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Vision, Juggernaut, X-23, Rhino (Emitted)

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04/13/13 17:30

Lower Manhattan, New York City

Rhino was hired to wreck a construction site, Juggernaut and X-23 try to stop him as Vision arrives

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The weekend in the Big Apple, most people aren't working today. A two day weekend is normal for most people, but not for construction workers in Lower Manhattan. Thankfully, on the weekend, the Foreman usually lets folks cut out early. The construction site doesn't usually receive deliveries on Saturday, so the workers use the day to catch up and finish off their checklist from the previous week. Four o'clock rolled around and the Foreman called it time to clock out. It didn't hurt that the Yankees game was just about to start then and the weather was beautiful.

So by the time five thirty rolled around, the construction site was pretty deserted. The exposed skeletal features of a future sky-scraping commercial building are left until the following week. A perfect time for someone to be at the construction site that shouldn't be there. That certain someone makes quite an entrance into the construction site. A chain-link fence and plywood boards are thrown into the air and dust is kicked up due to the charging arrival of The Rhino.(repose)

Somebody else who shouldn't be there is Cain Marko. The man better known to the world as the Juggernaut isn't actually on the site though. He's walking past it, in civilian clothing at the moment. A musclebound seven foot tall redhead in jeans and a shirt stands out, but isn't quite as conspicuous as the same in red armor and a domed helmet. The familiar sounds of somebody breaking things while running around comes to his ears, and his head turns in the direction of the site. He just stares for a few moments, then shrugs and starts to walk in that direction. Apparently he has nothing better to do than see who's causin a mess and which costumed pain in the ass is going to show up to try and stop them.

The Rhino grabs the trailer that functions as a foreman's office. With only a slight degree of effort, due to the odd shape of the trailer, Rhino hefts it up off the ground. He twists at the waist and throws the trailer up into the skeletal structure of the skyscraper. The trailer shatters when it impacts against a crossbeam half a dozen floors above ground level. Debris, electronics and paperwork rain to the ground. After observing his handywork, Rhino runs over towards a pair of cement mixers near by. He raises his fists up into the air, brings both fists down and crushes each of the cement mixers. Cement dust shoots out of the opening of the machine with the impact, but this isn't where Rhino stops. He grabs the flattened machines and hurls them towards the crossbeams above. A sickening, bell-like clang of metal on metal rings out for several blocks due to the collision.

Raising his eyes to the the beams above, Cain scratches at his thin with one oversized hand, studying the damage with the eye of somebody who knows about wanton property destruction. "Takin you an awful long time to knock down one building that ain't even finished yet, isn't it?" It's said in a casual tone, though loud enough for the Rhino to be able to hear him speaking. He's walking deeper into the site, the lack of a costume making it sort of look like some random, possibly unbalanced civilian has decided to insult a supervillains ability. An idiot, in short. He makes no move to try and stop him, naturally. Just watches.

There are a lot of reasons for a certain clone to be walking near construction sites. Unfortunately, all of those reasons are classified. The end result is the same. The dark-haired young woman known as X-23 was busy a few blocks away - with 'was' being the operative word. The sound of metal clanging on metal is enough to draw her attention - and it draws it far more keenly than it should. Lips pressed flat, she shifts her course and prowls inexorably closer to where the Rhino is on his rampage. It doesn't take long. She slows to a stop once she spots another massive figure in the area. One eyebrow creeps up and she folds her arms over her chest while she watches, but her expression doesn't otherwise change. "Hnh."

Response time in New York is generally pretty quick. Police were alerted to the rampage of the Rhino by a beat cop a couple of blocks away. The disturbance was called in and cruisers were en route. It was assumed to be a mutant or super human disruption, so the Avengers were alerted via proper channels. It just so happens that the Vision was the Avenger monitoring the messages this afternoon. Carol was out. Wanda was busy. Tony, Steve, Pym; Everyone's got their reasons to be otherwise indisposed. Vizh needed to stretch his legs anyways. Through the ceiling the Synthetic Avenger went, on his way to Lower Manhattan.

The Rhino turns, squares himself towards one of the main supports at the corner of the future building. He lowers his head and then Cain says something loud enough for him to hear. The Rhino turns his head to regard Cain, "Hey! Do I go to your place of employment an' comment about your work? No! Let's just say I'm savoring the experience!" He turns his head to look back at the support that is his target. Rhino kicks off the ground and charges at the support with breakneck speed. Legs and arms pumping, shoulders lowered and head down. The charging Rhino slams into the support and there's a sickening sound of bending, rending metal as it starts to contort and give under the Rhino's attack.

Especially observant Cain is not. He fails to notice the stealthy assassin that's observing the carnage. His lips twist up into a faint sneer at the words from Rhino however. "No you don't. And you wouldn't if you were smart either. Though I guess I never heard anybody saying you were the sharpest horn in the zoo," says the Pot to the Kettle. The insult is said as casually as the rest of his words so far, and the huge redhead moves to lean against one of the still standing supports, crossing his thick arms over his chest. At this point, somebody smart would probably suspect he's either nuts, or another super-type who's just not wearing his clown shoes at the moment.

The situation is assessed and, with a slight quirk of her mouth, X-23 starts to move again. She, too, might be a costumed crazy out of costume - or she might just be crazy with a capital C. "You." Her voice is low, but cuts clearly through the area. Though her eyes flick briefly to the leaning Cain, her green eyes settle and sink their cold hooks into Rhino. "Too afraid to fight something that fights back?" One corner of her mouth lurches to a side. "Or are you the cheapest wrecking crew that the city could find?" Her stance is relaxed but ready, hands balled into loose fists at her sides and head held up. Though she keeps the redhead in her peripheral awareness, her focus is distinctly on the destructive one. Fearless? That's one way to describe her.

The Vision opted to fly himself rather than take an Avengers Quinjet. What does that mean? The Synthetic Avenger isn't known for his superior flight speed. It takes time for the Synthezoid to make his way to the scene unfolding at the construction site. As he flies over the budding Police line, he taps into NYPD's radio frequency, "Officers; This is the Vision of the Avengers. I am on the scene and I will relay a status update." A police officer informs and warns Vizh, "We've got some Choppers on the way, Vision."

The Rhino stops pushing against the support and looks towards Cain over by one of the other supports, "Hey; You're a big fella an' maybe you're not from around here, but I'm going to be friendly this one time. I'm being paid a small bank to bring this place down. If you're in the way, I'm not going to care if you get crushed." he raises a hand into the air and then slaps his opened hand, trying to indicate the possibility of being squished. The Rhino cuts his eyes to regard the much smaller X-23, hands still slapped together from his squishing gesture, "I'm not getting paid to fight anything. An' I'm not cheap." He turns back around and slamming himself back into the weakened support beam, slamming into it and causing a creaking sound to reverberate up through the structure.

The arrival of X-23 causes Cain to straighten up again and look at her with a certain curious interest. Well, she certainly doesn't look like much. "Well, you sure got some stones on you for a dame, don't you?" The words from the Rhino though cause his eyes to swing and fix on the gray-skinned Russian. "Uh-huh. Thanks for the warning. I'm sure I'll manage if it comes to that." He stands up entirely, stretching, then strolls forward towards the other gray brick and the petite cloned assassin. "Outta professional curiosity, and cause I'm bored, who was it that hired you to knock this place down? Don't look like anything that impressive." He glances around to see if there's a 'Future Site Of Whatever' sign up.

"Hnh." X-23, clearly the least likely to be a threat of the two others on the ground, takes another step forward. "I stand corrected," she finally says, though tension coils through her comparatively diminutive frame. "Overpaid; inefficient service." Her nostrils flare briefly, just enough to drink in the scents of the area, and then her gaze slices sharply to Cain when he speaks. Her forehead creases briefly - and then she's able to connect the dots of the euphemism. There's little more than a grunt of acknowledgement, noncommittal at best, and her attention swings back to Rhino. That's how it should go: information first, stabbing immediately after.

The Vision arrives on the construction site, floating above it by a few floors. He looks down and his internal HUD paints Cain, X-23 and the Rhino. The inhuman Avenger purses his lips and activates his comm again, "NYPD; This is the Vision again. Keep a safe distance. The Rhino is on site."

The Rhino pushes off of the beam and then puts a fist into it, further rending and bending the beam. He looks over towards Cain and shakes his head, "It's none of your business. He's paying me a mint for this job. I don't care about why. I suppose someone owes the person who signs the check some money or something." He shrugs a shoulder and turns his head to look back at the clone. He just shakes a head, "A person hires me to get a job done right, the first time. I'm actually a steal, all things considered."

A mint huh? Cain considers that for a few moments. If he didn't pull it off, the reward for getting it done would probably go up. "Well, sorry to tell you buddy. But you ain't getting your payday today." Cain steps towards the Rhino, an anticipatory grin spreading over his features as he cracks the knuckles of one huge fist. The intent is obvious. He glances down at X-23. "He looks a lil outta your weight class half-pint. Unless you got a really big gun hidden in one of your pockets, might want to sit this one out." He doesn't really care if the mutant clone gets hurt, naturally. But hey, an observation doesn't cost him anything.

"That doesn't change the fact that you are highly inefficient." Facts are facts - and X-23's matter-of-fact tone just adds a little more weight to the observation. That seems to be where most of her disapproval lies, oddly enough. The digression is dismissed. While Cain cracks his knuckles, she pops her neck - one crack, two cracks, back to center - and only lingers long enough to reply to the man with, "He is big - and slow." If they're exchanging obvious observations, she'll play that game - and then sprint straight toward Rhino, with a speed that's definitely not -wholly- human... and a fearlessness that's completely _inhuman_. It's a safe series of bets to take; her plans are unknowable, but evidently involve charging the big guy and hoping he's not fast enough to slap her out of the way.

The Rhino is turning back to the support beam as Cain approaches and makes his declaration. The Rhino arches an eyebrow and gives a boisterous laugh, "What? No, I'm getting paid. Are you-? Are you implying you are going to stop me?" Another laugh, "No, Big Guy, I'm getting paid today." The Rhino glances over and sees the approach of X-23. He dismisses her and cain with a shrug, "I warned you." He turns back around to clobber on the support structure once again.

Above the site floats the Vision. The intangible Avenger is reporting for the Police along their perimeter, "Aggressive movement. I am descending to approach the gathered group." Above the Vision and above the skeletal structure a couple of NYPD Helicopters have arrived.

"No you're not." The Juggernaut could be mistaken for doing the right thing today! Since his ulterior motives aren't clear. As the Rhino turns to begin battering on the structure again, the redheaded mystical mutate lunges towards him, moving to wrap arms around his torso and pin his own to the sides of his chest in the process. If he actually manages to get a hold of him, he'll lift him off of the ground and turn towards the oncoming X-23. He's still wondering what she has planned, and now the gray villain won't be able to even fight back to stop her. Well, other than kicking her maybe, if he thinks to do that in time.

Well. Charging straight at bad guy yields - nothing. It's enough to bewilder X-23, really; no response at all ends with her breaking to one side at the last second. It's for the better, though; the sound of helicopters is enough to pull her eyes skyward - and make her expression even tighter than before. What's difficult to plan for is whether or not the civvies-clad Juggernaut is able to catch the other big man. Which, ultimately, might have been the plan all along - who knows, really. It's not as if her expression is giving anything away. She sniffs the air surreptitiously and, for the moment, backs down; if the big redhead -is- able to pick up the gray-skinned man, however, she won't hesitate to turn around and sprint toward them. If she can actually get up and -onto- Rhino - a shoulder, specifically - all the better.

The Vision's slow descent is halted as Cain makes his move. The Synthezoid's eyes widen at the feat of strength being attempted. Cain actually grabs a hold of the Rhino, pins his arms to his sides and lifts him up. Vizh's eyes zoom in to get a better look at Cain. He taps into the Avengers' database back home and runs the facial recognition software. Juggernaut's profile doesn't take long to pop up. Vizh mutters out loud, "That explains that mystery. Opens up a new one."

"What the heck?!" The Rhino yells as he's grasped. The Rhino flexes his muscles in a moderate attempt to use his super strength to break the other individual's grasp. When that fails, he tries to pull out his arms with more effort. Gritting his teeth with effort the Rhino asks, "Who the Devil are you?" The Rhino attempts to bend his body and wiggle his way back to having his feet on the ground. Were he to manage that, he would kick a thundering kick against the ground in an attempt to shove Cain backwards and into the building or support beam behind him.

The question from Rhino causes the redhead to sneer in response. "Better than you. A lot better." He starts to squeeze his arms tighter around the Rhino, then grunts in irritation when the other large man starts to wiggle around and try to get his feet on the ground. He releases him for a moment, possibly catching him off-guard, then takes half a step back, lowers his shoulder, and charges forward....apparently meeting his opponent when he pushes back towards him. The impact sounds somewhat like an explosion, Cain's arms wrapping around the guys waist this time as he charges forward, no doubt slower than he would normally with having to fight the super-strong super-villain's efforts to push back, but still. There's really no stopping him once he gets moving. He didn't pin his arms his time, so he and X-23 both are going to have to deal with his fists now. Even if Rhino probably is going to ignore the girl perched on him until she does whatever she's going to do.

The timing is off in some way or another. Doesn't matter. Juggernaut seems to have matters well in hand - quite literally - and X-23 is fearless but not idiotic. With the arrival of the police and the Vision - presuming he's detectable; even if not, the presence of the police is enough - the clone's immediate interest in pursuing the matter is surgically excised. She has her reasons. Assuming she's perched on Rhino as she'd planned, she's quick to dismount before Cain makes his move; if she's not - which is just as likely, given the speed with which the redhead moves - then she beats feet and veers around them. Whichever way it goes, it ends the same way: the dark-haired teen is sprinting off to make good her escape. There might be a last, narrow-eyed look at Cain; if so, it's destined to go unnoticed. Then, she's gone.

With his arms free and no longer in a big ol' manly bear hug, Rhino plants his feet in the classic 'before the charge' pose. After a moment of tensing his legs, he springs forward and meets Cain head on. The force of the collision is immense and enough to stagger the Rhino. Cain's forward momentum being something even the Rhino can't stop. Rhino is shoved backwards with his feet pushing against the Earth in a vain attempt at holding back the tide that is Juggernaut. Through grit teeth, Rhino says, "Why are you doing this?! I expected MAYBE Spider-Man, but not this! What's this job to you anyways?!" While Rhino shoves back in vain, he tries smashing a meaty fist against Cain's shoulder in an attempt to drive him into the ground. X-23's perch on the Rhino didn't garner any response from the grey villain as the thought of his paycheck disintegrating because of someone who is stronger than him became his sole focus.

Vision drops to the ground and wraps his cape about himself, "Alright!" The Vision calls out in a commanding tone, "Time to break it up. Juggernaut; I do not understand why you are here, but back off. Rhino; You are going to be placed under arrest." This is, of course, the requisite, cliched heroic demand.

"Why? Ehh. Just 'cause. Don't worry. At least when you tell people about this you can say you were beaten by the toughest there is." Who that is being revealed by The Vision, apparently. The Juggernaut growls when Rhino hits him on the shoulder, the force of the blow causing his leg to sink a few feet into the ground from the sheer force of it. The ground practically shatters the next swing forward though, and he just keeps moving forward a few steps before halting. Releasing the Rhino, there's a brief flash of red and suddenly he's wearing his more familiar armor and helmet. He glances towards The Vision, and snorts. "You peoples costumes are gettin stupider lookin every day. Hey Rhino, need your help with somethin." Cain lunges at him again, and this time tries to wrap both hands around his horn. If he gets a grip on it, he'll heave him somewhat up into the air then start to twirl. He's not the most agile but he'll get up to a good spin before too long, and then release the other villain to go hurtling through the air towards Vision. Rhino isn't the most aerodynamic of thrown weapons, and Juggernaut doesn't have the most precise aim. So there's a fair chance he'll miss and the Avenger won't even have to phase through him. On the other hand it's possible he'll 'hit' him. Or startle him so much with the odd tactic he actually hits him.

The Rhino has an almost pleased look on his face as Juggernaut stops after his blow. Unfortunately the Rhino wasn't quick enough, mentally or physically, to capitalize on Cain's halt. The Rhino is grasped by Juggernaut and hefted up. The villain is hurled like a hammer at the synthetic Avenger. Rhino waves his hands wildly as he flies through the air propelled by something other than himself. The Rhino flies through the sheer strength of Cain. Vizh turns intangible and the grey-clad Villain goes right through him. Several feel behind Vizh, Rhino slams into a building adjacent to the construction site. There are several thudding sounds inside the nearby buildings as, presumably, Rhino is crashing through walls. Vizh calls out, "This is uncalled for, Juggernaut. Now you have caused property damage and now you, too, have to be brought in." The jewel on the Synthetic Avenger's forehead flares and a thin beam of solar energy lances out at the mystically powered man.

Juggernaut peers towards the building that Rhino hit, then shifts his attention to The Vision when he addresses him. "What? You were supposed to catch him. Haven't you ever tossed the ole rhinoskin around? Your funeral if you want to pick a fight though." He starts towards where Vizh is floating, eying the synthezoid as he goes. "So, what's your name anyway? Lemon-Lime? Doesn't matter. Come down here so I can smack you around and be on my way. Hadn't been planning on being annoyed by caped types today." When the beam of heat lances flashes at the crimson behemoth, he he raises a hand to cover his eyes like he was shading them from glare, seemingly not bothered by the attack, which just ripples off of his palm in waves. "Okay, now I'm starting to get annoyed."

"No. I have never tossed the 'ole rhinoskin around'. I believe you have your euphemisms mixed up." The Vision says as he casts a glance over his shoulder to where the Rhino disappeared. He frowns and returns his attention towards Juggernaut, "Also; I had no intention on bothering you as it was clear to me the Rhino was the cause of the commotion here. You were aggressive towards me by throwing Rhino at me. I reacted in an appropriate manner." He pauses, "Now; Are you going to stand down?" Behind the Vision there's some rumbling inside the building that the Rhino had been hurled into.

The Juggernaut glances at the building in question, then shrugs. "I'm not gonna stand down. But I don't feel like fighting either. So, I'm just going to leave. You might want to make sure Rhino doesn't finish his job. Would probably be a better use of your time than trying and failing to stop me." He turns away from Vizh, and true to his word, just starts to walk away. "Nice meetin yah L-L. Tell all the other capes I said hi."

"Adequate Compromise." The Vision concedes to him. Rhino was the one he was after, Cain, for what he just did, was actually trying to stop the villain. Certainly the attempt to stop the Rhino was motivated by something other than altruism. The Synthetic Avenger flies towards the building with the hole in the wall. After a brief search involve his internal sensor suite, he finds a hole in the opposite side of the wall. The Rhino escaped.

The Police are informed of the situation and that Rhino remains at large. Teams are brought in to secure and repair the damaged skeleton of the future skyscraper. Oh, and certainly to get started on the insurance paperwork.

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