A Nice Night for a Wolf in the Park

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Wolfsbane, Werewolf by Night (Jack Russell)

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NYC - Central Park

Mutant wolf meets werewolf

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Winter in Central Park. Gone are the Christmas decorations and holiday shoppers and all that's left are people waiting through the worst of the winter, hoping for spring. It's not a winter wonderland; it's muddy and slushy and windy and grey. That doesn't stop people from using the paths and trails, though, and so Jack is as well. He's fresh off the bus, back in New York for a time and thinking about using that townhouse ... but for now, he has needs. Specifically, for a real New York hot dog fresh from a street vendor. He's waiting by one such stand, jacket undone a little, and looking around at the surrounding passersby. The only unusual thing? He'll sniff deeply, obviously tasting the air around him.

The old adage of New York being the city that never sleeps holds true even in the middle of winter on a cold, wet and dirty night. Steam rises from manhole covers around the city, horns honk, and people who are bundled up make their way from one place to another, faster than normal given the temperature. Jack's not the only one sniffing at one thing or another, those hot dogs included. Someone's on her way through the park en route to another destination, a light coat worn over what seems to be a snug outfit in black with hints of red. The woman is barefoot and a bit more than just human, keeping partly to the more shadowy areas.

Jack Russell's bearing up, holding his patience as the person in front of him takes days to choose toppings, it seems. So he's glancing around more, shifting on his feet, and then... a scent. He's not the super tracker he is in werewolf form but he's better than most people and that scent... he steps back from the hot dog cart, just a step or two, and casually-but-not-too-casually looks around, eyes sweeping over the wolf girl back over there, away from others, then back slowly until he spots her. A glance, a raised eyebrow. He fights not to cock his head. Still not so many days past from the last full moon.

There are still a number of scents prevalent in the park, a mixture of people and nature - grass, trees, even some animals depending on where they wander. "Ooh, hot dogs," she murmurs under her breath, though she knows with the way she looks right now it'd draw some attention if she simply walked up for one. In the midst of looking that way she catches sight of someone over there focused on her, or so it seems. Her head does angle a bit to one side, adopting a partial crouch.

Jack Russell gives a cant of the head, a turn, definitely a 'come on over' gesture just before the person in front of him departs and he's first - and only - in line. "Spicy mustard, onions, relish, sauerkraut," he says, then looks to the girl in the shadows of the hedges again, obviously an offer to come over and share. "One more, I think..." he says to the vendor.

Wolfsbane reaches to tug a hood up over her head, partially obscuring the features in deeper shadow, but the fingers show that they've got claws..then what seems to be fur visibly fades away, nearly to nothing. It still makes for a look that's out of place since her legs from about the knees down are bare, including those feet. She ventures closer, squinting up at the man as if trying to figure him out. *sniffsniff* A subtle thing, but it's there. "Hullo," she offers.

"Hey there," Jack says casually, "My treat." He takes a large bite of the hot and juicy dog, leaving a blot of mustard on his nose as he mmmms. He glances to the girl again, concerned and curious at the same time. He cuts eyes to the vendor but apparently either the man saw nothing or he's a veteran New Yorker who would probably hawk 'dogs to the Skrulls without turning a hair if it would get him some business in this season. Jack looks back to the girl, mouth full, and goes 'he yuseff'.

Green eyes move from the man to the vendor and back again, brows knitted together in clear confusion before she digs into a pocket of the coat and comes up with a few singles. "I can afford it," she says, starting to hold it out to the vendor once she's close enough. The accent is not American, that's for sure. There's still some hair on the back of the hand, nails sharper than one would expect. She asks for the dog with just ketchup and mustard, but she's giving Jack a closer look to see what he does about her with the money.

"Oh, cool," is all Jack says as he pockets the other few dollars he had in hand. His blue eyes don't seem to miss much, noting the hair, the nails, his nostrils flaring a little. Still, he's laboring under a significant but understandable misunderstanding. "I guess we should be glad this is New York and not, well, almost anyplace else," he says in a voice pitched so she should be the only one hearing it. Especially if she has better than normal (read: human) hearing.

Could be a matter of trust, or the young woman proving she can handle herself without a stranger's charity, friendly or not. The hot dog ends up in her possession, one end sampled for taste before she goes back to watching Jack with a scrutinizing look, nodding slowly to what she hears. Then an inclining of her head suggests he follow, out of range of the vendor. As she walks some of those more animalistic features begin to return.

Jack Russell walks casually with the girl, devouring the hot dog in quick snaps and slow chews to savor the meat and toppings, then a gulp and snap again. Whoever he is, he has no problem wandering off with strange hairy women. "Been long for you?" he says, curious and interested. "You have excellent control."

Away from the vendor and most of the lights, Wolfsbane lowers the hood again and it's more obvious than ever what she is. The ears are pointed, there are fangs, and even the nose takes on more color as the reddish-brown fur coat is seen. "A few years," she murmurs, though she clears her throat after another bite. "I'm a mutant. I can tell ye smell like a wolf, too." It's sort of a question without being asked like one.

Jack Russell's teeth click together as he actually misses the hot dog, on the word 'mutant', and he pauses to look at Rahne. "You sure, or have people just told you that?" he says, looking a little unsure, himself. OK, more than a little unsure. His eyes have 'ut oh' written all over them. His nostrils flare again.

Wolfsbane stops beneath a park light that's burnt out and in need of replacing, facing Jack straight on. The top of her coat is undone, showing the black material beneath. "As sure as I am tha' ye smell like a wolf," she answers, tone curious and guarded both. "But it's got nothing tae do with th' moon, if ye want tae know." Maybe not /completely/ nothing to do with it, but it's not quite what he'd probably figure. "Muh name's Rahne."

Jack Russell finishes his hot dog and finally takes care of the spot of mustard on his nose. "Jack," he says, in response. He runs fingers through his hair. "Shit, this is complicated," he says as he glances at the uniform under the coat. "You're an Avenger? 'Cause I've never seen you in the lineups in USA Today."

It's noted, perhaps, that Rahne didn't point out the mustard spot. She chews on another good bite of her frank, her hair drawn back into a ponytail. What can be seen of the costume reveals no insignias or logos. A frown follows at one of the words he uses but she says nothing to it, shaking her head only. "I'm na an Avenger, but ye're on th' right path. Are ye..a werewolf, then? Ye brought up control. It did take me a while tae get this good, though."

Jack Russell raises an eyebrow again, and lets it drop. "Yeah, werewolf," he says, at last. "I had no idea mutants could have an ability like that. I thought it was all flying and fire blasts and stuff." He wipes at his mouth. "Dang, i think I want another." He keeps an eye on Rahne, his body subtly tense and ready for flight or fight, ever since he said the word 'werewolf'.

"Ye'd be surprised what kinds o' things mutants can be," Wolfsbane answers, though the curious side becomes more guarded than before at the confirmation of what he is. "I dinna think I've..ever seen a true werewolf before," she admits in a near whisper. Indeed, proving her uncertainty of this, her body language and scent betrays that side while the hair at the back of her neck turns a bit prickly. It doesn't seem she wants a fight, however. She's tense, even squeezing the hot dog tightly.

Jack Russell forces himself to relax, not go all Alpha on someone he's just met. It's an ongoing process, at least. He takes a breath, and lets it out slowly. "Not many of us around. For obvious reasons," he says, equally quietly. "Don't worry, I don't bite."

Wolfsbane finds herself out of her element. Though she's met others before with wolfen sides to them, it hasn't been anything quite like this. However, his effort to relax has a mild effect on her as well, breathing at about the same time he does. "I've been called a werewolf before. It fits enough for people who dinna know th' difference, or care." Then she sniffs once at the last comment, more out of amusement than anything related to scent. It might not be necessary, but she casts a quick glance toward the sky, seeking the moon.

Jack Russell quirks a quick smile. "Now, if you're a mutant, that shouldn't affect you. Or so I would think. I can sense it, in a way. All the time, just out of reach. It's not Time, yet, not even close." He runs fingers through his hair again as the wind catches it. "So, sounds like you know a little about it, at least. The way people treat mutants, well, not so different at all I suppose." He's never really thought about that, before, and it shows.

Wolfsbane seems to have lost her appetite, for the remainder of her hot dog is held above a trash can in consideration before she drops it in, walking such that it comes off like a near-circling of him for a few paces, continually facing him. Imagine if she had a tail. "I can go all th' way tae a wolf if I like. Sometimes tha' side is a wee bit stronger." She doesn't explain how. Maybe she doesn't know why. "Oh, I'm used tae th' things people who hate an' fear people like me can do," the wolfen mutant murmurs, a hint of hurt in the words before she pushes that part back down with a shake of the head. "But I'm still here. Have..ye been hunted before?"

Jack Russell quirks a smile. "Now that... that is something I've never done. Don't even know if I can do it," he says. "I think I'd break my neck, suddenly having four feet.." He listens, expression calm, and nods. "Yep. Several times. Really.. more times than I can count. Did you know werewolf blood, fur, whatever is a great component for, like, millions of spells? I do now."

The initial uncertainty past, Wolfsbane doesn't look quite as tense as before. It's not to say she's fully relaxed - far from it - but she's handling this better. He's a werewolf. They actually exist and aren't just a myth. "I..didna know tha'. I've never understood magic," she confesses before removing the coat, draping it across the closest park bench. "Watch." She provides a demonstration of what she made reference to, form shifting and flowing nearly in the blink of an eye as whatever the costume consists of disappears. Rather, it takes the shape of a thin, seamless collar around the neck of the wolf now there. She watches him with perked ears, though the tail is mostly low with the tip turned up slightly: very faint defensiveness.

Jack Russell whistles softly as he watches the transform. "Well, a lot less, um, agony and grating bones and such," he says quietly. He can't repress a smile. "Damn. I don't get a tail. Why don't I get a tail?" he says. Reflexively, he cuts eyes to the surroundings. Normal guy in the park with his dog, move along, nothing to see here.

The shift only lasts for about fifteen seconds, enough for him to get his look and make out what details he can. The mutant shifts again, as painless as before as she comes up to a crouch, only she has a short partial muzzle with the tail still present, a more obvious animalistic side. That outfit is back, too. "I'm na sorry tae miss oot on any pain when I shift," she says, voice slightly deeper as the tail twitches in the aftermath of his comment about it. Another moment and those more obvious features have faded away, leaving her as he first saw her. "Tha's what I can do. Ye already saw me almost all th' way human but it's cold oot with nae fur." Reaching for the coat again, she's hesitant before adding, "Do ye live here in th' city?"

Jack Russell rolls his shoulders. "Sometimes," he says. "I move around alot, depending on the mood. And the moon. But I come back to New York a lot. Just got back in today, thought I'd check out the townhouse and make a go of it here for awhile."

Wolfsbane's eyes drift skyward again at mention of the moon, nodding a couple times before cracking a few knuckles with her thumb. "Do ye work, or is it one o' those things where ye have..ah..things taken care o' somehow? I've been a student before, learning about muh abilities. I used tae see them as a sign I was doomed tae burn in hell, but..na any more." So she's got to be religious.

"The best we can ever do, is accept our gifts as part of ourselves. We are only ourselves," Jack says, breathing in and out again slowly. "I work, sometimes, if something needs doing. My.. father was quite wealthy, and he left money for me. I use it mostly to travel." Hesitation. Eyes cut away. A touchy subject, perhaps.

"I've come tae learn tha'," Wolfsbane replies, head angling to one side at his breathing, then the answer she receives. "I'll na pry further," she says, the coat slipped back into place. Nothing is mentioned of her parents, though she does say, "We'd probably best na linger here much longer. I..um..spend most o' muh time around Salem Center, ootside th' city, but sometimes I'm in Mutant Town."

Jack Russell nods sharply at this. "Got your scent," he says, touching his nose. "I'll find you. I'll drop by," he says after a second's hesitation, then shifts and starts to move off. Better to move on, lest people get curious and notice. He looks back, then is gone.

And she has his, to an extent. Who needs phones? "Aye. We'll..talk again soon," Rahne concludes, and she quickly wets her lips with her tongue as she takes a few steps back. The feeling-out process was new to her compared to other situations of a similar nature, and she's not quite sure what to make of it. A real werewolf. Lord only knows what he'll be like when the moon is full. She keeps to the shadows as before, soon back on her way toward Mutant Town with more on her mind than there was when she set foot in the park.

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