A shocking encounter

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An electrifying meeting of Elene and Harmon

Elene, Harmon

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09/02/12 16:00:00

Chelsea, NYC

The meeting of these two electro-powered mutants.

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A fairly average looking joe is walking the streets of Chelsea. He looks a bit like a drifter of sorts, green backpack slung over a shoulder with well worn clothes and a few days scruff. He walks along the streets, smiling and looking up at the buildings and apparently looking for something as he moves.

One important thing about long time partners, especially ones with such a brother/sister friendship as Rod and Elene, is that even on days off, they hang out together. It's like they are all a part of the same family. However, today Rod has his wife, Allison with him. The three of them are sipping coffee after finishing a meal at a Chelsea outdoor cafe.
"Seriously Ally... can you do -anything- to help me here? Your husband is trying to be a horrible influence." says Elene.
Allison replies, "I dunno, I think it'd look good on you." Of course, Allison is the one who likes looking girly and frilly and all that.

Elene just shakes her head and points an accusing finger at them both, "No fair doubleteaming."

Harmon makes his way passed the coffee shop where Elene and her friends are gathered, but doesn't make it too far. A shifty looking youth in a hoody snatches his backpack out of the blue and takes off running back in the direction of the coffee-shop down the sidewalk towards some of the side-alleys.
Harmon turns quickly as his backpack is snatched and starts chasing after the man, shouting "Hey! Get back here you little shit! That's everything I own!" he calls out as he chases the man.

Glancing up at the cry of alarm, both Rod and Elene have police instincts. They're viewing different sections of the road and sidewalk. "Anything?" asks Elene as she scans her side. Rod murmurs, "Got'em. Coming this way. If you move, you could..." and even as he's talking, Elene sets down her coffee cup and gets to her feet while casually moving out onto the sidewalk and turning as if stretching to face the oncoming purse snatcher. Her intent is to simply grab the guy as he tries to run past.

Harmon keeps chasing the miscreant, even as Elena grabs him. The guy, probably in his early teens, fights her hold and even goes as far as to try to fight her throwing wild haymakers.
Once Harmon catches up he does try to help, though is mostly trying to snatch his backpack away from the man, "Give it up lowlife." he says through gritted teeth, as the man fights them.

Well, it's odd. Elene doesn't do much fighting back. She just grips the guy by one arm and lets him swing away as she slowly reaches into her back pocket and pulls out her wallet to flash her badge. "Are you -sure- you want to add... striking an officer... to your charges?" She asks even as wild haymakers deflect off of her forehead and cheeks.

The guy seems intent on getting away, maybe he has priors or he's simply that dense. He continues to flail at Harmon and Elene, catching the former with a wild elbow to the jaw before trying to push Elene back and offbalance her to break her grip.
Harmon takes the blow, grimacing as a trickle of blood emerges from the corner of his lip that was struck as he moves back in to grab at his guy's other arm and the backpack.

"Hold up a sec kid." says Elene towards Harmon. She steps back a half pace and using her grip on the guy's upper arm she lifts him off the ground and puts her wallet away. Then she uses that free gloved hand to reach for the backpack. "Rod.. you wanna call in for a pickup? I really don't feel like putting this lowlife in my car." And her partner pulls out his phone and starts calling it in.

As the perp swings away at Elene and even makes some hits while Harmon is also touching him, he seems to 'calm down' a bit. Though not by choice. Elene would probably feel a slight 'pull' of the electricity and the other guy would definitely feel it coursing through his own body into Harmon. Upon realizing that something was going on Harmon quickly jumps back and raises up his hands, looking around like he stepped on a landmine. His expression is obviously not someone worried that he got shocked, but something completely different. He remains quiet for now.

Suddenly, Elene throws the guy to the ground, still holding the backpack. "What the hell?!" she exclaims. She does -not- want her power killing some guy. Also, she has trouble enough controlling her energy, but to have it being pulled from her... that's new. "Rod... cuff'im." she remarks as she turns towards you, raising a brow and offering the silent questioning look.

Harmon is still looking around when Elene starts looking at him. Finally satisfied it wasn't from the environment he then returns the same questioning look at Elene, "What the hell was that?" he asks. He may not be the most refined person, but it's not an angry tone -- just very very surprised.

Even as the stunned perp is being cuffed (and potentially tagged and bagged), Elene folds her arms over her chest. "I was thinking the same thing. Did you do something to make me... well, let me try -this-." she reaches and takes off a glove, revealing a hand that is sparking more than normal, blue-white arcs of power trying to reach in your general direction.

Harmon isn't afraid of the electricity, obviously, as he doesn't step back and just looks at it, "If you must know..." he says, with a sigh as he reaches out and barely makes contact with Elene. The draw is somewhat strong and quick before he steps back and looks around -- making sure there is noone within a large radius of himself before his entire body crackles lightly for a few seconds, wispy tendrils of electricity jumping off his body and dissipating to the air. It's obvious he meant no harm as the closest person was Elene and even then the arcs didn't get more than a couple inches off of his skin.
"I'm really sorry about that Miss. I didn't know you could do that." he says, holding out his hand for the backpack.

Of course, Elene is confused as you approach. Most folks back away when they see that crackling power. But no...not you. It doesn't really occur to her, because she really doesn't know all that much about electricity aside from the fact that she's really good at shorting things out. Anyhow, as you reach for her without fear, she doesn't pull her hand back. She should've, but she's just caught off guard, "What're you... NNNNNNHHHHH!" she says, her words trailing off into a grunt that doesn't seem to stop and almost matches pitch with the hum of the power whine as her energy begins -pouring- into you. Her skin goes pale, and it's obviously causing her some harm and yet... the whole positive to negative thing creates quite a connection... she herself is at the moment, incapable of so much as twitching a muscle. At this point it's up to you.

You're not the only one caught off guard. Harmon's eyes go wide, "What in the?! Ngha!" he cries out, his ability to store the electricity is quickly overwhelmed and the thin wisps arcing off his body take on a whole new shape as he forcefully dispels the power. Wide, crackling, thunderous bolts of energy arc off of his body and into the ground reaching out some two feet from his own body. It's obviously causing pain to him as well as he tries to figure out what's going on, unable to simple break the contact with a simple movement he has no choice but to send a blast to his hand that's touching yours.
There's a brilliant flash as a small nova of electricity forms at the point of contact before blowing the both of you back, Harmon seeming to take the brunt of it as he cast back into the wall of a building with a solid thud and grunt. He lays on the ground, not moving.

And for a few moments, Elene doesn't move either. Indeed, it's like she's received a shock to the heart. After about four seconds, the sound of her inhaling deeply can be heard. Rod and Allison, as well as other bystanders just stare, stunned by the display. Of course, Rod's raced to Elene's side. He's her partner after all, "What happened?!" he yells. Then Elene's jagged voice mutters, "Fuckin' ow..."

A cough emits from Harmon, but he doesn't even really stir much even after Elene starts to rouse and complain -- He apparently doesn't have superior body resistances to anything. He lays there, barely moving enough to roll over on to his back and stare up at the sky as he still coughs for a long few moments, "That's.. a.. first..." he manages to mutter out, his eyes closed or fluttering between open and closed. He doesn't look that great.

Rolling over onto hands and knees, Elene is literally smoking... "Don't touch me Rod... I don't know what's going on but please... don't touch me." She stumbles to her feet and begins moving your way, "Hey kid! You okay?" she asks

Harmon groans as he finally at least regains some of his senses and faculties back -- His body also smoking from the brilliant display of electricity arcing off of his body.
As Elene approaches him, he scurries back towards the wall trying to minimize his body-profile, "Don't touch me!" he demands vigorously, almost afraid, "What... was that. I've never had that happen with a person, only electronics and wiring." he explains, still panting and looking like he got thrown out of a truck... and in to another truck.

"You ever stick your hand into an electrical turbine before? That's basically what you just did. I'm a walking generator... it's like I have some fusion thingamagoober inside me generating a neverending stream of electricity. Though... I've never felt such a grounding effect before. Granted, I've only had this thing a few weeks." Elene doesn't come within five feet of you, stopping back there a bit.

"Not more than once." responds Harmon at the electrical turbine comment, relaxing as you stop a few feet away from him. The smoke begins to dissipate and his breathing returns to normal so what does he do? He pulls out a cigarette and lights it up, "You know, I wouldn't normally do that on the first date." he says teasingly as he puffs on the cigarette, "Try to wait til at least the third before I destroy something. On principle mostly." he adds

Her nose wrinkling up as you go from bad to worse, Elene shakes her head, "Really? Okay, that's two strikes." she mutters as she steps back a few more feet. "Thirty years ago, when nobody knew how monumentally stupid it was to smoke... I can see why folks would start, but how the heck could you start -now-, knowing what we do?"

Harmon turns his head to the side, exhaling a plume of smoke away from you. He may be a lot of things, but he tries to at least have some courtesy with his habit. The cigarette dangle haphazardly between his lips as he talks, "You saw what just happened, I mean - You WERE there." he says pointing out the obvious, "Chances are, I will mess up one day or something will happen to where smoking these things won't matter." he says, the harsh truth of the matter in his own eyes.

"Oh, so you don't care what you do to yourself... what about second hand?" Okay, Elene's a bit self righteous, but only about that smoking stuff. Oh, and criminals... and speeding, and okay, she's self righteous. She shakes her head and armfolds once more, "So what gives? How'd you -ground- me like that?"

Harmon just shakes his head at the self-righteous act, finally pushing himself up to his feet. He's a little wobbly at first, steadying himself on the wall for a minute before righting himself, "It's got me beat. All I know is if something produces electricity my body wants it." he explains at first, before looking down at his hands, "It goes away and, as you saw, I can only hold so much. But it even works through some semi-nonconductive materials like cloth and stuff like that. I've never had it happen with a person though, but you don't seem to be a 'normal' person." he says, studying Elene for a long moment. He's not oblivious to mutants, but he is just a guy in his own eyes and doesn't know a lot of people.

"I just told you, I'm a walking generator. I've fried entire buildings by touching an electrical outlet." Elene puts her insulated glove back on. "I wear these so I don't stop some guy's pacemaker with a handshake by accident you know."

"So you fry things by surging electricity into it, I fry them by surging electricity out of it. No wonder that happened when we touched." he says, sighing as he finishes the cigarette and twists off the cherry to step on before throwing the butt in a trash-can, "I'm really sorry. I didn't know something like that would happen. I normally wear gloves too when i think I'm gonna be around something that I might damage." he explains.

"Well, that sounds about right. Keep in mind, I'm a police officer, not a scientist. I only have the mose vague idea of how the whole electricity thing works aside from knowing it's bad in large doses. And that even things that run on it.. I tend to blow up if I so much as try to power them myself. Trust me, I tried to charge my phone's battery once...."

Harmon nods, "I went to college to be an electrical engineer." he explains after listening to her explanaation, "Felt like you didn't have any control of the flow, so yeah. Trying any 'fine tuned' tasks like charging something at a certain low-frequency rate would just be bad." he says, rolling his shoulders and wincing, "Kinda like me. Think of me as a battery that's constantly trying to charge itself. It draws current from whatever is in contact with it that has enough charge. It doesn't know when to stop, even when it's full." he finishes, closing his eyes trying to make his head stop pounding.

"I bet your TV remote hates you." mutters Elene as she looks towards Rod and Allison. The cruiser has arrived and packed up the backpack snatcher, and Elene just reaches to pick up the backpack, setting it down between the two of you, "Here, pick it up, I don't wanna have any accidental contact yet."

"I don't have a TV, or a home yet. I just got into town and I'm still trying to figure out some work and living arrangements." he admits. Harmon leans over and grabs his backpack up and slings it over his shoulder, "Thanks, and yea... Once was more than enough for me today." he says, at least maintaining his sense of humor about it considering how badly it could have turned out for more than just them, "My name's Harmon, by the way. I'd shake your hand but we both know how that ends." he adds.

"I kinda like my energy where it is." remarks Elene. "I'm Det..." and Rod clears his throat. "Off Duty Partner.." he mutters as she smirks and shrugs, "Elene. You can call me Elene." She inclines her head a bit, "Just got to town, without a place to stay. Did you say that everything you owned was in that backpack?"

With a nod Harmon adjusts the backpack on his shoulder, "Nice to meet you Elene. And yea, this is all my stuff. Because of my... condition... I drifted around for a while, but I want to settle down and try to start a life here." he explains with a smile, "Detective I'm guessing? You flashed a badge and mentioned being a cop earlier." he adds.

"Yeah, Detective, when I'm on duty." Elene flashes a grin towards Rod. "This is my partner, Rodney Harrison, and his wife Allison." She gestures their way and then looks back to you. "I'm based out of the 18th precinct. You need anything, you can call there and they can put you through to me. Detective Tampambulos." Wow, what a greek name.

Harmon nods in greeting to Rod and his wife and then Elene, "I appreciate it, but hopefully I don't run in to anything where I need the help of the cops. I don't go out looking for trouble, even if it does manage to find me sometimes." he says, clearing his throat a bit afterwards, "Again, I'm sorry about earlier. I'm gonna head off and keep looking for a job, it was nice to meet you though." he says with a smile and nod as he starts to wander off down the sidewalk.

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