A Trip To The Shopping Mall

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Yishi, Firestar, Richenda

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08/24/12 10:47

Hazelton Mall

Angelica and Xiu Lin go to the mall and happen about Richenda

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Attempt #3 at a normal day, last couple not having gone so well, but Angelica is positive it can happen. Today, the attempt revolves around a lesuirely shopping trip. Not so much for actual shopping, more the kind of 'wish I could' shopping, as she looks around different shops and tries on some new clothes.

Just about the only friend Angelica has who is shorter than she is, Xiu Lin Tseng accompanies Angelica on this shopping trip, despite the broad and highly visible black tech ankle 'bracelet' - more like ankle bracer on her - required by her bail bondsman. That'd be why /she/ won't be trying anything on today. That and the money she is out, dealing with lawyers and bail and more. Oh. And she's currently not getting any hours at her job with the NYPD, because they don't want translations from a suspected murderer. Ain't life grand? So, she could use at least the illusion of a normal day, and is with her lovely redheaded friend, exploring the mall.

Chenda, who isn't much taller than either girl, is not too far away, de-stressing after a long stretch of difficulty at school. She's currently at Alabard's, one of the newer clothing stores in the mall, frowning over the prices of some tres trendy new jeans. Her mind says 'ooh!' Her budget says 'eek!'

Still, can't hurt to try them on, right? She flips through the rack until she finds her size, then slips the hanger off the rack and heads for a changing room. Looks like there are only two, limited to this department. At least that makes finding them easy. Getting one, on the other hand... she picks up her pace a little.

"Let's go see the new store," Angelica offers to Yishi with a smile, seemingly unaware of the new ankle 'ornament' that Yishi is forced to wear everywhere she goes. No point bringing attention to unpleasant details, "I hear they're on the expensive side, but we're mostly looking, right? So, costs all the same for us."

"OK." Yishi offers to Angie with a smile, following the redhead into the new store happily enough. She probably won't try anything on herself, but she'll happily spend more quality time with Angelica The improvement to her mood is already palpable. "So, how is school going?" she inquires.

There's another way it can cost all the same, and Chenda is sorely tempted to use it, but she's trying to be a good girl these days. Still, she's no saint, and waiting for a changing room to empty has her fidgeting and glancing between the curtains and her watch. Surely someone will finish soon...

She looks away, trying for patience, and catches sight of two rather distinctive figures coming into Alabard's, both small and long-haired, but with wildly different hair colors. Easily recalling the redhead from an earlier trip to the mall, Chenda lifts her hand and waves it energetically over her head at them, smiling brilliantly.

"Ohh, it's getting so much harder you wouldn't believe." Angelica mopes, before whispering very quietly in her friend's ear, "wish I could use killer robots were attacking the city as a reason I didn't have my essay by the deadline." Angelica shakes her head, "so unfair sometimes, bet the X-kids get more understanding teachers. But I have to live with the choices I make." Catching Richenda's waving hand, Angel waves at her in return, "Hi 'Chenda, how you been? Have you met Sue Lynn?" The redhead asks, pointing at her Asian friend.

Said Sue Lynn follows Angelica, smiling wryly at her friend's commentary. "Still better," she murmurs to Angie, "Than trying to explain to your boss why you're limping and bruised from ankle to hip from confronting said killer robots." Because a sane woman would never do that, and Xiu Lin wouldn't have if she'd had a choice. After that, she just didn't even try. She stayed out of it. She's not exactly equipped for bot-bashing. She does seem curious about whatever 'x-kids' means, but she doesn't get a chance to ask. "Hello, Richenda." To Angie, she comments, "She and I have met. She was 'practicing' in Central Park."

Chenda smiles as Angel recognizes her just as easily as she'd recognized that brilliant hair. "Hi, Angel! It's been a while," she says, moving to hug the smaller girl. "I think I did, actually," she adds, looking over the dark-haired mite interestedly. She does note the high-tech anklet, but makes no mention of it. "Hello again, Xiu Lin." She blushes at the mention of 'practicing', just a little.

"Practicing?" Angel asks Sue Lynn curiously, before looking at Richenda, "what is it you were practicing, 'Chenda? Dancing? Sports? Martial Arts? Art?" Angel is curious, as she doesn't know all that much about Richenda after all.

Chenda blushes as Angel asks, watching Yishi step away to take a phone call. "Picking pockets," she replies softly, leaning close to the redhead. "It's a long story, but suffice it to say the knack kept me eating between Arkansas and New York City." She indicates the jeans. "I was about to try these on, but the rooms are full. Looking for anything in particular?"

"Talk to you later, Yishi," Angel says to her friend as she has to leave to take an important phone call. She turns her attention back to Richenda, "picking pockets? Oh gee, 'Chenda, other than the fact it's a bad thing to do...did you know that Sue Lynn is a cop? I bet that didn't go well," Angel shakes her head but keeps a soft smile for 'Chenda. "I'm just playing make-believe, I'm pretending I have money to spare, so I'm just looking at stuff I would have bought if I could," she winks at 'Chenda.

"It's not something I'm proud of," Chenda admits. "I mean, I'm a carny, so I'm kind of a con artist, but outright /stealing/ isn't something I like doing. And that's how I found out Xiu Lin's Little Miss Law-And-Order," she adds, poking a little good-natured fun at the Chinese girl. "But she's sweet, even if she's touchy about legalities."

She giggles as the other girl explains what she's doing. "It seems we share a common interest, Angel. I'm kinda doing the same thing, if just for these jeans. I figure I might as well see how they feel."

She glances up. "Looks like that room's empty. Let's hurry!" She catches Angel's hand and dashes for the dressing room!

"Ooooh," Angel finally gets a good look at the jeans Richenda was trying on, and she reaches to touch them so long as Richena doesn't mind, "these look soooo good," she smiles and looks up at Richenda. "Would you like them? I know someone who might help..." but before Angel can have a reply, she's already dragged by Richenda towards the clear dressing room.

Chenda actually does go so far as to pull Angel into the room with her, narrowly beating another young woman through the curtain. "So we can keep talking. And you can keep feeling," she teases, hanging up the jeans within reach. Fortunately, this room's fairly spacious for what it is. The gypsy girl pulls the curtain shut and quickly unlaces her shoes. "So who do you know who might help? I'm a bit short on cash for new clothes, I'm afraid..."

"Someone..." it doesn't seem like Angelica wants to say too much, apparently even someone as innocent looking as her have their share of secrets. She admires the jeans a while longer, before Chenda will get to try them on. "I'm not even sure I'd like to ask them for a favor, but I might do it for you...I'll have to think about it."

Chenda looks up from unfastening her jeans, concern written across her face. "You don't have to, Angel," she says after a moment, resting a gentle hand on the smaller girl's shoulder. "If it'll be tough for you to do, I'd rather you didn't do it." She gently squeezes the redhead's shoulder.

Angel smiles at 'Chenda, and nods, "I'll see about it. I won't push for it, but if I have the chance, I'll see about helping you get those jeans...without 'practicing', ok? Please don't do that anymore, if you can help yourself...other people shouldn't pay for your hardships, I mean, I bet it's not easy...but nobody likes to have their stuff disappear."

Chenda manages to stifle giggles, giving Angel a quick hugs. "You're too sweet to do anything wrong in front of," she says, teasing gently. "Don't worry, I won't practice unless things are desperate and I have no other choice, I promise. And I mean it." She probably does, too... but her unfastened jeans ruin the moment by sliding to the floor, leaving her standing in her bright pink underpants. Her face can't turn quite /that/ pink, but it does give it a good try.

Laughing sheepishly, Angelica seems pleased enough, "good, I appreciate that, 'Chenda." Angelica is a very good sport, in turning around so Richenda wouldn't be uncomfortable.

Chenda laughs softly. "Sorry," she says simply, and steps out of her pants, folding them and setting them out of the way. "And I appreciate that you appreciate that. I may not be the most honest person in the world, but I do value my friends... I hope I can think of you as one, Angel." She takes down those new jeans and steps into them, working them up into place. "These are a little tight. I think they're supposed to be that way, though..."

"Don't worry, I've been at a boarding school, I've had my share of experiences changing in a locker room," Angel giggles, "we can never have enough friends. Of course you can think of me as a friend, 'Chenda." Turning around to look at 'Chenda, Angel smiles, "look prefect, and that's the idea, they're supposed to fit like tights."

"So have I. It was the surprise that was embarrassing, not the rest," Chenda says, stifling giggles. "They do fit like tights, very stiff ones. I guess I'd have to wear the new out of them before I did much with them." She shakes her head bemusedly and unfastens the jeans to remove them. "Want to try 'em, Angel? You've got long legs for your height. They might fit you."

"Well, you pulled me into the fitting room with you, how was it a surprise for you?" Angel asks with an amused expression on her face. "Keep in mind they're not yours yet, unless you have spending money, in which case I'm jealous!" Reaching to take the jeans in her hands, Angelica ponders a moment, and then shakes her head, "I'll just want to get them if the fit is good, may as well skip for now. I'll be back for them, though, eventually."

"Oh, I haven't forgotten. I'm just making plans for when I /do/ get some spending money. This'll be my first stop!" Chenda vows, giggling. "And not the surprise of you being here, the surprise of my pants going on strike!" She turns to retrieve her own jeans, apparently unfazed by the presence of Angelica in the room while she's half dressed. "Poor Angel. I'll have to save up some money for you, too."

"It's fine...I'll make do, maybe I can sell some of my art," Angelica offers, thinking that might actually prove to be a pretty good idea. "I'll have to ask around about how to set up something like that."

"Actually, I know one place that might give you a good price. Some of the faculty at school love good art," Chenda says, pulling on her own jeans again. "I'll talk to Mr. Summers, next time I catch him. Could be he's looking for new things to spice up the mansion's decor."

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