A Romani Walks Into A Bar

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A Romani Walks Into A Bar

Nightcrawler Scarlet Witch

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2011/11/15 09:45


Kurt meets up with Wanda, random much needed fun insues

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It’s a warm day, somewhere between the fading lazy days of summer and the first breath of autumn. Birds and insects alike abound ringing out the end of summer but the smell of cool rains and even hints of snow hang on the breeze. The sort of day one wishes were just a little cooler so that a bowl of chili would be rather enjoyable or just a little warmer so that the sun could be enjoyed without the hint of cold hiding in the shadows of the park. There is still the fresh lingering of green on the trees and ground but as the wind blows, the dryness starting there can be heard, rustling the branches and scratching a slight mantra, fall is coming.

Somewhere in the southwest corner of the park, near The Pond, perhaps close to the small Amusement park there, along a path that merely nears these places, a lone figure walks. With a fitting t-shirt and hands in pocket, the man may be thankful that in more recent years some older mustache trends have returned as he is sporting an Errol Flynn pencil stache that ends at the corner of his lips. It is separated from the little soul patch and short-sided pointed goatee on his chin. He carries a hoodie under one arm in case the weather decides to turn a little but is enjoying the sun on his arms where it peaks through the summer-full trees. In his lone walk, he has taken a moment to stop near a bench and ponder the amusement park full of joyful voices and laughter amidst the sound of the kiddie oriented rides that fill its space. He is just a man, but some, with the right ability, might know it’s just an illusion. Others might know it’s a Stark image inducer creating the image, some might even know it’s actually a fuzzy blue elf, sometimes imp, beneath that veneer of an old swashbuckler from the silver screen.

Wanda sits quietly on a bench, looking quite alone for the moment. Well, save for the pigeons, as she tosses bread crumbs out to the birds. Occasionally she whistles at them, though they don't seem to care about that... so much as the food. Her lips curl in a distant smile at the mundanity of it all, as she has been... well, remarkably scarce the past few months. Of course, considering everything that unfolded between House of M and the Decimation, it's not exactly a wonder.

In a park full of NYC denizens seeking to be sociable, perhaps somewhere fate has aligned that two loan individuals might have a chance encounter. That it is these two or that one or the other might recognize either's role in recent events that literally rocked their world, could be cosmic humor at play even. For whatever it is worth, when the man sees the woman feeding pigeons, he makes his way for her bench. There is some distance afforded to not scare away any pigeons and not intrude into any intimate space the woman may desire. Though, he calls to her, "You're breaking the mold, normally tossing bread crumbs is reserved for old men, past their prime. You're hardly either." The hand holding his hoodie will shift and adjust his belt some, such that if she looks up, his eyes will change to their natural yellow and perhaps his blue fuzz of a face might be scene. It’s reserved for her alone out of the park, his smile remaining warm and friendly.

Wanda glances up, and smiles warmly, if a bit warily, "After what happened with... well, I sometimes feel this is a good way to get my bearings back." She gestures to the seat on the bench next to her, catching the flicker of the image inducer as her smile grows more genuine, "Hello Kurt. It's been a little while since I've seen you. Relatively speaking."

"Ja," he says, full of accent. Kurt gladly takes the offered seat, perpetrating a casual lean onto the bench James Dean style maybe, so that he can throw a lazy elbow over the back. Proceeding, he offers, "Of all the benches in all this park, you sat down on mine ..." No Bogart accent, but smile just the same. Sitting up more comfortably, he continues, "How's things .... did you name them all yet." His eyes roll to look at the flock gathering for the feast she has been offering them.

Wanda laughs softly, "How's... things. Well, that's a bit of a loaded question?" She tilts her head, "But, I haven't been abducted and had my clone commit acts of genocide and wanton destruction, so there's..." She breaks off a bit, shaking her head, "Sorry, I'd be lying if I said that everything was fine. About the only comfort I can take is that it wasn't me doing these things. I... I don't know how I could live with myself if it was."

"It would be easy thought, right," he says, his smile still warm. "Everything's fine, samesies." As if he needed to call it. Then Kurt sits up more, letting his hoodie rest on the bench and parking an elbow on a knee, not quite Johnny bench-sitter, but a focus somewhere between park at large and Wanda next to him. He juts his chin at the birds a moment, before letting his eyes trail up the ground to find her face eventually. "Doesn't matter what we do to the world, they enjoy their lives and will take the bread just the same right?"

A faint smile, at that, "Yes, there's a comfort there, for certain." She looks over at Kurt, tilting her head, "How are... how is the school? I haven't heard from many of you in..." She pauses, even though it wasn't /her/, there's been enough of a backlash to keep her from wanting to visit.

His head bobs just a little, with the weight of his toughts and how he might turn it either way. "Doing good," he concludes after some judgement, "Mixed emotions from those who've changed, mixed blessings at their worst maybe. Not to downplay any of the emotions there, but, we'll survive. Personally more people need to come out, enjoy a day like this, see that the sun still rises and sets and its good to have a cool, comfortable breeze on their faces." He thrusts his shoulders up, as if in the end he doesn't know though. Kurt grins more in that not knowing, "A couple of us are gonna get out, find some fresh air, go over to Europe, visit my home, make the rounds."

Wanda perks up at that, "Well, I haven't been to Europe in... well, it has been a while." She smiles over at Kurt, "I imagine this is one of those X-Men things, and it isn't as though I have my hex powers anymore, either."

"X-Men ... nein," says Kurt to that, "A Kurt, Logan, Piotr thing." That might explain a lot, or little. He shrugs though, "Just a get away." His smile cocks more to the right side for the moment, perhaps a touch sly even. "Wait, why's that, you think you might need a get away too? I mean, not to suggest spending afternoons in the park feeding birds might be boring, if not loansome ... just ..." Purposefully not filled in there as if a fill in the blanks sort of question.

Wanda laughs a little, "You know how I tend to spend my days? Stuck in a little room reading esoteric texts and trying to channel magical power on a scale I've never even dreamed of." She smiles, "I know it sounds thrilling, but not as much as you might think, Kurt. I just feel like I... well, I don't have that kind of bond with anyone, at least not like I used to."

Turning, Kurt lifts off his knees and finds the edge of the bench with a tip of an elbow, other hand folding across his legs at the moment. "Far be it from me to ponder the fun of magic, hexe-chen, but if you need a break from nose in books and channeling ... why not consider starting sooner. I don't know when we'll make it to Europe, you're welcome to tag along but, seriously, you have NYC, all the burroughs, all the public transit that can take you anywhere you want to go up and down the coast practically to DC and beyond." Then he leans forward a little, "Its out of my league to ponder it, but I was looking at enjoying a bit of freedom now. Maybe we could drop the bread and find something fun?"

Wanda smiles, "Though I'd hate to interrupt your 'guy time'... I'd love to get out and do something." She looks over at Kurt, thinking a moment, "Well, did you have something in mind, or do I get to pick?" In an impromptu spur of the moment, she tosses the remaining breadcrumbs out by the fountain... can you say Feeding Frenzy?

There is a laugh from Kurt in that moment, "Wo soll ich anfangen?" A guestion, and exclamation and there's not time to really translate it or he doesn't care to anyways. "I could name a thousand things I'd enjoy doing with you right now. But the intrigue has caught my fancy, hexe-chen, what would you pick." He is starting to stand even and offering a hand, as a gentleman would, because whatever it is, it won't involve sitting on a bench.

Wanda laughs, "Imp!" She grins at Kurt, taking his hand as she rises gracefully to her feet, "Well, let's get a bite to eat, perhaps? I don't know about you, but I haven't eaten much of anything today... gave it all to the pigeons." She grins, giving his hand a light squeeze as he holds it.

Feigning a jaw drop amongst his grin, Kurt responds, <Me, an Imp?> His jaw finds its natural set at his smile as they start walking in a random direction towards the city at large. Good news being, any direction will lead them to a bite to eat. His hand won't stop holding after she's up and there was a slight squeeze, unless she pulls hers away. "A bite it shall be, then I get to pick the next activity," as if there was some agenda written down with selections or a running check list somewhere. "I see I shall have to be on my toes around a smile like that though." Offhanded, he's looking to see what's over distant on the streets at large.

Wanda smiles a bit wider, keeping her hand in Kurt's, and answering back in perfect German, <Yes, you. Imp!> She laughs a little, "Why, Kurt, are you afraid of little ol' me?" She is currently walking out of the park with him, then arches a brow at Kurt, "Do I get a hint at the next activity after lunch?"

"Oh ... ja," Kurt says slowly, as if answering nothing or both, or simply agreeing to circumstance and looking off like he won't really answer either pondering other than to say yes, he heard. His fingers take a moment to offer a little squeeze, three fingered but for her to feel while any onlooker sees a normal hand there. "Because of the way your face lights up when you smile like that, I'm afraid I might grow attached to it." Then as if he were forgetful, "But, we were talking about hints weren't we?"

At that, a blush touches her cheeks, Wanda glancing to the side almost shyly, then she laughs a little, "Flatterer." Still, she sounds happy at the flattery, for all that, "Yes, well, a little hint?" Her fingers entwine with Kurt's, not seeming to find anything odd about the three-fingered grip as she looks back towards him, "Or are you going to make me guess?"

Chuckling, almost a laugh himself at her second question, Kurt shakes his head. He seems to enjoy the back and forth, as any socially inclined such as himself would. For all his shortcomings in the realm of being social (blue, fuzzy), he loves it all the same. "If I had you guess, it would be cheating. I'd just choose the first thing you said that you sounded excited about and play it off as if I thought of it first." No shame in admitting how shamelessly he would steal that one. Or maybe that's the game itself, honesty and flattery. "First clue, it might involve music." Pretty open and safe not overly revealing he hopes, so he goes with it.

A smile at that, "Music, hmm?" She decides to decline the guessing game further, glancing over at Kurt, "But I'll take your hint, and hold it for now. Since I wouldn't want to give anything away." She grins a bit wider at that, seeming to enjoy the back and forth, as it has been a while.

"I like that, hexe-chen," grins Kurt about tucking it away for later, "I plot within a plot. It says, if I did not guess the music right, I may have fathomed a wrong choice." He hums something like a chuckle, a hint of mirth, perhaps the inner-elf being channelled. There is no melody other than a laugh contained at his throat. "I like that, the risk. An intrigue you are, worth a great many such risks." His tail flicks a little behind them, brushing at her just a hint at least. "But it has a long way to go, if its going to reach best-day ever."

Wanda laughs, "Best day /ever/? Well, I've had quite a few best days, so you've got some stiff competition there..." She smiles a little ruefully, "Unfortunately, some of my best days are linked with my worst days, so hopefully we can break that trend, yes?"

His tail extends as if to wrap around, but to simply give a little squeeze at her waistline. It returns to swaying behind them and he nods, "That sounds more achievable, breaking that trend. Anything suiting your fancy for that bite to eat?" Pondering the upcoming locations to choose frome once they make it out of the park.

All in all, it was a pleasant late lunch at a cafe, a bit of small talk over what was happening at the mansion since the Avengers no longer were able to work with the kids directly. Some of the kids no longer kids, and the Sentinels turning the mansion into a reservation more than a school. Afterwards, the pair walk along, Wanda grinning slightly at Kurt as she tilts her head at him, "So... now the surprise you had, then?"

There is a turn as the walk, southerly, perhaps towards the Bowery. Kurt grins as they walk along, "Do I get to continue with hints to see if you might guess, or do I spoil it and blurt the idea out?" Even with image inducer on, his eyes might sparkle as they hint towards mirth and yet, whichever she choose he'd just as likely be enjoying the moment of walking in the city, world forgotten in the moment.

Wanda laughs, "Well, if you told me, it wouldn't be much of a surprise, now would it?" She smiles at Kurt, "Honestly, I'm just enjoying the walk. And the company." A sly look crosses her face, "I suppose... I could get it out of you, but that seems unsporting."

"Oh," Kurt ponders at unsporting, "Depends on how you get it out of me, no telling what I might enjoy, really." Speculative, lazy, drawing conclusions. His eyes find the ground in a thought, then turn to regard her, "It involves bodies." Another clue perhaps, more details, hopefully not enough yet to decipher.

Wanda grins, "Oh really? And does it involve, perhaps, bodies moving to music?" She arches a brow, regarding Kurt curiously, "Because, you know... I am exceptionally good at that."

A loose hand comes up to tap his chin thoughtfully, Kurt then nods. "I might of been hoping that you were exceptionally good at that. This does indeed involve bodies moving to music. It is a special sort of this behavior even, not merely moving bodies, but two bodies moving as if in unison." As if its not simply dancing, or whatever club, but something specific that he has in mind. Though he is grinning, "You have have to give me some pointers as this could be your expertise/"

Wanda hmms, "Well, now, I don't rightly know if it /is/ my expertise, Kurt... after all, I'm not entirely sure what you've got in mind." She grins, "Though, I do have a fair guess. But now I'm really starting to wonder what you're thinking."

"Far be it from me to suggest this, but any way you move," Kurt looks at her, "Would make you an expert." A grin, a shrug, he looks up through some of the buildings at the sky far above. "We could say this dancing, if one were to name it as such, involves a certain amount of jumping." He's itching to name it, but enjoying the guessing just the same.

Okay, at the mention of jumping, that /does/ give Wanda pause... "Okay, maybe I don't have it. But now I'm completely confused. No doubt, as you intended all along Kurt." She grins a bit.

Chuckling, Kurt seems to dismiss that he wanted her confused, perhaps anticipating might of been better and he's missing that mark it would seem. "No, I think you were rather close in your first estimations. Its not all jumping, sometimes there is jiving I've heard tale." His eyes turn to find her then, wondering if she did have something else in mind, his smile indicative that he might be stretching his imagination too far.

Wanda looks puzzled a moment, then smiles, "Alright... jiving, hmm?" Her eyebrows raise a bit, "You think witches jive, Kurt?" She definitely seems to be enjoying the moment, as you lead her to... well, wherever the final destination would be.

As they chase, and leading, continues, proverbial or otherwise, they get closer to their destination. "I hope this one does," grins Kurt in the play, "Because I imagine she has a few little moves that might just make me melt." A chuckle, another rounding and there is the Bowery Ballroom uphead, with open style facade, an enclosed patio, more open windows and doors and a ballroom. Guessing by some of the clothes that people lining up to get in are wearing and the faint sound that can be heard at first, they might be going to a swing dance of sorts, or some form of up-tempo ballroom dancing. Then again, it could be part of the charade itself. Kurt is saving his eyes for Wanda at the moment, not looking forward.

Wanda is gazing back at Kurt, though there might be a hint of disappointment there, if only because it's an image inducer, not the 'real' thing. But she pauses as she hears the Bowery, then glances over with a wry smile, "Well, if this is your destination... I haven't done this in years. Not since I first became an Avenger, I think, though I believe I've kept in step." Her eyes flicker back to Kurt, giving him a rather happy expression.

"Well, no Avenger-ness here," says Kurt, "Today its Hexe-chen and all you have to do is shake your toosh a little and I'll be the envy of every man here." Then he leans in just a little, "It doesn't make me selfish that I already knew this was happening and wanted to attend before I ran into you does it?" An agreement that it is there destination, and while his smiles have been genuines, there is now a comfort to them, as if this is the perfect idea to forgot about anything worth forgotting.

Wanda laughs softly, "Hexe-chen, huh? Well, I am not going to be the only one shaking out there, Kurt." She grins at him, "And no, it doesn't make you selfish... I'm glad you brought me along. Now come on, I want to dance." She does step ahead of Kurt, swaying her hips as she walks... a bit more than she might normally, but her backwards glance seems to indicate who that is for, specifically.

Not able to help himself, Kurt lets her get enough space to get that look and meet that glance. Gentleman enough to look at her eyes when she turns while looking elsewhere otherwise. He lets her tease enough, until finally he lifts his right leg up, drops his heel in front of his left toes and sort of swings the foot forward in a hop step to move forward. Three times, then he's walking regular-like to catch up. "As you wish," he grins in response to her wanting to dance. A gathering, but there is no long wait or lines so much as everything just gathering that wants to partake.

Wanda is, among other things, quite skilled on the dance floor, which she proves with a flourish as she lets Kurt lead her through the first dance, "Well, not /exactly/ the dances that I was raised with, among my people... but..." She pauses, and looks at Kurt, giving him a warm smile, "Thank you, Kurt. I needed this."

Should it come to any assistance he can give, Kurt gladly does what he can to lend his agility, natural and otherwise, to her. Unlike some of the guys that whip their partners around as if showing off how much control they have, Kurt is more the sort that really stick to the traditional idea that its his job to accentuate the beauty of the woman. He'll do just that, including an occasional tail grab if necessary. Even if they can't see it, doesn't mean he can use it to cheat and make them look a little better.

"Ja, if we danced like my people, they would throw us out of here," he says with a smile. Then more quietly in response to her thanks, "I am the one who is thankful hexe-chen, you needed this, I needed light eyes and a graceful smile. We are both getting what we want, nein?"

Wanda smiles, "Mutual benefits? I'm all in favor of that." She twirls easily with Kurt, feet perfectly in sync with Kurt's as they travel across the dance floor, perfect unison with the beat of the dance as she smiles, "Your people? I didn't think you were a gypsy, Kurt..."

His eyes smile and the imp perhaps is more impish, Kurt relishing the comments about who is in favor of what. Though pre-ocuppied to spur those thoughts, or more interested in the play of hands (and tails) on bodies, each the other, as they move about in that sync easily created by her own feet as she twirls to the beat. "Officially, circus folk but," he says, switching to Romani in the off chance she is familiar with the gypsy languages, <Gypsies the same, just with real work on top of the mysticism and fortune-telling gig.>

Wanda brightens even more, <Well, my parents... ah, adoptive parents, were gypsies. Pietro and I were raised among the Romani. It's where I first learned the basics of magic.> She smiles, then switches to English, "You have no idea... well, maybe you do, it's been so long since I spoke to anyone in my real tongue."

<It is natural,> grins Kurt about speaking in their native tongue, a common interest reached (well many have probably been there, but this one legitamite). "My forster family, mystics the same, are true gypsies." As they seem to find some common interest, the space between their jumps/jives/twists/turns seems to narrow. Not proverbially, but more literally, as if they can better feel the heat generating off each others body as that gap narrows. <It a while since, and it is good. Do you prefer that I speak to you in your native tongue?>

Wanda smiles, <Actually, yes. It's been a while since I have had a chance to talk with someone like this. Pietro never... well, it was mainly my parents that we talked amongst ourselves like this.> She leans in a bit closer, still twirling with the dance as she tilts her head towards him, looking ever so much like a gypsy girl, free of the burdens that being an Avenger has placed on her.

The more gypsy like she seems, the more Kurt's hands might wander to hips when the move about her in their dance together. <Then,> he begins, <Hopefully our conversations will be less family oriented.> There is little time spent to ponder that as they move and he doesn't take time to explain it either. <Because I'm suddenly finding myself in no particular rush to head over to Europe. It would seem my interest has been captivated, stateside.>

Wanda blinks, then laughs softly, <What, you'd want to stay in the States? Surely there'd be far more Romani ladies to dance with over in Europe...> She slides her arms around Kurt's shoulders, giving him a wry smile, <Wouldn't Piotr and James be a touch disappointed?>

Making a tsk like pffbt sort of sound to put the idea out of the conversation, Kurt returns, <Those are not the Romani ladies I am interested in.> Simply enough, <They can wait, or start without me. There is a rather devilishy charming Romani here that has hexed my desires and I am rather weak in that department I'll have you know.>

Wanda laughs a little, <Oh, really? Well, it's good to know that I can hex something without my mutant powers...> She smiles and tilts her head, <We'll definitely need to set some time aside, Kurt Wagner.>

<Yes,> agrees Kurt moving a little closer still in the dance, perhaps the language breaking formalities more into the realm of familiarities. <I shall make time indeed, Wanda Maximoff.>

Wanda smiles and leans in, pressing a light kiss on Kurt's cheek, feeling the blue fuzz beneath the image inducer. She doesn't, however, seem to mind, as she moves a little slower, the songs growing less manic and more intimate as she moves effortlessly with Kurt on the dance floor.

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