Smiling still as she listened to the song starting, Rex' piano strengthened a little bit, glancing out towards the Audience, trying to find Ruth again to see how she was reacting to this. It seemed to get a little bit chillier now, the heaters turning down to make folk bundle al ittle more, although not uncomfortably so. The notes continued up and down the bars, not overpowering the Guitar at all, although they were nice and beautiful together.

The smile fades as he starts to fade back to a small frown, shaking his head, "I'm reminded every show, Of that Christmas, long, long ago. Oh man what I wouldn't give, to have that Christmas again. But I can't change the time, it will stay in my mind. As the best Christmas I had, before everything went bad." Red Mask pauses, the guitar music halts as well as he glances to the sky.

Blindfold awed sadly in sympathy for the red brunch as she weaved side to side on her feet to them beat of the music. waving a hand toward rex as she shivered in her warm coat and rubbed her gloved hands together before adjusting the collar of her coat and the scarf around her neck

The head shakes again as he glances back down, starting to strum again, the pace starts building, "I should stop complaining about my lot, And be thankful for the things I've got. Though each year makes me wary, and the guest list may vary, there's plenty of good people around. Oh God knows I'm not one for shopping, but don't let that keep me from stopping, to let the Christmas spirit surround."

"Make a joyful sound."

"Make a joyful sound."

Blindfold weaves side to side on her feet with a smile as she listens marveling in the experience.

His voice raises, as he seems to be coaching himself out of a slump. Taking a stand up to the Holiday blues that have been bullying him around, "What is done is gone, but I'm not alone. There's plenty around to share in the cheer, and share good tidings into the New Year. Also end the year on a positive note, by giving your neighbor a gift of hope. Instead of fighting for deals in a store, giving yourself can be a great deal more."

"Make a joyful sound."

"Make a joyful sound." As he utters the last sentence, the rest of the band starts to play, providing a slightly more cheery backdrop while the piano dies away to silence.

Sometime after this moment, Rex dissapears from stage, the Piano now silent. THere were other keyboarders, but the main attraction had vanished during Red Masks' performance, preparing for the final show in the back as she wriggled into a new costume.

Blindfold starts the children around in picking up the chorus "make a joyful sound. Make a joyful sound" the soft chorus spreading thru the crowd add she smiled and sang softly

Red Mask's voice stops as the guitar continues playing, the background music crescendoing and decrescendoing into nothing, leaving the stage with just the guitar playing again. The guitar strums lightly as there's a little bit of illumination over to the band area, not around the piano but to the supporting band members that had gotten presents earlier. They look to still be joking with each other as they are 'readying' their instruments, one of the guitarists is still looking around for his instrument.

Red Mask's guitar playing slows down, as he glances to the audience, in particular the children up front and center, "Make a joyful sound." There is a final strum as the guitar dies away into silence.

Red lowers the guitar and watches the group in the band area a bit more continuing on. He gives a small smile before he gets to his feet. Holding the guitar in one hand by the neck, he turns his back to the crowd, giving shake of the head and shrug before lifting his hand to his head. The mask lifts up, scooping the hair with it out from where it was hidden under the tall collar. Mask removed, the performer's revealed to have shoulder length hair. Tossing the mask over his shoulder, it sails into the audience to which there is a cluster of kids merging upon the area to grab at the concert freebie. Not even looking back, the man walks towards the band, keeping his face hidden as he hands over the guitar and makes his way over to the drums. Gathering up his sticks, he remains facing away from the audience.

Wearing a dark cloak, Sombre Tyrannosaur came back onto the stage. Her own hair was done up now, and she wore a very fine white mask as she clicked across the stage towards the Red Mask now, moving to lay a velvet white hand on his shoulder with a kind smile "... Ready? " she asked softly to him, the sound echoing over the silent audience.

Blindfold giggles joyously before querying with the crowd. one hand reaching up to join in trying to catch the concert freebie.

"Jacob, why you -insist- on dragging me to these events, at this time, I shall never know." a dark-haired man in professional attire complains. "This is -hardly- to either of our tastes, you realize." and indeed, he's a bit on the older side for this youngish crowd.

His companion, a brown-haired, mustachioed man replies, jovially, "Come now, Michael. It's been so long since you've celebrated -any- holiday...I thought it would be good for you." he holds up a hand to forestall the inevitable objection, "And I know full well what you likely think about the commercialism and losing sight of the -actual- reason for the holiday...so you can stow that right now."

The demasked Red Mask keeps his back to the crowd as he waits. Upon her hand touching his shoulder, a red gloved hand reaches across to take it from his shoulder and hold it in his hand. He turns around, revealing his identity for the first time to the crowd to be that of Mick Drago. Turning his head, he looks over to Rex, "Ready when you are." Lifting up her hand, he kisses the back of it before lowering it.

Smiling warmly, the robed woman turns to walk back to her relit piano, taking her seat. The cloak parted in the front, revealing a very different outfit. Gone was the gothic dark shades, but instead a beautiful silver and grey ball gown that really showed that despite all costumes, she was quite female. The music started to play again, the stage lightning up a brilliant array of merry colors as she nodded her head to signal the start of the second last song "

"What Makes a Miracle? What makes a christmas dream come true? How can a man in red change the world... I thought I knew..."

And then Mike's familiar voice comes over the speakers, ellicting cheers from those surprised it was him "How can there be miracles if hearts are filled with doubt? Its time to leave the doubt behind and find out what life's about..."

And then together they both harmonized with excellent practice the chorus "I believe in a wondrous place we call Imagination.

and I believe in a childhood world of hope and Celebration!

I believe in the miracle of love because... oh yes, I believe in Santa Claus."

Blindfold was standing near the front and center of the stage with Storm standing regal at her side. Smiling as she weaved back and forth on her feet to the music. As Mike reveals himself her jaw goes slack and she turns her head to who caught the mask, then back to the stage and covers her face with both hands in embarrassment.

"In snow flakes, angels, sleigh bells ringing, Lights that twinkle, children and singing. Oh yeah! I believe," The two look together as the pause before nodding, looking back towards the audience, "in Santa Claus..." The voices die away as the chimes continue a little bit longer before ending themselves, leaving the band, Rex, and Mike standing as snow drifts down on them. Mike smiles warmly out at the audience as he steps to the edge of the stage with his drumsticks, looking around before tossing out each stick to an audience member. Catching a glimpse of Blindfold covering her face, courtousy of her being in the front of the audience, his smile widens. Even prophets are wrong, it seems.

Strangely, the rather irked man seems to grow less so at the revelation of Mick Drago's presence. Instead, he seems to grow thoughtful, eyes keenly on the man. His friend cannot help but notice.

"Michael? What is it?"

The dark man replies, "That's him. The one whose 'case' I have been investigating. The drugs, the apparent cult. It seems he hasn't been letting it affect his performance schedule. Either brave or foolish. I am not certain which." For the Living Vampire (for that is who this really is) has been dogging the intricacies of Drago's father's actions for months now.

Beaming as well, the applause was quite loud now as Tyrannosaur stood up as well, the cloak dropping away to reveal the dazzling gown in full. Guesturing Mike to the middle of the stage, she made her way there as well to wave to the crowd "Merry christmas everyone! Merry Christmas, Hannuka, and EVERYTHING else!" She puts her hands togethe,r staring out at the countless reflective eyes.

"This has been my first real American Tour, and I have to say it was a BLAST. I look forwards to many more, in New York and America! We have one more song for you tonight as well, but first I want to thank our special SEECRET guest, Mick Drago!" she waves to him "As well as all our other guest artists, the Childrens' Choir, Stark Industries and others. The last song is a bit different, but I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. "

As Rex introduces Mick by his REAL stage name. He lifts up a hand to wave to the audience, smiling and acting very much in contrast to the persona he's been disguised at for the duration of the concert series. And, perhaps in return for the one given to him on their first team up, Mick, cuts off his mic, turns and gives Rex a peck on the cheek. "Merry Christmas, Rex." He moves away, cutting his mic back on.

Blindfold lifts her head from her hands as she picks something up and smirks toward Mike with a wave, She wasn't totally wrong she'd just made a bad assumption. Clapping her hands she cheered for both performers and the band....but someone caught her attention.....turning her head toward morbius and waving get hand to the man across the way.

As Rex hangs out towards the front portion of the stage, Mick wanders off to the band area where a series of percussion instruments are lined up. Each of which have seen some use, either by him or one of Rex's regulars. Coming near a stand up drum kit, he reaches into a pocket to pull out another set of drumsticks. Spinning them in his fingers, he stands behind the set and looks towards Rex. Upon getting the visual cue that she is ready, there is a crash of cymbals, kicking off a melody of guitars.

The music starts again as the stage goes utterly black. Strains of violins and hissing fills the stage with an anxious, sad tones to it. And then with a boom of drums, the spotlight illuminates Sombre Tyrannosaur in her gown, wearing her white mask as she stared to one side, sadness in her face.

"I hear a baby crying... a sad song... a lonely sound.

I want to take her in my arms... and then I'd dry away all her tears..."

The spotlight fades away, and with another boom, returned, this time Tyrannosaur facing the other direction, a startingly sharp distance away as she stood now to a humannoid silhouette on one of the giant screens surrounding the stage. "I see a boy who's frightened... a young boy, with old eyes. I want to say 'You're welcome here! You can be happy now that you're home!"

THe music warmed, and the lights came back on again, the screens illuminating with planets, stars, and landscapes, flying over it with the dizzying effects of an Imax theatre as it surrounded the planet.

"We're all a part of one world - we all can share the same dream!

And if you just reach out to me, then you will find; deep down inside I'm just like you!"

And again, to darkness as the music became harsher and more military again.

Mick's drumsticks are a blur as he does a drum roll, fading out before they go into a steady 1/3 pattern laying a beat as the guitars match the pattern, turning into a more upbeat rhythm.

The light returns again, a more stricter looking Tyrannosaur walking across the front of the stage, staring out at the crowd, almost glaring "Loud voices raised in anger... speak harsh words, such cruel words... " she paused, and held her hands up to the crowd in question "Why do they speak so selfishly, when we have got so much we can share!

So let your heart be opened, and reach out with all your love!

There are no strangers now - they are our brothers now, and we are one!"

Into the chorus again with that crash of drums, the images change again, this time flashing through a stunning variety of human faces - even mutant ones, blending one into the other in rapid succession, coming to a booming end of just a human silhouette on the screen, Sombre Tyrannosaurs' arms wide open, stretched as she stared up into the snowy sky, dress fluttering in the faint breeze as she heard the crowd cheering, her heart racing.

Blindfold tilts her head up to the snow drifting down and sticks her tongue out to catch snowflakes with a smile. Yes even the little seer could find the fun in simple things and be a bit of a child at times.

Song finished, Mick steps back from the set as other band members lower their instruments. Swinging his hands down, he looks out to the audience, smiling. Although, judging from a couple faces he sees, there are some stray grinches in the crowd. But, they don't look like they'd be trouble.

As the crowd continued to cheer, Sombre Tyrannosaur grinned, lowering her eyes to the crowd once more "Again? " she asked into the mic, barely audible. There was more cheering once more, and she nodded "All right. once more for you guys... BY you guys!" She turned to the band, and made a cutting guesture.

This time, the entire area went black - all the lights everywhere, as the rumble of the drums filled all the senses. Pine suddenly filled the air, as well as minty candycanes and waves of other sensations as the snow continued to fall again. Real snow, not fake snow.

The screens flickered, the images almost not visible as they blended into the black as the chorus rang up again. A few people then realized what was on the image - an exact, real-time video of the audience itself from the top of the stage, which abruptly lit up with several bright lights that illuminated the entire audience as an elaborate, small hovercraft took off, floating out slowly over the crowd, catching every face and person and projecting it onto the screen as Rex Harrison led the chorus again, the childrens' choir from eariler skipping out carrying sparklres and other such toys.

"We're all apart of one world!

We all can share the same dream!

And if you just reach out to me, Then you will find, deep down inside...

"A long pause, and the stage lit up again, runnign through every color possible as the light fixtures almsot went nuts with the flickering effect, the drums rumbling out deep enough to be FELT

"I'm just like you!"


Blindfold breathes deeply of the scents, feeling the music and heating it in her ears. closing her mouth to feel the snow melt as it touched her face she sang along to the chorus, enjoying her time. The girl would be lucky if she could calm down enough to get any sleep this night


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