Asgard Returns: A Long-Lost Love, Rekindled

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A Long-Lost Love, Rekindled

Wolfsbane and Hrimhari (emitted by Gambit)

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Forests somewhere outside Westchester County

Wolfsbane and Hrimhari cross paths for the first time in quite a while, much to their surprise and joy.

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Nighttime somewhere in the dense forests outside Westchester County and Salem Center. The world is a more dangerous place. In the aftermath of so many mutants losing their powers, Wolfsbane had returned to the mansion after time spent in England with Excalibur. She was needed more at the school and it was seen as safer to be there with others, under the 'protection' of Sentinels or not. Later, as an active X-Man once more, she'd aided them in searching for the new mutant baby that was born, and like others she watched the news when Asgard showed up, as unexpected as it was, over a place in Oklahoma.

Tonight she felt the urge to wander, to roam. Thoughts were heavy in her head and one of the best ways to clear them was a run. Good for the body, good for the soul, and it seemed there was always a new section of woods to explore. After keeping up her pace for an hour or so she slowed upon reaching an area that featured a stream running through it. Thirsty, the wolf stopped to take in the scents, then she paused to lap at the water. Moments later, a shift to her midform led to a crouch, the woman looking to and fro.

A charcoal wolf pads swiftly through the woods of Westchester County tonight. Beauty and grace aside, this is no ordinary wolf. Hrimhari, The Wolf Prince, Asgardian Lord dashes past trees, over rocks, and across streams. His nose close to the ground, he follows a scent. With each snort and sniff, his brain ascertains and catalogs a myriad of scents, none of which are the ones he's searching for. As he reaches the top of a particularly tall ridge, he stops dead in his tracks.

It is a familiar scent that reaches his olfactories. It is not the one his heart was set on, but perhaps is one just as close to his heart. With a bounding jump, he pushes himself down the ridge, onward towards the scent. His pace quickens, faster and faster he runs towards his target. His heart pounds, threatening to burst from his body when finally he spies its source. She kneels at the side of the water, just as he remembers her. Gingerly he approaches her, and in a hushed voice of awe he whispers her name, "Rahne."

This time it's different. Whereas that first meeting in Asgard - and in fact the second as well - involved no visible costume when Wolfsbane was in this form, there's a bodysuit that leaves only her head, feet and arms bare. Primarily blue with yellow more apparent at the torso and back, it's an added layer compared to the way the Asgardian goes about. Not in the right place to catch his scent, it's the sounds she hears that first alert her to the fact she's not alone. As she begins to turn, she hears her name. That brings more of a sudden change in direction as she faces him. Then she stops. Then she stares. Then her mouth hangs open, utter disbelief locking in.

The Prince moves forward slowly, one step at a time. It seems he is just as shocked to find her here as she is to see him in these woods. "Rahne," he repeats softly, stopping his advance. He sniffs at the air again, as if to assure himself that his sense have not fooled him, that this truly is her before him. "It is you," he says a form of a smile reaching across his snout. He keeps his wolf form for the time being, and resumes his approach.

At his approach, Wolfsbane takes a half-step back. Her heel comes into contact with the water and the cool sensation breaks her focus away from him for all of a split second, back on him again after she's glanced down and moved her foot back out of the stream. "Muh eyes deceive canna be ye," she begins, shaking her head slowly. "Ye canna be real."

At the girl's insistence that he is not who he appears to be, Hrimhari stands up on his rear legs and begins his own transformation. Within the blink of an eye, he stands before her now in his half-form. "But it is me," he says insistently. "I am as real as ever. Surely you have heard of what has become of Asgard, and all of its inhabitants. Why would I not be among the numbers?"

Wolfsbane inhales. The scent is basically the same. That can't easily be imitated. Neither can the shift from wolf to that midform of his, so the suspicion that he could be somehow faked to get her to drop her guard so Mr. Sinister or someone else can get the drop on her. "I..I remember tha', but.." She's the one to close the gap, a hand darting out toward his arm, pausing in hesitation as she looks at it, then her green eyes stay there when she makes brief contact with his shoulder. "Ye're real," she confirms. "But what happened?" It's asked in a whisper as she looks up at him.

He looks away. As he closes his eyes, pain washes over his face. "It is a long tale, one full of death and misery," he says with a quiet yet firm tone. He reaches out and strokes the side of her face lovingly. "Suffice to say, I have returned. As have," he pauses as the pain become apparent in his voice, "most Asgardians." He withdraws his hand from her cheek and reaches out to clasp both of his hands around hers. "My pack it would seem is lost forever. Taken by frost giants. I had heard tales of what I thought might have been one of my sisters in this wood." He looks down mournfully before returning his gaze to her own. His silver eyes sparkle in the moonlight as he tries his best to smile. "Had only I known it was you," he says, allowing his words to trail off.

"Och.." Wolfsbane reacts as if she can feel the pain somehow, before it's even explained. There's a slight but visible shiver at the touch along a cheek, then she licks her lips quickly when her hands are taken in his, his strong hands. "I'd..heard something about everyone dying. I thought ye were gone forever. Ye, yuir forest, yuir..." But part of it is true. "Yuir pack. I'm so sorry." Eyes turn downcast and she murmurs, "I'd wished I could see ye an' th' rest o' them again someday. Dani's a Valkyrie, ye know, an' I thought we might visit sometime thanks tae her, but then things happened an'..." She stops, her words coming out with few breaths taken before she forces herself to stop. Then, "I've missed ye so, muh prince. I canna tell ye what this means."

Hrimhari squeezes his hands tenderly around hers. "It warms me to hear that. I pray things have been well for you, sweet Rahne," he says with genuine concern over her own words. "You say things happened. Tell me. It has been far too long since I held you in my arms."

He can tell. Wolfsbane is feeling a strong range of emotions right now: excitement, nervousness, eagerness, apprehension. "Th' first time we left Asgard, I said ye'd always be in muh thoughts. Th' second time, I knew ye had yuir duties tae yuir pack. I wish this was na th' way we'd meet again." She swallows at this, fingers flexing briefly within his hold on them. "I wish it was under other circumstances, but ye're here noo, on earth, right in front o' me. There's so much I want tae tell ye, but right noo I canna think clearly enough tae remember all o' it."

"Then come with me," he implores. "Asgard is here now, on Midgard. We can travel there presently. My forest may not have returned, but I have claimed one near the town you call Broxton." He releases his hold of her. Turning, he exposes his back to her, or more aptly hides the agony now etched on his face. "The trees and stones have heard no more than my lonely song. Together we can fill the forest with the songs of not just two, but one day many." He returns his gaze to her, "You can finally be my Princess, as always I desired."

Wolfsbane's hands drop back to her sides and she looks down at them, breaths coming and going shorter, more rapidly. "It's a long way to run," she murmurs, the first thing that comes to her mind as she looks left then right, picking out a fallen tree to sit upon for the moment. "Did ye run all th' way here?" As she's told of songs she covers her mouth with a hand, inhaling his own scent over her fingers as she continues to watch him with eyes that only grow wider at the clear idea suggested. Once, that first time, she told him she was but a wee girl. Now things might be different. "I want tae spend time with ye," she affirms. "Ye're here noo an' we could be together..a' long last." How many times has she fantasized of being a princess?

Hrimhari steps forward, the light of hope in his silver eyes. Rahne can only guess as to when the last time his eyes held this luster. Surely it had been a long time. "Then it shall be," he exclaims. Unable to restrain his bliss, he grabs her in an embrace, lifting her off the log she had sat upon. He spins with her in his arms, "We should leave presently. You are correct to say it is a long way to run. This joyous occasion shall carry our feet faster than ever we have known."

"But I--" Wolfsbane's answer is cut off thanks to the strong hug, not a crushing one by any stretch, but enough that she gives a short yip of surprise with her arms pinned to her sides before she wriggles one free to cover one of his own hands, and she finally smiles where before there'd just been that side that left her having trouble settling on any one emotion. "Hrimhari, I dinna think I can run tha'' muh home's only a few miles away. Wouldn't ye like tae see it first?" she wonders.

The Wolf Prince sets her down gently, but not taking his arms from around her. His excitement wanes only slightly, but he smiles at her. "I shall like very much to see your home," he says, knowing she is trying to deflect making a commitment. "We shall go there now before I must return to my own. I cannot be away from my people for too long," he says pausing. "As is the same for you, I fear."

"If I let someone know, I can visit," Wolfsbane offers, then she suggests, "An' there are quicker ways tae get there than running all those miles. Set me back doon?" Knowing he will because he's noble and just like that, she bites her lip once it's done as she reaches to take his hand, leading the way back to the log so they might sit. "There's so much going on in muh head but I can still remember th' first time we met, clear as day. I dreamt o' seeing ye again all th' time, but never did I think it'd be ye here instead." Whatever hesitations she felt in the past are still things she's got to think about, but right now she's caught up with looking into his eyes. "I missed everything about ye, muh prince." From there she dips her head closer to inhale along his neck, nose touching fur there.

Hrimhari tilts his head ever so slightly to rest his cheek on the top of her head. It is an intimate moment the two share in the moonlit woods. "It is much to take in, I know." An arm reaches around her waist. He lets a moment pass with nothing said between the two of them. "Rahne, do you remember the first time I lost you? When Loki, the god of evil, made you choose between our love and your friends?" He looks down, trying his best to see her with his cheek still resting on her head.

By the time they speak further, Wolfsbane moves to sit partially against him, such that he can hold her shoulder as she comes to look down again with a nod. She brought up never forgetting him but she whispers, "Aye. It is a choice I have thought about every day since I was forced tae make it." Another reference to earlier words, but they feel reinforced this way, this time.

He asks: "Do you remember what I said when I knew that I would lose you?"

Her response: " said tha' I was yuir 'heart'...tha' I was yuir 'life.'"

"Truer words, I have never spoken." Hands placed sweetly on Rahne's shoulders, Hrimari continues. "In the moments before my life ended, my only thought was of you. You are my life, Rahne. Our fates are intertwined and not even death could keep us apart. I am and always have been yours," he speaks softly but sincerely. "That is, if you will have m--rff!!"

The mutant seated next to the Asgardian god is quiet, though she tilts her head such that she can keep one eye on him. That is, before they close softly the more he speaks and woos her with his words, intentional or not. His words are cut off, however, as he starts to go on after saying he's always been hers. That's because in a moment, an impulsive one, Wolfsbane turns to sit up and take hold of his cheeks with both hands, leaning over him for the purpose of cutting off his words with a suddenly intense kiss, her heart racing much like it did in the initial hours after their first meeting so long ago. By the time it's over she looks like her face ought to be flushed if not for the fur, her fingers stroking back his own fur from cheeks to ears. "Muh prince..come back with me tonight. See th' others, an' some o' muh friends ye met before. Then I'll visit with ye further."

Hrimhari smiles softly to his love as he loosely wraps his arms around her waist. "I will do this for you my princess, because you request it," he says. He kisses her tenderly, but briefly. "Take me to your home, where I shall meet the ones so lucky as to bask in your beauty and grace with every sunrise, and every sunset. For I shall follow you to Hel and back should you ask it of me, my love."

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