A Trex and a Velociraptor

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A Trex and a Velociraptor

Blindfold, Rex Gregson, Phantasm

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Coffee Bean - Lower Manhattan

Rex has an offer that Mike can't refuse. Blindfold and Rex know more about cartoon movies than Mike

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-----==[ Coffee Bean - Lower Manhattan ]==------------------------------------

As soon as one enters, the scent of any of a dozen coffee flavors in the air as well as a few lighter menu items like pre-packaged fruit salads, danishes, croissants, and pound cake. There are usually two or three servers on duty, ready to whip up any of the coffees on the large menu that hangs over their heads. The white tile floors are a little dingy from age and use, as is the simple white paint on the wall. Overhead, standard flourescent lights cast an untreated blue-white glow over the whole of the coffeehouse.

The lack of a 'Starbucks' style decor doesn't, however, stop this joint from being a popular college hangout. Particularly since they boast hours from five in the morning to midnight. Booths line the walls, seating four comfortably on the faded red cushioned benches, though there are small tables with simple 50s retro chairs - red and chrome - near the back of the establishment that can be pushed together to accomdate larger groups.



Rex Gregson

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[O] - Lower Manhattan - New York

Rex Gregson is going over the song playlist for the concert. The date was still tentative but she liked everything planned out. After a few minutes though she sighs "I want a break from this. Can I pitch an idea to you Mike?" She asked, picking up her coffee mug.

Mike who is working on the playlist with Rex glances up from his notepad, setting the pen down at the mention of a break. He leans back in his seat, looking to the other musician curiously, "Sure." The dressed down drummer turned frontman allows, head tilting up in a nod to Rex, "Whatcha got?"

Blindfold came in in the door tapping her cane along the floor as she hummed quietly along to johnny cash and charlie daniels band 'devil came down to georgia', stopping to yawn now and then.

Rex Gregson smiles "Well I was wondering if you wanted to do a tour with me. I thought it would be nice to change it up and do a kind of duet thing. What do you think? Sombre Tyrannosaur and Betrayed Triceratops? " she proposes with a warm smile and a bit of a laugh. She pauses, hearing the tapping and waves a hand to Blindfold, then pauses, goes red, and calls out "Ruth?"

Mike does his best to keep a straight face, but upon the 'Betrayed Triceratops', well it becomes hard. He lifts up a hand, covering his mouth as he leans into it, making the arm into a perch to mimick the actions of one going into thought over something. "Tour? Hmm." When Ruth's name is called, Mike looks over to see the blind girl and lifts up his hand to wave as well, unapologetically. "Hey Ruth."

Blindfold turns her head and heads in the direction of the familiar voices with a smile "Hello again, it's nice to meet you both, yes thank you"

Smacking Mikes' arm at what she thinks was a snicker, she says "Hey, dont laugh! It works for me! Join us Ruth? And yeah, Tour. What do you say? My drummer's having a kid in the spring, so It would be good timing..."

Mike's arm shifts back as he's being swatted, "Hey!" Giving a bit of a grumble, he starts to scoot over to allow Ruth space at the table all the while eyeing Rex. Lifting a finger in a wagging motion, "Sure he didn't make that up to get away from your abusive nature? I haven't even said yes yet and you're already hitting me."

Blindfold dips her head to rex as she folds up her cane and feels for to back and edge of the seat to slip into it "Tour? that would take you away from the city but yes you're right could be fun, time will tell I hope" smirking shyly at the quips back and forth "I'm sorry rex, please, you're getting bored always on the road or bored with performing?"

"Nah, he likes it rough." replies Rex to Mike, then she smiles at Blindfold, nodding in agreement "Its just a small tour. Six cities along the east coast. And I was getting tired just of working on this playlist. I think I'm a bit too perfectionist when it comes to childrens's shows. Is this song too obscure or obscene? is it too 'dumbed down'? Especially as this will be my first performance with american children."

"You're peforming an assembly style performance to a group of kids that don't exactly get to opt in or out of this but who will be glad to be out of school for it." Mike sums up, waving it off, "You're going to get a range of kids who like it and kids who laugh it off depending on what their idea of 'cool' is." His hand drifts down, picking up the pen again and clicking it closed. His head tilts to Blindfold, "She's right, could be fun. But there's that problem I have about giving advanced warning to where I'll be."

Blindfold nods to rex "If it's school, then you'll want to keep it clean and PG or the teachers and parents will have a fit. Kids aren't as dim as adults think, so you don't need to dumb it down talk to them as equals and they'll get it, yes thank you" then grins to mike "Just do me a favor and no matter what stay clear of the mass academy if you go on the road, please thank you"

"Well, I think we have a solid list. I am just never satisfied at times I guess." admits Rex, glancing back to Mike once more with a smile "Hmm. I forgot about that. But what about doing it entirely anonymously? We just release your stage name and all that. The intrigue, scandals and mystery would make you even more popular."

Mike looks to Rex, "I'm assuming you're meaning a different stage name than my usual considering the situation." The pen shifts, starting to be held like a drumstick as he taps the pad softly. "...Just, not the Triceratops suggestion."

Blindfold grins as she starts tapping a beat against the bench with her folded up cane "What about Terradactile or..no chomper wouldn't work he /was/ a t-rex, sorry, please forgive me, I have little foot stories running thru my head with all this talk of dinos"

"Fair enough. We could put a bunch of words into a hat and draw it out. Its how I ended up the Sombre Tyrannosaur." reasons Rex with a smile, then chuckles at Blindfold "I remember those movies! ... didnt think mucho f the sequels..."

Mike looks towards Blindfold, "Little Foot?" There's no recognition in his features.

Blindfold snickers with a nod to Rex then turns a deadpan face toward mike, not that she can see his nonrecognition "Disney movies, there baby dinosaurs, little foot was a long neck, sara was a stubborn prideful bossy triceratops. At first the different kinds of dinos didn't socialize but there was a drought or something and the different kinds were forced together, lines were drawn at first until the baby dinos showed each dino species were better off working together for survival. then eventual in the sequals they made friends with a baby t-rex they named chomper who made a vow not to eat them but eat leaves and things like they did" she explained

Rex Gregson nods at Blindfold "What she said. I dont think I got as far as chomper." she admits a little bit, sipping more coffee "But Mellow Velociraptor works perfectly if you want to do it mike. We can work on it later."

Mike gives a blank look at the summary. "Ah." He pauses, looking towards Rex, "So, dinosaur theme names?" The pen taps a bit quicker, forming a rhythmic pattern, "Alright. Beats the triceratops thing. Sure as hell am not switching to leaves."

Blindfold smiles shaking her head at Mike "You and Bill, so many movies you've missed out on, yes sorry, should have a movie night" then turns toward Rex "The sequals got kinda kiddy like fora bit, they hit a rut until the chomper ones and the teradactile had lil simblings and so did ducky. They got cute again at that point"

"A movie night sounds good! I found a new plac e- we can have a housewarming party with movies." states Rex with a smile. Then she coughs and stands "Excuse me... I need to go to the bidet." she remarks, scuttling over that way

Mike watches Rex make her way off before looking to Blindfold, "Bill?" The pen slows to a stop as the musician seems to remember something, "Oh bleedin'..." The pen drops and he quickly pulls out a wad of bills to drop down on the table, "Tell Rex I had to head. Forgot I had to do something for Wade." Once he's able to scoot out of his seat, he gives a half hazard wave back to the blind girl before heading out.

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