A Spark of Conflict

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A Spark of Conflict

Nightcrawler, Phantasm, and Shadowcat

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2009/08/27 20:00

Hell's Kitchen New York City

A man has to deal with a few unwanted presences in his car. Fortunately there's help! (time jump converted)

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-----==[ Hell's Kitchen - New York ]==----------------------------------------

Some people call this area the Lower West Side; some people who want to talk it up call it Clinton. A few particularly unwise types call it West Midtown, but they'd better not do that where anyone can hear. Everyone else calls it Hell's Kitchen.

The congested streets are dominated by flat-faced, boxy buildings, three and four stories tall. Between some of them run alleyways - some wide enough to park a car in, some too narrow to give space for anything but ambushing a passerby. The slow transformation of much of the rest of Manhattan into a playground for the wealthy has met its match in the underworld here, which has a vested interest in keeping Hell's Kitchen and its inhabitants poor and desperate as a cover for its own activities, and in the danger of merely entering the neighborhood. After all - though other cities are better known for them lately, Hell's Kitchen is one of the places where street gangs began.


It is a dark and stormy night- Wait, really? Are we going to go with that?

*Checks weather*

Ok yes. The weather is a bit stormy, but not to the point where all forms of night life are killed. What really kills it is that it is Monday night. WHO goes out on a Monday? Really. But back to the point. The weather's not to blame for the quiet of the street. Heck, there are even gaps in the storm fall which is good for what few are out.

One figure, perched high above on a rooftop, does not really care one way or the other as he, feathers and all seem quite dry indeed. Instead, he seems a bit more focused upon what goes on below. In particular, a certain car with tinted window just idling outside one of the buildings.

Not so cognizant of the car, but in good company all the same. Kurt has entered the area with Kitty Pryde, the two walking together into the area. Not some 'patrol', not so much out on the town, somewhere in between perhaps. Something most likely closer to needing time out in the city that they may now be calling their home. Away from Ship, away from Mutant Town - their reception in that area still mixed. Just away for a quiet talk perhaps. As they walk, some might notice the three-fingers of his hand reach out to grab hers. His clothes are dark and mostly cover his fur, the rest hidden perhaps in the night and the storm. He says to her, "I could get used to this Katzchen, the city, just trying to do something normal. But." There is always a but, "I'm afraid what this would do to my normal training."

Smiling Kitty laces her fingers with his three as se wore low rider skinny jeans, a wrap around shirt and a short trench coat left open with hightop sneaker wedges on her feet "Why would this ruin your training? After the robots and the stuff on the news with xfactor, we all could use a little breathing space. Though if we could schedule some group training sessions that would be good"

As the pair walks quietly, not taking note of the car as they talk. Another person walks quietly from the other direction. There's nothing remarkable about this person. Judging from the height, it's likely this person is a guy. There's nothing overly distinctive about his clothing either as he walks. Eyes settling on the car, hands settle into his pockets before he glances around. Seeing the couple but presuming from the angle that they're not looking his way, he tugs out both hands, bringing them together.

"Restaurants, clubs, parks, events," begins Kurt, "So much to do, not to mention between robots, shadows and a brief loss of privileges, I've gotten used to going out into the woods to train." A grin as he turns to look at Kitty, not noticing the man bringing his hands together, "Though, I have found a nice park up north just off the river at a place called Swindler's Cove. It has a wring to it and in summer when the trees are full, it's not hard to find a quiet place amongst the trees. You'll love it."

Kitty gives his hand a squeeze as she smiles before looking around the area...wait...why would a guy be standing next to a car with his hands together? you get your keys unlock and hop in...huuuh "Sounds beautiful, we should go camping some time" then nudges him gently as she points up the way toward the car with her chin.

Why indeed. This is also something that draws the attention of the figure above. Wings spread out and the raven leaps from the building, gliding over towards a nearby street lamp in precaution.

From one hand there is the flicker of light as it moves softly to the side, coming into contact with something in the other hand. Soon, there is the beautiful view of a sparkler giving off it's patriotic sparks. It's So pretty! Well, until the man shoves it into the crack in the the car window and runs off.

The car shakes considerably as there appears to be a person inside who is NOT quite happy with the predicament. But he doesn't exit the vehicle. Instead there's the sounds of muffled shouting as he seems to be moving a lot, doing something.

Following her attention to what appears to be something sending off sparks and the subsequent man doing a lot of moving in the vehicle as the other runs off, Kurt nods his head. "I can't wait," he simply says, assuming the worst. Following which, he'll leave at Kitty's side a wisp of purple haze and a bamf to mark he is teleporting. His attempt is to get to the vehicle, see what's been left inside and, if needed go inside to remove the person therein through a multi-port. He needs to see inside the car first before he can go right in however.

Runs for the vehicle soon as the familiar smoke appears at Kitty's side, intent on the sparkler to phase out of the window.

That was ttly Kitty running for the car.

God da-! The Raven has barely a moment to even graze the lamp post before he's having to adjust his path to head towards the roof of the car. Unhalting, the raven is stopped by the roof for a moment before he dives through the frame, cawing as he avoids the random flailing of the man inside as he tries to beak the unlock button for the door.

With Kurt, Kitty Phantasm's's attention focused on the vehicle, the man who shoved the sparkler in makes great distance indeed.

The man inside the car is FAR from happy. If trying to reach for his glove compartment without getting burned by the 2000+ degree burning stick wasn't bad enough. Somehow a 2-3 foot tall bird is in there too. Wh-HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!

Even with the bird entering the car or emerging from within, Kitty running up to the car and beginning to phase is enough for him. That its a sparkler is enough for him as well. He's going to look which way the runner went and start trailing. Running fast, the guy might have a good lead, but a few bamfs can close the gap, hopefully he hasn't ducked into an ally too far ahead. "I'm going for his friend." Leaving the car, the device, and the passenger/driver behind him, Kurt will start bamfing forward (if he sees the man, he'll close the gap, 3 mile range - if he doesn't see it, he'll bamf forward to alleys and intersections).

Phasing the sparkler from the window Kitty drops it on the ground to snuff out with the toe of her shoe be "A sparkler caused all this?" Giving Kurt a nod "Go get 'im, we'll wrap up here"

SYS: Shadowcat rolls 1d2: 1

Unlock button hit, the bird pulls the door handle of the car, shoving it open with force. All he needs to do now is shove that sparkler ou- The bird's head turns as the sparkler just vanishes from the car, looking to Kitty, beak dropping.

As for the runner, he ran quick. But he seemed familiar enough with the area not to make it a straight run. He is no longer visible on the main street, having ducked down one of the said alley ways. Oh but which one?! There are lots of them. Oh No- Oh. It was the first alleyway. How disappointing.

Threat of the sparkler removed but still with the presence of the bird, the man in the car sighs, hand moving away from the glove compartment and instead swatting at the bird. "OUT!"

Tracking, Kurt quickly doubles back and sees the man running along the alleys. Kurt bamfs just ahead of him and grabs hold, bamfing with with man in tow back to the scene "I found the scoundrel Katzchen"

Kitty blinks surprised to see the phantasm but recovers and smiles humbly. Then she sighs at the rude man "Sir, are you alright? That bird is here to help you're safe now sir. Why were you attacked?"

For some reason, that assurance from Kitty is not really making the man any friendly. "That freak can get the fuck out of my car!" The man snaps, swatting at the bird more, trying to drive him out of the car. Eyes narrowing, the wing snaps back, shoving the man across the car with a lot more force than one would associate with a simple bird. He soon exits the car, glancing over to the man in Kurt's arms before looking towards Kitty.

Kitty shakes her head at the man and slams the door shut before looking at the raven "Up to you, we can take the jerk or can. Sorry the victim isn't grateful for your help though"

The bird's head looks towards the car in time to watch as the victim starts to drive off, leaving Kitty, Kurt, and Phantasm with a guy who tossed a sparkler in the car. He flies onto Kitty's shoulder, bringing his voice low as he murmurs to her, "He's not a victim. He's a lead."

The man in Kurt's grasp watches as the car heads off before looking over to them, giving an expectant look, "Might as well let me go. HE'S not pressing charges."

Reaching up Kitty tries to scritch the raven's chest "Lead on what? Anything we can help with?" then gives the jerk a dirty look.

The bird gives a bit of a smirk, Kitty's fingers coming across feathers when she reaches up but the bird doesn't react to the touch otherwise. The bird nods, "Let me know what cards you find on this ass." With that, the bird vanishes, leaving Kitty with nothing but air to touch.

Grinning Kitty nods and walks over to Kurt. Smirking at the blue devil they soon have the man's wallet without him knowing and shrug "Fine, go but we'll get you.." Kitty warns him

The man runs off, unaware of his wallet getting picked. Within the wallet, all that's found is his ID, and a folded up postcard from the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a picture of Apollo on the other side.

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