A Piece of Pie

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A Piece of Pie

Lyra Scarlett Witch Brother Voodoo

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11/0912 14:00

Upper East Side - NYC

The loa Pie is sought after by Brother Voodoo, Lyra and Scarlett assist in capturing the voodoo spirit.

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New York City, Upper East Side - its a fairly large area to cover. So, over a block, down a street, around a building one might find themselves in the vicinity of the Grapevine Cafe. Its a quaint little cafe tucked amongst giants, or at least buildings with bigger facades and bigger purposes. From a few financial buildings to various embassies, even up to the Avenger's Mansion, the area has a lot to offer. So the small, partially covered sidewalk cafe, with a few booths and small tables inside, can go unnoticed. At least, it would go unnoticed if not for the figure of Brother Voodoo coming to the cafe, dressed for work. Green and Red cape, similar colored pants, some yellow highlights, voodoo trappings at his belt, his big bad voodoo medallion. A twisty gnarly staff in his hands. "Go no further Pie," he calls out.
Inside the fine establishment, there is a regular looking human that turns at the name Pie, just a little, one might notice pools of water gathering where this individual stands, if they were paying attention. Then again, one might notice there are pools of water starting to gather. As if there was a rain last night, and slowly, they're being called to the cafe. One might guess their being called to the regular looking joe that Brotehr Voodoo has just accused of being someone named Pie.

Wanda and Lyra are currently sitting at an outside table of the cafe, enjoying a bit of the brisk winter weather in the wake of recent events. The former is sipping from a rather potent espresso, giving the latter a grin, "And I figured when we were done, we could maybe hit some of the shops, Jan gave me a rather lengthy list..." She pauses then, looking over at Brother Voodoo in his 'work attire', recognizing him, but she does look a bit puzzled at the fellow named Pie. "Hrm."

Lyra nods, "If that is what you want to do." hard to miss the large green teen girl. She smiles, "Thank you for taking me along, I would probably make some mistake if I were to go shopping on my own, still learning this place." she shakes her head and then follows the look and raises a brow.

As if unaware of what he looks like, Brother Voodoo lifts a foot (which is bare) and stomps it on the ground. He does this with the other, beginning a rhythm with his feet. One may notice the feint sounds of drums as he does this and, almost as if rising off the water, a mist seems attracted to Voodoo in the same manner that water seems to be streaming along the ground in small puddles towards the cafe and the average human. Even as a wind comes and blows at Jericho, his eyes turn slightly white and he announces, "If you have no business here, it is time to leave." Not meaning coffee business, a few locals pick up on the undertone, grabbing their coffees, drinks, pastries, and the like and starting to leave. Voodooo lifts a hand with fingers bent in various shapes that may mean something to him, the palm pointing towards average joe - a white man, long hair, wearing a bob marley t-shirt; a wannabe who is now being ridden by the loa called Pie (identified thanks to Brother Voodoo calling him out) - recognizable to those with some familiarity with the occult.
The Horse grins, shambling towards Brother Voodoo, "You are far from home Houngan Supreme, here the rivers favor me." Then he laughs, more water gathering from who knows where. Maybe Manhattan being an island isn't good around the Haitian loa that brings floods.

Wanda blinks a bit, as apparently the name of the loa just clicked. Then she looks over at Lyra, "I think you might want to stay calm. Things are probably going to be messy." She then looks over at Pie... or rather, the person being ridden by Pie. "Now, why don't you come out like a good spirit and this won't get any messier than it has to be." A flicker of hex power dances across her fingertips, as she asides to Lyra, "That man is being possessed by a spirit. Be careful."

Lyra looks at Wanda and then back over, "I am almost always calm." she says softly, "Better that way, not like my father." she doesn't add that she doesn't get stronger if she gets angry. She raises a brow, "Does that make him harder to hurt or...I should just sit it out so I don't break him?" She doesn't seem really that worried about anything other than breaking the guy.

More people catch on as Wanda joins in on saying to be careful. Brother Voodoo smiles as another joins in, perhaps as much as she senses him, he too senses her summoning power. In response to her calling the loa out of the man, Jericho points with his staff, the ghostly form of his brother rushing forward towards the ridden, as if to battle for control of the body Pie inhabits. Somewhere in answer to both maybe, or for his own design, Pie leaves the body, pulling the water he had gathered to take shape. A column of swirling, splashing liquid, drawn from pools and most likely, the nearest river. "You have no business here," says Pie to no one in particular and, like a crashing wave, begins to roll between walls and columns, attacking the supports of the building while still drawing more water. As Daniel takes over the human now, Brother Voodoo turns towards Wanda and Lyra, "We must stop and contain the water, or he will grow too strong." There is something of a question in there, he's looking for ideas. Turning back towards the water being, he summons forth a barrier shield, but he can only block so much. He tries to use it to stop Pie from damaging the building, but can only block so much of the water diety.

Wanda looks over at Lyra, "You might need to brace the building, if you can. I'll help keep the spirit contained." She gestures, chanting in Latin as her magical power aids Brother Voodoo to try and bottle up the water spirit, muttering under her breath in English as she concentrates, "Where's a dehumidifier when you need one..."

Lyra nods her head, "Will see what I can do." she says and looks around for ways to reinforce the building a bit, "Could throw gelatin, the powered stuff, was reading how they use that and water to make jello, change the physical state of the water." she then goes to check the columns.

Between mystical shield and Wanda's powers of telekenesis (sp?), there is a fair amount of Pie in water form that is being contained. He's growing sluggish and that of him which can crash about is doing less and less damage. Even as Lyra is checking columns, Voodoo moves forward, his focus still his own shield. "How strong is your friend," he asks of Wanda, noting she asked her to brace the building. As a side, he turns to the human Daniel has possessed, "Find a lighter, I will need flame." Its apparent that the TK and the shield are working, but no telling how long with the way he seems to draw water. Pie roars and makes an attempt to crash down upon Lyra, the closest target presently.

Wanda grits her teeth a bit, "She should be fine, I think. And it'd be a shame if your friend just happened to lose some cohesion." She twists her fingers a bit, making a hex symbol that seems to hit Pie right where he lives... such as it is. "She's got good genes."

Lyra doesn't notice the crash at first, but hears the roar and turns a bit, bracing. She can take quite a bit after all, "Too bad its not solid really, or would sock him in the nose."

Nodding to Wanda, Voodoo says to both ladies, "Then I shall pull forth his true form, that which is not water." As if banking on the fact that she might be strong enough to tackle the Loa, based on what both ladies are saying, with Wanda and himself having sequestored some of his power, not to mention her hex symbol stricking him seems to harm him even though its not really his true form just yet, more akin to sending his spirit form away as it draws on water in this dimension.
Rushing forward to where the water spirit is sploshing about, he reaches his free hand down to the water. This sends up clouds of vapors, the voodoo drums grow louder in the mist. Then the water starts to fall, and rising up from it is a blue figure, solid, as if a blue tree or vines of some sort, with wild stick like hair/dreadlocks. There is a sizzling, crackling sound in the air as the loa made material smiles, "Now, you will die Brother Voodoo." Jericho is backing away, looking to Lyra then, "I cannot stop him now." Though, thankfully, Daniel seems to have wrestled a lighter off some gawker, overpowering them with the strength of the possessed it would seem.
... Brother Voodoo moves his mystical shield to protect Lyra as best he can from any magic the loa may use against her, if she does decide to fight the diety.

Wanda looks at the solid blue figure, "Lyra, he's all yours, but first..." She does another gesture, striking the now-solid spirit with a hex bolt, before she shakes her head at the spirit, "And you aren't killing anyone today, spirit. We'll make sure of that."

Lyra blinks a litlte and then smiles, "Well then that does make it easier." she says and then lunges forward to bring her strength to bear, "Don't break the building," she is muttering to herself as she brings her fist with all her strength at the now solid Loa. She appears calm and relaxed as she fights, now this is something she knows.

As Pie takes true form to this dimension, the hex bolt from Wanda strikes his blue figure and causes a few cracks to appear, sparkling with yellow energy. The loa lifts its hands to summon ambient eldritch magics, manifesting in crackling blue lightning amongst his hands. He turns to hurl one at Brother Voodoo, who's mystic shield circles and takes the bolt of energy, crackling and wavering. Even as he prepares to hurl the enegry from his other hand Pie is struck by the fist of Lyra. Its enough force to injure (or worse) most mortals of this dimension, but the diety is much more powerful. Though the fist creates cracks in the deity's physical manifestation that begin to join with those from Wanda's hex bolt. Pushed back, he skids as if hydrafoiling over water, bringing his hands together to summon a bigger ball of his eldritch lightning, as if to hurl at Lyra while water follows him. Voodoo ignites the lighter, summoning forth flame and then controlling it, sending it to singe the water, drawing it away from Pie that he may not use it to heal himself. He focuses both on shielding and sending flames to boil the water, turning it to steam and evaporating it.

Wanda hmms, gesturing again, "I suppose it's time to turn up the heat." She focuses on the mystical fire Brother Voodoo conjures, intensifying it with her own powers so it's definitely boiling the errant loa now, glancing over at Lyra, "Your turn!"

With the combined efforts of Wanda and Brother Voodoo, the water is controlled, allowing Lyra to thoroughly pummel Pie. There is some eldritch magic blasted at her, most is absorbed through mystical shielding, what little gets through is but scratches and abrasions and no real damage is done to the alternate dimension Hulk(ess). The blue figure dwindles down, being knocked apart. At the last minute as the yellow energy within the blue shell starts to dwindle, Brother Voodoo rushes forward pulling an ouangas/wangal off his person and capturing the loa, it is within a skull. Even as the loa enters, the skull splits some, blue lines like tribal tattooes begining to form on its surface. He looks to the ladies, much thanks in his eyes, "It will not hold him for long, but he has answers for me. When I am finished, I will send him from this realm." As if to assure Wanda and Lyra that he shouldn't return any time soon.

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