A Typical X-Morning

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Havok, Shadowcat, Mirage, Nightcrawler, Finesse, Cyclops Rogue Jubilee Gambit Storm Jean Grey Arcangel Bishop Beast Forge Beak Wallflower Dust Rockslide Tag Anole Loa Dryad Bling Jubilee Husk Skin Wind Dancer Lighttrakker Rachel Carpenter Cassandra Lang Videoman Thunder Lazer Aquatica

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Dining Hall, Xavier Mansion

A typical morning at the X-Mansion

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-----==[ Dining Hall - Xavier Mansion ]==-------------------------------------

The dining hall of the Xavier Mansion is quite large. Extending most of the width of the main structure, it occupies the eastern aspect of the mansion and has the ability to serve 150 without issue. The tables all have the ability to fold up and chairs are moveable. Thus giving the ability to clear the room if need be. Especially when waxing or cleaning.

The room itself is akin to being a fish bowl. The eastern ceiling and northeast, east, and southeast walls are curved paned glass allowing for a semicircular design. Beyond the glass to the east is the patio area (which offers more seating for those who wish to eat outside) and views to the courts and pool. Also visible to the northeast and southwest are the dormitories which one can easily access from here by crossing the patio.

To the north is the kitchen and to the south is a video game room much like the old video game arcades. There are also access points to the male and female public restrooms.

+smell and PLOOK used here.


Breakfast, muerta de dios, and the day after the great sugar high of 2012. Students are scattered all about the Dining Hall of Xavier's mansion. Some up, awake, perky, others not so much.

Skin is seen drooped over a table with part of his face in a bowl of lucky charmes.

Tag, Rockslide, Beak and Videoman are seated at a table having delicious pancakes, eggs, sausage and bacon while discussing the hotness of one particular student who happens to be upwind from them.

Wallflower and WindDancer are seated upwind with Ultragirl and Thunder talking about girl crap.

While everyone else seems to be doing their own thing in various parts of the hall.

Sun streams in through the skylights and the huge walls of glass. It seems peaceful, a typical Thursday morning at the school and nothing out of the ordinary. Except for when Bling walks into the room all sparkly and gets her shoe stuck in a wad of skin that's upon the floor (skin, not Skin).

Bling says, "Eu, sick, Husk, what the hell is wrong with you and your shedding?!"

Husk looks over and says in her country Kentucky accent, "Ah, things happen, get over it."

Bling returns, "Bitch, I ain't gettin over nothin. You need to quit leaving yo shit all up in hera."

The other students have taken notice, Anole says, "Chick fight" and that sets Loa off.

Loa challenges Anole, "What's wrong with you, pipsqueak, why does it always have to be chick this, chick that?"

Husk stands and directly challenges Bling, "Bitch?" she queries about the name calling, "You don't call me ah bitch, bitch."

And then the gansta rapper ghetto comes out in Bling as she lunges toward Husk and the hair pulling begins.

The students go wild.

Having not had any sleep in the last 36 hours, and having to deal with a rescue mission and the hysterical (not the funny kind) results of it Dani is hardly in the mood for shenanigans. So when she walks into the dining hall to find a fight starting she is not happy. She doesn't bother with yelling, she wouldn't be heard over the racket the kids make so instead she gets on the comm "Bishop, fire sprinklers, dining hall, now..." pause "please."

For whatever reason, Kurt finds himself back at the mansion. He was doing something on the grounds and, thus, by way of patio, he was making his way to the dining hall and, presumably, to the kitchen thereafter. Somewhere he had forgotten it was early enough before classes and the dining hall would be full of students. There is a flurry of B bombs being dropped by several of the girls as he's opening the doors, it goes chaotic like young hormones spilling out or something. "Ach," he is saying, throwing in a few german words as if he's about to say something. That is when the fire sprinklers go off, Bishop probably chortling from his hidey hole command center. So, for the moment, the fuzzy elf stands there, hand held up on the verge of making some point, as water drenches him. He looks like short haired fuzzy wet dog most likely, his canines hanging in his open mouth from which nothing eminates.

The chaos is suddenly disrupted by the sprinklers spraying the students and splattering upon the tile floor. Students scatter except for Rockslide, Beak and Videoman who are left at their table (abandoned by Tag) and in the far corner of the room is Havok who calls over once the bedlam is difussed and most of the students gone, "Awe come on, it was just getting good."

"Thank you Bishop, you can stop them now." Dani says again over the comm. Despite being on the outskirts of the room she is dripping wet herself, but that doesn't really make much of a difference with the dark gray skin hugging uniform she has on. Moving over to one of the now empty tables she drops into a chair, pushes the soggy breakfast aside and puts her head down "Don't encourage them." is her muffled reply.

As the room clears and aside from a couple of students, its down to Dani, Alex and himself, Kurt takes the hand he had lifted to rub at his jaw to cover his mouth closing. As if making a curious ponderance, then he moves towards the older peeps, "Effective, ja, but I can't imagine the clean up." Then a grin on his face, "Oh wait, I get it, detention for the culprits. Team building stuff. I'm not envious of Dani, I'll admit that much."

Rockslide has always seemed mature for his age - perhaps it is his idolization of the Thing and wanting to grow up to be a F4 member. Rockslide stands and starts to carry his dripping tray to the recycler.

Beak stands and starts shaking to get the excess water from his body, he squawks and says, "I no like wet."

Videoman also stands, "Wet? What's that? When you're two dimensional water rarely hits you, and if it does, it gets vaporized by my lightness."

Alex also stands and says more to the regard of Kurt's statement, "The kids need a pecking order. Detention will put them on equal footing."

Dani lifts her head from her arms resting on the table, "They will be lucky if they get detention and not one of my danger room training sessions." she raises her voice at the end, so she is sure to be heard. Those three probably won't have to suffer through it, since they didn't participate, but they can easily spread the word. "I need coffee." the last is said to no one imparticular.

Shaking his head, Kurt says more in regards to Alex's statement. "What, crazy talk. If they're worried about pecking order to the point of fist-a-cuffs in the dining hall, they have too much time to worry about nonsense." Then he grins more, "It was like that Belushi movie in here, and if it was that movie, Alex is the guy pretending to be a zit." For some reason he doesn't deduce Belushi as the guy being the zit, not his fortay of movie - no swords, not black and white, has sound.

Alex looks down at his wet shirt and says, "Animal House." giving away the title of the Belushi movie and starts heading out the door, "I'm gonna go change and head back to the base, you two have a great day."

Departing, he passes and greets Storm who enters the room and questions (Kurt/Dani) in her regal tone, "What transpired here?"

Having gotten up to fetch herself that cup of coffee "Later Alex." she waves as he departs then turns to Kurt "What brings..." she starts to ask when Storm enters "Good Morning Ororo." she glances around at all the sogginess "The sprinklers went off."

"What," says Kurt as Storm enters, and exchanges words with Dani. "If all it took to get your attention was to set off sprinkles, I would have set off everyone in the mansion by now." He grins warmly to storm.

Her dark eyes glance about the room while Beak, Videoman and Rockslide depart out the patio doors. They turn to Kurt and a second later, she smiles, "Tis good to see you too, Kurt, and good morning to you both. Now, might I ask who has been assigned to clean up this mess?"

Aquatica comes in from the girl's restroom and says, "Miss Ororo. I'll see to it."

"I had some students in mind," Dani pauses as the aqua hued teen comes from the bathroom. It takes a moment for her to pull the name from her memory, there are just so many of them "Thank you Maris." she then addresses Storm again "A fight started and the students got a bit wild. Detention will be crowded this week.

Grinning, Kurt practically bows to Storm. Then as Aquatica comes into volunteer for practically no reason, he shakes his head, "Nein, don't volunteer for someone elses mess, no matter how much you want to help. The other students will start to expect it from you then." Just a friendly bit of advice. He finally starts running a three-fingered hand over his exposed fuzz, flecking off the bits of water remaining there, assisting the drying process.

"It is quite alright, Mr Wagoner. It's what I do." says Aquatica. The water of the room starts to 'flow' from surfaces onto the floor and toward Aquatica who stands near to a floor drain.

Storm nods to Mirage's listing and she compliments, "Good call. Carry on." and she will turn on her heel leaving a trace of bubbles bleeding in her stead as she departs the room.

At Storm's departure and with the mess being cleaned up Dani turns to Kurt to finish her earlier question, "What brings you to the school?" she sips her coffee, and sits her exhausted self on a now dry table top. She will have to remember to give Aquatica some extra credit or something for her quick clean up.

With that same wet hand, Kurt stage covers his mouth, to Aquatica he grins, "I think the school can do that itself now too." Or maybe not clean up the water but repair any water damage subsequent to sprinkler flooding of rooms. Then to Dani he smiles, "I was gonna see if Logan needed time off down in the city, Alex is looking for a club night."

Rogue, carrying Gambit, is seen descending down toward the patio. Rogue seems annoyed with Gambit; especially when she lets him go a few feet above the pavers allowing him to drop before gently touching down herself. She starts walking, using her long legs to devour distance to the patio doors and then steps into the dining hall. Gambit pursues with apologetic words while trying to catch up, "Mon-chere, I' didn' mean nuffin by it. I was only saying?" and then he realizes they are not alone. He looks over the room and says, "Bonjour mesa mi."

Rogue also notices the onlookers and grumbles under her breath. She continues walking and only mutters, 'morning' as she breaks from Gambit and crosses the room.

The dining hall is still wet, but the water droplets and streams flow across the various surfaces toward Aquatica who stands over a drain hole in the tile floor. She's the one controlling the water to the stunt.

Other than Aquatica, Nightcrawler and Mirage are the only other two in the room prior to Rogue/Gambit's entrance. They (kurt/dani) are seated at a table seemingly having their own conversation. About the room, there are trays with food remains upon them. As if there was a mass exodus from the room without cleanup (sprinklers were set off, drove everyone out).

Finesse has been going in and out without saying much lately, though she has been making the classes that has been labelled as mandatory for her. It's unclear whether she's on the way in or out as she comes by the dining room, dressed in her costume, likely intending to grab a bite. Instead she stops right in the doorway to look at the water all about, and of course the mess. "Was there a new dinning room swimming obstacle course drill I was not informed about?"

An eyebrow goes up at Kurt "Logan at a club? With dancing and techno music?" Dani gives a shake of her head "I'm trying, but I can't picture it." she is about to inquire further when Rogue and Gambit, up to their usual lovers quarrel pass through. She thinks better of greeting them, not wanting to intrude on thier spat so instead she addresses Finesse's question "Fight." is her only explantion, its to early and she hasn't had enough sleep for sarcasm.

Chuckling a little, Kurt shakes his head, "He's a little more modern than he likes to let on, I assure you Dani." Not that he's going into the times he has seen Logan dance and those are indeed far and few between. Grinning to Gambit, Kurt responds in kind, "Guten Morgan mein freund ... Ärger mit der Liebe?" Then he chortles a little, leaving it there. Back to Finesse, "No, she's kidding, there was a scheduled training excercise, sudden water evasive tactics. All students that missed the drill will have to make it up in the Danger Room later."

Rogue crosses the room heading west, departing the dining hall just as Aquatica finishes pulling all of the droplets of water from the surfaces (floor/tables). One thing that Kurt and Dani may notice is that their mouths seem a little dry.

Gambit moves to the table where Mirage and Nightcrawler are seated and he places a foot upon one of the chairs to lean forward (elbow on knee) and look over Mirage, "I'd wager that I' be far better than she." - it's said with a teasing smile, figuring that Mirage stayed out all night partying like he and Rogue did. He pretty much ignores the Finesse girl, he never could relate to her.

Kitty comes down thru the ceiling in a pirouette and bending at the waist into a classic ballet pose, poised like some human T, before straightening "Well least all the kids can have a shower, we just ned bars of soap" she quips about all the water

Completely ignoring Gambit and Rogue, who are partaking in something she doesn't quite understand, Finesse looks from Dani to Kurt, before she quips, "a fight seems the much more probable option. Who fought and over what?" Finesse wonders, if anything, it seems for once the chaos comes from within rather than from some robotic invasion. Seeing Kitty pirouette down through the ceiling, Finesse stares in fascination, "graceful," she comments, and then steps inside completely, grabbing an apple from one of the trays and starting to eat.

Kitty smiles to finesse "Thanks, it takes practice" then looks to gambit "Nice to see another old familiar face." Looking to dani she smirks "You do more then adjust alex's nose this time?" Clearly teasing and enjoying every moment of it.

Glancing up at Gambit as he looms over her, Dani has a moment of confusion as she tries to figure out what he is talking about, a sip of coffee is taken to cover it though "Oh really? To bad that's a wager that will never be tested." she quips in mock disappointment back to him. "Not quite sure which students were involved, I walked in after it started. I just made sure to finish it."

"Same," says Kurt in regards to Dani's assessment, "Well, I wasn't stopping anything. Got soaked. Need to dry off." Then he says to Kitty, "And, alas, no bars of soap, I shall go simply wet and unscented after this incident in the dinning hall."

Gambit smells of clubbing and he knows that look from Dani; so he leaves well enough alone choosing to shower in favor of flirting. Gambit pushes himself away from the table and moves on bidding everyone a good day. In Cajun.

Aquatica, having done what she wanted, she is completely dry and goes off to her first class - as it is time (7:58am).

Jubilee (not here when the shower came) bursts in from the patio, she rushes through the buffet line, grabbing a few things on a plate and says, "I'm late, I'm late, late, late late?" and then rushes out of the room heading toward her class.

Throwing her bitten apple in the air, Finesse performs the pirouette that Kitty just did rather perfectly, with the minor exception of not descending through the ceiling while doing that. "Practice makes perfect," Finesse agrees with Kitty, reaching up to catch the apple on its way down, before taking another bite. It's about then that Jubilee's rush reminds Finesse there are some classes that needs attending, as she turns to look at Jubilee who is already heading out of the room. "She makes a good point, I need to get to class myself, have a great day everyone," Finesse says and starts to rush after Jubilee.

Cyclops steps into the room and notes the others within (predominantely X-Factor) and he asks, "Have any of you seen Alex?"

Following slightly behind, Jean says, "Je

Cyclops steps into the room and notes the others within (predominantely X-Factor) and he asks, "Have any of you seen Alex?"

Following slightly behind, Jean says, "He's in his room and will be in his office within 5 minutes."

Cyclops says, "Oh, thanks Jean." then neverminds to the others and walks away with Jean slightly after she waves to Kurt, Kitty, Dani.

Kitty chuckles "Nice to know some things round here never change. Oh, wanda had offered to be a chaperone for the kids, Dani, if we'll have her"

"This place is a madhouse," throws out Kurt. "All we need is a laughtrack to complete how it feels today around the mansion." Then making points to no one, "This is why I don't come back here so much, I can't keep up anymore."

Kitty grins "You saying you're too old to keep up with the kids anymore, fuzzy elf?"

"Too old, no. Though the pandemonium can be stressful at times, it is equally as refreshing. That as much things change, they stay the same." states the eloquent Beast as he walks through the room on his way to class carrying a book bag slung over his left shoulder. "You two should come by more often, soak up the entropy."

Even if she were inclined to, which she isn't, Dani would not risk the wraith of Rogue to flirt with Gambit. She pays little attention to what is happening around her, she just sips her coffee, eyes half shut, propping her head up with a hand "Entropy..." she finally speaks "I'll take a double of that.

Kitty smiles waving to beast with a nod of agreement before tilting her head at dani. "You ok there?" Hey kurt may have done more then his fair share of raising her but she can still be serious about stuff, sometimes.

Moments later: A chime sounds indicating first class has begun. And what was chaos before, is now peaceful silence. The large skylight windows that peer out through ceiling and walls give a clear view of the rear lawn and all its affectations. The morning sun is cast through those transparent panels and offers vibrant illumination into most of the large dining hall. A brief shadow is cast as the Arcangel (formerly 'of death', formerly Angel) flies overhead, cuts around and lands somewhere unseen.

Bishop intones over the intercom, "Excuse me. Moonstar, would you come by the security office? Pryde, could you report to the Shi'ar Power monitoring room? I noticed an irregular reading a few moments ago and would like you to check it out. And Wagner, Forge is requesting your presence in the Danger Room. He requires someone agile to perform a test."

Dani stares into her now empty cup though lifts her head at Kitty's concern "Long night with no sleep. It's all in the mission report." she waves a hand in negation, basically a ask me later kind of gesture. When she is summoned over the comms her brow furrows in puzzlement, "I'm going to need more coffee."

Snapped her head toward the window at the shadow but gives dani a nod "I think something is outside" letting out a shrill whistle in flies lockheed "go see what's outside buddy then come find me ok?" Getting a nod before the dragon is flying off to search outside. "Never a dull moment, huh?" Grabbing something to eat, french toast and egg wrapped around sausage. She heads for the shi'ar room

Following Kitty's lead, Dani pushes herself up from the table, and after getting a refill liberally laced with sugar she heads to the security office "Not lately, no." she replies to the other girl as she makes her way in the other direction.

"New mansion," says Kurt standing up the same, "Should I take a map with me?" It was new, months ago, he hasn't spent much time in the place though, mostly the main floors. Then to Kitty he smiles, "Promise you won't rush off into space, and I promise I won't let Forge flatten me during these tests of his."

Speaking on their coms Kitty asks kurt and dani "Either of you catch what that shadow flying thru was? I think it landed somewhere. Defenses should have gone off though" which was troubling if they hadn't. Kitty would be combing thru them soon to find out why. Smiling to kurt "I promise if I do I'll snatch you up with me. Even you are flattened"

Glancing out the windowed wall before she departs Dani gives a shrug "I think there is a flying lesson this morning, probably the aerial navigation or something." she doesn't seem overly concerned about what Kitty saw. "I'll ask when I get to security, I'm sure they got whomever it was on camera.

"Its a date then," grins Kurt at space adventure time. "Snatching is good, ja." He raises his eyebrows making inneundo where none really exists simply for the fun of it. "Yes, enjoy that serious stuff ..." A pause, then a glance between Kitty and Dani, "Wait, the Danger Room hasn't been on the fritz has it?" Now he's curious what Forge has done with it.

Kitty gives kurt a wink "Not that I've heard. Rumor says a few of the students helped to purge the danger room before the mansion was rebuilt"

"I've used it several times with the students, and there were no issues." Dani nods slightly, maybe to confirm Kitty's statement "Though if Forge has been working on it...well good luck." she gives him a better you than me expression.

"Then I shall be fine," grins Kurt, more liking this sort of testing/challenge than doing something real like Sha'ir Room or Security. Smiling his canines in respone to the wink, he waves off, then is gone in with a bamf, leaving purple smoke in his wake.

Chortling kitty hurries off to the shi'ar room making a direct line thru walls and floors.

Leaving behind the kitchen and the remnants of the soggy breakfast for the kitchen staff to deal with Dani hurries off to where she was bid, the security office.

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