A Prince's Work is Never Done

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Prince's Work

Namor, Scarlet Witch

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11/23/12 22:00

Avengers Mansion

Namor does some administrative work on behalf of Atlantis.

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-----==[ Sub Bay - Sub-Basement - Avengers Mansion ]==------------------------

This bay was once the storage pen for a submarine which followed its own personal waterway out to the East River, but with the adoption of the Quinjet as a major means of transit, the submarine system fell into disuse. In recent months this submarine pen and the waterways have been refurbished to create the UGABS (Underground Airbase Shuttle) system, a secret means of rapid transit to the Hydrobase nine miles off the coast of New York.
The area of this room is quite large, but most of it is taken up by the shuttle and the shaft that it travels through. The actual maintenance tunnel is a spherical shape with a diameter of well over 30' feet which houses the to and from shafts. Each shuttle is connected by a long metal cable which runs the length of the tunnels. The shuttle themselves look like miniature cable cars and can each house four members. There are three shuttle's in all, but each must wait 5 minutes before falling the one before it.

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[O] - Sub Basement - Avengers Mansio

Scarlet Witch has arrived.

Namor stands next to an Atlantean submersible vehicle, which bobs just under the surface of the water, only occasionally poking a few feet into the air. It is vaguely whale-shaped and without surface-world-submarine conventions like, oh, say, a sealed inner compartment or airlock-type entry hatch. He has a few maps unrolled on a small table next to the Atlantean craft, making small notes on them and occasionally consulting an Avengers-issue laptop that he has open next to the maps.

Wanda walks in, not having been down here all that much, but she looks around with a bit of a smile. "Sometimes I forget about the Hydrobase, since we spend all of our time at the Manor proper it seems." She glances over at Namor, tilting her head, "What're you working on?"

Namor looks up at the sound of Wanda's voice, lips quirking in a slight smile of his own at the sight of her. "I'm updating my maps," he gestures at the unrolled paper maps. No, wait...that's not paper, exactly. It's some similarly flexible sheet of material, but seems glossy and filmlike. Probably so that it functions underwater. "Adding information on some of the surface-nations who have changed names or boundaries, and so forth."

Wanda ahs a bit, "Sounds... well, a bit tedious to be honest. But definitely something that would be necessary." She smiles and hops up to sit on the railing, looking over at Namor, "Have you been asked to be one of the teachers over at the new school yet? I'd think you'd be a natural for that."

Namor tilts his head slightly, considering. "I had thought of it," he admitted. "In many ways the soldiers of Xavier - and their new recruits - have as much reason to be wary of the surface world as my own people. And like my people, they have grown strong, and resourceful..." with perfect timing, the Atlantean sub chooses that exact moment to bob again, hull rising a few feet out of the water just in time for Namor to put a hand on the metallic surface, patting it lightly and sending it back under the surface again. "But I fear I've been neglecting my duties with my own people for too long." He gestures at the maps.

Wanda blinks a little, "Don't tell me you're thinking of taking a leave of absence..." She smiles a bit, "And I was going to ask you for some information about Steve so I could court him a little easier." Her eyes dance a bit, but there is a hint of serious concern under her somewhat joking tone, "Though, I must admit, I do enjoy working with the kids quite a bit."

Namor quirks a pointy eyebrow, but then smiles politely. "It may come to that. I've been exiled from Atlantis - voluntarity," he's quick to add, "For nearly a year now. But lately news has been...disturbing." It takes him a moment to find just the right word. "Nothing so grim as to require my direct action, or so catastrophic as to require the rest of the Avengers to assist me...but I do worry that my people are lacking in leadership."

Scarlet Witch smiles a little, "Well, if you do need some help busting a few heads, I'm pretty sure we'll be able to lend a hand down there." She tilts her head, "But I know you definitely have a lot more on your plate than most of the rest of us, so I think Carol will understand, regardless." She pauses, and shakes her head, "Have to admit, I'm a little nervous about teaching at the school... I suspect the 'daughter of Magneto' thing is going to come up, a lot."

Namor scoffs. "It should come up - with awe and a touch of fear," Namor raises a clenched fist to emphasize his point, then seems to remember himself. "Ahem. That is, Magneto is a man of great might and cunning. A worthy adversary and an even greater ally."

Wanda laughs a little, "A bit of a deadbeat dad, but he didn't even know about us until well after we were Avengers." She sighs, "I must admit, even with everything that has happened... I do miss him." Her head lowers a little, then she smiles a bit, "But, we'll be fixing that soon enough."

Namor nods in understanding. "Rest assured that no matter how occupied I become with my home, I will make time to help recover your father and the other Genoshans." He seems to remember something then, flipping through the maps until he finds the correct one. Then he makes some notations on the tiny spot of land that indicates Genosha.

Scarlet Witch smiles, "I know, Namor, and I really do appreciate it. I think, depending on what happens, I might take Exodus up on his offer of assistance. At least, now that Genosha is no longer in the Negative Zone, but somewhere else." She gets a wry look, "With the typical mutant luck to date, I'm going to guess Niflheim, which will get our Asgardian contingent so thrilled."

Namor wrinkles his brow briefly, then seems to think again. In his book cold is better than hot, at least. "Who is our 'Asgardian contingent'? I've not seen Thor for months, and that so-called goddess Kelda seems to have disappeared as well."

Scarlet Witch hrms. "Well, I haven't seen Kelda for a while either... but there is still Beta Ray Bill, of course. Though yes, I suppose that has shrunk down to just the one." She frowns a little, "A bit worrisome, we have 'active' members, but if a real crisis hits..."

Namor nods somberly. "The Avengers will find a way, as always." Then he sighs and closes the lid on the laptop. He collects the maps and begins rolling them up before sliding them into a case that was lying unnoticed under the table. "Forgive me Wanda, but I must complete the preparations for my next journey to Lemuria - and then Atlantis."

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