A Son Returns

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A Son Returns

Sif, Thor, and Odin

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06/01/12 17:39

Hall of the Gods

Thor and Sif return to Asgard to seek Odin's permission to live on Earth.

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Seated in a rather resplendent gold throne in a golden palace in the Hall of the Gods sits the Almight All-Father, Odin Borson. Alone the godhead ponders the business and meanderings of daily life of Asgard, but also beyond. As always, an expression of power to be feared sits upon his face. Dressed in golden armor matching the throne and the room, he think deep thoughts that always plague those with power.

Gods and goddesses come to and fro but today, a small grin cracks the face of the stoic god, his white mustache and beard hide this as the all-knowing one can sense the impending arrival of one he holds dear. . .dearer perhaps, the other Asgardians.

Though he is still wounded from the events of his return, Thor walks under his own power as though invigorated by Asgard itself. As the doors to the Hall of the Gods swing open, Thor steps through and raises a hand to hail his father seated at the opposite end of the place. He has grown a beard himself in his time away and he speaks up as he strides across the floor towards the throne, "Father, I return!"

Entering at the Thunder God's side Sif. The exuberance from the man at her side causes the Goddess to smile as she follows him across the hall. When they reach the bottom of the dias, she immediately goes down on one knee, right arm crossing over her chest and her head bowing. The entire set of movements draws the softest of groans from her but she shows no other outward signs of pain nor injurying. "My King."

While most father would rise up and show a vast array of emotions and embrace their son setting forth joy and mirth throughout the realm. . .Odin is not like that. Though he is happy to see his son alive and returned, Odin simply nods, though those closest to him can read behind his eyes, the joy and relief of seeing his son, “Thor has returned. Ring bells throughout the realm and let us rejoice with a feast befitting the God of Thunder!”

Still seated, but raising his hand in acknowledgment of his power and reign, he gestures for Sif to rise, which he does himself as he walks from the throne to greet his son. His firm hand placed on his son’s shoulder, “It is good to see you, my son. Verily you have been far, but have returned to your true home.” Looking towards Sif, “And with Lady Sif at your side. This is indeed a day to rejoice!”

"Yes," Thor answers with a nod, bowing his head slightly as Odin clasps him on the shoulder, "It gladdens my heart to be in Asgard once again."

He gestures to his side where Sif stands, looking back to Odin, "Though it is but a temporary thing. Sif and I shall be returning to Midgard to aid in the defense of that realm."

Another light groan as Sif stands and this time she does touch a hand to her right side for a moment. Odin's happiness at his son's return and her accompaniment brings a smile to her face though there's a moment when it wavers at Thor rather non-chalant announcement that they'll both be returning to Midgard. Her eyes cut over to Odin and then back to Thor and she might have just taken a step closer to the Asgardian Prince.

The expression of mirth leaves his face when Midgard is mentioned. Odin removes his hand from his son’s shoulder and returns to his throne. His expression is now sour and perhaps even slightly angered. “You have just returned. . .and you will leave. . .Again? To defend the realm of the mortals.” He looks to Sif, “Lady Sif, you choose to return to Midgard with my son. . .to defend the mortals?” The injuries to his son and Sif do not go unnoticed by the godhead, but he remains silent on that matter for the moment.

"It is because it is the realm of mortals that it needs defending," Thor answers, noticing the look upon Odin's face but continuing nevertheless, "We will stay for the celebrations, but then we must return. But I am forever the Son of Asgard and whenever Asgard needs me, I shall return."

Sif takes a deep, her jaw clenching as she does so. "I choose your son, My King. I have allowed where we reside to come between us for too long now. I will stand by his side. Where I belong." Her eyes go to Thor and there's no denying the love there before she looks back at Odin. "I am a daughter of Asgard and will always return to defend her. She will always be my first home but... I could not live on Midgard and refuse to help defend it."

Pleased with the answer his son has given and that of his lady, Odin gestures and a door opens as servants lay out the preparations for a lavish and joyous celebration. Nodding his head, “So be it, my son. You are granted permission from the All-Father himself. Midgard shall be under your protection and that of Lady Sif.” Once again smiling, the elderly yet still powerful leader steps off his throne, “Tell me of your travels, my son. How came you both with these injuries?” Taking a seat at the head of a lengthy table, other gods, goddesses, godlings, and Asgardians take their seats, “Regale me with your tales of adventure.”

Thor seems relieved, nodding his head and turning slightly to look at the preparations being made, "This is good! I shall wait til all are gathered and then I shall tell my tale."

There's visible relief in Sif's features at Odin's acceptance of the situation. Without thought, she reaches out to take Thor's hand and give it a reasurring squeeze, knowing the tale he has to tell this evening will not be an easy one for him. She does, however, choose to remain silent as preparations are made and people begin to settle in.

And a celebration that was hand shall forever be in the annals of Asgardian history be known as the greatest. Thor, Sif, Odin, and the rest of the Asgardians feasted and when the festivities ended, Thor remained the evening with his father before returning to Midgard with Lady Sif.

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