A Mugging Averted. Rock Star Rescued.

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David, Rex Gregson

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06/16/12 23:00

Lower Manhattan and Mutant Town

David scares off a mugger, and they meet up the next day.

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David is wandering down a street and pauses to relax on the steps to an apartment complex. He looks a little tired, but other than that, he seems fine.

A young woman passes David moments later, flashing him a smile as she strode along the sidewalk, a phone to her ear. Her pale featuers were drawn in concentration as she continues down, out of the safety of a light into a shadow.

When there was suddenly a rustling, and she shrieked, a clatter as something is dropped.

David leaps to his feet, startled by the scream, and he, as quickly and quietly as he can, strides in the direction of the shriek, trying to get a good glimpse of the situation before barging into it.

The young woman had dropped her phone, it seems, and was currently wrestling with one of the gentleman. Though pale, she was fighting back as best she can, the man not much taller than her as she grabbed at his arms, trying to stomp on his feet with her boots.

Another one ducks out of the alleyway, then skids to a halt "Shit, guy coming! Let's go!" he calls to the first, watching David run towards them.

David gets an idea from the guy's shout. One guy made them worry. Nevermind. They've spotted him. "Let go of her!" He shouts, in a carrying voice. Even if he's only one lone guy, this is a crowded city, and its unlikely that the shriek and the call wasn't heard.

Not likely no, but Rex elbowed the first guy, who had paused as David approached. He grunts, and laxed his hold on her long enough for her to slip out. The other one though, charged david, a flash of metal in his hand as he sliced at David "Watch out!"

SYS: David rolls 1d20: 8
SYS: David rolls 1d20: 13
David spots the knife coming and blurs, suddenly there are two Davids. The original one gets stabbed. In tandem, they both yell in pain, and lash out with a punch.

Blinking in shock, Rex staggers away from the other one, behind a light pole now. She winces at the stab, and the man freezes, staring at both "Its a freak! Let's just go!" he spits to the other one, tossing his knife at one of the Davids, even while he got clocked. Staggering back, the Goon grabs at the other one as they stumble away.

Both Davids collapse and gasp for breath, even though only one is injured. They close their eyes, and the injured one disappears, and the blade clatters onto the ground, with no evidence of it ever being used to stab someone. "Son of a bitch," the remaining, uninjured David comments. "Getting stabbed hurts like hell."

Watching a long, tense moment, Rex finally starts to approach David, her face even more pale. Almost ashen as she kneels beside him, picking up her phone as a voice squawks noisily "I'll call you back. I have to call the police." she explains, snapping it shut, then opening it again to do just that "Are... Are you okay? You saved my life!"

"Yeah, ow. Injury no longer exists, but I still remember getting stabbed. Kinda disorienting," David admits. He pushes himself to his feet. He looks down at the blade. It doesn't even have any blood on it. "I'm.. Not sure I should be here when the police arrive."

"Why not? " she asks, frowning worriedly. The call had already been made. "I mean, they'd wonder how I managed to fend them off on my own... but I think I understand why. I'm VERY grateful to you...

"Well, I'm a registered mutant, and a runaway, and technically a minor. And I don't want to go back home," David explains. Big secret's out already, so no point in hiding niddling details.

Rex Gregson blnks, a little bit confusd, but she nods. She was still shaking badly "I I understand. What should I tell the police? " she asks, furrowing her brow "I could tell them truthfully I dont know who you are..."

David nods. "I suppose that's true. Don't even have to tell them that I was a mutant. I chased 'em off because they weren't expecting anyone to interrupt.

"okay. They'll be here in a few minutes. Thank you, so VERY much." she admits, sittin gbeside him "I was a bit stupid to just walk around like that, huh?"

David nods. "Just a bit. Don't want to wander down alley ways this time of night alone. I guess I was just in the right place at the right time."

"Definitely. " she shook a bit more and peers at David "I do feel like I owe you something for that. Is there a way to keep in touch? " Sirens were in the distance

"I tend to keep around Mutant Town," David replies, unsure what else to say. "I don't have a cell phone or anything."

Rex Gregson nods "Fair enough. I owe you my life, and i want to repay that sometime." then she looks up, seeing lights flickering as she stands "Here they come..."

....The following day, in Mutant Town

David is sitting outside the local bodega, with a cold drink in his hand, relaxing.

A familiar face is walking along. She had a bandaid on one chin as she hummed, striding down the street. her eyes were wide, although she was working hard not to stare at anyone unusual. Then her eyes fall on David, and she pauses "You!"

David looks over his shoulder for a moment. "Me?" he replies, looking forward again.

Rex Gregson beams "Yes! The other night remember? The muggers? " she guestures to her chin, then to David's stomach. Then she winces at the poor choie of reminder.

"OOooh.. Right. Yeah," David replies. "Didn't get a good look at you at the time. It /was/ pretty dark.. Umm.. How did it go with the police?"

"It went well. I told them the truth - A young man came and scared them off, being all frightening, but he didnt want to give his name and just left after." she explains "They accepted that. I guess its a bit of a regular thing.

David nods. "Glad to hear it. I'd hate for you to get into trouble over me."

Rex Gregson smiles "That would be weird. get in trouble when I was the one attacked. " she guestures "can I sit beside you? I'm in no hurry. Or are you waiting for someone? "

"It's happened before," David replies, a bit sourly, "But no, I'm not waiting for someone. Just taking a break."

Rex Gregson ohs softly at that, suspecting a sour experience. She looks away, then back "A break? School or work? " she asks, quiet again. Then she laughs "Sorry I never introduced myself. Rex." she offers.

"David," he replies. "I'm a mutant. Which you might have already noticed," he says.

"I kind of figured that out yes. A pleasure, David." she states "I meant it about owing you one. What did you want? Name it, and if I can get it legally and not too expensively, its yours!"

David blinks. Then blinks again. "Umm.. Honestly? I have no clue what I want. I never really thought about being rewarded."

Rex Gregson snorts a bit, then smil4e warmly "I think that makes you that much a better person." she notes "Than if you just took the money or a new car." she notes, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm not old enough to get a driver's license, and money would probably draw unwanted attention," David points out,

"Nothing at all? What about dinner then? " she offers finally. "Surely THAT wouldnt attract too much attention..." says the famous rock star.

"I suppose a good meal would be nice," he says, finishing his drink then chucking it in a nearby bin.

"Sounds good then! Friday, six pm? I can pick you up here." she decides

David nods. "I guess that would be good then. Honestly, if I accepted anything else from you, I'd feel a little bad about it, I think."

Rex Gregson smiles "I guess I understand. you're very honest and good for that though. i heartily approve." a pause "Do you listen to rock music at all?"

"Not really," David replies. "I've been living as a transient until recently. Not much opportunity to sit down and listen to music, yeah?"

"not even a radio? " she tches "Well, I'll add a radio to the thank you gift. That surely wont trouble your conscience too much would it?"

"I guess not. But living on the streets, having a radio would be largely useless, AND draw unwanted attention from people like those guys last night."

"Even a cheap one? " she asks, surprised 'I didnt think THAT much. An Ipod maybe... American muggers are stupid. Or Desperate. Do you go to school now?"
David looks faintly embarrassed and shakes his head. "I don't. Last school I did, I got outed, and.. Well.. Things didn't go well after that."

Rex Gregson ohs quietly, frowning "in this part of town you could probably find a better one though, right?"

"For someone like me?" David muses. "Well, maybe. I don't just want to learn how to do math and stuff though. I want to find some place that can teach me exercises to control my ability."

Rex Gregson tuts "Math is just as important as super powers!" she notes simply "Not that I know much about that, but I had to finish school despite becoming rich and famous."

David blinks. "You're rich and famous?" he asks, surprised.

Rex Gregson goes pink "Obviously not THAT famous if you didnt recognise me. THen again I wear a mask on stage as well. Sombre Tyrannosaur?'

David looks a bit embarrassed himself. "Sorry. I don't recognize the name. Again, I've been living on the street, not keeping up with the latest in music,"

Rex Gregson nods "I'm an american-British musical award holder. I do some cover songs as well as man originals, usually in the heavy metal/slash/rock genre." she explains

"Ah. Ok. I'm a transient mutant with a sometimes overly smart mouth and abilities I don't understand. Pleasure to meet you," David replies.

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