A Trip To The Zoo

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Armand finds himself at the Zoo while a god watches the animals.

Armand, Loki

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New York Zoo - Central Park

A bit of fun and trickery at the zoo as Loki converses with his faithful minion. Armand Invents the Loki Loaf.

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-----==[ New York Zoo - Central Park ]==--------------------------------------

A large sign greets you as you enter the central portion of the New York Zoo. During the day this is usually brimming with visitors, researchers, artists, school excursions, and employees. On the weekends it is teeming with families and small children, all here to see the wonders of the Animal Kingdom. This centermost part of the Zoo is pleasantly laid out to form what is known as the Temperate Territory, where animals from temperate climes are displayed in lavishly built habitats.

The sea lion pool is the central area of this part of the park, beautifully designed. You may stroll through the landscaped paths that lead you to a lake with an island, home to the Japanese snow monkeys. Farther along, be sure to visit the Asian red panda pavilion where panda bear cousins, resembling raccoons, fill the trees silhouetted by the city skyline. One of the most noteworthy exhibits is the Timber Wolf enclosure, a very naturalized habitat for a small pack.

To the east is the Tropic Zone, and to the west is the Polar Circle. Directly to the North are the Zoo's Administrative Offices.

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[O] - Central Park - New York

Loki is in disguise, dressed as Armand, a pair of sunglasses perched on his nose as he stands with his hands clasped behind his back, watching the red pandas as they laze about in their habitat. He has had nothing but trouble lately, so perhaps a bit of a change in tactics is in order.

Armand usually wouldn't be here...normally, really. There are animals. Animals can be scary if you've had to hunt them before. He's here though, dressed simply in a pair of simple jeans and his hoodie, bags with him as usual and he wears a dark green newsboy cap at a jaunty angle.

Loki-Armand is wearing the outfit Armand was wearing the last time Loki saw him, which was a few days ago. Turning around, he lifts a hand and waves. "Hello there, Armand." he says in Armand's French accent. "How are you today? Come to watch the animals?" he leans forward, hands clasped behind his back. "It is a bit like watching Humans, you know. These are just a bit more furry."

Armand stares...then he continues to stare...and he stares a bit more as he stares in the face of the person who looks like him and he opens his mouth and shuts it and takes a wary step forward before running to the nearest food cart like place and he carefully selects a straw before running back and just staring a little more before edging closer to poke Loki-Armand tentatively with his finger. "...mon dieu..."

Poking Loki-Armand would result in feeling something that feels like Armand, but a lot harder, not quite as squishy as a human body. "Relax, Armand! You look like you've seen a ghost!" his eyes are positively dancing with mischief. "Should we have a bit of fun while we're here? Hmm?" he almost looks like he's begging for permission.

Armand drops the straw and exhales softly before arching an eyebrow. "...perhaps, oui. I was going to get ahh...some popcorn but..." He trails off. "What kind of fun then...I am not that bad looking." He taps a finger against his chin and looks his double over thoughtfully before exhaling softly. "But I still believe I the prettiest one."

Loki grins and shifts back into himself, wearing a suit and tie. A young couple with their children gasps, pulling their kids back as he suddenly looks like someone else. "Oh, well...it's not like they're not aware of you mutants, hmm?" he shapeshifts again to look like the father in the group. "What do you think? Does it suit me better? Nah, I prefer my real face." and back to Loki he goes, running a hand through his hair. "You would have been proud of me, dear Armand! That green fellow...the Hulk, I believe, started a fight with me today but I showed remarkable restraint and did not obliterate him."

Armand places his hands on his hips, looking around with a hint of wariness as there are gasps and he shakes his head. "Simple trick of the light." He tries to explain with a strained smile before looking back to Loki. "You look better with your own face." He agrees before taking a deep breath. "T-the /hulk/?!" He has to hiss with disbelief. "Are you mad?!" He exhales softly. "You...you are. Nevermind. You are...oui. I am very happy you did not do the obliteration indeed. It would make it harder to gain followers..."

Loki blinks, feigning innocence. "I was simply walking down the street, and he began coming after me. I held him off as much as I could." and stunned himself upside the face in the process, but he leaves that part out. "He could possibly have won, but I talked him out of it. After some expert pursuasion, he simply walked back home, leaving the poor citizens of New York to clean up after his mess."

"...and you did not end up slammed into anyting then? That is good." Armand nods slowly, suitably impressed as he gestures towards Loki and continues walking along. "Lets go see...the snow monkies. Maybe they will feel a kinship to you." His lips twist wryly as he looks as innocent as possible. "Do you know people tink if I learned to hate and revile you through manipulation...my life would be easier and I'd feel better."

A devious grin preceeds Loki's response. "Well, I did get hit by a car, but the car was worse off than I was. It takes more than a Ford Taurus to damage a god!" he folds his hands behind his back and walks along the path toward the monkey exhibit. "Oh, those are your ancestors, not mine! As for what people think, let them think whatever they want! What matters is what you think." he stops and turns, looking down at Armand, his face reflecting a bit of a serious tone. "If you want to forget that you ever met me, I can do that for you. They are technically right, it would be easier if you feared and hated me. Almost everyone else does."

Armand rolls his eyes a bit and snorts softly. "...at least you are now knowing the brands of cars on Midgard...you should probably get a Prius." He suggests with a soft laugh. "Maybe in dark green or blue...put spinners on it, some 18 inch rims of some sort..." He amuses himself at least. "And /my/ ancestors would be perhaps monkey from warmer climates..." Then he turns quickly at the serious tone, lips forming a grim line before he replies. "I do not wish to live in a fantasy, people playing with my head or my heart to make me think or believe or change what I remember...I am not a living doll. Life will never be easy and it is healthy to /always/ fear gods...but fear does not negate respect. Just adds wariness."

"You are absolutely right. It would have been improper if I had tampered with your mind. I thought about it, but I decided against it. They cannot stand the concept that people may not hate me, and automatically assume I've done something to manipulate them. I have concerns for the company you keep with people that would do that to you, but I will not attempt to tell you with whom you should or should not be friends."

"Monsieur Manuel is not my friend. The other day he offered to tamper with my emotions and even left it seemed while I attempted to intervene in a dangerous scene to save another individual...I respect him, but there is no trust there. In this world, you are not to have many friends. But you can have...companions and associates." Armand shoves his hands into his pockets, shoulders slumping. "You are still a snake. When you bite, I will not be surprised but that is just your nature."

Loki looks away from Armand at his last sentence, taking a stiff breath before responding. "I have been trying not to follow my nature. So far, it hasn't been working quite as well as expected." he shuffles a foot, kicking at an empty cup as the wind blows it near. "Manipulation and tampering are my domain. I am not a receptive telepath, but if you like, I can place a booby trap of sorts in your mind so that if he tries that again, it would backfire on him quite thoroughly."

Armand smirks gently. "If you are putting boobies of any sort in my mind, the trap or the chest...I will stab you with a popsical." He drawls softly and shakes his head slowly. "You will...follow your nature. But you will have to plan carefully seeing as people are attempting to predict what you are planning or what you will do...they do not wish to be surprised."

Loki thumps his fist down against the railing along the path. "What do they expect me to do? I was given the role as the god of mischief and evil, then they complain when I do anything mischevious or evil! Then they complain if I don't and assume I'm up to something. If you think you humans have problems, it's nothing compared to the insanity in Asgard."

Armand is quiet for a few moments, jaw setting as he turns to lean against the railing, staring at the nearest exhibit and watching the animals play and sleep and such before he takes a deep breath, his French accent into a purr almost but he speaks clearly. "Then the gods shook their shields and howled at Loki and drove him away to the forest, and thereafter set to drinking again. Loki turned back, and outside he met Eldir. Loki spoke to him: "Speak now, Eldir, for not one step Farther shalt thou fare; What ale-talk here | do they have within, The sons of the glorious gods?"

Eldir spake: "Of their weapons they talk, and their might in war, The sons of the glorious gods; From the gods and elves who are gathered here no friend in words shalt thou find."

Loki spake: "In shall I go into Ægir's hall,For the feast I fain would see; Bale and hatred | I bring to the gods, And their mead with venom I mix."

Eldir spake:"If in thou goest to Ægir's hall, And fain the feast wouldst see, And with slander and spite | wouldst sprinkle the gods, Think well lest they wipe it on thee."

Loki spake: "Bethink thee, Eldir, | if thou and I shall strive with spiteful speech; Richer I grow in ready words If thou speakest too much to me."

Then Loki went into the hall, but when they who were there saw who had entered, they were all silent.

Loki spake: "Thirsty I come into this thine hall, I, Lopt, from a journey long,To ask of the gods | that one should give Fair mead for a drink to me. Why sit ye silent, swollen with pride, Ye gods, and no answer give?"

Loki's green eyes are wide and begin to water as he listens to Armand. The young mutant boy has the god's full attention, which is unusual for someone with Loki's complete lack of attention span. He takes a deep breath and the eyes overflow, streaking down his cheeks before he can stop it, and he turns away from Armand, slamming the heels of his palms against the railing, leaving twin indentations. "Mythological nonsense." he coughs, keeping his head turned away. "The scribblings of some old Nordic fool, probably hung upon Thor or Odin's apronstrings."

"...perhaps. It is just a bit of the Lokasenna. In this Poetic Edda, you even save their asses in a way...or that may be another but...still in the end Thor threatens to shut your mouth with his hammer, you hide out in the guise of a Salmon...and were bound with the bowels of your son Vali...while your other son Narfi was turned into a wolf...and through your struggles and such, you create the first earthquake." Armand is a bit teary eyed as he stares off at the animals and purses his lips. "I didn't even know you really existed then or anyting, but after finishing reading...I threw the book across the room and screamed, because I could not understand. It is like being kicked in the nuts for making ice cream but your job is to make ice cream but...when you make ice cream...somebody kicks you in the nuts or gets mad at you. You will be you. It does not justify what is being done to you." His jaw sets. "I do not have pity, but I do not live in fantasy."

Loki leans down to rest his elbows on the rail, tangling his fingers in his long black hair, shaking his head. "You can stop a sorcerer from escaping by binding their mouth and their hands. If he cannot utter even a whisper, he cannot escape." his slender shoulders rise and fall as he tries to shut out the memories. Loki can be a bit volatile, even at the best of times, and sometimes he just wants to explode, usually with disasterous results for people around him. He takes a deep breath and emits a muffled scream of frustration into his forearms, fingers clenching tightly. "Can I not just petition the gods to let me live this life anew after coming back from the brink of death? Can they not just let me forget?" he looks toward Armand finally and says, "Pity is for the weak, anyway. Once you show someone pity they know how to hurt you."

A small nod is given. "I...figured it was someting like that. I mean...there was the other bit but uh, it just made the Asgardians seem...cruel and ruthless." Armand smirks as he watches a monkey do something crazy and then he sighs softly. "They will not, I do not believe...because they cannot face what they have done either. Or you could try if you came up with a good enough...reason. Maybe become a motivational speaker, mess with minds all day." Then he nods slowly. "Oui."

"The only other option is to give them what they pay for, which is vengeance, revenge and chaos. If they expect me to do nothing than play the role that they gave me, then perhaps that is what I ought to do." he straightens up, wiping his face with his sleeve. "They want something to complain about?" he starts raising a palm, causing the outer fence of the enclosure to begin warping just slightly. "Oh, I can give them something to complain about."

Armand blinks and then blinks again, staring at Loki with wide eyes. "Wait! Non! Not here...plan it out well so they cannot complain. There are children!"

Loki stops, twisting his hand as he clenches it into a fist, making the fence unwarp, but it looks like an angry face. "Fine. Perhaps the sea lions will be more entertaining, though I fail to see how they resemble lions."

"They look like...lions if they were very fat. And ugly. And wet." Armand shrugs helplessly and sighs, rubbing a hand over his face. "I am going to get mexican food. Do you want anyting? I can leave it somewhere you'll find it if you have tings to do."

"Mexican...and what? Why would you leave it somewhere I could /find/ it? I'm not a mouse! Fine, let's get out of here, anyway before I feel an overwhelming need to give everybody fleas." he changes into his well dressed illusion and starts walking. "Even though you are a mortal, I value your input, Armand. If I do achieve global domination and the chance to subjugate all of these pathetic drooling bipeds, I shall spare you."

Armand actually laughs and shakes his head as he spins smoothly and raises his hands in the air in a mock pirouette before lowering his hands and nodding as he directs his path to exit the Zoo. "Merci, My Lord, If such an occurance takes place...I will create a desert in your honor. Perhaps the Loki Loaf? People bite into it thinking they will get bread, but actually bite into custard cream...such a trick!" He sticks out his tongue and then takes off running with a hint of a skip. Okay so maybe he does have a naughty side.

Loki tilts his head to the side and grins as he follows at a quick walk. "We may have to work on the name, but I like the sound of that!"

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