A Question of Identity And Its Lack

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A Question of Identity And Its Lack

Yishi, Krista

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06/19/12 19:00

Lower Manhattan

New Warrior Yishi checks out Krista, and then approaches the mystery young woman.

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Curiousity, amongst the costumed set, can be a dangerous thing. Having read Night Thrasher's reports about the 'Krista' who found her way into Warriors' Central thanks to shrinking down and stowing away in his gym bag, and his later encounter with her, his teammate Yishi - the team's investigator, or at least investigator-in-training - has decided to follow up on that. Her solution is perhaps a bit creepier than she actually intends. The diminutive young woman, clad in her black body-armor, looks like little more than a /short/ armored ninja. It's a useful, utilitarian look, but it's not exactly bright, bold and friendly-looking. And she has been slinking around the physical rehab joint where Krista is living for a few days, taking note of such things as her usual schedule, her friends and acquaintances, which room is hers, and so forth. Stalker much?

Of course, Yishi is reasonably stealthy, but far from perfect at it. It's not at all impossible that she may have been spotted. Maybe Krista herself saw something? Or maybe someone else did, and has reported a possible burglar? Who knows? Suffice it to say, there's a short armored ninja lurking around the rehab place. Lurk lurk.

The Center is a busy place most of the time, people coming and going all the time, be it patients, staff or friends and family. Things begin to settle down in the evening when it closes. The downstairs is pretty much like any physical therapy center. The living areas though are separate, and take up the upper levels and have a separate entrance. If the disguised lurker has been noticed she was probably questioned about her business and either left alone or asked to leave, but no authorities have been called as of yet.

Krista for the most part comes and goes freely. And about the only routine she has is the rigourous exercise regimen she is put through in the morning after breakfast. After that she goes to her small apartment to freshen up and then leaves for most of the day, either going to auditions, or looking for employment or apartments. Sometimes all three.

The disguised lurker has yet to hang around to even allow someone to approach her. They start in her direction, she disappears, only to return later somewhere else, still keeping an eye on things. On Krista. So Yishi has been following Krista to her auditions, her job hunts, and her apartment visits. Damned nosey stalker!

After a few days of this, Yishi finally 'makes her move' as it were. She has, of course, reported back all of her work so far. She takes team communication seriously. But on this day, as Krista finally makes her way back to the Center after her day out, said small black-clad armored figure steps out from an alleyway a bit in front of Krista, quite purposefully placing 'itself' in her path. The figure appears unarmed - no swords or knives or guns or anything - though truly discerning eyes might pick out a pair of small metal tubes hanging from the belt, one on each side.

"Hello." The voice, when Yishi speaks, is noticeably altered, a synthesized voice that is relatively gender-neutral and frankly a bit machine-like. Also interesting for Krista, most likely, is that the closer she gets the more convinced she'd be this figure is /short/, barely five feet tall.

Despite it being a long day of unsuccessful hunting for a place to live, she at least did well at her late morning audition and had a job interview that followed, so things are looking up. This has left Krista in a pretty good mood. With violin case in hand she hops from the bus at the stop just a few blocks down from the Center and makes her way in the direction. That is until she is stopped by a dark clad figure, that while short, is still taller than her by almost five inches. As she is greeted a confused look crosses her face, "Hi?" she looks around, wondering perhaps if the greeting was meant for someone else, "Can I help you?

"Possibly so. Krista." the black armored figure offers, perhaps using her name specifically to reassure her that the figure is her and no other. "You could help me by talking with me. And perhaps I could help you as well. It's possible, at least." The figure stands there, silently, for a bit until almost the breaking point. Then offers, simply, "You can call me Yishi. I am a friend of Night Thrasher." Which would fit. The overall design of that armor does look familiar. No weapons. Adapted for a smaller size, and - to put it bluntly - a difference in overall body shape. But there are key similarities easy to spot.

Krista's eyebrows furrow slightly at the assertion of possibly being helpful, "I can't possibly imagine how," but stops as Yishi continues the explanation. "Oh. Really?" she looks Yishi over again, if anyone was paying close enough attention they would notice something weird with her eyes, besides the obvious "How is his armor modification going?" her demeaneor going from skeptical to curious immediatly. "I had a few more thoughts on that myself and sketched them out as well as did some research on various polycarbon coatings that could help with not only friction related damage but perhaps make it stronger without sacrificing movement or lightness.

As for how? Well, Yishi won't get Krista's hopes up until she has something, but she's an investigator. In training, maybe, but damned talented. And she's betting that she can find the girl's background, given time and the desire to concentrate on it, which it surely appears no one else has been bothered. "I'm sure it's coming along well, knowing him. But I would be happy to pass things along, if you would like?" She walks a bit closer, curiously. Polycarbon coatings? Interest in his armor? Things she files away, along with the curiosity of the other woman's eyes. Eye, actually. Only one of them is 'off'. She'll have to have Telemetry help with a little computer canoodling, to get answers out of the medical records. "It looked like today's audition turned out better than others. I'm glad for that." OK. That came out creepy, didn't it?

"Yes, they want me to come back tomorrow to play for the director. I mean sure it is off, off, off, Broadway, but I have to start somewhere." she pauses both in words and walking to cant her head at the woman "What a minute?" she once more sounds suspicious "Have you been following me?" after a moments thought she waves off the question, "Nevermind, of course you have. You are the person staff has been talking about. You mentioned that I may be able to help you. How so? My skill sets are quite limited, mostly to engineering and music. What could you need from me?

"I have." Yishi answers honestly, before Krista has a chance to wave off the question or supply her own answer. "Yes, I am." Yep, she's the creepy stalker person. A tad less scary, once one meets her, isn't she? "What you may be able to do to help me, is help me to get to know you. Who you are." Because Krista now knows where Warriors' Central is, and that makes her a potential risk to the team. But she's also someone with powers, someone with issues. Someone they might be able to help, and also someone who might - just might - be able to help /them/.

Isn't sure how she feels about being stalked, though her frown and furrowed brow indicates that she doesn't particularly care for the idea. But what's done is done and she has other questions to answer, like that hard one about who she is. "Honsestly,I'm still trying to figure that one out myself. And the only way I am going to figure that out is by experiencing things, going out and living. You know?" she cants her head "I'm sorry I can't tell you more. Maybe if you asked somethig specific I would be better able to answer the question."

So Yishi does exactly that. "My specific question is: Do you want to know who you were? Who you still are, hidden away, buried in there?" Because that gets to the crux of both what she said Krista could do for her, and for what she can do for Krista - or at least what she believes she can do.

Did a 2x4 just hit Krista? Given her expression of pained surprise one would think so. She is speechless for a long moment, which given her penchant for chatter could be surprising "Well yes, of course I do," she pauses there is obviously a but in there "but.." and there it is "The hospital looked though missing persons and didn't find anyone matching my description. But then again they were more concerned with putting me back together. Is that something you could do?

Yishi bobs her head as Krista answers, with her caveat. "Yes. It is something I can do. They were looking passively. I will not be looking passively. I will have a friend get all of the data available from your medical records, which should include the notation for the initial police file opened when you were located. I will also need your fingerprints. It may take time. But I will find it. You have my solemn word, Krista." A vow, from a faceless woman in a mask/helmet costume. How much weight does that have? Don't underestimate it.

Krista looks down at her fingers rubbing them together a moment "Yeah, I don't think they did much in the search, bigger issues to deal with I suppose." she looks back up. Must be strange actually having someone shorter look up "And what is the catch? What do I have to do, besides give you my fingerprints and answer questions?

"Not betraying me or my friends would be a reasonable start." Yishi offers, simply enough. Baldly put, perhaps, but the mask frees her from many of her usual constraints in social interaction. Besides, it's the truth, and she isn't going to lie. "Investigating, and helping people, is what I do, Krista. I don't do it for money, or for paybacks. Granted, if there's ever a chance for you to help me, or help others, maybe you'll consider doing that. But I will help you because it's what I believe in doing."

"Easy enough. You've been following be around the last few days you know that I know few people in the city outside of the people that work and live here." she continues the walk toward the Center "I suppose not betraying you guys would include not revealing where your base is as well? Not that I have or plan too.

"That would be part of it, yes." Yishi answers, walking along with the shorter woman. She is definitely unused to ever being able to look /down/ to anyone. Even Firestar is taller than Yishi. "Not going around and telling people that you know the New Warriors. Things like that." Krista, under this new flimsy identity, is a registered mutant. Yishi is not. There are reasons why she'd want that connection kept on the downlow. "Anyway. I wanted to meet you. I won't bother you more tonight. But ... when you are ready, come by Central. I'll get your prints, and start my search. And good luck with the music gig."

Krista nods, her expression serious "Of course." she glances around at the area, not that it is all that busy, not all of the city is full of croweded streets there are quiet neighborhoods and areas that see little in the way of foot traffic, at least foot traffic that isn't locals "But won't being seen with you kind of give that away?" she then smiles at the offer, an expression that she may be able to tell doesn't cross her fact often "Thanks. I'll be sure to do that after my second audition tomorrow. It was nice, odd yes, but nice, to meet you Yishi.

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