A Tale of Three Mikes

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A Tale of Three Mikes

Blindfold, Rex Gregson, Beast, Phantasm

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Midtown / Bellvue Hospital

Rex and Blindfold dash over to see a hospitalized Mike. They each come across a different type of Michael.

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-----==[ Midtown - New York ]==-----------------------------------------------

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Rex Gregson is striding hurriedly towars the hospital. Still an elf, this time in a billowy white shirt, leather vest and tight pants as she intended to visit Mike, her cellphoen beeping, but ignored, in her bag.

Ruth Who better to accompany Ruth to the hospital then a well known Dr. And so Ruth taps her way along as Dr McCoy walks with her. "Thank you yes for coming and letting me make the trip, Dr McCoy"

As Rex heads towards the hospital, there is a familiar face that comes into view. But it's just the face this time around. Mesh sleeves stick out from a black tee advertising some band named Black Mariah. This seems like an older, more worn down version Mike. Perhaps one in his mid thirties. He seems distracted as he walks by the hospital without a thought.

Her eyes widened, and she started to step faster now in the slightly-heeled boots she wore. She almost didnt see Ruth and McCoy - ALMOST, that big blue one was hard to see and she squeaks in surprise "Sorry, I didnt see you there mate!" in a somewhat british accent as she went by, waving to Ruth with a wink again of her elvish eyes "Mike! I heard what happened, but what HAPPENED?

Ruth smiles with a curious tilt of her head. Giving Rex a wave before contributing with best to the front desk "two Mikes...I just hope we're not too late, thank you yes. Hello miss, May we see mike, the musician that was brought in asleep, please thank you?" she asks the person behind the desk

The older version stops as he hears his name, glancing over to Rex. His head tilts, before speaking in a thick Irish accent, "If ya know what happened, why are ya asking?" He tucks a hand in the pocket, "What are ya talkin' about?"

Meanwhile IN the hospital, the Nurse behind the desk eyes Beast and Rex. "Are you family?"

"Well, I know what happened in that I know you are in the hospital. So I guess I dont know EVERYTHING than what happened. Are you okay? " asked Rex again as she stopped, puffing a few times to look him over with concern.

Mike gives Rex an odd look and glances to the hospital door. "I'm NEXT to the hospital... not in it." Shaking his head he starts to walk away. "Bleedin' mentaller." He mutters.

Her eyes flickerd a bit, and she pulls out her phone now, dialling up the news report and holds it up "So this was fake? This wasnt a Fox News station!" she notes to him. "or was this a publicity stunt?"

Ruth shakes her head "no sorry, I'm a good friend of his and this is Dr hank McCoy, thank you. Besides you wouldn't want to meet his dad, they're estranged, yes sorry. Please, if you would be so kind, may we see him? he doesn't have family, friends are the closest to family he has, please thank you"

The nurse looks to the child, and then to the well known Doctor before she sighs, sliding over a clipboard, "Sign in. I'll check to see if he's allowed visitors right now."

When the phone is presented to him, Mike looks to the phone, eyes widening as it displays a video. He reaches a hand over to grab at the phone, "...Phones do this now?" Yep. Completely off topic yes. "An- I don't see how you lookin' weird means I'm in the hospital."

"Hey! Careful with that! Its five hundred dollars! Read the TEXT." she snatches it back "Mick Drago hospitalized AGAIN. Dated this morning! and I do NOT look weird. At least I dont look like an emo Aquaman."

"Buuuuut that's not my name." Mike replies, the fingers passing through the phone as Rex snatches it back, "And my band's Black Mariah, not Greysong. Besides, the only place I'd be in a hospital would be the m-" He pauses, "Oh." He sighs, "Right." He steps aside, "Kid's probably still in there." Giving a gesture towards the hospital door, he starts walking off.

He stops for a moment pointing at Rex, "AND I am NOT Aquaman!" Finishing line done, he continues walking off.

Ruth smiles warmly at the woman behind the desk and wishes her many thanks as beast signs them both in and they wait patiently

"What? But..." The elf paused, confused at many things. "Black Mariah? Huh? wait... What the hell is going on. You LOOK like Mike, you SOUND like Mike, what are you, an Evil twin he didnt tell me about." she follows after him "And no, I figured not." she adds, biting back a snide remark.

There is a clickity click of the keys as the nurse starts to look up the information for the room and nods. "There's nothing stating he can't have any vistors during visiting hours. Although, he's likely still sleeping." (Hah.) The nurse pulls out a scrap sheet of paper and starts to write down directions on how to get to the room from there. "You have an hour."

Mike stops, turning to look at Rex, "And you sure as hell are off your nut. Why the fuck are you following me?!" He points to the hospital, "You want the kid. Go in there."

Ruth beams a smile as hank takes the paper and Ruth thanks the last again "I wonder why Rex didn't bring ghost mike in to see his own body yes sorry, seems the easiest way to sorry things out to me" she says add they had off to Mike's room

As Ruth and Hank head towards the room, an elder looking doctor steps out of an adjoining hallway. His expression seems quite unamused as he limps down the same direction the blind mutant and blue furred visitor are taking.

Ruth moves a little closer to beast as she frowns when the doctor comes out and heads in the direction they're going

"Because I want to know what the heck is up with YOU. " retorts the woman, folding her arms stubbornly "You may not be 'the kid' but you look just like him except for the net shirt, and I just want to know what's up! Are you family? "

Ruth's shift in position does draw Dr. Marinos's attention momentarily, but upon seeing the cane, his attention shifts over to the blue companion. A brow raises. Turning his head, he continues down the hallway.

Mike comes to a stop, spinning around to look at Rex. Eyes narrowing, he walks over to her. The close proximity allows for a better distinction in the difference in age between this Mike and the younger one she may know. "No." He replies, lifting up a hand, curling up his fingers so only that the index finger is extending towards Rex, lowering itself towards the center of her chest. "Just a ghost of what was." The finger passes through Rex, giving no sense of anything actually being there. "And what will be."

She stopped cold, staring at him. Her eyes were wide, and she actually flinches as the ghost passes through, an arm snapping up to try and grab it... and finding nothing. She stared, and then asked quietly "What will be then? " her tones heavier, the accent shifting to something more obscure.

Beast just smiles to the other doctor with a shrug as he puts an arm around Ruth's shoulders "I'm just her seeing eye companion" he jokes, best way to disarm s situation like this he surmised. Ruth grins at the joke and outs a hand on his atop her shoulder in gratitude as they headed for Mike's room. Quietly she whispers to the big blue "We should get mike referred out of here, he's not safe here, sorry yes" taking her cell out and verbally telling it to call Rex.

The ghostly being gives a bit of a smile. Not joyful but more of a forced acceptance of things. "Death." He is quiet for a few moments before he snerks, "Geez, you're thick. Ya think I got a script?" He starts to turn once more, again trying to walk off. If only he can get the last word in, dammit.

A blink, and the woman glared at him as he walked away. She muttered 'emo aquaman' under her breath again, as her phone beeped "... Sombre Tyrannosaur. How may I corrupt your children?"

Dr. Marinos grows quiet at the explanation, giving a muttered 'excuse me' upon being called on his staring. The limping doctor actually picks up his pace for a few steps as they come closer to Mike's room. When a police officer steps out of the room, turning his head to look down the hallway, Marinos's lips twist into a frown before he finds himself turning down another corridor, leaving Blindfold and Beast alone on their walk.

Ruth shakes her head "That is one very bad doctor" as she and beast head for the room the police officer came out of "st Michael....geez talk about a hot spot, yes sorry" then into the phone "Rex excuse me please, it's Ruth. If you can bring ghost mike here to Mike's room, maybe ghost mike can keep mike safe, thank you yes"

Rex Gregson frowns, and nods at the phone "i'll see if he'll help." she notes "Hang on!" she leaves the phone on and runs after Ghost Mike "Mike! Hey Mike! Hang on! " she notes, her tones no longer angry

The now named 'Ghost Mike' continues walking, lifting up a hand with a middle finger extended towards Rex. "HUMP OFF!" He does not seem all that interested in talking to Rex anymore.

The officer's head turns, looking over towards Blindfold as she mentions something about St. Michael as she shows up to the doorway of Mike's room. "Are you a friend of his?"

"I just wanted to apologise! Please, wait!" she calls again, then mutters into the phone "Couldnt you have called ten seconds earlier??"

Ruth nods with a smile to the officer "I am and he's done nothing wrong, he's a good person, the sins of the father should not be visited upon the son mike is not his father's son, please yes, you agree with at least some of this"so the little blind shy one had some spunk deep down after all

The cop's head tilts at Ruth's response, growing quiet for a bit, "I... don't know what you're talking about." He pauses, looking to Beast and then back to the blind girl, "But, I do agree blood doesn't make the person."

Another dismissive gesture is thrown back as Mike continues walking, not even giving a look back to Rex now.

Rex Gregson puffs and shouts "FINE. Leave yourself to rot then! remember you make your own bed." she then turns to the phone "No go on that sorry Ruth. Can we buy him out?"


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