A Real Pain

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Lyra, Sandman and Tigerstripe & Avandalia (emitted by Sandman)

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11/10/12 16:07

Morningside Heights and Harlem - New York

Avandalia entrances Sandman and they attack Lyra and Tigerstripe

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Typical Saturday afternoon in New York City, as Bill Baker exits the subway and makes his way up the subway exit towards Harlem. Dressed for the weather and obscuring his usual garb with a long dark brown trenchcoat to address the slight chill in the air. Thinking he is unrecognizable, he thought he would go the route of the common man and take the subway as opposed to his usual means of Avengers transport. As he makes his way onto the sidewalk, he does not realize something is astir in the air as a car suddenly drives wildly and speedily down the avenue, followed by another car.

Tigerstripe had chosen a hooded pullover and skirt to go out, the bad weather being a perfect excuse to combine it with a raincoat that she pulled over her head. As that car chase seemed to come down the street it's her head that turns first, eying down the street one or two seconds before most others. Focussing on the obvious tempo limit breakers, she tries to read the plate of the first one, before it passes them...

And as it passes Tigerstripe, a young-looking woman opens the driver side door and rolls out as her car suddenly comes onto the sidewalk and towards some innocent passers-by. The young female driver completes the roll and runs down the street screaming for help. The second car continues chasing after her and even pulls onto the sidewalk, causing innocent New Yorkers to scurry and flee. Sandman finally takes note and suddenly his coat drops to the ground as his body shifts from flesh and bone to sand.

Tigerstripe is almost hit by the woman as she leaves her car, which continiues to drive and hit a latern post as it goes. Eying after the woman that passes her closely for a second, she spins her head back just in time to see the other car coming. Very closely she manages to jump off the ground, landing on the cars front, however ripping her skirt up to the knees. Landing with the feet and both hands, she is safe for the moment... at least if the guy does not try to throw her off...

The woman continues to run to safety, but when she reaches the corner. A small smile forms on her face as she looks back to see Tigerstripe on the car. The driver in the pursuing car is surprised to see Tigerstripe on his car and finally drives back into the street zigzagging to get her off the car, “Hey you crazy bitch, get off the car!”

Sandman has already acting shifting his entire body to form a hardened sand wall between the cars and the people on the street however his attention is turned to Tigerstripe on the careening car and verbally abusive driver.

Tigerstripe frowns under the hood, gripping for the upper of the windshield, digging her fingers - no claws - into the steel before pressing herself up as the car makes another turn, trying to land on top of the car faching where the car goes "Fuck STOP your damned car you crazy idiot!" she yells down at the driver as she lands on the car, sliding backwards on it as the roof is wet. Eventually she manages to get back her balance, the tail swaying out under the ripped skirt as she stabilizes her hold further with digging the claws into the roof again.

“Oh shit! It’s a fucking freak!” The driver yells as claws and tail come into view. He steps on the breaks, screeching the car and hoping to knock Tigerstripe off the car. The woman who was seemingly innocent and being chased, remains at the corner. A sinister grin on her face and her eyes begin to glow as she begins to speak in a ancient runic tongue.

With all cars at a halt and innocent people out of harm’s way, Sandman’s sand wall comes undone and forms into a small swirling sandstorm to move over to the car and Tigerstripe, “Hey. get out of the car, ya jerk!”

Lyra was out shopping, so isn't too far away, well nothing that a few well timed leaps from building to building won't get her closer. She comes jogging along, anxious for something to do, she has been getting a bit frustrated or at least bored might be a better word. She comes up the street, and she herself stands out a bit, something about the six and a half feet tall, and green skin. She runs her hand through her red hair and tries to figure out what is going on.

Tigerstripe is just an inch above that 6 and a half feet, jumping down from the car as it finally comes to halt. Gripping into the handle to open it, she 'helps' the guy out and toss him into the direction of the sandman - recognizing someone who is on the news as one of the Avengers from time to time is not too hard. "Better get over to the nice mister Avenger before he comes after you. Last time someone messed with them they destroyed the streets of a whole block..." she grunts to him, a deep alto that seems to churr or growl a bit.

Catching the driver as he is ‘helped’ by Tigerstripe, “Hey, sexy cat girl. Thanks.” A giant sand fist is pointed at the driver’s face, “Boy are you in trouble?” Sandman only know realizes that the driver is limp and almost seems unconscious. “Well, dang. I guess we scared him to sleep.” The woman who was being pursued makes her presence finally known. Her eyes aglow and now loudly speaking in an ancient runic tongue. The young woman tranforms into an almost dark blackness. Her body aglow. She points towards Sandman and the unconscious driver who has already been affected by her power thus why he is unconscious. “I feast on the mighty and powerful. Coming to this dimense, I sensed power and needed only create one disaster to draw you out. I, AVANDALIA, shall feed on your pain!”

Going into cover behind the opened car door, Tigerstripe tries to chec kthe situation... Trafic: already standing, possibly in need of rerouting. Civillians: already running from the last events likely... Enemy: some... magic wielder? Quickly she searches for her phone to call 911 - but instead of panicking like most others she just asks that the trafic should be rerouted as some avengers were going to take up a fight. "And get an ambulance here, there is one unconcious civillian." she adds to the phone, before eying the two others.

Lyra arrives about the time to hear the tiraid of the now dark woman. She cocks her head to the side and eyes the others for a moment and then back, "Oh really now?" she asks and then chuckles just a little. Her eyes take in the dark woman as if trying to use her gamma sight to see any particular weaknesses.

“Yes, really. . .” is all Avandalia responds when she starts to glow with darkforce energy and starts speaking another language. Sandman stiffens a moment and lets out loud yell when his body suddenly explodes sending sand flying everywhere. Looking between Tigerstripe and Lyra, Avandalia smiles as wings unfurl from her back and she takes flight hovering a few feet above of the heroines. “Now ladies, allow me to simply feed and you will be spared.” The unconscious driver’s body starts continues to wither until like sandman his body turns to dust and blows away and a smiles forms on Avandalia’s face, “Tasty soul.”

Lyra cocks her head to the side and then raises a brow and looks at her and what just happened to the man, "He was a man, but he did not deserve to die like that." she says and charages at the woman, she is only flying a few feet above so leap up as she gets close to throw a fist at Avandalia.

"uhm... no civillian anymore..." Tigerstripe quickly adds to the phone "just get the people out of here..." she then adds before fiddeling with the Phone to make it a video call and placing it somewhere so the police can get a view to the scene. placing the phone in a cut that she had done to the car in the chase so it stays looking to the rough direction of the fight before she dashes forward to maybe be of other help, yelling at some left citizens "Get your leave NOW!"

Sand begins to swirl as whatever happened to Sandman seems to not have been fatal as sand flies all about and begins to take a humanoid shape. Unfortunately for those who know the Avenger. He does not look the same as his sand is nearly black and his eyes are gone replaced with black orbs.

A Quick leap and a simple blow would be enough to take down Avandalia but the wicked demoness has fought other heroes before so as quick as Lyra is to leap, Avandalia ducks low to swoop under the jade heroine. “One made of sand hurt the emerald giantess!” She commands the now ensorceled Sandman to attack Lyra as she flies towards Tigerstripe, “I sense your fear, young one! It is truly delicious! I seek more.” Dark claws form on Avandalia’s hand’s similar to Tigerstripe’s as she flies down to feast on the tiger.

Trying to dodge the attack the feline leaps forward, just some feet over the floor, rolling herself forward to come back to the feet and then dash forward again. No, Pain is something she REALLY dislikes. Looking back a second she faces forward again just in time to make her rune more a slide through the legs of the Teen Hulk "Behind you!"

Uttering an ominous howl, Sandman’s body explodes again and attempts to form a swirling sandstorm focused just on Lyra. Though she may have been warned by Tigerstripe’s shout. Avandalia surprised to have missed Tigerstripe stops flying and lands across from Tigerstripe, “Well, cat-woman. Why not join me? Save you from pain and you can join in me in my adventures for pain and fear.” Avandalia adds, “And I will even allow you the free will to make the choice.” Her eyes begin to glow though for the moment nothing is happening to Tigerstripe, but Sandman continues to press his attack on the Avengers houseguest.

THAT was not how she wanted it... She thought she could lure the Demon into the Hulk... so much for that... "You know where you can put your offer? Push it up your ASS. I am not interested in Pain or Fear you... THING!" she yells back, backing away sideways. Into the direction of the Teen Hulk.

Her swings are as ineffective as the garbage lid that was thrown at Avandalia who simply sidesteps it. As he continues to swirl around Lyra, he attempts to literally drown her in sand as he focuses his sand on her face specifically nose and mouth. Completely under Avandalia’s control.

”Enough of this.” As Tigerstripe backs up and into the direction of Lyra versus Sandman, Avandalia’s wings unfurl and she takes flight following Tigerstripe and attempting to rake the cat with her claws.

Lyra keeps herself calm, not losing her temper but she is finding it hard to breath She covers her mouth with a hand and tries to keep it. She is considering things to do. She glances towards Tigerstripe and then at the winged one.

Throwing herself to the floor as the Acandaliaa tried to swipe her of the feet she managed to get up just in time to make a short dash towards the green one. Turning the head at the flying one she took up momentum, then launching a jump. "Take That!" she yelled suddenly, turning her feet towards Lyra, the arc of flight likely bringing her directly against the chest.

As he presses his attack on Lyra, Sandman is not of his own wits and so when Tigerstripe starts to lure Avandalia towards his attack on Lyra, he makes no notice of it and he is determined to finish off Lyra. His sand pounds harder on the emerald one now, though with her strength, it will not nearly do as much damage as it would on someone normal. With Tigerstripe’s leap she avoids Avandalia’s attack who presses on moving directly into Tigerstripe, Lyra, and Sandman’s attack.

Lyra blinks as she does glance someone coming at her, her enhanced senses the only thing giving her warning. She is trying to use her gamma sight to find a weakness to fight against Sandman, even as she reaches out to grab the one flying at her and spin and throw her at Avandalia. She isn't sure if the Black thing is controlling both of them or not but she isn't going to take a risk.

That was what she actually planned: using the own momentum and the one the green one can give to make a departure along the path of the enemy. And: it offers an oportunity to make a single stike at fast speed against her! Stretching her claws at her, she tries to make it a good one - after all she has only this one chance!

One chance is all that is needed. Tigerstripe’s plan of attack works. Her own claws backed by the momentum of Lyra’s throw and speed Tigerstripe’s claw strike true, slashing into Avandalia’s throat. The demoness lets out a scream as she explodes intop dust and blows away as if she was never there. With the two heroines defeating the villainess, Sandman stops his attack and reforms into flesh and bone. With a confused look on his face, he stares about and looks to Lyra, “Hey. . .what the hell just happened?”

Lyra coughs out some sand and looks like she was just about to leap into the air to get away and cocks her head to the side, "Evil bitch possessed you made you try to kill me." she says softly." she looks over at Tigerstripe, "ya ok?"

Tigerstripe is still in Midair for several seconds, eventually landing about a hunderd yards away from where she was hurled. And she lands like a cat: on her feet. Standing up fully she waves back that she is ok. Although her skirt is ruined... Fuck, she needs to get back to dress - and get her phone. Likely police still watches what happens.

With the police on their way and with Tigerstripe ok. Sandman looks to Lyra, “Alright. You stay here and make sure things get wrapped up. I’m going to head back to the Mansion, write up a report and clear up my head.” With that his body shifts to a sand form and particles of sand fly up into the air and allow gusts of wind to carry them away and towards the Avengers Mansion.

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