A Talk Between Roommates

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Finesse, Blindfold

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04/12/13 11:09

Finesse and Blindfold's room at Xavier Mansion

Jeanne and Ruth has a much needed talk about their relationship as roommates and some trust issues.

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Ruth was gathering things into piles on her bed and taking things down off the wall, one sock monkey in people and blue with a blind folks and long dark yarn hair had been placed on the corner of her roommate's desk.

Jeanne walks into her shared room with Ruth, and finding her roommate there, she quips out of the blue. "I hope I didn't make you cry with what I said last time, you asked me a question and I answered it." She then moves towards her desk and looks curiously at the sock monkey, "is that thing for me?"

Ruth nods with a sharp sigh "You spoke from the heart without hesitation and gave me pause to think, thank you yes" then turns her head sadly toward her rookie and the desk with a nod "Yes, I hope you like it, please I hope you won't use it in an experiment, thank you. I'll...just get a few things and let you be alone, sorry my apologies"

Jeanne turns to look curiously at Ruth, quirking a brow, "I never speak from the heart, Ruth, I speak from the mind, that's what makes me so much better than most people here." Picking up the sock monkey left on her desk, Jeanne speaks honestly, as she always does, "I don't know what I'll do with it, but if you like, I will avoid experimenting on it. Thank you for this gift, I suppose I should give you something in return. What would you like to get from me, Ruth? I'm not that great at gift giving."

Ruth sniffles with a grin "I don't want anything from anyone, it's not why I try to help people or give gifts, I do those things to help and make people happy, yes thank you. I'm just packing up my stuff and then I'll leave you alone, sorry my apologies. No one here is better then another, that's like saying mutants are better then humans, our abilities don't make us better then others, how qwerty use our abilities can make us better, yes sorry, but why would you nb believe me? We both need to work on it people skills, yes sorry, for different reasons. People don't trends to trust me because of my abilities, thank you yes. Thank you please for being my roomie as long as you have, hopefully you'll like your new roomie better"

"I've never been happy, doubt I'll ever be happy. Happiness is a state of not wanting, and I do want, I want a lot. Knowledge, and skills." Jeanne makes that reflection on happiness, as she settles the sock monkey back on her desk, "nevertheless, thank you." Walking over towards Ruth, Jeanne grabs her hand and whirls her around, before striking her with a light palm strike, meaning to push Ruth into a sitting position on her bed. "You're not going anywhere, Ruth, we're roommates, aren't we? Do you want to go against the faculty's wishes and get in trouble? They assigned us together for a reason. Why do you want to leave anyway? Are you afraid of me?" Jeanne snorts at the suggestion she might like a new roommate better. "Who would want to be my roommate? Kisha? The faculty would never allow that."

Ruth tilts her head "Haven't you ever wanted, friends, bonds with people, a surrogate family, a place to belong, if you don't mind my asking please?" Softly cries out in surprise and tries to pull back, which only sevres to aid in what finesse wanted and she falls back sprawling onto the bed. "Yes we're roommates, but I'm sorry that you don't trusty me and seem to not want me around. Neither of us will get in trouble if we wanted a new roomie, and my apologies I'm sorry that you do scare me a little. Something tells me thimble needs a roommate with richenda, I'll have to decline her offer, yes please" sniffling as she scoots back on her bed and swipes a finger at her nose

"I have yet to make what I'd call a friend, and I have no real knowledge of family other than people who use you for their own gains," Jeanne is as straight forward about this as can be. "Only reason I stuck around here is the access to a state of the art science lab, a rich library, and the chance to learn from people with impressive skillsets." Jeanne lets Ruth talk, though she seems a bit incredulous at the words she hears. "Ruth, I don't trust you because you are not trustworthy. You gave away information behind my back that got me in trouble more than once. How is that trustworthy? But that doesn't mean I don't want you as my roommate. I understand you do it out of wanting to please your teachers, and that you think you're protecting me because whatever vision you got...but I don't go on visions, I make my own fate. I trust in myself, why can't you trust in me?"

Ruth frowns "I thought maybe....you would've realized we were friends, sorry my apologies. I didn't tell on you to get you on trouble our to please the teachers, I did to get you help because me pumpkin is bigger then you can handle on your own, I did it because I care, yes sorry. I do trust in you, but you under estimate others and that can get in you into trouble. But if you don't trusty me and can't forgive me, if you don't consider us friends then...please if you don't mind my asking, why should wet be roomies, if we're no better then strangers after all this time?"

"We are roomates, Ruth, I got your back and I hope you got mine," Jeanne explains things as she sees them. "I have a hard time calling someone who narcs on me twice a friend. But then I don't have any friends, so don't feel bad." Jeanne moves to sit on her own bed across from Ruth, looking at the blind girl, "you're easy to get along with as a roommate, Ruth, you don't make demands, and you let me be. I don't need a roommate that will bitch at me, and try to prove me wrong, only to find out they are stupid."

Ruth grins taking a swype at her nose that was now red. "I'll always have your back long as you're on the side of good, yes thank you. Everyone should have friends, they don't always do what you want and sometimes they get you into trouble but they do it out of friendship, yes please. Though I'm not sure thimble will every learn that lesson the way she cuts like a knife with her words, yes sorry"

"Thimble offends you? What did she say?" Jeanne asks, as if to press on the issue that she has Ruth's back. "Also, you may find Good and Evil are strange labels that don't necessarily fit, it's a simplistic way of looking at things."

Ruth shrugs, still sad "She doesn't understand, she doesn't want to understand, so she pages me away and accuses me of things I don't do our have no control over yet, ands she tries to horde richenda from everyone else, yes sorry. I try to be her friend but she pushes new away despite everything, my apologies yes, she just had a lot of life lessons to learn, it's not her fault"

"I don't expect too many people to understand you, Ruth," Jeanne sounds quite matter of factly about that, assuming the fault lies with other's lack of understanding. "I can see how lack of understanding leads to anger, that is usually what people do when they realize they have been bested in one area or another." She shrugs at the mention of hording Richenda, "you think she's a lesbian and is into her?" While to other this maybe a taboo subject for discussion, Jeanne seems perfectly fine with stating what sounds obvious. Getting up, Jeanne starts walking out of the room, "I'll go talk to her and tell her she has nothing to worry about, you won't steal Richenda from her."

Ruth grins a little amused, just a little ;) "Seems in some ways she and you adhere on something about me, that I talk too much about the future, yes thank you. Can we go back to being friends like we were in the beginning, please if you want?" Then looks about to say something but switches to something else "Thank you, yes I appreciate it"

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